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A person who was skeptical about Ponies. Then he saw them and became a Brony.


Right, so in the vein of following the crowd (and giving my sizable readership a look into what I believe when I write my horse words.), I might as well do the obligatory Fifty Questions, which have been itemized to different categories for convenience. We're jumping right into it.

If you want to try this for yourself, you can have a look at the original here.

Oh, and just so we're clear: [insert spoiler alert gif here]

The Princesses:

1. How old are Celestia and Luna?

Given the information we've seen, I'd guess they're maybe 3000? I imagine they're not as old as people might think.

2. How old is Cadance?

I'd say she's probably in her late twenties to early thirties, relatively speaking.

3. Were Celestia and Luna always alicorns, or did they ascend?

I'd consider them to be ascended, but I could go either way. Although, given their domains of power, it would be more likely they were incarnations of the sun and moon.

4. Are Cadance and Twilight immortal?

Cadance and Twilight are not immortal. At least, not yet. When they reach a point in which they can safely gild their mortal coils (or whatever metaphor you prefer for becoming immortal), then they'll be immortal.

5. Have there been other alicorns in the past?

I imagine there must be more out there. Or, if not Alicorns, then other great creatures who have been assigned a domain of influence of power.

6. How much authority do Celestia and Luna have in Equestria?

They are the final authority on major decisions, but they can only enact critical sweeping changes during a time of war.

7. Does Shining Armor rule The Crystal Empire along side of Cadance?

He likely has equal authority, but takes care of extraneous duties of royalty, as well as functions as the commander-in-chief of the Crystal Military.

8. Other than Twilight, Luna, and Cadance, what relationships have been important to Celestia in her lifetime (students, close friends, lovers, family)?

Star Swirl was likely one of her closet companions, given her history with him. She also must wonder of Sunset Shimmer's fate, as well. Perhaps to cope with her likely endless lifespan, she frequently befriends socialites and isn't above the occasional roll in the hay (if you know what I mean). She also makes enjoys using her school to make new loves and friends.

Ponies and Equestrian Culture:

9. Are there still cultural differences between earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns, or is the culture homogeneous by the time shown in canon? Are there cultural stereotypes (positive or negative)?

Though the three tribes do have frequent interplay, they all have their ups and downs. At best, earth ponies are stalwart, hard-working, and earnest, pegasi are passionate, fast-acting, and free-spirited, and unicorns are classy, witty, and creative.

10. Are there foods or items native to Cloudsdale that are uncommon on the ground? Are there foods or items on the ground that are uncommon in Cloudsdale?

Though the majority of food is likely produced by earth ponies, the pun of cloud seeding is too good to resist. Though it is uncommon in Cloudsdale, there are a few crops starting to grow, including aether wheat.

11. Can all unicorns learn all spells, given the time and effort spent practicing them, or is magical talent usually limited in some way?

I imagine that unicorns can learn plenty of magic outside their own paradigm. Their primary talent will still be more effective, and to see true magic savants like Star Swirl and Twilight Sparkle is rare, but with enough time, effort, practice, and preparation, unicorns can do amazing things.

12. Earth pony magic: Does it exist? What is it?

Nature Magic. Anything from animal husbandry to plant husbandry is fair game for earth ponies, as a natural trait. They are also able to "root" themselves into the earth, making them damn near impossible to be knocked down. They are also fairly handy martial artists.

Outside that, earth ponies (and by extension, most any race intelligent enough to do so) can learn ritual and tool-based magic, which acts more like traditional D&D style magic, where preparation is important. They're also adept machinists, which allow them to invent many ways of keeping pace with their airborne and magically-adept companions.

13. Some pony families we’ve seen seem to have naming conventions (the Apples, Twilight’s family) and others don’t appear to (Rarity’s family, Pinkie’s family), which is more common? Are there reasons for one or the other?

Different clans and families have different naming schemes. It widely depends on the family.

14. How much formal schooling is an average, middle class pony expected to complete?

The most formal education one likely needs in Equestria is similar to what most American Schools do. After learning core skills and earning a cutie mark, a pony will then work towards pursuing their particular talent and making a profession of it.

