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    Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Of Season 4 Of Friendship Is Magic

    Since people have been asking, since I gave my thoughts on season 3, I'll give my thoughts on season 4.

    1&2. "Princess Twilight Sparkle"

    Okay, this episode has a lot. It gives us an origin for the Element of Harmony. It gives us a look at Luna's fall into madness and her sealing away. It shows the Princesses blasting Discord to stone. It shows that without Luna and Celly around, the day/night cycle simply STOPS. We also get a cameo by none other than Zecora herself, which is always a plus.

    It also has the mane six do the SMART THING and force Twilight to keep herself safe since losing ANOTHER Princess is the last thing Equestria needs. But then Discord tells her that she's somehow abandoning her friends in spite of them TELLING HER not to put herself in danger. And of course, the Law of protagonist-casualty-correctness means it turns out to be the right choice since they needed all six elements to cure the tree of harmony and save Equestria.

    Not to mention the Mane Six make a good argument on how the Elements were the only thing keep Discord in check.

    And . . . THEY GET RID OF THE ELEMENTS!!!!! I know that as writers, they can't have the 'aim and shoot, problem gone' magic dodads be the answer to every problem, but bloody seriously, this when you SEE the hand of the writer nudging things along, it is NOT good story telling!!!

    I did not feel sadness at 'Oh no, they have to give up their special status and special power to save the day', I felt indignation at 'the writer swept the elements under the rug.' I felt substance had been REMOVED from the story world.

    Thumbs DOWN


    3. "Castle Mane-ia"

    While it's INTELLIGENT and RATIONAL (and we don't want encouraging kids to do anything stupid), I felt AJ and RD turning out to be wearing beesuits underneath the mass of bees they were covered with IMHO ruined the funniness of it for me.

    I agree with other reviewers that the Star Spider were a poor red herring, and it would have been fun if more had been done with them.

    The ponies scaring each other left and right is a typical plot, but it's done well enough here. And we get a hint of what Luna and Celly were like back in the old days.

    And we get a hint of power truly powerful Twilight is once again when she's able to grab her friends all at once with her magic.

    And we get the Castle restoration subplot going (which sadly didn't go as many places as it should have).

    And we get a mysterious cloaked figure who doesn't return until the season finale.

    And the Pony Of Shadows it turns out was just a myth like the headless horse after all. (For the record, I think the headless horse CARRIES its head with it, and THAT is how it can see).

    The joke is, while EVERYONE ELSE seemed to already guess the figure was Pinkie Pie, me? I was SURE it was gonna turn out to be Zecora (who is a inhabitant of Everfree) or Luna (who, it being HER old castle, would have every reason to be there). It seems I'm the only one who didn't guess Pinkie Pie.

    And why didn't I? Because, I'm USED TO characters being given brush off excuses so they don't need to be there for the episode (like Spike being in Canterlot for 'Read It And Weep' so he can't play referee for the mares bickering and keep Twilight's craziness in check as he normally does).

    Thumbs UP


    4. "Daring Don't"

    Okay. The joke is? I didn't care that much for Daring Do on her own as a character before this episode. She was an Indiana Jones clone, nothing more, nothing less. She had nothing that made her unique beyond being a medium for readers of her stories in universe to feel like it's like to be an adventurer.

    Another reviewer turned her appearance in this episode into her being a Refuge from the Land of Fiction (a reference to the G1 world where a golden gate existed to the land of fictional beings). Which IMHO, killed the charm and personality that this episode GAVE to Daring Do.

    Because you see, I feel ironically that A.K. Yearling, is a MORE INTERESTING CHARACTER that Daring Do herself! The Clark Kent/Superman dynamic it adds to the character gives her depth and personality that she lacked before. And so many possibilities, and the question of how much she puts into her books, and how much she revises and embellishes, and how much she has to endure from her publishers and editors wanting to change things, not to mention fan suggestions.

    AND I LOVED Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle speaking geek to each other early on in the episode, it really showed some fun and personality (something else removed from said review, which was sad for me, since it was a golden moment for me).

    And of course, Rainbow Dash being a creepy fan girl for Daring Do. Yes, she's a hero herself, yes she looks up to the Wonderbolts, but she's just found out her FANTASY HERO IS REAL, this would throw her off her game since Daring Do wasn't real to her in the strict sense, she was able to completely idealize her, and now faces that ideal in the face.

    And Pinkie Pie painting the red line as they go along was so Pinkie Pie.

    And then Rainbow Dash gets an expy of herself staring in the next Daring Do book.

    I hope some day we get more exploration between the two personas of the legendary adventurer and the mysteries surrounding her ability to keep her fantastic life fictional.  And the contrasts that exist between the two personas, and what Yearling writes down, and what she actually does.

    Thumbs UP


    5. "Flight to the Finish"

    This . . . this episode. I was watching it at April 15th. 4:30 PM PST. I was in the middle of watching it. When . . . sigh.

    Harsh Whinny returns, always good to see reoccurring characters. We get more depth into the Equestrian Games.

