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Set between season 5 and season 6 (and at the same time between 6 and 7!) of the Pony POV Series. Learn the truth of the connection between all of the generations of the My Little Pony cartoon.  Twilight is struggling with what she's learned of the past, and what Pinkie Pie remembers but she doesn't, Princess Luna then arrives with a journal eons old once held by Bonbon's ancient ancestor, that has had MANY additions made to it over the centuries. What is contains within it is seven stories of seven ponies who witnessed the world change for better and worse, and all found the courage to face tomorrow. And Twilight and Pinkie discover shocking and amazing connections among ponies they know they'd never even dreamed of!

Crossover with G1, My Little Pony Tales, G3, and G4.

Cover art by Wolfram and Hart

Check out the recruiting for the audio adaption! This is independent of the audio adaption of the main series and REALLY needs your contribution.

Recursive works and official fanworks for the Pony POV Series for 2012 found here.

Recursive works and official fanworks for the Pony POV Series for 2013 found here.

Tropes page found here. The character and recap pages GREATLY appreciate your contribution!

Fan labor page for season 0, here.

Fan labor page for season 1, here

First Published
4th Apr 2013
Last Modified
20th Jul 2013

Bon Bon: 1st Pony entry

Dream/Lost Age: Sweet Berry: Erased when The Lost Age came to an end.

Nightmare: Lived a tough life hoping that the tribes would come back together.

Connections/Relationships to Mane Cast(Element Wielders/Princesses): None

It's great to finally see this one here.


THough her journal is what kick-starts this whole thing. And she is related to Ponyville's Bonbon.


I only hope my regular readers here NOTICE it.


Yeah, they stopped making it a notification when Followed authors post a new story.

Which is stupid, really, but what can you do? :facehoof:

I shall read this and I shall LOVE this because I grew up with g3 and my sister with g2 so we share a love of past gens.:pinkiehappy::heart::pinkiehappy:

Patch: 2nd Pony entry

Dream/Lost Age: Skywishes: Survived the end of the The Lost Age. Was one of the ponies who fought Strife on Butterfly Island.

Nightmare: Spent her life recovering the pieces of the Rainbow of Light. Died after collecting all seven and making it back to Paradise Estates.

Connections/Relationships to Mane Cast(Element Wielders/Princesses): Skywishes was a friend of Star Catcher/Celestia and Patch was a friend with/traveled with Brightglow/Cadence during the journey to collect the Rainbow of Light.

>>2377892 Let us continue the debate that Guy, Domon, and I started in Season Six here.

>>2374500 >>2375342 Actually, we are still notified via the Feed button, which is between the PM and notification buttons.  It lights up whenever an author you're watching posts a new story or blog post.


How about no. We don't need that spanning where it's not relevant.


Yes, but a notification is more likely to be read since the Feed updates even for things you don't care about.

Image by Mn27

Music suggestion By Kendell2

Starlight sees the devastation:  Future Goku's Death Theme - History of Trunks.

Introduction of the Defense: Objection Theme -Ace Attorney

Introduction of the Prosecutor: Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney theme.

Starlight Accepting Forgiveness: This Broken Soul - The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night.

The reveal of the Defense's Identitiy: BGM Discord Appears- My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

Starlight Waiting For Her Friends: Don't Ever Forget - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/The Sky.


AN INDEPENDENT audio adaption is being made for the 7 Dreams/Nightmare Gaiden Pony POV Series! You heard right! Please click the link below to the journal page! These guys don't have all the resources Louis has, SO PLEASE!!!! ANY HELP! Be it original music, art, or voices, WILL ALL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Starlight: 3rd Pony entry

Dream/Lost Age: Star Maker: Died of old age caused by giving birth to Star Catcher.

Nightmare: Died immediately after the spell failed, went on trial for her soul and passed the test.

Connections/Relationships to Mane Cast(Element Wielders/Princesses): Star Make was the mother of Star Catcher/Celestia.

"I really really really really really really really really REALLY HOPE it doesn't take as long to get the next one written, I mean for us to read it. This side saga hasn't even been posted on yet! We've got four more entries to go! This better get done before the new story arc, er, before anything major happens. I better get some more snacks!"

Hahahahahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

Yep, that's Pinkie.




Yes. That's her. And there are two parts not yet written for this side story, and the final of dark world is NOT Being posted until this is complete.


Yes. That's her. And there are two parts not yet written for this side story, and the final of dark world is NOT Being posted until this is complete.

image by Chiuuchiuu.


The writers who volunteered for writing the remaining stories are suffering under pressure and could really use some help! So if you can help take some of the burden off them, please do so!

Pony POV Series Side-Story: Seven Dreams Nightmares

THIS IS A DIFFERENT audio adaption from Louis's! So PLEASE!!!! These guys NEED your help to bring this dream to life!!!

