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I don't really like FiM, I'm just posting Mykan's fic. He gave me permission here: http://fim.413chan.net/fic/res/15524.html#i21894

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I am not the original writer, but he gave me permission to post it here: http://fim.413chan.net/fic/res/15524.html#i21894

"Venture into a whole new world where whole new winged unicorns, not alicorns, face off against evil forces unlike anything on FIM. New characters, newer plot, songs too. This is my world." - The description posted on FFNet.

This was posted here after it got many hurtful reviews on FFNet, in the hopes of getting a nicer audience. NO FLAMES PLEASE!!!

First Published
8th Feb 2012
Last Modified
8th Feb 2012

You know what I am going to do?  I am going to overlook everything I have heard about this story and everything I have heard about Mykan, including the things he has written in the thread linked in the description.  I am going to overlook the fact that three comments used to be here that were criticizing the story and that they have been deleted.  I am going to give this story and honest chance, write a review, and post it.  I will save a copy of that review and post it again if for some reason it disappears, so the author can get the most out of constructive criticism that may come or praise that may be deserved.  And now I begin, but first...*drinks a chocolate milk of glass*  we really need a Discord emoticon.

Let us start with the first paragraph.  You could have written, “All were under the watchful eye of their grand ruler, who had three golden unicorn horns of immense power, unlike any other unicorn.  It was because of these horns that he was called a tri-horned alicorn.”  The way it was written was in no way coherent and will confuse your readers right off the bat.

Okay, so already you have introduced an over powered ruler that could singlehandedly fight off a threat that an entire population couldn’t defeat.  He is also responsible for the solar, lunar, and weather cycles.  You are stepping dangerously into Gary Stu territory and it is only the first chapter.  Next, we have a character going to a town where he has friends already waiting for him, as per the ruler’s orders.  Also, he has a golden horn and can’t do magic.  In a world where you already said everyone can do magic.  And the golden horn part, just emphasizes that he will be in some way related to the power of the ruler.  Next we have the companion, a little fairy.  I have bad experiences with little fairies.  Let’s hope that on the scale of funny to annoying for fairies this one leans more towards Toot-Toot from Dresden Files and not towards Navi from Legend of Zelda.  Lastly, you simply can’t just make up lyrics and post them in a story.  It breaks up the flow, even if it is at the end.  A reader isn’t going to know what the song sounds like, especially if you just made it up.  If you are going to add songs, you need to link them, describe what the music sounds like, or use a well known song that most people will likely know.  The last one doesn’t work very well.

First off, you don’t need to tell us that places are named after colors.  If you just write it we will understand.  Your readers are not stupid.  They should be able to recognize a naming scheme.  You just introduced code numbers which don’t seem to have any explanation yet, but this is still early in the chapter.  You are introducing random facts now.  You tell us the fairy is the only one, but then say it isn’t important.  You should save it for when it is important.  Instead of telling us what your main character is thinking, you need to show us.  Write what he thinks and lead us to his conclusion on other characters.  A rhyming character…It is rather annoying, but not a story breaker.  He reminds me of Zecora from the FiM episode Bridle Gossip, at least in the rhyming aspect.  Everything else is different.  Also, Lightning’s sentence after meeting the rhyme guy makes no sense.  The scene with the cook was very good except for a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but those can be fixed.  The scene with the hospital and physical seemed like it came out of nowhere.  It should have been foreshadowed.  He is the student of the ruler, so therefore he should know the rules and regulations of where he was sent.  He should have been trying to get to the hospital, but been sidetracked by everything that happened up until then.  If the future could be told from the stars, the ruler should have found the ones who could do it right away and planned for everything.  But that would kill the plot.  Also, if Starla just figured out the bad guy was coming, how did the librarian hear any rumors?  To end this incoherent review of each individual part, let me say that if something needs to be explained in an author’s note to make any sense and it can’t be understood purely from the story then you are better off not including it.

If the bad guy is winning and no one knew how to stop him at the moment, why would he bother running?  He should have captured everyone there and then left.  If he was at his maximum carrying capacity, you should tell us that.  If Lightning had some ability we don’t know about, but Titan does, you should tell us that.  You can’t just say he decided to leave, because it makes no sense.

Brain may have explained it to the other characters, but we have had no one explain it to us.  We don’t know the reasoning, but you should tell us.  We can’t see what is going on in your head.

Again the dialogue would be a lot more interesting than you just telling the reader what is going on.

