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  • 53w, 6d
    Warning I suppose

    So I have decided to uploaded some of my stories to others sites just to see what other sites think about it, and they've done pretty decent. On one site I'm sure some people know, FurAffinity. Some guy started messaging me giving me tips, which was cool, but then he wanted to add me on skype and/or steam to have friendly chats and rp. I can have a friendly chat simply by sending messages, I don't need to add you on steam or skype to do so. I also do not rp at all. So now he has said that I ignored him, being hostile, and an asshole/dick towards him. I have replied to every message he sent and explaining how I felt, I told him I wasn't adding cause I don't like adding random people to my friends list on those things. So now he claims to write a blog of how I'm an asshole. On FurAffinity my account is called Omgpai, so if you ever see such a name, its most likely me I would think. Just a warning to anyone for whoever happens to look all over the internet and such. If someone knows how to report on FurAffinity that would be great, the person has their account disabled so you can't view their profile.

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  • 64w, 6d
    Need for editor/prereader

    I know I have made this post before. But I need to make it again. My friend of 6 years and who I considered a brother for almost 2 years has decided to throw me away like a wet rag or however the saying is. He simply doesn't care for my existence now, and he won't let me help. I know I could do more but he won't let mr, and I probably shouldn't be mentioning this but I feel my followers should know. So I would like to have an editor/prereader for my stories, I got about 6 clop requests all fetishes. 1 crossover idea, about 2 safe, and 1 of my own clop ideas. Please message if interested.

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  • 69w, 4d
    An Idea

    I know I make a lot of blogs and I probably shouldn't but oh well. Anyways, in my sequel "A Boy and a Bunch of Cute Ponies" 2 people have commented asking for OCs. Now I'm not against it but I'm not for it either. So I just wanna know if you guys would be okay with this idea. I have two ways I can do this. Option 1 is you send me your OC's name, a little history, and what they will do in the story.

    Hello, now this is a bit different request. Could you do an OC?

    Name: Mint Stripe


    Plot: Mint Stripe is the owner of a tea shop In Ponyville and has not too many customers often. Maybe he can teach anon how to be positive when nobody pays attention to you?

    If so, that would be great. But if not, then tough luck for me:derpyderp2:

    This is an example that was made in the comments.

    Option 2 would be you can write the chapter yourself, and message me the chapter, I only ask that you try to write the chapter similar to how I write my chapters. If I like the way you wrote the story, I'll add it to the story and give you credit.

    With that said, I hope to see peoples responses on how this would work out.

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  • 71w, 4d

    Well incase people haven't noticed my new chapter for my story. I am proud to say that I am back to writing once again. I know I said it was probably going to be a long time before I did, but looks like I lied heheh. Anyways I just like to thank my fans, friends, Doctor Who, Deadpool, and other stuff for helping me. My plans is to keep writing the sequel and finish my 4 requests. Once I finish my 4 requests I won't write anything for a while cause I want to work on a big crossover writing I plan. I don't think many people will notice it, but I'm willing to take the challenge, which I do believe it'll be the first crossover ever made, cause I did a quick search and found none. So I'll be happy to think I'm the first one.

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You had to admit yesterday was a pretty weird day. First you’re talking to Applejack, then you’re knocked out can’t remember why, next Rarity is taking care of you, and finally kisses you. These ponies culture must be very different from what you’re use to.  But hopefully today will be better, you had planned to spend the day with Fluttershy, you hadn’t seen her all week. You supposed it’s because she is still shy to be around people she don’t know. Or rather in a different world being cared by a different species that never existed in her world.

From what you understood, she was caretaker on her planet, but she cared for animals, and tended to live by herself. Almost sounded like you, the whole living alone part at least. You two didn’t really connect well at first; she kept running away from you as well as hiding her face however way she could. You had to admit, the way she hid her hair made her look cuter, you never thought a girl that hide her behind hair would make her cute. Maybe it was the sounds she would make every time she got scared.