    We have it learned double, (like in One Bad Apple) that Diamond Tiara's 'black flank' retoric is ONLY because Applebloom is a blank flank along with her friends, Diamond Tiara herself doesn't truly buy it.  And, of course, Diamond Tiara is flanderized more, as is mandatory for ANY of her appearances, to make her EVEN WORSE each appearance, which IMHO has taken her from being 'every bully' as she was as a one-shot baddie, to an outright PARODY at this point. Her total lack of depth and development is JARRING at this point. With one-shot baddies, this isn't noticeable, since they only appear in one episode, but having her appear multiple times, her lack of depth has made her stand up painfully in the show and not in a good way, she simply can no longer properly function in her designated role as 'every bully' since at this point, it's giving the message, 'the jackass who bullies you isn't a person, so it's perfectly fine if something bad happens to them, you don't need to feel empathy for them' which becomes a problem in life if you begin dividing people into 'good guys' and bad guys. Like I said, in one-shot villains, this isn't a problem, they're just robots programmed to act as an externalization of the hero's own moral problem, but the writer IMHO LOST their license to have Diamond Tiara remain a 1-D villain once she they decided to use her more than once.

    We also get a reminder that yes, the CMC ARE perfectly capable of being effective as a group, when they WIN the competition, and everypony approves of their performance. The problem them trying their hoof at EVERYTHING regardless if they want to do that with their lives or not.

    Also, IMHO, what a lot of people missed, was that they were JOKING about getting a cutie mark, and did it just to get a rise out of Rainbow Dash as some harmless razzing. This shows GROWTH on their part, as they are finally beginning to not see a 'cutie mark for its own sake' as the reason for having one.

    "Flying is what makes ME awesome! You're YOU!" Ironically shows a lot growth for RD's part.

    Though I will say, the idea of Scootaloo never being able to fly feels, well, cruel.

    I am not giving up my fanon of Scootaloo not being with her family yet. If her parents show up in the show like it's nothing, I'll be VERY disappointed. Since after four season it would be as awkward and jarring as Shining Armor being dropped on us without any foreshadowing. Scootaloo is not an adult, unlike Fluttershy. Scootaloo doesn't exist just an prop character for someone else, like Silver Spoon is to Diamond Tiara. She's not a one-shot character. She's not a background character. She's had episodes that focus on her exclusively. So there had better be a bloody good in story reason why her parents haven't been shown yet.

    Thumbs (due to the emotional happenstance that happened when I first watched this episode, I can't realistically give it an up or down, so it's abstained.)


    6. "Power Ponies"

    This episode was what it was supposed to be. Fun. Spike unwittingly buys a magical comic book that draws him and the others into the story. I have to agree with a troper who figured the entire comic was effectively glorified LARPing, and that the comic was an 'introduction module' since the Power Ponies in terms of abilities and numbers had the Maniac clearly out matched and the Maniac herself might been playing like a game's dungeon master, continuing to give the heroes a way to win.

    The lack of NPCs like by-standards and the like suggest again this was meant as an introduction module. Also, the fact the comic returns to the shop after one use, suggests it's meant as a RENTAL.

    Also we get a return to the castle restoration sub-plot.

    I wonder if Hum Drum will make an appearance in the MLP Special where the REAL Power Ponies make an appearance (sadly, the Masked Matter Horn is a unicorn, not a pegasus or Alicorn, rats), it might be fun if it turns out he's a baby dragon in the comics as well.

    Thumbs UP


    7. "Bats!"

    I do not like this episode.

    AJ is given the 'Disagree With Me' t-shirt, and as depicted as some half-crazed jerk who hates the bats for irrational or unreasonable reasons and is driven purely by prejudice and ignorance.

    Meanwhile, Fluttershy is given the 'Agree With Everything I Say' t-shirt, and is shown as the white saint who can not be wrong about anything, and that the bats ruining AJ's crops are poor and misunderstood and are right out of a Bambi movie.

    And of course, their solution of making the vampire fruit bats not interested in apples, of course backfires horribly because Fluttershy didn't agree with it, and therefore HAD TO backfire horribly.

    And AJ has to give up the prize Apple that she was so worried about from the beginning to save her friend who wouldn't be in trouble if they had gone along with everything Fluttershy had wanted in the first place.

    And of course, the vampire fruit bats, SOMEHOW know where to stay on the orchard. It reminds me of a joke I heard in Florida. That they had set up areas for the manatees to be and not be in the boating lines. And someone mentions how "Someone forgot to tell the Manatees."

    And the story completely ignore that for AJ, those trees aren't just trees, they're FAMILY to her, with NAMES, so of COURSE she's going to be protective of them, she doesn't CARE about profits right now from trees going faster, she cares about the trees being stripped bare by the Vampire fruit bats RIGHT NOW.

    And we never find out how Granny Smith dealt with the last plague of vampire fruit bats. Though I know if we did, it would have been something to make AJ eat her words, since the narrative can allow nothing that contradicts Fluttershy's point of view.

    Thumbs DOWN


    8. "Rarity Takes Manehattan"

    We get a good look at Rarity's attitude and her song. Ironically the trope page mentions how in real life that Rarity's generous attitude is the LAST THING you want to do in a big city, in particular in Manhattan, which, IMHO? I think I'm FINE with that. Why? Because it's a bloody reminder that this isn't real life, this is a FAIRY TALE, this is a FANTASY, this is My Little Pony, we aren't TRYING for human nature.

    Suri ironically is an interesting villain, and what I think a lot of viewers MISS is when she talks about ponies "learning" how Manehatten "works" implies she was much like Rarity when first arriving, but the cut throat attitude of the fashion industry MADE HER a sociopath and a thief. And a another thing a lot of viewers seem to miss is the implication that once upon a time, she and Rarity were once friends FOR REAL.

