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A person who was skeptical about Ponies. Then he saw them and became a Brony.

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It is rare that I make a blog regarding personal matters, but today, I feel it is important, as it may affect my capacity to write your beloved horse fiction.

My Grandmother, Danita Shladweiler, passed away today in a hospital in Louisana. She was born on October 25th in 1934, and passed away today on September 4th in 2014, just shy of her 80th birthday. The cause of death has been determined to be a combination of Congestive Heart and Kidney Failure.

I hardly knew my grandmother, but I did know how much she meant to my mother Kathy, and fittingly, she is all kinds of distraught. This is compounded by an incredibly selfish, self-cannibalizing family, who is intent on taking everything Danita had to her name. In turn, I too am distraught, if only for the chance of freedom that could have been offered with an additional vehicle in our possession.

For now, I will press on, keeping my typical sporadic update schedule, and pray to whomever gods will countenance me that Danita will have a fair afterlife. Should the gap between my updates grow any larger than it already has, then hopefully, this shall provide an adequate reason as to why. The events following a person's death are almost always tumultuous to those they were closet to in life, and I can only hope that me and mine can resolve this tragedy in a timely manner.

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Oh, well thank you for your support. :twilightsmile:

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Nice to hear your thanks, dude. Sorry to hear about your problemas.

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Thank you for putting a star favorite on my story, Adam. I've been dealing with these backstabbing crooks from the surgicenter (whose awful schemes I should have seen coming) and your attention brightened my day. Your star favorite won't pay their bills, but it surely makes a hefty deposit in the bank vaults of my heart.

(I'm not sure if you are human or horse, Adam the Pony; I will translate the above to the most of my abilities)

Clud clud, hoofscrape, Adam. Tail swish Tail Swish clud-clud clop (snort! snort! snort!) clud-clud sigh. Whinny hoofscrape, Whinny grunt, Whinny nod.

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Thanks for the watch!  :twilightsmile:

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Hello again! Thank you for the Fave of The Somewhere Cycle. I'm glad that you were interested in taking the journey with them.:twilightsmile:

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