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  • T Pinkie and Bluie

    After Prince Blueblood and Pinkie Pie met at the Gala, he'd expected it to be a one off thing, like so many times before. So why is he finding it so hard to tell her that?
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  • T Pinkie and Bluie Twoie - A Pinkie and Bluie Hearth's Warming

    Pinkie Pie and Prince Blueblood have been dating for some time. With Hearth's Warming approaching they decide to host a party for both of their families. But is one house big enough for both the Bluebloods and the Pies?
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  • E Another Life, Another Child

    While trapped in another world Ditzy gets to know the version of herself and her daughter that lives there. Are they better or worse off than she is? Can she learn anything from the path their lives have taken?
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    It's Dinky's birthday and her mother couldn't be happier, right? So why does she keep worrying about what the future might bring for her little Muffin?
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  • E The Race That Ate Friendships

    When Octavia decided to join the annual running of the leaves she didn't that that it could ruin her relationship with her friends, but was she wrong?
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  • T A Tale of Two Assistants

    While at a conference Pokey Pierce and Notary go drinking together and talk about the trials and tribulations of being professional assistants
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  • T Pokey's Holiday (or Trixie's adventures in Bureaucracy land)

    Trixie's assistant goes on holiday leading to Trixie suffering to fate worse than death, having to do her own job!
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    A magical mishap on Nightmare Night results in the mane 6 and other ponies taking on the personality and characteristics of their costumes. Set in RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse.
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  • 47w, 4d
    More on going Plots

    It’s been about six months since my original post about the stories I had planned so I thought it was about time for an update. If you look at the original you’ll see some of the stories have now been written others have been totally discarded and a few are still to be put together.  As its coming up to the end of the year I thought it was about time I looked forwards to what I’m planning to do over the next year or so. It’s been about eleven months since I started writing and I’m somewhat proud of what I’ve produced so far.  I’ve generally written two stories a month normally a complete story plus a chapter of Time after Time.

    However, writing is currently taking up more and more or my time to such a point that sleeping is getting to be a valued commodity, so to prevent total burn out I’m going to be taking a break for a week or two although possibly not entirely (see below).  I’m generally planning to write a bit less next year probably only a single story per month give or take. I’m also going to try to reduce the length of the stories I do write, I’ve ended up with a 25K chapter in Time after Time so I’m going to try and be a little less verbose which I think it’ll make my writing a little easier to read.

    Quick Hits

    There are a few things I want to try and fix up or do over the next month or so rather than write whole stories.

    Pinkie and Bluie Twoie

    This story was written rather too quickly as I wanted to get it out by Christmas resulting it its grammar and Punctuation being poor even by my standards, I’m hoping to have a few days to go over it again and correct some things. I may even tweak the plot a little based on some of the feedback I’ve gotten.


    Several people have said that this story could so with a final chapter to tie things up. I might give it a go to come up with a further thousand words or so to round it off within the next week.


    As previously the majority of my one going work is going to be in the Lunaverse. I’m hoping to get a few more canon stories over the next year and to finish off some things I’m already working on.

    Time after Time

    I’m hoping to finish this off over the next few months but Dr Who keeps giving me new Doctors to work with. I’ve got the 4th Doctor chapter in my head and will try to finish it by the end of January. I’ve also got an idea for the 8.5th Doctor (The war doctor) however, as it stands it’s rather over the top and ends with the destruction of Equestria followed by a reset button, I’ll probably end up toning it back a bit before I write it, but you never know. I’d also like to do an 11th Doctor story but the probably I’ve had from outset is that I just can’t think of a plot for it, anyone out there with any suggestions? I’m thinking Dinky and Pokey as major characters as I’m running out of parts of the Lunaverse to explore, maybe I’ll even include Greengrass and Notary. I’ll eventually do a 12th Doctor story although I’ll probably wait until near the end of the year when I’ve got some idea of his character.

    Dinky’s Birthday

    This was mentioned in my original plots blog 6 months ago. I’m hoping to write a canon story about Dinky’s birthday mostly from Ditzy’s point of view. I’m aiming for bitter sweet with Ditzy being forced to realise that her daughter is growing up and won’t be her baby for ever and at some point is probably going to go her own way and make her own mistakes. However, she will recognise by the end that it won’t be for a while and these things are all part of life. I’m hoping to write this in the first half of the year and hopefully it’ll be fairly short maybe 5-7K.

    A bunch of carrots

    This is an idea I had while writing ‘Another world, Another Child’ it will be a similar idea but with Carrot Top rather than Ditzy. Basically what the two versions of Carrot Top did while they were trapped in the M-verse. They will venture into the Everfree to try and find medicine for Trixie. Both agree that L-verse Carrot Top made the better decisions but as the story goes on M-verse Carrot will see that she has her own strengths as well. Again not too long probably a chapter or two totalling about 12K.

    Climbing the Mountain

    This will probably be my major project for the year, to take over from Time after Time. I’m hoping to get it started in January or February and to keep the chapters shorter to reduce my work load a bit.

    The basic story is the life of Baron Mounty Max during him time in the Night Court and his growing romance with Fluttering Posey.  It will probably be an on-going story to take place behind the main Lunaverse plot. I have a few chapters in mind so far and it’s even possible some might be written out of order. Ideas so far are: -

    Prologue – Creation of Max’s province due to act of Trixie.

    Chapter ? – I’m going to have to check the time line but a chapter of what max was doing during the longest day, probably added to the anthology chapter in the Lunaverse.

    Chapter 1 – Max finding out to his surprise that he’s been made a Baron and having to say goodbye to his friends and family to go to Canterlot.

    Chapter 2 – Max arrives at Canterlot (he actually climbs the mountain rather than getting the train. Why? Because it was there) and first meets Posey as she’s part of the greeting party.