    The sad part is how after she's completed her preprogrammed function of giving Rarity her moral dilemma, and being the 'bad angel' to Coco, she vanishes into thin air. Leaving at least me with, the same "so what does she do with herself AFTER the crude hits the fan from her scheme being exposed" much like Trixie, I'm left wondering what happened to her after.  

    Maybe I'm just mental, (I wouldn't be surprised), but I never got why Rarity was IN THE WRONG for being upset at her friends for wanting to go see a musical over being there for Rarity for her big career moment they had just helped her so much with (and thus is the fruit of her own efforts as well).



    9. "Pinkie Apple Pie"

    This episode, SURPRISED ME. A LOT! The way Pinkie Pie is introduced to being part of AJ's family is handled well done and cleverly (which I wasn't expecting at all). And Pinkie Pie's "HEEEEEY COUSIN!" is handled beautifully!

    And we're given some actual depth to the Apple clan, as they try to be the perfect family for Pinkie Pie, but putting self-aware effort into something they're normally quite good at, screws it up.

    I love the reference to 'Ponylicious' meme. AND the Cuthulu like horrors that inhabit the Scariest Cave In Equestria that was a RIOT! :D :D :D

    Pinkie Pie teaching THEM a lesson about family. Which IMHO was clever since Pinkie's life style and that of the rest of her own family clashed, so she knows there's no such thing as a perfect family.

    Thumbs UP


    10. "Rainbow Falls"

    Derpy, beloved Derpy is given a role, and is a delight even if the ninja-death-lawyers prevent her from speaking or having her name said.

    Soarin' is given a bit of personality and some touching moments with Dash.

    And Fleetfoot is given some personality as well.

    RD AVOIDING the conflict of interests between her own team and the bolts is like her, since she doesn't like gray area conflicts (at least gray where her feelings are concerned).

    I actually don't think that much less of the Bolts cause of this, they're playing to win, simple as that.

    And it's nice to see the griffins make a return and are shown to be accepted as fellows rather than enemies. I know it would have ONLY distracted from things, but too bad Gilda didn't get a cameo through all this with the griffin team.

    Rarity's designs are weird, garish, and TOO out of character for her normal clever designs, sorry episode's art team, you didn't do a good job there, sorry. I get what the joke was supposed to be, but the joke would have worked better if Rarity had tried for something too formal for a sporting event rather than something that looks like one of her fashion disasters in 'Suited For Success.'



    11. "Three's a Crowd"

    We get a cameo from Flash Sentry, cool.

    We get some foreshadowing with the Breezies, which I'll admit I like.

    It's interesting Discord chooses to arrive just as Fluttershy leaves. And he infects AJ and Rarity, scares away Rainbow Dash, and lures away Pinkie Pie in spite of her being the only one who WANTS to spent time with him (Discord doesn't get friendship as much as he thinks he does).

    Twilight and Cadence finally get to spend some quality time together without them having to save the world. I wonder how Cadence feels about Twilight's new Alicornhood and Princesshood, too bad it's never given in detail.

    And we find out Cadence also has an interest in Starswirl.

    Discord gets a musical number.

    While we didn't exactly have time to cover it, it would have been interesting to see what happened with AJ and Rarity.

    And we get the giant sandworm, who even Discord didn't know what it was, suggesting how obscure and old the beast actually is. And the flower flower at the edge of Equestria was a nice touch.

    I think it reminds us that the world of MLP is NOT a 100% modern one! There ARE territories that are still big ??? marks, there is no giant mass transit, satellite mapping, no global instant communication, etc, there are HUGE 'UNKNOWNS' in this world that NO KINGDOM holds dominion over, and there are kingdom that are unknown to the map makers.

    And it's nice to see Discord get his comeuppance in the end. And it feels ironically natural and perfectly fitting. It's ironic it' the Element of Honesty that doesn't want to tell Discord his got what was coming to him. And it's the Element of Generosity who DOES.

    Thumbs UP


    12. "Pinkie Pride"


    I don't like this episode. At all. I do not like Cheese Sandwich. I get he is purely a cameo character. And I LIKE that they BOTHERED to add some foreshadowing with Maud Pie (showing that LEARNED from their mistakes with Shining Armor).

    But I'm unable to enjoy ANY of the songs in this episode.

    Pinkie Pie is shown in all ways to be simply INFERIOR to Cheese Sandwich. That she was his inspiration is supposed to make it all better.

    And the fact that whatever Pinkie Pie made for RD's birthday, CS was able to out do her (the banner being the big example).

    Thumbs DOWN

    13. "Simple Ways"

    Lost opportunity.

    Seriously, lost opportunity.

    There's just so much here!

    The other ponies politely bowing out when Rarity is chosen. The other ponies approving of Rarity wanting a high-class celebration for Ponyville's celebration. Ponyville, which has SHOWN time and again to be as about as OPPOSITE to high class as you can get and being a traditionalist town.

    I'm honestly curious WHY Rarity's theme was chosen!

    Trenderhoof . . . I don't GET why people say he's racist for ADMIRING the work ethic of Earth Pony, I must have MISSED something.

    The main plot, and the equation there of, is imbalanced.