You began to get ready to start the day, as you begin to head out you meet up with Rarity and Pinkie, asking them if they knew where Fluttershy was. They both were too occupied with your television to tell you, as they pointed outside. You begin to step outside, to see Rainbow Dash and Applejack hoof wrestling to see who the strongest is. In your opinion both were evenly match. Not too far away from them, Twilight was taking notes on some nearby plants growing, thinking she had the best answer to your question you walked over to ask where Fluttershy could be. Twilight being the smart one of the six, told you exactly how to get to her. You didn’t really need all the extra info but you decided to listen either way.

You started to make your way to edge of the forest; Twilight had said Fluttershy had ventured inside to look for some animals to be with. Which would make sense since Fluttershy was quite one with nature. You couldn’t help but imagine her as being sort of a hippie. Maybe she was back in her world, or maybe everyone there is like that, considering they were all magical ponies that can talk, must be a very low number of carnivores there.

Once you had passed some trees and climbed over wild growth you finally hear Fluttershy’s voice, so soft. “There you go little one, it took me some time to find it, but here are the fruits you wanted.” You were guessing she was talking to one of the animals that lived here. You began to move slowly as not to disturb whatever was happening. Until finally you were able to spy the yellow and pink pesgasus. She seemed so calm being at peace with her animals. “Hello Anon, my woodland friends told me you were here.” She begins to stand up and look at you.

At first you can tell right away she was covered in dirt, concerned you walk over to her to clean her up. She gently pushes you away, “Sorry Anon, but I’m just keep getting dirty, no point in cleaning now just to clean up again later.” Understanding what she meant, you left it at that, though you still wondered why she was covered in dirt for. “Is something wrong Anon?” Her eyes on you, not paying attention to the gathering animals. You simply point at her. “Oh the dirt? It’s a long story really. I heard a squirrel calling for help, and when I got here, I found its tail was caught underneath a log, and no one was around to help, the poor fella couldn’t move. And I wasn’t going to stand by as it starved to death. You know what I mean right Anon?”

At this point, her eyes began to well up to tears as she began to cry, and soon most of the animals began to crowd around her trying to comfort her, some  even began to growl at you having brought up bad memories. “It’s okay little ones, Mama’s fine, really. Anon is a friend.” Soon enough the animals backed off giving you two room again, But from your own knowledge you can’t say you’ve been in that kind of situation before.

You shake your head no. A small gasp escapes her, “Oh my really? Didn’t you have any friends?” Both of you had realized what she had said, you weren’t really offended by it but she clearly thought that was mean of her. “Oh my, I’m sorry, that was rude of me, and I shouldn’t have said that, everyone has friends. I mean even I have friends and I never thought I would.” She looks down at the ground. Ashamed of what she had said. You simply walk over to her and hug her hoping to calm her down, which seems like it was working.

You can feel her head lift up as she gently places it on your shoulder next to your head. And something you didn’t expect, as she wrapped her wings around you. They were soft and gentle like a mother’s touch, it felt comforting. You haven’t felt this way in the longest time, it was such a wonderful feeling, and you couldn’t help but cry a few tears. “Shh, it’s alright Anon, everything is fine.” She begins to rub one of her fore hooves on your back. Both of you sat there for a couple of minutes as the animals watched, some even cried at having seen a rare moment.

“Feel better Anon? I hope you do.” You look at her, with a big smile on your face and nod your head. Today was going to be a good day. “Good, I’m glad; would you like to walk with me through the forest a bit?” Again you simply nod your head. She nuzzles you softly on the cheek and gives a light peek. Full blush on her face, she turns around a picks up a basket with her wing before you two started your walk.

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omg that picture is too cute :heart: I need it!

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This was a cute one.  Fluttershy is top of my list, you can't help but fall in love with her. ^^ :yay:

#4 · 80w, 1d ago · · ·

Yay the mane six is finished, now one where they come together? :ajsmug::pinkiesmile::raritywink::twilightsmile::yay::rainbowkiss:

#5 · 80w, 1d ago · · ·


Wrong order, its :twilightsheepish: :rainbowkiss: :pinkiehappy: :ajsmug: :raritywink: :yay:

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