    Chapter 3-6 – Max finding his footing in the court maybe tie in with ‘Greengrass’s night’ and ‘Foaling around’ and Max meeting up with Posey a bit more. Some issues with Max’s goat assistant.

    Chapter 7ish – The Gala. A pseudo date with Posey grows into something more thanks to a certain truth potion.

    Chapter 8-10 – Heading into season 2 and a closer relationship between Posey and Max. Looks into why Posey doesn’t have kids and her past.

    Chapter 11 – A cross over with A concert for Ponyville Max fills in for Posey so she can go to Fluttershy’s concert.

    Chapter 12+ - The side effects of Corona’s return and more relationship between Max and Posey. Possibly introducing Inky and Marshal from Pinkie and Bluie.

    I’d like these to work out as canon but I’ll probably wait and see how that works out given how complicated it could all get. I’m hoping for relatively short chapters here maybe 3-5K each.


    The Cadenceverse doesn’t seem to have caught on as much as I’d hoped it would which is a shame as I think it’s quite a cool place but time will tell what happens I’ve got a few ideas for stories although nothing that will probably be produced in the next few months.

    The Pied Piper of Ponyville

    Tootse Flute gets his hooves on a magic flute which give her control of the other foals which she of course abuses but comes to recognise the consequences. What happens when it gets stolen?


    Octavia as part of her job of studying the musical styles of Ponyville is invited to a Hoedown at sweet apple acres. Set about a week since she first arrived in town.

    Mostly an idea to start of the low key Octavia / Big Mac ship I have running through my other Cadenceverse stories.


    An accident with the Elements of Harmony results in Cadence being split into a normal filly and a golem. Filly Cadence is overjoyed at being a real girl whereas the golem is no longer able to feel anything. But can the two halves really exist separately?


    A spell prevents anyone in Ponyville from producing or understanding music for several months. How will the Elements cope with the loss of their abilities and what will they do with themselves until the spell wears off.


    Tootse Flute’s pet is sick but she’s not worried, her luck will mean it will get better right? Fluttershy tries to convince her that sometimes you have to let go of those you love the most.

    Although I love the idea of this story I’m not sure if I could actually write it given the rather uncomfortable subject matter. But we’ll see

    Cat and Angel

    Fluttershy is incapacitated and it’s up to her assistant Cat and her pet Angel to work together to keep the surgery running. Can the two of them put their differences aside for Fluttershy?

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  • 48w, 6d
    Pinkie and Bluie Updated

    I have updated Pinkie and Bluie to match the current version of Gala i.e. removed the Trixie pretends to poison Blueblood section and replaced it with something else. If you're interested you can read it again but I don't think it changes much of the overall story.

    I've also tidied up the grammar a bit although there are probably still problems.

    I'm doing this as a lead up to Pinkie and Bluie Twoie - A Pinkie and Bluie Hearth's Warming. Hopefully this will be up by this Sunday (cause if it isn't I'm going to be out of contact for a week). Currently I'm quietly confident it'll be done in time although it might be a bit rushed, I've finished 4 out of 5 chapters and I'm about 1/3 to 1/2 way through the final chapter. If I don't finish I'll probably publish what I have so far on Sunday.

    If anyone would be interested in Pre / Proof reading or editing PM me.

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  • 52w, 3d
    Dr Who 50th Anniversary

    As today is the 50th anniversary of Dr Who I though I should put up a sneak preview for the next chapter of the Dr Who / lunaverse story. hopefully the rest of the story will be up early in December (although I'm rather behind schedule at the moment).

    Ditzy awoke with a groan, bells ringing in her ears. With a herculean effort she dragged one eye open, her bedroom was still dark but she could just about make out her alarm clock in the gloom, it was the source of the racket. She quested about with one hoof and on her third attempt managed to strike the alarm knocking it to the ground and mercifully stop the ringing. For a moment she considered going back to sleep, what did she have to get up for anyway? Then she shook herself, she had to get to work, no work meant no pay and no pay meant no food for her and Dinky.

    Ditzy staggered to her feet, she felt rotten today, maybe she was coming down with something? Muttering to herself she wandered into the bathroom and examined her reflection in the mirror, she looked ever worse than she felt. Her eyes were red rimmed and gunked up with sleep, her mane and coat were dishevelled, she even noticed some bald spots in her wings. Maybe she really was ill, she should make an appointment with a doctor after she finished her shift, she wouldn’t want her daughter to catch anything from her.  She thrust her head under the shower and let the warm water make her feel somewhat equine again.

    Once she had finished washing she decided on breakfast. To her surprise most of the cupboards were empty, she must have forgotten to go shopping. She quickly crunched her way through a bowl of dry and stale cereal. She checked the time again, she was late!

    Quickly grabbing her hat and coat she rushed for the door leading down to the post office below. It was emptier than she would have expected but she didn’t have time to investigate. She grabbed a full bag from one of the tables, shouted a quick greeting to the few members of staff present, who looked up in surprise, and ran out onto the streets of Ponyville.

    As she carried out her rounds a feeling of wrongness continued to gnaw away in the back of her head. Like the office the town itself seemed depopulated and the ponies she did see mostly trudged by eye’s down. The weather did not help, it appeared that the weather ponies had made a mix up, one part of town was buried under several inches of snow while another was suffering torrential rain. Ditzy looked up and saw Cloud Kicker yelling at a number of other pegasus she didn’t recognise but who seemed to be ignoring the deputy manager. Was Rainbow Dash AWOL again? It might explain the mistake if her assistant had been left in charge. Cloud Kicker was normally quite dependable but she didn’t deal with stress well.

    She checked the address on the next letter and smiled to herself. It was the representative’s residence, maybe a chat with Trixie would make her feel better. She could ask Trixie where everypony was today, maybe she’d missed a really big Pinkie Party yesterday?

    Putting on a sunny smile Ditzy pushed open the door and let herself into the residence. As expected Trixie was present but to the mailmare’s surprise she was sitting behind Pokey’s desk rather than her own.

