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  • 2w, 2d
    I Was In A Panel At Bronycon

    I participated in the Worlds Beyond: Crossovers in Fanfiction panel and it was finally posted to Youtube. It's below, or you can use the link here.

    I'm the dude on the left, the one in the hat with the deadpan voice.

    4 comments · 47 views
  • 2w, 6d
    New Button Mash Fic

    While it may not be the one that I've been working on for a year, I have released a fic to go with the silly Button -ash fics that Obs suggested a while back. It is late, and while it probably won't get as much views as SKIRTS, I had fun writing it in one night.

    I am probably gonna write during NaNo, maybe try to hit that 50k. With a job and other stuff going on though, no promises. Maybe we'll see some old fics come back, or new fics come to light. Who knows.

    Tagged The Sticky Showdown cause I think those who read that story will like this new one. It will appear once it's approved!

    1 comments · 28 views
  • 5w, 4d
    Apples To The Core is up!

    And the story is up and running! Those of you who enjoyed Dash's New Mom would probably get a kick out of this. Im off to work. Enjoy and any constructice criticism or comment will be read on my break. Have a good day <3

    Edit: link is right here:

    1 comments · 145 views
  • 5w, 4d
    New Sadfic Story Releasing Today

    Thank you everyone for promoting the success of The Sticky Showdown. It was in the featured box for 5 whole days, and that's an impressive length of time. Around the same time that I wrote Sticky Showdown, I also wrote another fic. It's called Apples to the Core, and it's about the "Pinkie Apple Pie" episode, or at least, what could happen after it if both Pinkie and Applejack were still dating. I'm linking Sticky Showdown because it's still a shipping story, in a sense. The first chapter won't feel like it, but the second and possibly third chapter will.

    It is a sadfic, but I have a happy ending planned. Thank you to anyone who bothers to read it. Your responses are what keeps me writing. What a surprise, writers who write remotely good sadfics need acceptance. WHO KNEW.

    No but srsly I love you all.

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  • 6w, 2d
    New Story Submitted

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Trixie vs Lightning Dust

If they agreed to it, yeah, consensual.

I lobby for Braeburn.

Fluttershy Vs. DJ Pon-3

Rainbow v Fluttershy

Luna v. Anyone

Octavia v. Scratch

rainbow vs pink

“You aren’t going to lose to me... Applejack,”

:ajsmug: Sweet!

You may want to check that again. Rarity is basically saying, "Applejack, you win."

Luna vs Molestia :trollestia:

Well that was fast. Nicely done, Vicodin :twilightsmile:

Nightmare moon vs celestia with futa dicks




Okay, I'd kill to see Zecora vs. Fancy Pants.

Or Fleur against Chrysalis.


:twistnerd: VS :twistnerd:

Twilight Sparkle VS Rainbow Dash

Comment posted by Niklashg deleted at 1:30am on the 9th of April, 2013

How about the Cake Twins vs. Big Mac and Apple Bloom

Probably going to get raged at for this...

Harmony Vs. Discord

As a die hard fan of The End of Ponies, I can say that I regret absolutely nothing

about making this post.

For all those who feel the need to hate.... At least you have something to vent your frustration on.

And for those who wonder why I would pick Discord... Well... Harmony Vs. Any member of the mane six would be terribly awkward. However, I think Pinkie would still be good choice.

I just watched a EPRBoE and it gave me this idea: Twilight Sparkle vs The Great and Powerful Trixie!

That or Chrysalis tag teaming with Celestia vs Luna and Cadence.

gilda v.s fluttershy



*escapes through window*

CMC VS Diamond Taira and Silver Spoon in a handicap match.

Discord Vs Eris (Femal discord)

Twilight Vs Celestia

Luna Vs Pip

Twilight Vs Trixie

Pinkie Vs Fluttershy

Twilight Vs Big mac

Celestia Vs Luna

Rainbow dash Vs Pinkamena diane pie

Rarity Vs Spike

Chrysalis Vs Cadence

Chrysalis Vs Shining Armor

Cadence Vs Shining Armor

Twi's parents against each other

Changeling Vs Twilight

Zecora Vs Iron Will

Diamond Tiara Vs Applebloom

Silver Spoon Vs Sweetie Belle

Rumble Vs Flitter

Spitfire VS Rainbow dash

Gilda Vs Fluttershy

Chrysalis Vs Twilight

Big Mac Vs Fluttershy

Nightmare Moon Vs Twilight

Nightmare Moon Vs Chrysalis

Chrysalis Vs Fluttershy

Nightmare Moon Vs Celestia

Luna Vs Fluttershy

Rainbow Dash Vs AppleJack

Rainbow Dash Vs Spitfire

Diamond Dog Vs Rarity

Zecora Vs Big Mac

that's all I got for now

Pip v Scootaloo

Applebloom v Scootaloo v Sweetie Belle

Big Mac v Mane 6 handicap match

Pip v Luna

Celestia v Luna

6 changlings v Mane 6

Chrysalis & Discord v Celestia & Luna

CMC v Pip, Rumble, and Featherweight

6 Royal guards v Celestia, Luna, and Cadance

That`s all I got for now

Comment posted by Chaos Nightmare deleted at 9:13pm on the 9th of April, 2013

Since this is based off wrestling, I want to see a 30 pony royal rumble! That would be amazing!

I'm pretty sure it's consensual, given that both parties are competing, they have to know what they're getting into.

Oh also, Rainbow Dash VS Pinkie Pie

Discord Vs Eris (Femal discord)

Trixie Vs Celestia

Luna Vs Pip

Grany smith Vs Time turner

Pinkie Vs Fluttershy

Twilight Vs Big mac

Saphire shore Vs Photo Finish

Rainbow dash Vs Pinkamena diane pie

Anypony exept Rarity Vs Spike

Zecora Vs Iron Will

Female Changeling Drone Vs "Yeah!" Stalion that i can't remember the name of.

Vinona ponified Vs Angel ponified

King sombra Vs Nightmare moon

Derpy Vs Vinyl Scratch

Octavia Vs Lyra

Bon bon Vs Braeburn

Edit: just had to type all the pairings i could think of.

Chrysalis vs cadence

All out battle royale, last pony standing wins

Anything from musicianman722 lists... and a little incest would be great as well.:raritywink: Oh and im Little_Draco and i fucking support this!!!!!!:raritystarry::twilightsmile::yay::trollestia::moustache:

Gamer Luna v Molestia

Unicorn Twilight v Alicorn Twilight

Shinning Armor and Cadance v Big Macintosh and Cherilee

Lyra and Bon Bon v Derpy and Golden Harvest

It'll never get enough votes… Amethyst Star vs Airheart, Ms. Harshwhinny vs Candy Apple, or Ace vs Allie Way.

Spitfire v RBD.      Roseluck v cheerilee.    Luna v twilight.  


It seems my list is well liked according to the two comments about it and the six likes it has.

Author you need to do my list now:pinkiehappy::trollestia:

Daring Do Vs. Tirek

Grogar Vs. Trixie or Mare Do Well



Twilight VS Diamond Tiara

Twilight VS Pinkie Pie

Twilight VS Twilight Velvet

-Royal Rumble?-

Twilicorn VS Celestia VS Luna


Sweetie Belle VS Scoots VS Applebloom

-Mane 6 'Battle of the Races'-

Pinke & AppleJack (Earth)


Rainbow & Flutters (Pegasus)


Twi & Rarity (Unicorn)

Octavia & Vinyl


lyra & Bon Bon

Thats all I can come up with...

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