A disturbance in the force…Really?

This is the last time I am going to say this, the dialogue would be more interesting.  Show, don’t tell.

So, they can use their magic in dire circumstances, but no one tried anything on Titan to help others get away.  And if they are warriors, why not raise an army?  Or go to the ruler who defeated this enemy long ago and has had a long time to prepare since then?

Look back to what I said about songs in chapter one.  I have a feeling this may become a problem.

That ending was a massive Deus ex Machina, but let’s put that on hold for a second.  Titan’s minions were winning.  He could have just let them kill the main characters, and boom, game over.  Instead he called them off.  The calling out attacks thing just doesn’t sound very good either.  You have explained them only once each, and then you expect us to remember, and they won’t behave differently depending on the situation.  That makes them boring.  The powers themselves have no ontological inertia.  They call large amounts of quills/leaves/paint/whatever into existence, but what happens?  They just disappear.  The fight was incredibly short, and you could have described it in more detail.  Finally, your hero/main character was able to call on a force previously only usable by the god of your world.  He has no previous idea that he could do this, and only the vague concept of believing to back it up.  It was a cheap and easy way out.  You didn’t even hint that he could do that except with the golden horn part.  The last instance of logical fallacy I found was the fact that they are a warrior race, that can’t use their magic except for dire circumstances.  Then how did they get good at it?  The truth is, they didn’t.  From what I saw they were ineffective against the henchmen.  So much for a warrior race.

Okay, I can't go through any more of this.  It isn't holding my interest, and as anyone can see from my comments, a lot of work needs to be done before even the beginning is presentable.  My final conclusion:

So 3 people criticized it and then there were no comments left...How classy.  I read the comments and I didn't see them saying anything hurtful, and there was no need to take them down.  This truly is a bad story with very flat characters and overused tropes and clichés.  You can't just have your characters fight a villain of the week and have no character development.  Without it a story isn't interesting, at least to people who read actual books and know what good literature should look like.  Also, if you are going to have songs, there is this amazing thing called linking the video.  Just posting lyrics doesn't work because no one wants to go and search for a song while reading the story.  It breaks up the pacing.  Your race of warriors idea, while unique to FiM canon, is not unique to FIM fanon, nor is it unique in the grand scheme of things.  Also, for a race of warriors only your main cast seem to be any kind of useful.  Your idea of calling out attacks and using them a la Digimon and the like is another trope that doesn't work well while writing.  You describe the attacks a total of one time each and then proceed to continue to use the attacks as if a reader will remember them always and as if they won’t be any different.  You don't even write much about how enemies react to attacks, because that would imply they have some skill or ability.  Last but not least, the 'Grand Ruler' aka Celesto screams Celestia rip-off, gary stu, and self insert so loud, I think my ears are bleeding.  No I am not insulting Mykan.  I am criticizing the story.  He makes fun of himself enough already in that thread on fimchan, I don't need to do anything.  Now I wait to see how long before it is taken down.  I will save my comment and send it to knighty so he can see what you are doing.

:facehoof: This is one prime example of the stupidity of Dakari King Mykan. The guy who thinks Twilight Sparkle is a whore and that all the bronies can go to hell for believing, that friendship is something wonderful. Why? Because he himself has no friends. But hey, what do you expect froms omeone with that kind of resumee?


WHY DOES THIS EXIST PLEASE OH CELESTIA PLEASE TELL ME WHY. This..I..I dont even...WHAT?! I need eye bleach and brain soap for this crap. WHY CHOOSE ME TO ACTUALLY FIND THIS WHY.:raritycry::raritycry::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:

Someone do a MST of this. NOW!! Or not, whatever.

What i dont get is its word length, How dose someone go to the lengths

of making an awful story that is 97 thousand words long?

The word count is what led me to believe that this was a legit story, i was

unpleasantly surprised.




It is a story that has to be taken serious, at least in the eyes of the author.

Here is the deal:

The author is Dakari King Mykan, a manchild who thinks he is the king of all Davis and Kari shippers of Digimon nd who has devoted his life to hate the Teen Titans episode "Things change", because his favorite pairing of the show did not come into existence.

He has already been mocked countless times mercilessly and still continues.

Well, now the guy has developed a hatred for FiM, because it dares to teach children about friendship and he thinks that the stories suck. So he wrote this garbage, a friend of his loaded up here.