    “You’ve got mail,” announced Ditzy tossing a pile of letters onto her friend's desk.

    “Oh, errr. Thank you Ms Doo,” said Trixie sounding subdued, “You’re looking well today.”

    “Ms Doo? Why so formal?” asked Ditzy bemused, “Actually I’m feeling a little rough. Maybe Dinky picked something up from school and passed it on to me.” Then suddenly it hit her, “Dinky! I forgot about Dinky! I didn’t wake her up and get her ready for school this morning. How could I forget about her?!”

    A look of pain and embarrassment flashed over Trixie’s face. “Ditzy, did you take your medication this morning? Did Par say you could work today?”

    “Medication? What are you talking about? And what’s Par got to do with anything, he’s retired. Look I’ve got to get home, Dinky will be worrying about where I am.”

    Trixie seemed to fight with herself for a moment before looking up at the worried mailmare "I know it's hard Ditzy," she said wheeling her chair over and putting a hesitant arm across the pegasus’s withers, "But you have to accept it, Dinky died with Cheerilee over a year ago now. You've got to move on."

    Ditzy staggered back breaking out of the unicorns grip, “What are you talking about?” she cried, “Dinky’s not dead, I saw her last night she was talking about being in the Hearth’s Warming play this year.” Ditzy though back to last night and the conversation and then she remembered the funeral, the casket had been so small, she’d sat there too upset to even cry just waiting for somepony, anypony to just tell her that it was all a mistake that the thing in the ground wasn’t her daughter. Ditzy staggered back blinking, where had that come from? It couldn’t be true.

    “Ditzy, you’re having one of your episodes, please try to calm down. I’ll get Redheart or Carrot Top or somepony.” Trixie pulled her chair closer. Ditzy’s gaze dropped to Trixie’s rear legs, they were both missing from just below the hip, she was strapped into a wheeled contraption which allowed her to remain mobile.

    “Trixie,” gasped Ditzy in horror, “What happened to your legs?”

    “You remember me telling you about the snake,” she said gently.

    “No, I don’t. This is all wrong,” gasped Ditzy.

    “Grand-père!” yelled Trixie.

    “What is it child?” came a masculine voice from within the residence, “I’m not entirely deaf you know.” An aged blue stallion tottered into the room leaning heavily on a cane, his mane and beard a dirty white.

    “Who are you?” asked Ditzy backing away from the new arrival.

    “Ah, she’s having a bad day isn’t she?”

    “I’ve never seen her this bad,” agreed Trixie pity written across her face, “She normally forgets the ‘incident’ but not much else.”

    “Who are you?” Ditzy demanded again, the stallion seemed vaguely familiar.

    “I am Quartermoon, Ms Doo. You remember me? The town's representative to the Night Court?”

    “Quartermoon? But you’re dead, Trixie said,” muttered Ditzy backing away from the stallion towards the door.

    “Evidently not Ms Doo. Why don’t you just sit down and we can get one of your friends to look after you.” He held out a hoof.

    “Get away from me!” screamed Ditzy bolting for the door and leaping into the air. She had to get away, to get to Dinky, she could see Dinky and everything would be alright. This would all be a bad dream or a plan by Corona or Zecora or someone, Dinky would make everything better.

    She flew as fast as her wings would carry her towards her home, she didn’t even stop to land before entering the building instead prising the window open and crawling into her daughters bedroom. It was just as she remembered, every book, toy and item of clothing was in place. The only thing missing was Dinky herself. The bed did not look like it had been slept in. Nothing looked touched, everything was perfect, like a shrine. A shiver ran down Ditzy’s spine. She remembered cleaning the room and putting everything neatly away, she had to keep it all perfect for when her muffin came back, from when the mistake was all sorted out, no matter how long it took. No that couldn’t be it, what was going on?

    She collapsed to the floor sobbing memories flowing through her head. She remembered Dinky telling her of her adventures in the Everfree and begging her to let her keep the timber wolf foal. She remembered the look on Nurse Redhearts face when she told her what they had found in the forest that she had to identify the pieces left, the pieces of her daughter left. What was happening to her, was she going mad? Had she always been mad?

    “Please help me!” Ditzy cried to the heavens, “Please somepony help me! I don’t know what’s going on, what’s real.”

    Suddenly the room was filled with a wheezing groaning sound and a wind seemed to pick up from nowhere. To her astonishment a large blue box faded into existence taking up much of the bedroom. I suppose that confirms that, thought Ditzy, I have gone mad.

    A door opened in the box and a short straw coloured earth pony stallion with a brown mane rushed from it. He was wearing a cream jacket and checked trousers. Under the jacket was a jumper covered in question marks and a tie. On his head was a panama hat and hooked on one leg was an umbrella.

    “Don’t worry,” he said with confidence, “I’m the Doctor.”

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  • 56w, 1d
    Hitting the Big time

    In my last blog I said that I'm consider one of my stories as hitting the big time if it got 100 upvotes.

    Well that's just happened for 'Pinkie and Bluie' so Yay Go Me!

    As an updated to my general writing, October's been a busy month for me so I'm rather behind. I'm only about a third of the way through this months Time after Time chapter so it's likely that it'll be a few weeks before that's out. After that I'm planning on starting my next Candenceverse story currently entitled Generosity Games with Fluttershy and Rarity competing to try and raise money for their charities. Followed by another Dr Who chapter (probably the 7th Doctor) which will probably take me into December.

    To link back to the start of the post I'm considering writing a Pinkie and Bluie sequel for Christmas currently attentively entitled 'A Pinkie and Bluie Hearthwarming' about each of the pair trying to get the perfect Hearthwarming gift for the other and meeting each others parents. A possible alternative is a romance story telling the growing relationship between Fragrant Posey and Mounty Max.