    Trenderhoof falls for Applejack,  AJ wants to just avoid Trenderhoof and get on with her work, not seeming to get she's got a geek who's enamored with her.

    Rarity, having her eyes set on Trenderhoof, decides to mimic Applejack, but ends up doing so in a painfully stereotypical way. And here's the thing.

    RARITY is shown, very clearly by the narrative, and more importantly by the characters themselves, to be going by cliches and stereotypes, which gets AJ's dander up.

    But when AJ chooses to throw this back in Rarity's face, instead of taking this to a absurd extreme and throwing a cliche of Rarity's life style in Rarity's face to get Rarity to see how Applejack feels about what Rarity is doing, she comes across as a proper lady instead.

    Trenderhoof of course barges in, having come up with the same scheme as Rarity, wanting to completely change his lifestyle to impress Applejack, and is told completely reinventing yourself just for the WANTS of others is not a smart choice. This part is handled relative well compared to the rest.

    Thumbs DOWN


    14. "Filli Vanilli"

    Okay. Rarity's singing group comes out of thin air. And the two others singers are never given name or personality screen.

    Visit to Zecora, always a plus. Recall of poison joke, now used for a practical purpose, again cool.

    Poor Big Mac is denied again being given some decent speaking line, oh well. And loses his reign as Turkey Caller king.

    We get another hint that Applebloom was RIGHT and Big Mac and Cheerilee DID like each other after all, they had to develop it NATURALLY.

    The songs by Rarity's singing group are also fun. And that's FLUTTERSHY who keeps the acceptances coming.

    Noteworthy and Lyra are apparently friends.

    Fluttershy, while not over her fear of crowds, does take a few steps forward.

    But ironically, I THINK that Pinkie Pie was trying to help Fluttershy, but was going about it completely the wrong way, not realizing that her description WOULDN'T make Fluttershy laugh at how absurd her fears were, but instead would make her irrational fears sound plausible.

    This episode I liked.

    Thumbs UP


    15. "Twilight Time"

    The CMC don't talk about their cutie marks this episode, which IMHO shows they're reaching the point where they are no long reaching for their cutie marks for their own sake, but are now interesting in improving themselves and becoming more. And Twilight seems interested in politely nudging them into learning their special talents.

    That Twilight is now the 'in thing' for the foals of Ponyville is VERY FUN!

    Diamond Tiara, FOR ONCE is given a tiny bit of development and personality. First we are shown how she can work a crowd and given a good spin on nearly anything (including her elderly butler doing gymnastics for her).

    And that the CMC fall into the same trap, IMHO is good writing, as they're also made to see how position and status can corrupt.

    And, Pipsqeak makes a reappearance, which is fun. VERY fun.

    And the 'Twilight time!' foal horde was fun to see (not much for the CMC, but still).

    We see that Diamond Tiara is willing to quit teasing the CMC if it's to her advantage, again showing her 'hatred of blank flank' is bull.

    And we FINALLY get a tiny look into how Diamond Tiara's ticks:

    "You can base on how cool a party is on how many you can exclude from it."

    Which is ironic considering the hoard of foals at her cutie mark party.

    And SWEETIE BELLE learns to do magic! AT LAST!

    And we get a visit again to Applebloom's talent with potions hinted at before with Zecora.

    The way Diamond Tiara is willing to geek over Twilight Sparkle, when before being Celestia's apprentice and personal envoy was no big deal (but that's standard in this cartoon verse), but being a princess is something Diamond Tiara can SEE, and is drawn like a magic and a chance to get a hoof in the door and get in good with Equestria's newest princess. This is, ironically, the most NORMAL we've ever seen Diamond Tiara act!

    While there was no place to explore it and the episode, and it would have DISTRACTED from the main point of story if it HAD been used, but I honestly wonder of things between Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are.

    Scootaloo is a pegasus who can't fly. Sweetie Belle is NO LONGER a unicorn who can't use magic! I honestly imagine they felt a tiny bit of unconscious camaraderie for the two of them lacking the trait that is the trade mark of their particular pony Type, and now Sweetie CAN use magic while Scoots can no longer fly.

    I wish someone would do a fanfic about that already.

    Thumbs UP


    16. "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies"

    Well. Before this episode aired, I was expecting G3 bashing out the woozoo. With the Breezies being secretly evil or evil-lazy or super-jerks, who lure Fluttershy into "taking care of them" and then being forcefully made their slave and the heroes having to resue her.

    Instead we get a taste of how much it SUCKS for the little fairies, and WHY they live in their own pocket-world to begin with.

    Also, the distinctions between mares and stallions is VERY sublime.

    Seabreeze is first depicted as the standard-issue jerk, then it's revealed he had a BLOODY GOOD REASON for being a jerk and being so desperate to make it back home (he had a wife and child waiting).

    And Seabreeze and the bees manage to teach Fluttershy about her Element, and her teaching him, about when and where to use what KIND of kindness, WITHOUT there being a one-shot antagonist thrown into the mix, or having a another character being underhanded. This makes this by far my FAVORITE EPISODE OF THE ENTIRE SEASON!

    The transformations into breezies was fun too, too bad RD didn't get to be a griffin, that would have made a cool plot of RD deciding to visit the griffin tribes for a day to get a look at them, and maybe sublimely patch things up with Gilda. Too bad the writers didn't follow this up in a later episode.