The original is here:


Feel free to leave comments to tell him, how you feel. He himself hates the brony community befor ehe even watched one episode and he has a crush on Celestia. And when I say crush I actually mean he is in love with her. It is a "love hate" relationship he imagines with her.

Furthermore, fi you want to talk with the guy himself, look up fimchan. There on the fanfic thread, he talks about his fanfic. ANd he wants to make a sequel. By the way, the story up here has already been mstinged and someone else is writing a MSTing on another forum.:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

The more you know.


There is one. And he sent the authors death threats over it.

Dakari-King Mykan is not a nice person.


Careful, bro. I know this guy, and any comment that doesn't kiss his flank gets deleted.


I know the guy, too.  Hell, I was in an entertaining conversation with him and several others on fimchan that managed to go so far past autosage on the first thread that it could no longer hold anymore posts.  Over the course of two threads over 7000 posts were made.  Also, he doesn't control this story, and he doesn't control the comics.  He gave permission for some other person to post the story here.  It turns out she was using him to have a revenge story written about a guy who is running an MST this.  She couldn't write it because of an agreement she made with him at the end of an argument online.  However, Mykan did so bad at writing the story that she got pissed at him and decided to release all the previously deleted comments and leave any other comments that come later.  Say whatever you want here.  Mykan has no control over the comments and he has absolutely no intention of making an account here.

This is like Girlchan in Paradise, except it's not a joke.

If anyone wants to know exactly how insane Mykan is, follow these links:



Read through them, they are entertaining and horrifying at the same time.  You will be astounded and disgusted at the depths of stupidity he shows.  The second one may pick up again because he is writing a sequel.  You read that correctly.  A sequel:facehoof:.  So if you want to let Mykan know your opinion on him and his writing, watch the second thread because there is no way in hell the second one is going to end up on here.  Unless he makes his own account, which he has sworn not to do.  And he is good at keeping his promises, like his promise to die alone, never make friends, and never fall in love.

>>350851 You said two threads?

I contributed a little bit to one of them, but I didn't know there was a second.


Yes.  Refer to this >>357396 for the links.  It may or may not pick up again like I said in the post.  I think it will, because when he writes the sequel no one from the thread will be able to leave well enough alone.  And Mykan is like a whiny devil.  Criticize him and he shall appear to complain.


In progress.

And this story's not so much a story as it is a big joke.

That's dead serious.

And that's terrible.

...Actually, fuck it. I'll do a DR.

Hey look. A Dramatic Reading.

This fic was genuinely awful, and it deserves no sympathy.


Bad. You are a bad bad writer!!!

I saw the word count, and came for a dramatic story. I received 97,000 words worth of crap flowing from my computer screen and poisoning my eyes.

>>254595 there are actually two, three if you want to be technical, of this fic.

one was and still is being done by fan/fic/ theater 3000.

the other two belong to project AFTER (the most hilarious riffers on the entire internet that dont belong to rifftrax.) one was done for the original, otherwise known as this fic. the other for the RECYCLED IN SPACE!(in name only though, shhh.) version.

God have mercy, and to think i used to be a fan of this guy. oh how young and stupid i was.:fluttershbad:

NOOOOOOO! The story... I can't take it anymore! Burn it! Burn it! I don't know how but just burn it!

Dude, honestly WTF. You start you fic by saying FIM is horrible. Excuse me, I'm a pony and what is this?

How about you go play some more Halo Reach now :pinkiehappy:

.........No comment.

I....I'm sorry...but I can't handle this. I must leave before i rage over all the little details while ignoring the main problem.

Looking at this first chapter, I can understand why a lot of people would  dislike it (I'm not too sure about this, to be honest), but not why it's been given the reputation I've seen it with. Although I fully support what DrahcirAloer said.

At the moment, I am extremely cautious...

" the Rainbow Dish Inn"

I can't help but think of Rainbow Dash.:rainbowlaugh:

But honestly, this reads like it was written by a ten year old. Not a particularly terrible ten year old; just one who thinks that Mary Sues are still hot shit. The story is told poorly, with flat, uninteresting characters.

I've definitely seen worse, but this is still pretty... Well, terrible.

>A blaze of furry sparked inside Lightning

>blaze of furry



Yeah, I'm pretty much just doing MST3K-style riffing now.

I just have to applaud >>205934 for actually going through and reviewing this. I can see now why this would only appeal to the author...:facehoof:

I see someone has been watching Fern Gully lately.