    Both are currently open to be written or chucked depending on my mood, so does anyone out there have any suggestions or opinions?

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  • 65w, 5d
    Popular, its all about Popular.

    What makes a story popular?

    I suppose the most important part is that it’s a good, interesting, well written story. However, you could write the best story ever and if no-one reads it no-one will know. So what makes you want to read a story in the first place?

    This all came from my own stories. I set my bar rather low, I consider a story a success if it get 20+ up votes and if I ever get 100+ up votes I’d consider that I’ve made the big time (well big for me). However, the popularity of my stories doesn’t really match how good I think they are. Pinkie and Bluie is my runaway success currently at 90 and I consider it only a bit above average, to my utter surprise Trixie’s lover is my second best story at 26 even though I think it’s my worst story. I consider Monster to be my best story and that’s only on 19 making it not even a success by my measure.

    So I’m going to look into what attracts me to a story before I read them.

    1) First of all is probably picture and description, personally I tend to read whatever appears on the front page and skim this info so a catchy description is likely to get more people to at least think about reading a story which is probably half the battle. When it comes to my stories I’m not good at this, none have pictures and the descriptions aren’t amazing.

    2) Category. I think this probably has a bigger effect than many people think. There are some category’s which a fair proportion of the population just turn off from. Human, Anthro, Sex, Cross Over, Human in Equestria, etc. Personally I’m not very keen on Sad, Dark and Crossover (Despite having written stories in these categories), basically a story needs to be extra attractive for me to read if it’s in one of these categories and I guess others are the same. To me a comedy or romance story is a fairly safe choice to read. My top two stories are both Romances so I think that’s part of the path to success.

    3) Length. Another thing which I think has a bigger effect than others may think. A story with 1-3K words represents about 10 minutes to me so I can afford to waste that time on something that turns out to be poor. >10K is probably an hour or more I’m only going to start that if I think the stories going to be good. This is why I’m generally splitting my more recent stories into chapters even though I write them as single blocks. I’d be more likely to read the 3K first chapter of a story that’s 30K long than a single 30K chapter. I don’t think Pinkie would be as popular if I’d kept it as a single 15K chapter. Time after time is probably effected by this with 10K+ chapters it’s not something people just dip into.

    4) Being part of a good group. I’d don’t think most of my stuff would be as well read if I wasn’t part of the Lunaverse and Cadenceverse. The trick is probably getting the right sized or focused groups. I’m only a member of a few but I guess the larger groups are so big you probably get several stories added each hour which probably makes them useless for actually finding stories due to information overload. The same for small groups as they probably don’t update very often although when they do you would probably find that you wold like the story particularly if the group has a very thin focus.

    5) Further work from the same author. Once I’ve found an author I like I’m much more likely to read the rest of their work. Fairly self-explanatory but probably breaks the previous rules, I’m more likely to read a dark fic if I’ve already read a comedy form the same author even if the new story of 15K long. So in a way persistence will probably get you more readers, if someone likes one of your stories they’ll look at the others.

    6) Finally, once a story is popular it’s more likely to get more popular. The feature box is a fairly good indication of a reasonable story so if you hit there you’re probably going to stay there for a while. Generally I don’t read a story until it has about 100 up votes (So I wouldn’t read any of my own stories) unless there are other factors in play. Pinkie was apparently briefly featured (although I missed it) so that might explain part of its popularity. Word of mouth is also important but that's partially linked to groups, so see above.

    So that’s the factors I think make stories popular or not and how they relate to my own writings. Hopefully this doesn’t seem too self-indulgent and I’d like to see what other people look for in stories before they actually read them.

    For you interest below is the order of my stories based on up votes vs how good I actually think they are from best to worst


    Pinkie and Bluie

    Trixie’s Lover

    Pokey’s holiday

    A Tale of Two assistants

    Time after Time


    The race that ate friendships

    Training Day

    My opinion


    Time after Time

    Pinkie and Bluie

    A Tale of Two assistants

    Training Day

    The race that ate friendships

    Pokey’s holiday

    Trixie’s Lover

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  • ...

Fleeing from the Time Lords the Doctor accidentally damages the barrier between his own universe and that of Equestria an event that may lead to disaster for both universe. Now each of his incarnations must visit Equestria to repair the damage.

Each chapter will involve a different incarnation of the Doctor and may be posted out of order.

As the normal category/character rules don't work with an anthology, I'm going to list any extra ones for each chapter below.

Part of RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse, my entry for the April Crossover writing contest.

Chapter 1 - The Grandfather

The first incarnation of the Doctor and his granddaughter Susan arrive on Equestria and meet Cheerilee and a group of foals on a trip to Whitetail woods. However, can the escape from the monster lurking there?

Categories - No extra

Characters - The Doctor, Susan, Cheerilee, Snails, Scootaloo, Dinky

Chapter 2 - The Cosmic Hobo

The second Doctor and Jamie find themselves helping to defend an arctic research station from an attack from strange ghostly shapes and Ice ponies.

Categories - No extra

Characters - The Doctor, Jamie, Shining Armour

Chapter 3 - The Gentleman

The third Doctor and Jo arrive at Canterlot in the winter and meet the stage magician Quartermoon the Magnificent and his granddaughter Trixie. There appears to have been a rash of mysterious deaths among the magic profession, with Quartermoon be next?

Categories - No extra

Characters - The Doctor, Jo Grant, Trixie, Quartermoon

Chapter 4 - The Bohemian

The fourth Doctor and Leela become part of the Ponyville weather team and take part in a Pegasus game called Sky Tag along side Raindrops and Dash. But another team are playing for keeps and figures from both Raindrops and Dash's past are taking part as well. Can our hero's win out?

Categories - Comedy, Slice of Life

Characters - The Doctor, Leela, K-9, Raindrops, Rainbow Dash, Hoops, Score, Dumb Bell

Chapter 5 - The Good Sport

The fifth Doctor along with Tegan and Nyssa arrive at Canterlot in time for the final of the first annual servants hoofball league. With the shard as the prize the Doctor is forced to enter but other groups as well as the opposing team are working against him.

