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Normally, I try to keep my posts related to (tangentially or otherwise) related to little ponies and stories about little ponies.

However, perhaps like me, your literary exploits started before ponies.

I'd like to take you back to 2008.  When I was just getting into High School and had a keen interest in roleplaying (especially roleplaying in a setting inspired by anime), I decided to do some intensive Google searches. After a few tries, I found a site called Anime High School, a play-by-post roleplaying forum.

For those curious, Play by Post is a system wherein people roleplay with very abstract rules for character advancement and power levels. The idea has been around for ages, and if you know where to look, you can find quite a lot of them pretty easily. Play by Post is also rather popular on FiMFiction, and outside of it, there's a good chunk of MLP Play by Post RPGS.

Anime High School, I found, was set in a world vaguely styled after the X-Men, and I made a character (who was a thinly-veiled self insert of myself) who was a bionic teenager with a bunch of combat augmentations. My command of the English language, and the general code of conduct for games like this, and at least twice, I ended up banned for God-Modding (the practice of acting as though you are the invincible hero that always wins).

However, in my time there, I hit it off with a guy who went by the screen name Tsukiyomaru0. He currently lives in Brazil, and like me has a passion for things like anime and retro gaming. He had a small number of characters on the site, and most of them got along with my characters (good and evil alike) quite amicably.

In our time at AHS, two of our characters became romantically engaged, one of them died and came back to life, and my character became part of a supernatural affairs agency named White Hand. Avid readers of mine might find that name familiar.

Eventually, however, our time would come at an end when Tsuki was banned for reasons that, on reflection, are rather pettily worded from the moderator.

In 2009, He and a friend decided to start their own board called Seiko High School. In this board, superpowers aren't explicitly mentioned, but they exist. It was set in an alternate version of Earth where, in an attempt to uplift animals to Human intelligence, summoning went wrong, and humanity tried to correct the mistake with an engineered virus, only to have it backfire and require them to immediately make an antidote, causing them to take on elements of animals.

The main characters were high school students of varying species and of varying degrees of anthropomorphism. The two characters who gained particular prominence were a fox named Aeon and a Canary named Pluma. They were expies of our original characters, and had amnesia.

But unlike many examples, this wasn't just the loss of their memories as typical amnesia. Instead, they remember a wholly different reality.

From there was a tale of wars between Heaven and Hell, misadventures of Vampires, Werewolves and other supernatural creatures, space adventures, and regular visits from gods and higher powers, with frequent crossovers.

It was a weird setting borne from a mutual love of anime and furry characters, and while it is incredibly dense and reeks of my Past Me's own stupidity, do I regret having done it? Honestly, no. The character interaction was what kept me going so long, and while it has died out due to mutual lack of interest, it gives me one idea of what to do with it.

Reboot the thing in a novel format and do it for NaNoWriMo!

Unfortunately, I don't think I can link the forum that this story took place in, partially because you need an account to even read it, and partially because the story is so dense, follows no semblance of a plot, and has no ending. Even I don't remember a lot of what happened beyond a few key events.

In any event, you know now where I began telling stories. And if you're wondering about where you can enjoy some fun play by post games, here are a couple you may enjoy:

The Fun Has Been Doubled!, an OC-Friendly forum RPG which uses Season 2 as a jumping-off point.

And for those looking for some Equestria Girls roleplay, check out Kind of Magical, which takes the basic idea of Equestria Girls and makes it a full on Magical Girl, Harmony vs Chaos ordeal.

Have fun and happy gaming.

Loves a girl who can kick his ass,


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Nice to hear your thanks, dude. Sorry to hear about your problemas.

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Thank you for putting a star favorite on my story, Adam. I've been dealing with these backstabbing crooks from the surgicenter (whose awful schemes I should have seen coming) and your attention brightened my day. Your star favorite won't pay their bills, but it surely makes a hefty deposit in the bank vaults of my heart.

(I'm not sure if you are human or horse, Adam the Pony; I will translate the above to the most of my abilities)

Clud clud, hoofscrape, Adam. Tail swish Tail Swish clud-clud clop (snort! snort! snort!) clud-clud sigh. Whinny hoofscrape, Whinny grunt, Whinny nod.

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Thanks for the watch!  :twilightsmile:

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