Alright I'm back to say one thing: You started off the story saying that you basically reject everything that has to do with FiM. And then you post it on a website completely dedicated to FiM that is literally named FIMFICTION. Please explain  your logic in this.

>>257413 So, in essence, he's the type who really pushes the "Love and tolerance" thing to it's breaking point? Though... if friendship is evil then in his view we... shouldnt tolerate him? But then he get's mad and throws tantrums when anyone says something bad about him, which if they arent supposed to be friendly, they should be anyway... :rainbowhuh:

...Though I can kinda get the crush on Celestia thing...

Don't look at me like that!

Aargh I'm only two chapters in and IT ALREADY HURTS.

Although I'll admit there is something that this story is good for: whenever my confidence in my own writing talent decreases, I'll just look at this story and think "Well, at least I can do better than this" .

oh god I've never laughed so much in my goddamn life

This is the single worst thing I have ever witnessed. Even "Rectified Anonymity" was better than this.


Oh it can get so much worse with his stories and especially that one.

Let me try to put it up in short:

Mykan is total batshit. Years of having been made fun of in school have turned him into a misanthropic asshole and narcissist, who thinks he could have been one of the greatest actors of all time, without taking real acting classes. He wastes his life to write fanfics about shows he actually hates, because he can`t get over the fact certain things did not play out in them as he wished them to be. (like Digimon, Davis and Kari did not come together, the end of 6teen and that Teen Titans ended with Beastboy and Terra going separat ways)

He thinks that the hatred he has for such insignificant things is the only thing that gives his life meaning now and so he decides to write fanfics about the shows over and over again, mostly so he can whine about the things he hates of them. Like in Teen Titans. There he then writes fanfics in whcih Beastboy is always some sort of sappy sack who needs to come together with Terra, otherwise he turns into a psychopath who kills everyone. And Mykan can`t shut up about trying to justify the immoral thinks some of his characters (self inserts as well as the ones wo take revenge) doe in the stories, just because "they are sad". To put it into a certain context: Mykan treats women in fiction who dare to leave their man like crap and he also thinks that women in real life deserve to be (mind) raped or socially shunned when they ever leave someone.

Now this insane guy is going on to start a crusade against FiM, because this show dares to talk about the importance of friendship, something Mykan does not want to believe in, cause otherwise he would have come to realize that the way how he spends his life is shit, cause as a result of his douchebaggery and pseudo martyrer behavior, he has no friend left. But that is not even a big surprise. He wishes rape and murder on friends when they ever start to have another opinion than he has.

His "My little Unicorn" story is basically Mykan living out a pseudo revenge fantasy against bronies, trying to show that friendship is worthless against pure power and also writes down a Power Rangers/Sailor Moon wet dream fantasy, as only mentally insane people on the level as Christian Chandler can have. Mykan really believe,s his story and the seque he wrote and publishes on fanfiction.net now are superior to the show, that Lauren Faust is an ass for having created FiM, wishes the show was never made and he wants to rape Twilight Sparkle.

So basically, the gy does not want to test out the "love and tolerance" thing, he wants you to hate him, because he feeds on attention. Only at the same time he has deluted himself so much in thinking he is awesome, he will felt hurt when you point out his flaws or tell him that he is just a pile of horseapples.


That... may be the saddest thing I've ever heard. Well, Top 15 anyway.

Is he really that scared of this show? His anger towards Digimon and Teen Titans has at least some grain of sense (the endings DID agitate alot of people) but this strikes me more as fear.


As far as I see it, he either is scared or just batshit.

The thing is, I don`t feel much pity for Mykan. At all. I admit that some aspects of his personal life are just a total wreck and I feel sorry for it, cause it explains bits of his insanity, but if you would look up his fanfics and just analyze them for what they are, you realize how he really needs a kick in the ass to get his shit up once.

To elaborate this just a bit: When I say he is driven by the desire to write revenge fics because of Digimon and Teen Titans, I did not mention the details. See, most of his Teen Titans stories where he whines about "Things Chnge" can be summed up like this:

Beastboy turns into an emo that according to Mykan has it worse than any other Titan or real life human (Mykan even said something to an orphan once around the line of "You still don`t have it as bad as Beastboy, because at least you got adopted") and when he turns emo it is just "no one understands me and I am better than you", resulting in him leaving the team for pity reasons and abandoning his "duties" as a hero to become some celebrity or get posessed by some evil, so that Mykan can write how Beastboy turns into a villain who kills innocent people and sets the world on fire. Take into account that Mykan also thinks in real life society as it is is disgraceful (he wishes the world would be more like the 50s, cause he idolizes it based on comedies of this time), that women deserve social shunning or even rape if they ever leave their men and that schools should be closed down because of his bad experiences there (which may explain why he wrote in a few stories by now, how he kills a lot of innocent students at a high school) and you get a rather disturbing picture of a disturbed human being, that knows nothing of the world and even denied the Holocaust once.