Categories - Slice of Life

Characters - The Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa, Night Vision, Pinkie Pie, Blue Blood, Luna, Octavia, Paperweight.

Chapter 6 - The Multi-coloured Man

The sixth incarnation of the Doctor and his companion Evelyn interrupt a dinner party at Fluttershy's resulting in her fleeing into the Everfree Forest. Can Carrot Top and the time travellers find her before something terrible happens?

Categories - Comedy

Characters - The Doctor, Evelyn, Carrot Top, Rarity, Fluttershy, Angel.

Chapter 7 - The Chess Master

Twilight Sparkle thinking the Doctor is a threat to Equestria is traveling through time to stop him at every turn resulting in a much darker future. Can The Doctor and Ditzy Doo stop her and prevent disaster?

Categories - Sad

Characters - The Doctor, Ace, Ditzy Doo, Twilight Sparkle.

Chapter 8 - The Bon Vivant

The eighth Doctor and Izzy have little trouble finding the shard and decide the spend the day wandering Ponyville. But has something followed them from their universe and what sweet creature is waiting to be born beneath Bon Bon's store?

Categories - Dark

Characters - The Doctor, Izzy, Lyra, Bon Bon.

Chapter 9 - The Survivor

Fresh from the Time War the new Doctor is a broken man looking for a reason to carry on after the horrors he witnessed and caused. He finds Equestria in the wake of a Discordian led uprising. Will  a meeting with Princess Celestia strengthen him or destroy him totally?

Categories - Dark, Tragedy.

Characters - The Doctor, Celestia, Luna.

Chapter 10 - The Darkness Within

The Tenth Doctor and Martha help a member of the Night Guard prevent an assassination attempt on Princess Luna but is the fate of their ally pre-ordained?

Categories - Sad

Characters - The Doctor, Martha, Luna, Nocturne

Chapter 11 - The Eternal Child

The Eleventh Doctor has settled down in Ponyville for some time to carry out some experiments but when part of his equipment gets away from him it sets in motion a chain of events which results in Greengrass becoming the ruler of Equestria. Can he and Pokey work together to put things back the way they should be?

Categories - No extra

Characters - The Doctor, Pokey, Greengrass, Notary

This story can be read in various orders, the above is in the order that it occurs to the Doctor but not the order it was written or the order events occur on Equestria.

I set myself the goal of never writing two adjacent doctors after each other, which meant that some idea's weren't written until long after they were thought up, particularly the 4th Doctor story was one of the first conceived but one of the last written.  The order the story was written in was: -

1st Doctor

6th Doctor

3rd Doctor

8th Doctor

5th Doctor

10th Doctor

2nd Doctor

7th Doctor

4th Doctor

11th Doctor

The order of events on Equestria is a bit more complicated due to time travel. The 7th Doctor story happens at the same time as many of the other chapters as well as other times: -

7th Doctor - c. 20000 BFC (Before the fall of Corona)

9th Doctor - 120 BFC

3rd Doctor - 990 AFC (After the fall of Corona)

2nd Doctor - 995 AFC

1st Doctor - 1000 AFC (Spring)

6th Doctor - 1000 AFC (Spring)

4th Doctor - 1000 AFC (Summer)

7th Doctor - 1000 AFC (Summer) (Alternative Universe)

8th Doctor - 1000 AFC (Summer)

11th Doctor - 1000 AFC (Summer)

5th Doctor - 3 CR (Celestia's return)

7th Doctor - 18 CR

First Published
15th Apr 2013
Last Modified
12th Mar 2014

Did you make the Doctor and Susan greyscale because it was without colouration in the early regenerations?


Yep I'm planning to have the first two doctors in black and white then switch to colour with the third doctor maybe occasionally switching back to black and white, to match the series.

Lunaverse meets doctor whooves...what sort of mind powers do you posses to know what I was thinking!


Well if you are interested in writing a chapter I originally planned it as a collaborative thing with different Doctors written by different people.

There's a critical lack of proper punctuation, specifically within the spoken sentences. You should end sentences with a period or exclamation mark as appropriate, or a comma if the sentence continues outside of the quotation marks:

"I am The Doctor," the stallion said, "and this is my granddaughter, Susan."

I also discovered a few places where an apostrophe snuck into Snails' name.

Other than that, excellent read. You pegged the First Doctor's character very well. (The old guy needs more love, seriously.) Strictly speaking it may be a bit off since he was a lot nastier before Ian and Barbara got him to warm up, and this is clearly set before they joined, but... that can be excused because this is much better. Also a very good explanation for why he'll have to leave and come back later with new energy.

I look forward to future chapters. Will be interesting to see if you can do Six justice... I always thought that one had a lot of untapped potential.


Thanks for the punctuation lesson, it's a weakness for me.

Six is up next, I'm about a third of the way through so far and aiming for releasing around the end of the month, hopefully.

I'm taking sixie from the Big Finish Audio range, you find that a lot of the things people hate about him were the production at the time, in the audio's Colin Baker is Awesome. The Marian Conspiracy is one of my favourite stories and the One Doctor is some of the most hilarious Who ever.

That said, the Six chapter does hinge on the Doctor being somewhat of a jerk but hopefully redeems himself by the end.

My favourite bit so far, Rarity's reaction to the coat :raritycry::raritydespair:

Rarity - Putting the 'hysterical' into 'hysterical blindness' :raritydespair: Especially without the 'fashion show' ordeal her M!verse counterpart went through to innoculate her against such travesties.

Very funny chapter, and the bonding moment between Fluttershy and the Doctor was pure D'awww.

A fascinating read. I don't know much about the Lunaverse outside of its premise, but it did well. I'm curious as if the Doctor will meet any of the royal family. That would be an event to remember.