15. What’s the average lifespan for a pony? At what age is a pony expected to be independent of their parents?

It widely depends upon the pony. On average, their lifespan is likely slightly higher than a human, but with proper conditioning (such as Granny Smith's case) or a divine boon (such as the Alicorns), they can likely live much longer.

16. Are there roughly an equal number of male and female ponies?

Somewhat. The divide isn't great, but there's a greater female population than a male population.

17. How informed are most ponies about things that happen in other parts of Equestria? What about other parts of the world?

Given that dangerous business happens on a regular basis, I think that while information travels well enough globally (thanks to magically-transported missives and messengers traveling to foreign borders), Equestrian news generally sucks outside of major cities like Canterlot and Manehattan. Even Manehattan didn't seem to know (or care) that Twilight was an Alicorn Princess, partially due to many New Yorkers IRL not giving a fuck about celebrity status.

There's also the matter of Ponyville not even knowing that Princess Luna had been reformed, in spite throwing a celebration in her honor.

The Main Characters:

18. How old are the Mane Six? Spike? The CMC?

The mane six are likely in the young adult stage (Early 20s), with Spike being a pre-teen (10-13), and the CMC being young children (6-9).

19. Did Fluttershy remain on the ground after getting her cutie mark? Were she and Rainbow Dash friends all along, or did they drift apart for a while?

She likely stayed on the ground for a couple of weeks, then came back to settle loose ends, then went back to devote her time to learning Animal Husbandry. I imagine they have their times where they drift apart, mainly due to Rainbow's more hostile and antagonistic nature. (Knight of Cerebus makes a good case for this.)

20. Rarity and Applejack both seem to have grown up in Ponyville. What were their interactions like before the show?

They likely didn't know each other much due to their jobs being fairly private. They probably only began interacting in the start of the show by way of Pinkie arranging a party.

21. What do Twilight and Spike consider their relationship to be?

Siblings, if not Mother-son. Otherwise, they're platonic partners. Maybe they'll get romantic as they get older, but it's tricky.

22. When did Pinkie move in with the Cakes? Is she a worker who rents a room, an apprentice, or is there some other relationship?

Pinkie likely moved in after the events of Cutie Mark Chronicles, and is an apprentice baker who is an honorary daughter of the Cakes.

23. Who among the Mane Six had the best parents growing up? The worst parents?

Twilight had the best parents, due to them being very supportive of her passion, as well as Shining Armor's. We don't know much of Fluttershy's, Rainbow's, or Applejacks, but I'd have to give worst to Applejack on account of them being essentially dead.

24. Why didn’t the CMC hang out more/know each other before Call of the Cutie?

They didn't know they weren't alone in plight until that point. Pretty cut and dry.

25. Is Scootaloo an orphan? Will she ever be able to fly?

Scootaloo certainly isn't homeless, but we don't have an idea about her parents. I'm leaving that matter as a maybe.

Scootaloo might be able to fly at a later date, but it is unlikely without some divine intervention.

26. Will Apple Bloom’s cutie mark involve an apple in some way, even if it’s unrelated to farming or baking?

It likely will, but it may be more likely to feature the actual apple blossom than an apple itself.

27. How is Sweetie Belle’s relationship with their parents different than Rarity’s was?

Sweetie Belle didn't have a desire to be seen as sophisticated or high class.

Side and Background Characters:

28. Is Mr. Cake the father of the Cake twins or not?

He likely is, but given the palette discrepancy, either Ms. Cake must have been messing around, or those foals must have a shitload of recessive genes in them.

29. Are Big Mac and Cheerilee an item, romantically?

I imagine they're close friends, but I don't know if they're quite ready to tie the metaphorical knot.

30. How did Prince Blueblood get his title?

Association by bloodline, but only just. Nobody takes the title seriously because his demeanor essentially diminishes whatever credibility his status actually would have. He likes to think he has power, but he really doesn't; most ponies just plain don't give a fuck.

31. Is Silver Spoon equally as bad as Diamond Tiara?

No. She at least considers what she's doing might be wrong, but fears going against Diamond Tiara as she's one of her few friends. She's probably close to breaking ties with her and actually helping the Crusaders. She just needs to see Diamond Tiara cross that Moral Event Horizon.