    Thumbs UP


    17. "Somepony to Watch Over Me"

    Applebloom is trusted at home.

    I still see the bow and AJ WEAR as being special even if they have a million to spare.

    AJ comes in on Applebloom at the worst possible time.

    AJ suffers temporarily craziness wanting to baby proof EVERYTHING for Applebloom (and ends up Babyproofing 'Bloom's escape route, IMHO showing just how out of it AJ was).

    Sadly the route with the chimera complaining about its sisters didn't go anywhere.

    'Bloom didn't learn her lesson, even as AJ learn HER lesson!

    I LOVED that Applebloom's song got interrupted as 'not enough time' and that AJ did off screen teleportation for one scene, (implying she was going nuts, and possibly tapping into her Pinkie pie genes).

    And AJ it's shown by the time Bloom did her crazy stunt, was already calming down from her temporarily insanity.

    Aside from the lesson being a little one sided, I love this episode.

    Thumbs UP


    18. "Maud Pie"

    Okay. Since THIS new big sibling was actually fore shadowed some, she get a pass for being invented for this episode.

    Also, the sheer contrast between her and Pinkie is indeed fun.

    Though Boulder DID CHEAT for the game of hide and seek.

    We also get another hint as how powerful an Earth Pony can be when they WORK at it. The show's creator went on the record as saying Earth Ponies weren't the 'have nots' of Equestria, so them being glorified intelligent horses doesn't make sense to me.

    And for those curious, Maud WILL be making an introduction in the Pony POV Series before I retire.

    Thumbs UP


    19. "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils"

    This was a good episode. And a contrast to when it was RARITY who learned the lesson, now it's Sweetie Belle's turn.

    Her reactions, reasoning, etc, are all those OF A CHILD! A reminder that she IS A CHILD!

    And Rarity appearing as an evil vicious storm cloud in her dreams is because THAT IS HOW SWEETIE BELLE IS SEEING HER AT THE TIME!

    And Princess Luna is the one who choses to snip this attitude in the bud, knowing exactly where it leads. Even if at first Sweetie think she appreciate Sweetie's bad feelings towards Rarity, Luna appreciates where those feelings LEAD!

    The Nightmare Sequence was everything it was supposed to be, helpless and frightening.

    And a return of Sapphire Shores is great too. Returning characters always is.

    Princess Luna is sublime, not but Sweetie realize her hand in keep this disaster from happening that she showed Sweetie Belle.

    She could have done so herself, but at the same time knows that would have treated the symptoms, not the disease. Is Princess Luna somewhat ruthless in her lesson in Sweetie Belle? Perhaps, but she needed to be.

    Also, what I'm surprised is that few mention how SIMILAR Sweetie Belle's expressions are to DIAMOND TIARA'S when she's getting her revenge on Rarity.

    And Luna present Sweetie Belle with the other side of the picture.

    And at the end, Sweetie Belle admits the play wasn't that good, and Rarity's costumes were the best part.

    Thumbs UP


    20. "Leap of Faith"

    Flim and Flam are giving an upgrade from selling a legitimate product and trying to goad the Apples out of their farm, to selling a completely fake product.

    I'm honestly not sure about the lie AJ is convinced BY A PAIR OF CON-STALLIONS is better to stick to rather than revealing the painful truth.

    And AJ has the decision for keeping the wool over Granny Smith's eyes or not made FOR HER when she has to save Granny Smith's life. That is not good. AJ didn't MAKE a choice based on lies or truth, she made a choice on saving her grandmother or letting her die, that IS NOT A CHOICE AT ALL!

    But didn't Granny Smith have a bad hip? When did it get fixed? Otherwise how was confidence enough to let her perform her swimming routine with Applebloom?


    Flim and Flam take their money and RUN once the jig is up. They'll never able to make a deal in Ponyville again, and this time, with it being an out and out scam, they won't be doing any business where the large, wide spread, and close nit Apple family is.

    Thumbs Down (sorry)


    21. "Testing Testing 1, 2, 3"

    This episode is weird.

    Firefly, who Rainbow Dash was SUPPOSED TO BE, but due to copyright issues wasn't able to be part, appears, at least in mention. That was fun!

    We also get some history on Equestria.

    The addition of the Pony helicopter is interesting, that they refer to it as "that" implies it hasn't been around for very long, or gotten that far of use, at all.

    At least Filthy Rich make a tiny cameo.

    On the bright side, Rainbow Dash is now a part of the Wonderbolt Reserves.

    Thumbs UP


    22. "Trade Ya!"

    This episode is much to do about nothing. That is the best way to sum it up. Nothing new is covered here that hasn't been done before.

    Rarity and AJ's friendship.

    RD and Shy's friendship.

    Pinkie Pie's weirdness.

    All in all, this episode just treads over old grounds. And is like a fanfiction by a new writer.

    The trading sequence is weird.

    It is not bad, nor good. It simply IS!

    It adds nothing, and subtracts nothing from the Ponyverse.

    Thumbs --- No up or down here.


    23. "Inspiration Manifestation"

    The joke is, I LIKED most of this episode. Rarity's sense of style going out of control. Spike's good intentions backfiring. Rarity deciding to 'improve' Ponyville. Oh, and since nothing else showed that Rarity now had teleport magic, I am going with the idea that mexican music band ponies were turned into CLONES of Octavia and her friends, not switched places with them, since that would mean sending the other band to Canterlot, which IMHO makes no sense given Rarity's tastes.