His "hatred" for MLP is just the latest icing on the cake and I guess if "fear" is any indicator in why he writes it like that, it is mostly because he himself wants to prove the world he could live without friends, but then the show comes and makes it obvious, that friendship is something wonderful. Which he can`t stand, because otherwise he would have to admit he is insane, so he rather creates his own MLP story that is there to beat the crap out of the original and put in a lot of the stuff he idolizes from his childhood, because he does not want to grow up on a mental level. That idolization includes villains as cliched as the ones from Care Bears (which he thinks are better than Discord, Nightmare Moon or the Joker as portrayed by Heath Ledger), songs or characters inspired by "Today`s Special", Sailor Moon and Power Rangers, while shouting how useless friendship is and that true magic comes not from it or some artifact. Which is ironic, cause in his story, the main character "Lightning" deends in the end on his friends and magic to be any use as a "fighter".

Mykan also thinks his white winged unicorns with golden horns are a supreme race compared to anything by Lauren Faust, that MLP should be burned, wishes to see Shining Armor die so that he can laugh at Cadence, ships himself in form of his Grand Ruler Celeto (who in an original first draft had the name Mykan) with Celestia because she reminds him of his mother or so and his ideas for how the characters walk and act like with their bodies is similiar to every design by Jay Naylor.

Did I also mention that there already exists a sequel to "Magic is Believing" that by now includes 20 chapters and in which Mykan goes on to show how supreme his characters are, by making Lightning run on his two hindlegs faster than Rainbow Dash can fly and capture changelings right and left while scouting Twilight that she does not have the guts to also just kill someone the good guys (read: Star Fleet) consider "evil"? Oh and he also thinks character development or details for the plot are garbage and that any writer who really puts quality in his writing is a complete idiot.


Sounds... wow. I know kinda what that's like. Society is corrupt, school is hell, etc. But I can't believe someone would take it that far... especially the attitude towards women. It's freakish. And alot of that is wrong in other ways too. BB DID have a crappy life, but it was heavenly compared to Ravens or Starfires (though I'm not sure how heavily Animated Star is based on the comics...) and Robin was trained from an early age by Batman. Not exactly an easy childhood. And Care Bears villains being creepier then the likes of Discord? Though I do admit, for a kid at least, No Heart is rather terrifying... As an author though, the idea that attention to quality and characterization makes you wrong is... agitating. But I can't help but pity this guy. Alot of us here had a crappy or traumatic childhood, I'm sure, but MLP somehow helped us find faith in the world again. Maybe it can do the same for him. That's being way too optimistic, isnt it? Oh well. Damn you Faust! You've made me an optimist!

As a side note, his new fic has ponies in Star Fleet? In more competent hands, that could be very interesting...


I fon`t think the guy would ever watch the show in order to feel good. I remember when he told me his reaction the first time he watched the show. Basically he wanted to puke, started to call himself a disgrace to the human race because he broke his ooath of not associating himself with anything "friendship" related and so on. Heck, on ff.net he put a giant paragraph in his profile up, explaining why he thinks he is allowed to write his story so the "hurt" gets away.

As for "tolerating" the guy and feel pity for him, I don`t anymore. I understand his problems to a certain degree, but when you start to call yourself the best of something despite having no actual talent, insult people in real life just because they share other things and so on, you lose any form of respect for me. Point in case: Mykan knows he has serious problems, but instead of going into therape and trying to somehow become a member of society that is worth something he rather wants just to live alone, hopes that society as it is crumbles one day completely (I myself believe that there is a lot of corruption going on in this world, but I am not going to wish all of mankind death upon because of some emo shit, when we are still able to do also good) and that the state of Canada will continue to pay him allimony because he is autistic.

As for Star Fleet and MLP, here is how it is:

The "Magic is Believing" Story? Mykan has a rewriten version on it on his ff.net page:


Its actually pretty much the same as it was here, only that Mykan got rid of the entire "Believing is the source of magic" thing after a lot of people told him he screwed up the own aesops he was supposed to write. It still doesn`t change the fact the following screw ups remain:

1. The main characters/good guys are unlikeable, flat and one dimensional with Mykan thinking he already created someone with a deeper personaity than Rainbow Dash, by just giving him an mexican, almost racist stereotypical accent.

