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  • 40w, 6d
    A final update.

    Apples n Wrenches is to be updated no more.

    I can't do it. Everything that happened inside and outside of the story took the love out of it for me, completely. I'm proud of it, I love the support I got from others, I'm proud that my story stood out amongst other OC/Mane shipfics as one of the few to get 4/5 stars on Equestria Motherfucking Daily.

    But I just. Can't. Finish it.Too much happened that didn't sit well with me, just thinking about the story itself makes me kind of depressed, and I just can't hope to continue writing it.

    Mostly, I want to do something different with Ficksitup... But I can't. Not if he's with AJ. Not if he's with anyone, right now. I have to stand on the bow of my ship as it sinks, a Captain always goes down with his ship, as they say. But as opposed to going down with it, I'm swimming to the coast so close by with a pen in my hand and a parchment in a bottle, and fortunately I'm gasping for air in a port town.

    Looks sort of like Tortuga.

    I'm reworking Ficksitup a bit. He's not going to be shipped with AJ, and if he even knows her, they're probably just alright friends and nothing more. But that's if he's even in ponyville. I'm not writing a fic. No, I plan to start a tumblr. I need to get crack-a-lackin' on my art, and Ficksitup is too good of a character to waste.

    They pathetically unexplored dynamic with his little brother, to which he is essentially a father figure, can take precedence. That's a relationship that needs development. He's poised to take over his uncle's shop and he's settling into adulthood. A young man working as a repairman, and nothing more. Antics can ensue and D'aw moments can be had, but most importantly the character may be enjoyed regardless of whether or not he's obsessed over something orange, no quarrels of the kind will exist.

    Like myself the character needs a fresh slate, and now's as good a time as any. I regret not being able to finish AnW, but the events that ensued just took the love out of it for me, and I just can't do it anymore. It's too painful.

    And I need to take the arrow out- I've got bandages nearby and I'm not too far from a clinic. Bleeding out won't be an issue.

    So there's that. I'd say it was fun, but it wasn't. It really wasn't.

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  • 47w, 5d
    I've said many things.

    And this one, I mean.

    I cannot promise when exactly it will occur. How, or the precise moment.

    But dear readers, I urge you, to watch this.

    Keep an eye out for something there. It will be very important... And perhaps, you can expect something official by the new year.

    Merry Christmas.

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  • 61w, 6d
    Sept. 16th? Uh...

    That's when it will start development anyway. Got a bit ahead of myself.

    Should see release within the week.

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  • 62w, 1d
    The status of Apples'n'Wrenches. Most important post yet, please read.

    There are going to be some fundamental changes to Apples'n'Wrenches.

    By that I mean a couple of major plot elements that will see a particularly massive change, due to the fact that they didn't mesh with my original idea of how it should all go down.

    There's a lot of infighting you guys don't know about but it's high time I told you.

    A long time ago, I got a really bad bout of depression, and my old co-writer, Tom, had to deal with school, which I, at the time, was not in. This was around Chapter 4-5, we started having major issues with writing it. The plot wasn't the issue, but our motivation was.

    Fun fact here, Jasmine wasn't supposed to ever stay alive, Ficksitup's mother was indeed supposed to stay kaput. Tom introduced the concept to me at May, 2012, and I decided to hell with it, why not? It was interesting at the time. Then the overall nonsenical crap happened at the end of eight that I still regret. We rushed a few things, we absolutely screwed ourselves over, and around December, Tom essentially quit.

    Not all of the blame falls upon his shoulders. My lethargy and depression is one of the primary reasons this story lost its way, and constant updates, and I allowed too much control for my co-writer.

    Post this announcement, I will be fundamentally changing AnW. It'll still be the story you guys love, but it'll likely see a resubmission, major re-write, and so on. It needs some serious fickses, because there are some things a, "Ignore" band-aid wont' repair.

    I once again call upon you for support... And I break an old promise. This particular iteration will not be finished, much to my dismay.