Audio Adaption Journal Entry:

Audio Adaption youtube link.

Audio Adaption voice archive.

Sweetheart: 4th Pony entry

Dream/Lost Age: G3 Applejack: Merged with the Shadow of Paradise Estate's Applejack to become Applejack.

Nightmare: Lived as a doctor who gave aid to all, became known as The White Saint of Meadowsweet Farm for it.

Connections/Relationships to Mane Cast(Element Wielders/Princesses): G3 Applejack became Applejack.


She's also the direct ancestor of Nurse Red Heart.


Isn't there a Nurse Sweetheart too? How are we gonna work that one in? :duck:


In this fanon there's Nurse Tenderheart (Red Heart's sister and the other nurse seen in Applebuck Season), and Nurse Battle Axe (the nurse seen in Read It And Weep).

Comment posted by Mugen Kagemaru deleted at 8:31pm on the 15th of April, 2013

How dare ya copy mah name >:(



Starlight was the name of the protagonist in the cartoon.


Comment posted by knowyourmareinc deleted at 8:10pm on the 17th of April, 2013

Pony POV Series Side-Story: Seven Dreams Nightmares

THIS IS A DIFFERENT audio adaption from Louis's! So PLEASE!!!! These guys NEED your help to bring this dream to life!!!

Audio Adaption Journal Entry:

Audio Adaption youtube link.

Audio Adaption voice archive.

this is much appreciated! this is a a very big project and i am dedicated to making it the best i can but only through help and support of you and others can this dream become a reality! i am slowly but surely making progress i wish syntactics would produce the art work at a better pace. oddly enough starlight's trial despite being the third story is the one closest to completion audio wise. fate be cruel!

Who else caught the three grimdark references in the Derpy interlude?:derpytongue2:

Ha! I just got it. Anarchy's the spirit of rebellion and freedom. No wonder he'd never really understand the alicorns. They willingly submit to the authority of their parents, but still have some freedoms as job perks. Freedom in obedience. As a lazy, apathetic and somewhat unmotivated spirit who believes in a classless society, he'll never quite understand the alicorns in general because their order and law is the antithesis of what he is on the surface.

Perhaps this was before anarchy started his projects to have a class free society? Before he started to mature and understand alicorns a bit more?

>>2446239 Realy? I caught Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory and Cheeriles Garden. Whats the forth?  

Melody: 5th Pony entry

Dream/Lost Age: Princess Rarity: One of the Seven Butterfly Island Survivors, Light went into Pinkie Pie, Shadow became Rarity

Nightmare: Lived a mostly quiet hermit life being unable to speak

Connections/Relationships to Mane Cast(Element Wielders/Princesses):  Princess Rarity became Rarity, Ancestor of Rarity


Thanks for the details.

Lets me know people are reading this side story.

The next one is gonna be BIIIIIG.

Comment posted by Mugen Kagemaru deleted at 2:29pm on the 12th of May, 2013


I'm reading it. Don't worry. This entire section of the MLP Multiverse is interesting to me.

I finally got around to reading this. And I'll be honest, in the events that transpired around me reading this entire series my only regret is not reading them sooner. This side season is excellent, and during Patch's story and her encounter with Basil something said struck me. When Patch said that ponies in herds could accomplish the impossible (and I know you and everyone else have heard this a billion times before) I thought about this series. It may not be the most popular but this is without a doubt one of the greatest mythos I've seen in my life and with just one person, it wouldn't be possible. Background characters fleshed out and sympathised with, a lore that encompasses every aspect the entire franchise has and memorable storylines. So as I've read pretty much everything the main series has at this point, Congrats to everyone who has shaped this beautiful work into fruition.


WOW! THANK YOU! SO MUCH!!! It's nice to see this side season is honestly and truly LOVED by someone! And yes, I did kinda decide to find a way to incorporate all four versions of the cartoon.

*hugs* You have my great thanks for your comment! Thank you so much! Do you have a deviantart account? There's a non-canon show hosted by Pinkie Pie that readers add to that's just for fun.

Have you checked out all the recursive works listed on the tropes pages?   And the vast majority of them have my seal of approval as optional canon.


So Far...

Bright Eyes: 6th Pony entry

Dream/Lost Age: Zipzee: ???

To Be Continued

"The memories I have of the original Ponyville are as dear to me as the memories I have of you and everypony else in the new Ponyville..."

That awkward moment when, after spending so much time thinking G3!Ponyville was the original, you discover that the town in My Little Pony Tales was called Ponyville.

:pinkiegasp: :rainbowderp: :applejackunsure: :twilightoops: :raritydespair: :fluttershbad:

Yeah, I remember that feeling.

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