    Rarity's vision growing bigger and bigger, along with her mania. Until Spike finally has to reveal the truth.

    And then, sigh . . . protagionist/antagionist double standards kick in.

    Trixie, who also was under the influence of an ancient artifact, due to be part of the antagonist club at the time, is able to remember all her actions while the Alicorn Amulet was using her, even when she tells Twilight she is ashamed and dismayed by her actions while under its influence.

    But Rarity, due to being a protagonist, can't be caught doing something that bad, even if she also had he excuse of being under the effects of ancient artifact, and unlike Trixie, had the bigger excuse of not making a power grab with an item whose danger she was ignorant of. So nope. She doesn't remember a thing. Even thought Spike then explains it all to her ANYWAY. WASTING SCREEN TIME!!!!

    And Twilight reveals she and princess just spent a ton of time reversing all of Rarity's changes because it was ALL DARK MAGIC . . . so why don't the ponies DESTROY any of these fancy evil items at first? If it CAN'T be used for good? When all they need to do is feed it to a dragon.

    Thumbs DOWN


    24. "Equestria Games"

    Positive: We learn Spike is worship as a hero in the Crystal Empire. Cool. When Twilight saves Spike's rear, she DOES NOT engage in a endless string of lies that will end with Spike in even GREATER danger and THEN revealing the truth after countless build up. Again cool. Spike gets to be the hero again for the Games. Cool.

    Negative: Crystal Empire is racist against unicorns, (likely due to being enslaved by one). They bother with sealing away the magic of unicorns who attend to watch (basically putting them in a STRAIGHT JACKET), but don't even TRY anything similar with Earth Ponies and Pegasi. Boo.   I know it was justification for Spike being the only one present could save the day. But it left a bad taste in my mouth, TOO BAD a taste in mouth, sorry.

    I also agree with a friend of mine, that this would have been good as 'another side' story for Spike like in the pet subplot in season 3, and it would have been fun to see more of the games themselves.

    Thumbs DOWN for that one.


    25&26.  "Twilight's Kingdom"


    Tirek, THE TIREK, the first and greatest of all My Little Pony villains has returned to Equestria.

    And we get a little bit of history with Scorpan, establishing that it's not 'always chaotic evil' here, with Tirek's kind. A nice touch. Since I feel that the changelings being 'all chaotic evil' doesn't fit with the MLP verse at all.

    Tirek charms Discord, saying his friendship with Fluttershy is a prison.

    But instead of Discord realizing he's done a horrible thing and turning on Tirek (even if his rebellion would turn up shallow due to too little too late), instead of Tirek does a mandatory obligatory arbitrary betrayal of Discord to snap him out of it and make him realizing what a jackass he's always been to others, and CARE that he's been such a jackass.

    I'll admit at the end of the first episode, where Celestia said they had to give up their Alicorn magic. I was tick off enough the star themselves trembled at my fury. Seriously, I was VERY ANGRY INDEED! I'm basically sick of the 'let's knock-off, depower, dispose of, dismiss, throw out, etc, render null, high power super natural being' that every fantasy world story that runs long enough and that RPG that run long enough always fall into (see the trend with FF games to see what I mean).

    It's the final removal of substance, done as a 'now we mortal get to make our own fate without those pesky gods getting in our way.'

    I almost didn't watch the second episode, and almost done with MLP: FiM FOREVER with that one. I'd have never watched the series again. Period. Poof. End.

    But after I'm assured it's not the case, I watched the next episode.

    But then it's revealed that power like theirs, CAN'T simply dissolve into nothing, nor be neatly and cleanly disturbed among the masses equally, or locked in a chest and thrown in an ocean.

    It has to be given to another Alicorn.

    And Twilight has to raise and lower the moon on her own.

    Yeah, warning her friends about Discord would have been an intelligent move, but sadly, having the power of three more Alicorns I think was addling her thinking.

    We get an EPIC FIGHT with Tirek, and the Golden Oaks Library is destroyed, goodbye bees, they're dead now. And most of the books Twilight had is destroyed, sorry fan comics. At least Owloucious is safe.

    And Twilight does the single most stupid thing he can, and to save HER friends, she gives up all the Alicorn magic to Tirek, dooming EVERY ELSE'S FRIENDS!!!

    Of course, this being a little girl's cartoon, and right now we're busying teaching kids about making the 'right' decisions over the 'correct' decision so we don't encourage sociopathic thinking, (we'll get to teaching the gray areas of the world later after we teaching them the right and the wrong first), this turns out to be the right move as the item Tirek called worthless and gave to Discord, and Discord gives to Twilight in REAL friendship, turns out to be the last key, and they girls are sucked into the box, and are turned into living Elements of Harmony. And Twilight gains a crystal castle on the spot where her library used to be. And all of the girls get thrones, and so does Spike.