    But I will promise this. You will see the story complete. Perhaps not in the current iteration, but it will be complete, and it will be better than before... And it will NOT take two and a half years to finish and ten-odd chapter story.

    I promise you that.

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  • 65w, 6d
    Dear Readers. AnW news... And a favor. Please read.

    Someday I'll say something besides "Dear Readers".

    Well. You've probably noticed the lack of updates for AnW for the last... Eight months. Which really does beat me down.

    Let me put it straight up for you guys. My life is completely shitty for reasons that I don't want to bother you guys with. But it is pretty damn awful a majority of the time. This is far from good for my continued depression. A few things have gone okay recently, but overall, it's still crappy.

    But I'm going to make a promise to you guys.

    I'm going to finish this story. I'm going to write. I need to push myself to do it. What kept me going was my old co-writer, there was a certain... magic to it all. FiM was pretty new, compelling, fun, and we were relatively happy. things got hard, but we still wrote.

    Eventually though, the magic was lost for him. He just didn't have the heart to tell me, and had thought that I'd given up on it for some reason or other. Not having new ideas and bouncing them off of each other these days, it's just... Hard. It's been hard for an honest year now.

    that's really how long its been since we had steady updates... And I feel so awful for that. I want to go back in time and update it at least once a month, like the really old days.

    But I can't. And I shouldn't cry over spilled milk, y'know? In short, guys. I want to keep writing it. I want to finish AnW.

    ...But I need something from you. I don't need money or an object, no tangible thing, no item... what I need, guys, is support. I want to know how many of you still await an update. How many might have given up, how many are still around.

    And if you're still around from the EQD launch, then thank you very much. I appreciate you guys so much.

    I know it doesn't seem like it.

    But please. Please, I need your help. I don't have my best friend helping anymore, my new co-writer and I never talk about it which is partially my fault... But one of my biggest motivations was knowing people like you guys enjoyed it. That something I did held value to a few hundred people. That was a benchmark for me.

    If you guys are still out there. If you're still waiting, watching.

    Please show me. I need that motivation again. I need something to help me out of this sinkhole, and I need to get this story completed.


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  • ...

"Sweet Apple Acres has a small problem, and only the town repair shop has the means to fix it. However the Apple family gets a lot more than what they asked for when an old friend of Applejack returns to lend a helping hoof."

(Not all appearing characters listed in "Characters" checkbox. Woulda' been crazy full. I could probably say more about the story, but I don't want to spoil it.)

First Published
7th Feb 2012
Last Modified
11th Dec 2012

:flutterrage: Ficks!! Why?!!?

Awesome story, by the way. I've always enjoyed stories not so much of grandeur, but of the simple concerns of common people, and in this case ponies, and their lives.  It's more realistic in a way.

Keep going and keep writing, delightful duo! :yay:

Good job, Ficks! normally, i don't go for OC ponies, but yours is so well done i can't resist. Can't wait for the next chapter!:ajsmug:

Please please please please


Tell us there's a part 6! TELL US THERE'S A PART SIIIIIX! :raritycry:


Er, I mean "us" as in the community. No Royal Canterlot Voice for me, thank you.:trollestia:


Fret not fair reader, Chapter 6 IS in the works as we speak. That'd be a terribly sad note to end it on, yes? We're estimating ~10 chapters, we're still unsure. Glad you guys are enjoying it though, and we have plenty in store for ya'!

Ah, there we go. This is HM from the Exile forum, finally got around to this. You already know my opinions and thoughts. Great work. I'll be keeping a close eye on you, Mr. Mister.

Yay! This story is on FimFiction!:pinkiehappy:

Oh yeah, and are you also Wolfjedisamuel or no?

So....AJ is the kind of mare to get angry-jealous if the stallion she likes hangs out with a mare that isn't her?

Hey Ficks!

I come from Magic in Exile too.

It was just yesterday that another fiction that I love made it to FIMfiction. And now this one too!?  I'm feeling spoiled!