I’m so glad, I’d hate my last words to be about carrot juice, that would be so banal.

:rainbowlaugh: Of course, given that this is set after the last episode of Trial of a Time Lord, the dramatic irony doesn't quite work. Still, :rainbowlaugh:

That was a fun read! Rarity's blindness was just hilarious, and the scene with the Doctor and Fluttershy was sweet! Loved it! :raritystarry:


Currently I've got plans for the 3rd Doctor to meet Luna in passing, the 5th's story to have her as a major character and 9 to have a discussion about genocide with Celestia / Corona.


It does loose a bit in that way, however, although it's already happened from the Doctors point of view it hasn't happened to Mel yet (Timy Wimy).


Thanks, the Rarity bit was what started the story for me, the Fluttershy bit came to me later but I think its the heart of the story, I rewrote it a load of times and I still don't think its as good as it could be. Rarity and Fluttershy are my favourite ponies so I had to fit them in somehow even in the L-verse.

Anyone have suggestions for which Dr I should do next?

>>2517339 How about the 5th? See that Pegasus Doctor who almost exploded. Would be cool if it happened after this adventure.

Also one of the Doctor should meet with Trixie's grandfather. Maybe one of the early one could learn better hoof control from seeing him do his magic tricks.


The 5th Doctor story is set a few years after the 'present' probably about season 4-5, its the Luna based one.

The 3rd Doctor is due to go to meet Trixie's Grandfather, and filly Trixie as well, at one his shows (probably about 10 years before the present), I didn't think about hoof eye coordination though, Hummm.

>>2520373 Also for a dramatic story you could have one of the Doctor meet with Scootaloo's mom Nocturne and help her thwart some threat to Equestria that resulted in her death. Maybe the 10th since he's the 'I'm so sorry' one.


Maybe, currently 7, 10 and 11 are non-plotted although your idea is a bit similar to the story I have for 3. I'll have to go away and plan for a bit.

An interesting idea would be to have it in chronological order from the ponies perspective, and have the doctors appear in whatever order you're ready for them. Time wibbly wobbly string tangle meandering special math and all that.


If I'd though of that in the first place I might have done it but unfortunately the other chapter idea's I have range from ~1200 years before current time to about 3-4 years after.

Outstanding story.  Loved it a lot.  Filly Trixie is also very very cute. I wish this could be Luaverse Cannon.  It would feel nice knowing that the Doctor was present in this universe, saving the day when possible. Do feel sad concerning the injury and future death of Quartermoon.

I particually liked the inclusion of the Third Doctor's desire to "reverse the polarity" and use of martial arts.  Also the change between black and white to color during his story was a brilliant touch.  Just like linking the poster with "A Tale of Two Assistants".




It might not be the best way to characterise the Doctor but I have a short list of things that have to happen to fit each doctors era for the third it was

Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow

Car chase

Venusian Aikido

Black and white to colour

Good work!!! Love the story so far.  Can't wait for the next chapter.

I have a soft spot for the Clangers - after all, it was me that got them that show.

:rainbowlaugh: I wonder if the Master is aware of that.

Holy smeg that was dark! Wasn't expecting such straight-up horror here, but well done.


If things go to plan next up is the 5th Doctor chapter set in the near future involving Luna and the Canterlot crew, it will be a sequel/prequel (Isn't time travel fun) to the (currently unwritten) 9th Doctor story.


He might but he doesn't know that the 6th Doctor brought the Telly Tubies to Earth or that the 3rd Doctor defeated the Muppets, I mean The Scorchies.


I'm trying to write each chapter in a different style although its sort of tending towards different shades of adventure. The 7th, 8th and 9th Doctors will be dark stories 7th will be the lightest a sort of road not travelled thing due to time travel, this the 8th is a horror story the 9th will be a discussion about genocide and if its ever justified (we know that 9 can't take the high ground on that topic.)

Its one of the things I really lover about Dr Who the general setting is so vague that you can fit any story into it and it'll match Horror, Comedy, Romance it all works.

I like these stories immensely, especially the non linear format which fits the Doctor's nature so well. Both of your ideas for the next part are awesome, but I like the idea of a Siege story with Shining Armour so I say, go with that first.

Always happy to see updates here, and the snapshot of a potential near-future for the Lunaverse is both entertaining and fitting with what's been presented so far. And even if it may be the most off-the-wall part of the story, I got a certain level of glee out of the idea that BluePie could be an official couple. I think they're actually kind of cute together.

Funnily enough, even though there's more basis for it and I usually can't say no to a fun mare-mare ship, I just can't find myself getting behind Octavia/Paperweight. I like them a lot as an odd-couple friendship, but when they're paired up romantically, I dunno. (And don't worry, I fully realize the irony of saying that in THIS fandom, considering I can get behind just about any Mane6 pairing.) :raritywink:

Also, I really liked this chapter for being the first one to seriously show us the risk posed by the Doctor and his companions sticking around in Equestria too long. I got shivers when the Doctor actually started to catch fire.


Well after a bit of research, the Doctor, assuming he acts like antimatter, would cause an explosion of about 3-3.5 thousand megatons (More for six less for two or seven) which would be about the same as a third of all the worlds nuclear weapons going off at once.

So I think we can assume Canterlot would not be there any more if he did explode (Luna might survive although it depends on whether Celestia surviving in the sun for a thousand years marks her physical toughness (Crisis seems to suggest she was disembodied) and if Luna has the same level of toughness vs energy) and Ponyville (About 100 miles away) is probably going to get trashed as well.

Of course given that the bang is based on two non compatible set of physical laws meeting it could even generate more energy than a matter / anti matter explosion or less but in any case it probably wont be much fun to be near.