    Thumbs UP


    Total Thumbs Up: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (14)

    Total Thumbs Neutral:  xxxx (3)

    Total Thumbs Down: xxxxxxxx (8)

    Final Thumbs: THUMBS UP

    14 comments · 331 views
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Set between season 5 and season 6 (and at the same time between 6 and 7!) of the Pony POV Series. Learn the truth of the connection between all of the generations of the My Little Pony cartoon.  Twilight is struggling with what she's learned of the past, and what Pinkie Pie remembers but she doesn't, Princess Luna then arrives with a journal eons old once held by Bonbon's ancient ancestor, that has had MANY additions made to it over the centuries. What is contains within it is seven stories of seven ponies who witnessed the world change for better and worse, and all found the courage to face tomorrow. And Twilight and Pinkie discover shocking and amazing connections among ponies they know they'd never even dreamed of!

Crossover with G1, My Little Pony Tales, G3, and G4.

Cover art by Wolfram and Hart http://wolfram-and-hart.deviantart.com/art/For-alexwarlorn-Pony-POV-Cover-Art-363383902

Check out the recruiting for the audio adaption! This is independent of the audio adaption of the main series and REALLY needs your contribution. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmqhaytFQKs

Recursive works and official fanworks for the Pony POV Series for 2012 found here.


Recursive works and official fanworks for the Pony POV Series for 2013 found here. http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/art/MLP-FiM-PonyPOVSeriesFanworks-audio-adaption-2013-349281264

Tropes page found here. The character and recap pages GREATLY appreciate your contribution!  http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/PonyPOVSeries

Fan labor page for season 0, here.

Fan labor page for season 1, here

First Published
4th Apr 2013
Last Modified
20th Jul 2013

Bon Bon: 1st Pony entry

Dream/Lost Age: Sweet Berry: Erased when The Lost Age came to an end.

Nightmare: Lived a tough life hoping that the tribes would come back together.

Connections/Relationships to Mane Cast(Element Wielders/Princesses): None

It's great to finally see this one here.


THough her journal is what kick-starts this whole thing. And she is related to Ponyville's Bonbon.


I only hope my regular readers here NOTICE it.


Yeah, they stopped making it a notification when Followed authors post a new story.

Which is stupid, really, but what can you do? :facehoof:

I shall read this and I shall LOVE this because I grew up with g3 and my sister with g2 so we share a love of past gens.:pinkiehappy::heart::pinkiehappy:


This should be cool! And thank you.

Patch: 2nd Pony entry

Dream/Lost Age: Skywishes: Survived the end of the The Lost Age. Was one of the ponies who fought Strife on Butterfly Island.

Nightmare: Spent her life recovering the pieces of the Rainbow of Light. Died after collecting all seven and making it back to Paradise Estates.

Connections/Relationships to Mane Cast(Element Wielders/Princesses): Skywishes was a friend of Star Catcher/Celestia and Patch was a friend with/traveled with Brightglow/Cadence during the journey to collect the Rainbow of Light.

>>2377892 Let us continue the debate that Guy, Domon, and I started in Season Six here.

>>2374500 >>2375342 Actually, we are still notified via the Feed button, which is between the PM and notification buttons.  It lights up whenever an author you're watching posts a new story or blog post.


How about no. We don't need that spanning where it's not relevant.


Yes, but a notification is more likely to be read since the Feed updates even for things you don't care about.

Image by Mn27 http://mn27.deviantart.com/art/Starlight-FiM-252627472

Music suggestion By Kendell2

Starlight sees the devastation:  Future Goku's Death Theme - History of Trunks.

Introduction of the Defense: Objection Theme -Ace Attorney

Introduction of the Prosecutor: Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney theme.

Starlight Accepting Forgiveness: This Broken Soul - The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night.

The reveal of the Defense's Identitiy: BGM Discord Appears- My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

Starlight Waiting For Her Friends: Don't Ever Forget - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/The Sky.


AN INDEPENDENT audio adaption is being made for the 7 Dreams/Nightmare Gaiden Pony POV Series! You heard right! Please click the link below to the journal page! These guys don't have all the resources Louis has, SO PLEASE!!!! ANY HELP! Be it original music, art, or voices, WILL ALL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!


Starlight: 3rd Pony entry

Dream/Lost Age: Star Maker: Died of old age caused by giving birth to Star Catcher.

Nightmare: Died immediately after the spell failed, went on trial for her soul and passed the test.

Connections/Relationships to Mane Cast(Element Wielders/Princesses): Star Make was the mother of Star Catcher/Celestia.

"I really really really really really really really really REALLY HOPE it doesn't take as long to get the next one written, I mean for us to read it. This side saga hasn't even been posted on fimfiction.net yet! We've got four more entries to go! This better get done before the new story arc, er, before anything major happens. I better get some more snacks!"

Hahahahahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

Yep, that's Pinkie.




Yes. That's her. And there are two parts not yet written for this side story, and the final of dark world is NOT Being posted until this is complete.


Yes. That's her. And there are two parts not yet written for this side story, and the final of dark world is NOT Being posted until this is complete.


Thank you for commenting on these.

image by Chiuuchiuu. http://chiuuchiuu.deviantart.com/art/Sweetheart-311638234

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF RECURSIVE WORKS! FANART! FANFICS! FAN MUSIC! http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/art/MLP-FiM-PonyPOVSeriesFanworks-audio-adaption-2013-349281264

The writers who volunteered for writing the remaining stories are suffering under pressure and could really use some help! So if you can help take some of the burden off them, please do so! http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/journal/Pony-POV-Series-Looking-for-volunteer-writers-323051437

Pony POV Series Side-Story: Seven Dreams Nightmares

THIS IS A DIFFERENT audio adaption from Louis's! So PLEASE!!!! These guys NEED your help to bring this dream to life!!!