2. The goal Mykan set himself (a story where it is shown that you don`t need friends or magic to be strong) is pointless, when Lightning Dawn depends on his friends and a magical artifact called the Rainbow Rod in order to defeat the bad guys.

3. The bad guys make Team Rocket look competent.

4. The heroes are rather sociopathic, having no problem killing off their baddies and feel no moral dillema. Titan`s minions obviously have personalities (even if they are flat) but Mykan just kills them because according to one of his characters, they have no souls. Mind you, the villains are all dark or black colored, the main hero and good of the world are white. And this is by someone who wrote a story, were his self insert once enslaved Great Britain and started a new "world order".

5. As a "revenge" fic against FiM, it fails completely. As much as I hate to say it, Cupcakes was a better fanfic "against" characters of MLP than this one. He can`t even really troll the fanbase. All he does is turning Twilight and Co into damsels in distress (and in the remake he also shows an obsession with Shining Armor and Cadence), makes Discord and Nightmare Moon into Power ranger like monsters of the week because he thinks reality warper are weak and then he blows Equestria up, only for it to be rebuild and everyone now living together in a crossover universe.

The sequel on the oher hand just shows how much Mykan can`t even comprehend FiM, depsite having watched most of the show.

The "Star Fleet" story is basically just that Mykan`s owncharacters are a pseudo Power Ranger like superhero team that helps people randomly and then fights against changelings who now show up and try to take over Equestria, because Chrysalis is going to die if she does not get enough "love energy" soon. Twilight and co have basically been "assimilated" to believe in any bullshit the Grand Ruler "Celesto" (now Celestia`s husband) says and naturally all of Mykan`s owncharacters are in term of strength better than anyone in MLP, even in the field of magic. The Star Fleet aspect also does not really pay off, because everything is just set in Ponyville (or "New Ponyville" as Mykan calls the place now, after the crossover ending resulted in the birth of United Equestria) most of the time and Mykan does not go balls to the wall crazy with the concept. Instead he introduces robot invaders leaded by Cadence OC brother Fratello who he wants to kill at the end of the story so he can make feel Cadence bad for having shown the importance of love on FiM and calls Twilight weal because she has a conscious and is actually rather pissed they once had to kill innocent henchmen just because the good guys called them artificial and soulless, which gets even more ironic, as Celesto creates an artificial, soulless and in term of intelligence almost infantile creature called Goldwin out of a statue.

And don`t get me started with Mykan`s weird obsession that his characters should instead of forehooves have hands or "magic gloves" that allow them to use diggets like fingers on them. Mykan is so close to becoming an anthro clop writer, it is creepy.


Well, I did say a more competent writer. Twi would look awesome in a captains uniform.

Though, why do you know so much about this guy?


the result of having been in contact with him for some time to understand how utterly insane he is, after I stumbled upon a story he wrote in which he decided to put a few friends of mine who criticized his work and make them into villains he almost kills. That and there was on fimchan a thread to the story and he showed up later on, posting quite a lot of information on this stuff and giving insight in what he is.

Is this guy a Dalek by any chance? What with hate fueling him and finding love/friendship disgusting...

Stories like this are why I riff. This is irredeemable bullshit, and the sequels improve NOTHING.

No. You know what? This isn't even linked to FIM. IT SHOULDN'T EVEN BE HERE.


he is rather just some asshat who thinks he can use his autism and the fact he got bullied in school as an excuse to be a hate filled shithead who wants to write the ponies eating meat someday and talks about the genetic superiority of his owncharcters compared to Twilight, when you are just managing to troll him long enough that he finally loses it and starts to escape in his own roleplaying fantasy world, where Dakari King Mykan is the big hero of everyone.

I stand here, before the worst reviewed fic I have seen, with only a single like and ten times that in dislikes. I stand before you now, after getting off my lazy ass and going into the theater. Let's go.

I will NEVER leave behind my fondest memories in Equestria. I want to say that here.

This seems like a... strange take. It's like you're the author was trying to make it badass. You know what? IT DIDN'T FUCKING WORK!

Why is he comparing alicorns to unicorns?

Why the fuck is the "Grand Ruler" a fucking Gary Stu?

Why the hell am I here?

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