I've been waiting for this one. After all, he'd have to talk to Luna eventually. His ego and influence wouldn't let him otherwise. The god who wants to be man...

the 9th will be a discussion about genocide and if its ever justified (we know that 9 can't take the high ground on that topic.)

"The Daleks have failed! Now why don't you finish the job, and make the Daleks extinct?! Rid the universe of your filth! Why don't you just die?!"


Always gave me chills.


Well his 5th incarnation is one of his less deity like personalities, he just seemed to want a quiet life.


Replace Dalek with Discordian and your have Celestia / Corona's side of the argument.

Yikes, I forgot to favorite this - I didn't notice it was updating! Okay, now I have to play catch-up...

Aaand caught up. Yikes, but this one was dark, wasn't it?:pinkiehappy: Doctor Who can get like that sometimes.

For the record, though, I never saw Bon Bon trying to strangle Trixie in Hands as anything more than just some slapstick comedy. Like the Three Stooges or some such.



Although Hands is generally a fairly comic story I always read the strangling as quite a dark (although still funny) scene, it did seem to mark Bon Bon as being rather obsessive about Lyra (presumably linked to Lyra going away to school in Canterlot for several years) and not wanting to / fearing she would loose her again.

However, as is obvious in my story Bon Bon is not in her right mind so anything she says can be taken with a whole load of salt but I do imagine she feels some guilt about her actions and the side of her they display.

Maybe she should go to anger management courses with Rain Drops (Who will be appearing with Dash, Leela and the 4th Doctor in a few months, she'll probably need the courses then).

Base under siege, cause what else can you do with the second Doctor?


He is known for them isn't he.

However, it currently looks like I'm going for number 10 first although I'm finding it rather hard going, I'm not so good at the more jokey dialogue of the more modern doctors. Also I'm trying to make it a bit more epic than the rest of my stories so far.

So glad to see this up finally.


Oh thank God. No offense to Rose, but I hate Rose.

The guards looked back and forth between themselves. Then their leader yelled, “Another one, get him!”

I love the psychic paper. I love how it lets us just bypass inconvenient moments when necessary, and I love it when it doesn't quite work as intended. Although most of all I love it when it breaks.

"I'll have you know that I [takes out paper] am well regarded across the universe as a responsible adult. [Paper sparks, gives out] ...huh, finally a lie too big."

“Don’t talk like that, I’m sure you’ll see your family again soon.”

And there's the salt...

“while others like myself remained hidden in plain sight, slowly rebuilding our power until the time was right to strike, and that time is now!”

In my head, there are some vague swastikas in the background, by the way. I'm getting flashes to The Sum of All Fears. And Iron Skies.

“Mom,” she gasped dropping to the ground, her eye’s starting to wet.

...and wound. :fluttershbad:

The Doctor's life really kind of sucks, doesn't it?


“Tell them I’m so very, very sorry. Tell them she died a hero. Tell them I know it doesn’t help.”

That's the line that really got me.

So how many of you remembered who Nocturne was? I hope it was a surprise to at least some of you.

I did. As soon as I saw her name, I knew it was going to be a rough ending.


“She had a husband, Heavy Roller, and a daughter, Scootaloo. They live in Ponyville,” intoned Luna. The officer looked at her. “I know all of your families,” she replied to his unspoken question.

For me, it was this one. It always hits me, seeing it when these immortal, god-like beings make the effort to truly care about those who devote their lives to their service.

Well, at least she did her best for Princess and Country.

( Ditzy in any of these things so far. Weird.)


I'm not a great Rose fan either, generally I think Martha needs more love even though she doesn't do much in this story. I could have gone with Donna but I think she would have taken over.

The psychic paper was purely introduced due to the 45 minute episode length, previously you have much longer to have the Doctor gain someones trust. Although my favourite version of this has to be the 7th Doctor story Curse of Fenric when the Doctor gets into a secret British army facility during WWII using papers (including a letter from Churchill) that the commanding officer see's him write right in front of him (using two pens at once).

I'd imagine the swastikas would be a little sun shaped in this case.

Yes, the Doctor has many, many bad days, but the few good days out weigh them.


I'm glad the line worked out right, I was worried it might come out almost threatening in a 'I know where you sleep way'


She's currently due to appear with the 7th Doctor in the sequel / prequel to this story in 3-4 months.

Love the Lyra, Trixie, Twilight and Sunset Shimmer cameos.  All through this I was wishing this was not the story that Nocturne died in and was heartbroken when it happened. But this was so well done that it is okay. Great job!

¡Happiness will prevail!

Trapped in a virtual machine:

Rather than pay a programmer to create new software, modern 64-bit IBM-MainFrames use emulators running the old 32-bit OS running emulators running the old 360-OS running application-software created in the 1960s and not upgraded since them.  Still, transitioning from the late 1990s to the early 2000s over half of the 360-Applications were retired and replaced because they were not Y2K-compliant.  It seems like this old code running in old OSes, running in old emulators, running in old OSes, running in emulators will keep plugging away forever.  If it would not be for programmer-laziness, we would run even more old code:

When programmers say that they had to truncate dates for saving memory, it is a lie:

Over >99% of these old applications is instructions.  less than <1% was references to time.  In the 1960s, it was over 60 years since the last century and over 30 years to the next.  people wrote years as 2-digit numbers as a shorthand.  It is not like someone might arrive 100 years late to the 66-WorldFair.  They thoughtlessly used that 2-digit timeformat in their code.  A little forethought would have made apparent that the programs will break in 2000.

In the early 1990s, it became blindingly obvious that if nothing is done, the Y2K-noncompliant code will cause a trillion dollars in economic damage; so, people sat on their hands until the late 1990s.  In the late 1990s, we spent 100 billion dollars for fixing or replacing Y2K-noncompliant code in a crash program.  We did not catch everything, so we experienced about 100 billion dollars in economic damages.