Audio Adaption Journal Entry: http://mlp-pony-pov-series.deviantart.com/art/Pony-POV-Series-7-Dreams-Nightmares-Audio-Adaption-352538502

Audio Adaption youtube link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmqhaytFQKs

Audio Adaption voice archive. https://soundcloud.com/knowyourmareinc

Sweetheart: 4th Pony entry

Dream/Lost Age: G3 Applejack: Merged with the Shadow of Paradise Estate's Applejack to become Applejack.

Nightmare: Lived as a doctor who gave aid to all, became known as The White Saint of Meadowsweet Farm for it.

Connections/Relationships to Mane Cast(Element Wielders/Princesses): G3 Applejack became Applejack.


She's also the direct ancestor of Nurse Red Heart.


Isn't there a Nurse Sweetheart too? How are we gonna work that one in? :duck:


In this fanon there's Nurse Tenderheart (Red Heart's sister and the other nurse seen in Applebuck Season), and Nurse Battle Axe (the nurse seen in Read It And Weep).

Comment posted by Mugen Kagemaru deleted at 8:31pm on the 15th of April, 2013

How dare ya copy mah name >:(

How dare you >:(



Starlight was the name of the protagonist in the cartoon.


Comment posted by knowyourmareinc deleted at 8:10pm on the 17th of April, 2013

Pony POV Series Side-Story: Seven Dreams Nightmares

THIS IS A DIFFERENT audio adaption from Louis's! So PLEASE!!!! These guys NEED your help to bring this dream to life!!!

Audio Adaption Journal Entry: http://mlp-pony-pov-series.deviantart.com/art/Pony-POV-Series-7-Dreams-Nightmares-Audio-Adaption-352538502

Audio Adaption youtube link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmqhaytFQKs

Audio Adaption voice archive. https://soundcloud.com/knowyourmareinc

this is much appreciated! this is a a very big project and i am dedicated to making it the best i can but only through help and support of you and others can this dream become a reality! i am slowly but surely making progress i wish syntactics would produce the art work at a better pace. oddly enough starlight's trial despite being the third story is the one closest to completion audio wise. fate be cruel!

Who else caught the three grimdark references in the Derpy interlude?:derpytongue2:


There were actually four. :-)

Ha! I just got it. Anarchy's the spirit of rebellion and freedom. No wonder he'd never really understand the alicorns. They willingly submit to the authority of their parents, but still have some freedoms as job perks. Freedom in obedience. As a lazy, apathetic and somewhat unmotivated spirit who believes in a classless society, he'll never quite understand the alicorns in general because their order and law is the antithesis of what he is on the surface.

Perhaps this was before anarchy started his projects to have a class free society? Before he started to mature and understand alicorns a bit more?

>>2446239 Realy? I caught Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory and Cheeriles Garden. Whats the forth?  

Melody: 5th Pony entry

Dream/Lost Age: Princess Rarity: One of the Seven Butterfly Island Survivors, Light went into Pinkie Pie, Shadow became Rarity

Nightmare: Lived a mostly quiet hermit life being unable to speak

Connections/Relationships to Mane Cast(Element Wielders/Princesses):  Princess Rarity became Rarity, Ancestor of Rarity


Thanks for the details.

Lets me know people are reading this side story.

The next one is gonna be BIIIIIG.

Comment posted by Mugen Kagemaru deleted at 2:29pm on the 12th of May, 2013


I'm reading it. Don't worry. This entire section of the MLP Multiverse is interesting to me.

I finally got around to reading this. And I'll be honest, in the events that transpired around me reading this entire series my only regret is not reading them sooner. This side season is excellent, and during Patch's story and her encounter with Basil something said struck me. When Patch said that ponies in herds could accomplish the impossible (and I know you and everyone else have heard this a billion times before) I thought about this series. It may not be the most popular but this is without a doubt one of the greatest mythos I've seen in my life and with just one person, it wouldn't be possible. Background characters fleshed out and sympathised with, a lore that encompasses every aspect the entire franchise has and memorable storylines. So as I've read pretty much everything the main series has at this point, Congrats to everyone who has shaped this beautiful work into fruition.


WOW! THANK YOU! SO MUCH!!! It's nice to see this side season is honestly and truly LOVED by someone! And yes, I did kinda decide to find a way to incorporate all four versions of the cartoon.

*hugs* You have my great thanks for your comment! Thank you so much! Do you have a deviantart account? There's a non-canon show hosted by Pinkie Pie that readers add to that's just for fun.

Have you checked out all the recursive works listed on the tropes pages? http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/PonyPOVSeries?from=Main.PonyPOVSeries   And the vast majority of them have my seal of approval as optional canon.


So Far...

Bright Eyes: 6th Pony entry

Dream/Lost Age: Zipzee: ???

To Be Continued

"The memories I have of the original Ponyville are as dear to me as the memories I have of you and everypony else in the new Ponyville..."

That awkward moment when, after spending so much time thinking G3!Ponyville was the original, you discover that the town in My Little Pony Tales was called Ponyville.

:pinkiegasp: :rainbowderp: :applejackunsure: :twilightoops: :raritydespair: :fluttershbad:

Yeah, I remember that feeling.

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