32. Is Zecora’s magic common among zebras?

Yes. alchemy and ritual magic is a common practice in zebra culture, and is oft shared with other races due to its accessibility.

33. Why does Daring Do publish her stories as fiction?

Safety. Anonymity is a powerful tool, used effectively.

34. Do you have a strong headcanon for any non-speaking or one line background ponies that you want to share?

Cherry Berry is likely an aeronautics engineer. Lyra is a crytozoologist and possible speculative fiction writer.

Other Species:

35. Does Equestria differentiate between speaking and non-speaking species, in terms of respect, rights and legal responsibilities? Is there some other line or scale used? (For example, how are cows classified? Diamond Dogs? A chimera?)

It's primarily a matter of general intelligence. Creatures like Chimera are treated as beast, while Diamond Dogs and Cows have slightly greater right to live.

36. Do other speaking species form their own nations, or are all nations largely integrated, with some having larger populations of a species than others?

Bit of column a, bit of column b. Many of the prominent nations outside Equestria form their own nations, but many strong superpowers have integrated populaces.

37. Are minotaurs related to cows at all?

They're distant relatives with an unknown origin to distance them from their bovine cousins.

38. Do all zebras rhyme?

Zebras are naturally adept to lyricism, but not every zebra rhymes. Many mystics in Zebra culture use rhyme to supplement their spellcasting or profession, however.

39. Do zebra cutie marks work the same way as pony cutie marks?

Probably, yes. They're more symbolic than anything, however.

40. Do any species have types of magic, other than ponies and zebras?

I'd like to imagine every race has magic capacities. What they can actually do with that magic is largely dependent on culture, however. For example,  Buffalo, Zebra, and even Minotaurs are capable of Shamanic magics.

41. Is the lack of buffalo presence in Equestria cultural, or simply because most pony towns aren’t built to accommodate a full grown buffalo?

Bit of both; Buffalo likely prefer their own company, and need plenty of space to practice their culture.

Headcanon and You:

42. Do you consider official sources other than the show (comics, card game text, movies, novels, etc.) to be canon?

Yes; it gives a lot more to work with in that respect.

43. Do you have one headcanon that you always use, or do you switch depending on projects?

My headcanon is one that is frequently in flux. It changes bit by bit.

44. Can you easily accept the headcanons of different writers? Do you prefer when stories match your headcanon?

Yes, and I don't mind writers going against the grain if it's their own work.

45. Is there a part of your headcanon that you wish was more popular among writers?

Magic shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Every race should have some capacity or another to practice magic.

46. Is there a popular piece of headcanon that other writers use that you dislike?

Hoo boy, this is a tough one. Let's see...

I hate it when people write Twist to be the Meg Griffon of Ponyville.

I hate people who stick strictly to season 1 Luna.

I hate people who renounce everything after a particular season or episode.

I hate TCB fics that paint Princess Celestia as a xenophobic villain.

I hate TCB fics that make humans out to be the ultimate victors between humans and ponies.

I hate "Humanity Fuck Yeah" and "Humans are Bastards" in equal measure. Humans are neither the best nor worst creature in all existense, nor are ponies.

I wish there were more first contact fics that actually used the fucking mirror portals.

I wish more first contact stories involved Equestria indirectly contacting the other party through said portals.

47. Have you ever written a story or blogpost just to explain some part of your headcanon (other than this one)?

An Unholy Matrimony was largely my postulating a headcanon of other changeling hives. Wrapped in the Coil of Sin was mainly an exploration on how erotic magic would work.

48. Does your headcanon influence things like your favorite pony, ship, or episode?

More of the inverse. The episodes, shipping, and characters make me think of new headcanons.

49. Would it bother you if the show proved part of your headcanon wrong? Any specific piece that would really bother you to lose?

Not really, but it would be a shame if we never got to see other races use magic or form new societies.

50. Is there something that wasn't asked about here, but you feel like you need to explain to everyone?

I have a personal headcanon that, in the near future, the mirror portals are used to enable fast travel between different parts of the world, as well as make communication with other worlds and dimensions through a system known as the aethernet.

In addition, "Molestia" and "Lunaughty" are more repressed sexuality than anything else.

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