In a since, 200 billion dollars (100 billion dollars for trying to fix the problem and 100 billion dollars for economic damages in code we missed) was a bargain.  It was 1/5th as much as the estimated damages from doing nothing.  In another sense, every penny spent was a waste of money because the problem would not have existed if it would not have been for lazy programmers in the 1960s.


Interestingly the Sunset cameo was entirely unconscious, I just picked some random colours for a pony to be throwing fireballs and it just happened to match her.

Hmm. This is probably NOT a story he's going to share with his younger sister. Not because she wouldn't believe him what with her living in Monster-Of-The-Week Town as mandated by her community service sentence but because he probably has a hard time believing it himself.

The following is the Post of Rassilon.

(Those who know, know).

“I’m na chatting with a red coat,”

Hmm. Hang on, not familair with the 2nd Doctor all that much...

'Kay, yeah. Jamie was born in 1724, some years after the Act of Union. He may be Scottish, but by this point he's also British. The Scottish and English armies would have been integrated by this point - that is, both wore red coats as part of their army uniforms.

I think.


Ugh, need to learn more British history.

Oh my giddy aunt!

I know it's just a saying, but I'm honestly curious as to what the Doctor's parents and relations must have been like to produce, well...him. The Oncoming Storm.

I don’t think they actually want to hurt anypony.

Of course not! Dead ponies don't feel hate. They can't be fed upon.

Damn it's a good thing Windigos don't exist on Earth. The Cold War would have been a nightmare...

“Well, yes, but I have a few ideas about that.

He's totally going to bring back an Equestrian artifact and claim that it's the "____ of Rassilon," and use it to bribe his way back into their (temporary) good graces, isn't he? The Time Lords won't know, Rassilon named everything after himself, there could very well have been a Horseshoe of Rassilon.


“I’m na chatting with a red coat,”

Hmm. Hang on, not familair with the 2nd Doctor all that much...

'Kay, yeah. Jamie was born in 1724, some years after the Act of Union. He may be Scottish, but by this point he's also British. The Scottish and English armies would have been integrated by this point - that is, both wore red coats as part of their army uniforms.

I think.


Ugh, need to learn more British history.

Even now almost 300 years after the act of union not everybody in Scotland considers themselves British. There's a vote about that next year.

Jamie was joined the Doctor shortly after this, one of our lesser civil wars with the House of Stuart trying to oust the house of Hanover. Jamie's side consisted of Highlanders, French, Irish and a few English forces, they were a fairly hodge podge group without a fixed uniform. The opposition was English, Lowland Scots, Irish and Germans and were rather more organised so they tended to be in uniform, hence Jamie's dislike of the uniform (not sure how historical this is but he mentions it several times in the stories). The battle itself was a one sided slaughter with the Stuarts loosing about 2000 men to the Hanover's 200-300 after the battle many of the survivors were executed or transported to the colonies so Jamie had good reason to want to leave with the Doctor.

I don’t think they actually want to hurt anypony.

Of course not! Dead ponies don't feel hate. They can't be fed upon.

Damn it's a good thing Windigos don't exist on Earth. The Cold War would have been a nightmare...

That sort of my thought. The Windigo feed on strife but their don't cause it directly, they 'excrete' cold as a side effect. It was the way the ponies were treating each other which attracted the Windigo and caused the problems the ponies sort of mix up cause and effect.

Bah, everything being 'of Rassilon' is so last year now their all of 'the other' also refer to for the Doctors family.


The following is the Post of Rassilon.

(Those who know, know).

"The Five Doctors" was a wonderful episode. A trainwreck of bad writing, desperate acting, production staff infighting, emergency measures, and so very, very many memorable scenes. And there's a ponified fanfiction adaptation of it!


“I’m na chatting with a red coat,”

Hmm. Hang on, not familair with the 2nd Doctor all that much...

'Kay, yeah. Jamie was born in 1724, some years after the Act of Union. He may be Scottish, but by this point he's also British. The Scottish and English armies would have been integrated by this point - that is, both wore red coats as part of their army uniforms.

I think.


Ugh, need to learn more British history.

Given that the Doctor pretty much took him away right off the battlefield (I think... at least I know he left the Doctor returning right into battle), he was fighting them anyway. Maybe no one had told him he was on their side.

Oh my giddy aunt!

I know it's just a saying, but I'm honestly curious as to what the Doctor's parents and relations must have been like to produce, well...him. The Oncoming Storm.

He's an oddity even by Timelord standards, but one has to wonder how much is nature and how much is nurture. Then again, given that they forced their five year old children to stare into a sanity-threatening time vortex as a standard procedure, one also has to wonder how they maintained enough sanity to keep going for so long.

I don’t think they actually want to hurt anypony.

Of course not! Dead ponies don't feel hate. They can't be fed upon.

Are Windigos related to changelings now? I thought they just froze ponies for the heck of it.

Damn it's a good thing Windigos don't exist on Earth. The Cold War would have been a nightmare...

And terribly literal, too.

Although having the American and Soviet leaders get frozen in ice until the UN unites everyone in loving friendship may have been beneficial in the long run.

“Well, yes, but I have a few ideas about that.

He's totally going to bring back an Equestrian artifact and claim that it's the "____ of Rassilon," and use it to bribe his way back into their (temporary) good graces, isn't he? The Time Lords won't know, Rassilon named everything after himself, there could very well have been a Horseshoe of Rassilon.

Or just tell them about the ponies.

Doctor: They're colorful and can do magic.

Borusa: Very well, Doctor. You will have your freedom.

Castellan: Lord High President, that's really not...

Borusa: Ponies, damn you! Their adorableness must be ours!

Doctor: I may even find... the Pony of Rassilon?

Borusa: YES! I mean, yes, see that you do.

Tension, action and excitement. Perfect for a lazy Saturday.

¡Mudpony!  ¡Such tribalism!  ¡This place was probably a tropical paradise before Sergeant Ironside showed up and attracted the Windigos!

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