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    One hundred years after Princess Twilight's coronation, all of the other Element bearers have passed away. When a new threat arises, a new group of ponies take up their responsibilities - starting with Twilight's very own student.
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  • T The Island Game

    The entire town of Ponyville ,along with three other groups, is pulled into a strange dimension by one of the most powerful of mythological creatures, a genie.
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There is national friction between Equestria and the Crystal Empire as the Crystal Ponies rebel and the Princess's are concerned about the welfare of Princess Cadance who is going through something that only they can understand. The Elements of Harmony have their own hooves full with some strange ponies from another land who found themselves stranded in Ponyville. Post Season 3

Art by James Corck

First Published
18th Feb 2013
Last Modified
10th Dec 2013
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