That was pretty damn good. Reading more.:pinkiehappy:

3.14 in the duch law and order its stands for theft and poaching XD what cutie mark huh?

You know, a lot of folks have a big problem with OC's being shipped with the mane 6. But in this case... Well, it's just too damn well-done. I like this matchup.:duck:

Also, I have to say that I don't like the direction our little love story is taking...if this doesn't have a happy ending, all the fires of Hell shall be as nothing compared to my wrath unleashed.

I've been tracking this story since it was first posted on EQD, and it's a great story, it really is. But my main problem is that by the time it's updated I have to go back and read the other chapters to remember where we left off last.


Don't worry too much. It'll be worth it in the end I assure you.


Don't worry too much. It'll be worth it in the end I assure you.>>196634

We're so sorry about that, too! Life gets in the way, but we've set a deadline for ~Valentine's Day. So expect it by then! If it isn't up around that time, WE HAVE FAILED. :(

But that shouldn't happen. :D


She is irrational at times. We figured that fit rather well.

A note to the readers.

Life and romance is filled with bumps, steep hills and hardships. Nothing worth it, is ever easy.

'Tis worth it though.

I didn't mean that you failed by any means, i'd rather read a quality update than something that's rushed, I do love the story after all.

Heh, your OC would make a perfect engineer in TF2. :rainbowlaugh:

thats an aweome pic at the end.

that jusk breaks a hart >.< hes so not in his element around others


That is extremely relieving to hear, my good man. Extremely relieving.

Nevertheless, we ARE setting that deadline. We're going to try our hardest to do it right. Goodness knows we've had the time, eh?

Aww, Nut should have beat them up before Oddball escaped:unsuresweetie:

damn son

head exploded when they kissed

had to clean up my computer

really hard without eyes

or a face

oh well



i wonder wen rainbow coming in the picture

oh applejack

you tease



apple with out her ribon... thats so freaking hot...

Romance you say? :pinkiehappy:


On my reading list, definately will come back to this

gotta love assumptions, they make everything better!

Wow...  I just found this, and even though I was dead tired at the start and only intended to see if I liked it, I just read the WHOLE THING! :yay:  Those are some long chapters btw, lol.

When Applejack was like, "it was just a kiss", I was like, "Ouch!"  That kind of rejection, although indirect, is crushing.

Btw, someone probably thought of this already, but changing 1 letter of Ficksitup's name creates another name that aptly describes the character. ;P  Was that intentional?

I can imagine Ficks' reaction to her letting her mane down: DAYUM! :pinkiehappy:

Can't wait for the update. This story is good and I feel emotionally attached; a rare occurrence. Write on. :ajsmug:

Who made the artwork?


1: No, that was completely unintentional. However I am fully aware of that, and the letter change is a little bit of an injoke between a few friends and I. Fixitup would accomplish the same thing, but for whatever reason we simply preferred substituting X with CK, to make, "Ficksitup". Puntacular names, always quite the thing in MLP:FiM eh?

2: I wouldn't say it's rejection. We figure it's more of a deflection. Somewhat nervous response to a significant event.

Glad you're enjoying the story! We have more coming up!


Wolfjedisamuel, a quirky friend of mine on DeviantArt.

Hey big bro...

When are you gonna stop dragging your hooves around and just ask her out? Dork.

aw! I think I'm in love with Ficks! I kinda wanna cuddle him lol I'm loving it so far!

This is an amazing story, if Ficks doesn't manage to confess to AJ, this is going to gain a 'Tragedy' tag. Poor AJ.:ajsleepy:

keep it up, i think there is a lot of originality in it which makes this story even better :eeyup:


I mean Applejack was like :ajsmug:


AJ with Ficks: :ajsmug:

Pinkie walking in on them::pinkiesmile:

then, OKIE DOKIE LOKIE::pinkiehappy:

When ficks kept on talking, I wanted to bite my fingers off! :twilightangry2: Great work! I want to see more

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