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  • 15w, 5d
    What are you in the mood for, darling? [A thank-you blog/input request for 200 followers]

    I tipped back and forth in the rocking chair—not enough to make the elderly wood squeal, but just enough to set my mind in motion. The firelight danced across the streaks of my glasses, blinding me over and over. Having had enough of the monotony, I slammed my foot on the floor to stop the chair's motion.

    "Have you finally decided?" came Rarity's voice from across the glass coffee table.

    Slowly, I rose to my feet. The sleeve of my housecoat fell away from my forearm as I lifted my hand and took a puff of the corncob pipe. Bubbles floated from its wide end, bursting as they lifted to the dark ceiling. "I just can't," I said. I shook my head and gave her a thousand-yard stare. "What do you think?"

    Rarity snuggled deeper into the cushions of the chaise lounge. Every inch of her slender, white frame flickered in tandem with the smouldering fireplace. She watched the fire with one eye, the other one hidden behind her mane's dark curl. She absently ran her hoof along the sofa's gold trim and turned to look at me. "I've told you already, my opinion is irrelevant. What are you in the mood for, darling?"

    I blinked at her, then turned and strode to one of the dark ends of the room. My feet felt exceptionally warm as I dragged my socks along the plush carpet, and somehow that unnerved me. When I reached my writing desk, I could still feel Rarity's saccharine stare boring into me. I did my best to ignore it and looked at the first manuscript before me.

    Riddle of the Sphinx [Tentative Title]

    Tags: Adventure

    Description: In their search for something to defeat Discord, Celestia and Luna stumble across a strange ruin and an even stranger creature. (Set 1,000 years in the past, before the first defeat of Discord)

    I smiled at it and put my pipe back to my lips. The wood was tasteless. I moved my eyes to the next manuscript.

    Resolutions [Tentative Title]

    Tags: Slice of Life

    Sequel to: The Firework Lotus

    Description: Fluttershy wakes from a nightmare just hours after her performance at the Firework Lotus Celebration. Despite the praise from her friends, Fluttershy can't help but feel a little guilty at the eccentric, sinister nature of her dance. She had hoped it would be another good step in overcoming her shyness, but when she remembers the sound of those foals crying in the audience, she wonders whether she pushed the envelope too far.

    "I'm particularly intrigued by that one," Rarity said. I turned to see her at my side, her head resting on my elbow. I blinked at her and turned to the next set of pages.

    A Sunset to Remember

    Tags: Slice of Life

    Description: Sunset Shimmer cutie mark story, featuring Fleur de Lis, Shining Armor, Princess Celestia, and Philomena.

    Rarity's eyebrow rose. "A tad blunt on the description there, hm?"

    I shrugged. "I'll write a better one once I'm done the story. It's what the story's about, at least." Two more manuscripts lay at the end of the table—one of them my oldest, the other my newest. I glanced at the oldest one first.

    To Weep for Family, Chapter 3

    "I miss that one," I said. Rarity pressed a bit tighter against my side, and I suddenly felt very grateful for the companionship. Finally, my eyes fell on the latest manuscript, still wet with fresh ink.

    [Currently Untitled]

    Tags: Slice of Life, most likely

    Sequel to: Her Scarf Fluttered in the Absence of Wind

    Description: More of Cadance and the Flightless Fury.

    "You hardly have anything there, darling."

    "I know," I said, sighing. "It's all still in my head. I know it's good, though."

    Rarity blinked. "This is a rather difficult decision."

    "If only I had two hundred or so people telling me which one they wanted to see next," I mused. A warm silence passed, and both Rarity and I turned to look into empty space. Together we stared at the room's fourth wall, as if expecting it to respond.

    The term "waifu" may have come to mind for some of you there, but rest assured that Rarity is my muse. Nothing more.

    Anyway, I didn't really have anything exceptional planned for when I hit 200 followers, so this is the best I could manage. If any of those story descriptions above appeal to you, please let me know in the comments! I'll do my best to make sure the one which garners the most interest is the one I finish and publish next.

    Thank you all so much for 200 followers! You're all far too kind.

    Keep on keeping on,


    11 comments · 135 views
  • 16w, 22h
    Free idea! Free idea! Get it while it's hot!

    Howdy, y'all.

    Ever since the end of Season 4, I've had a lot of different story ideas. Many of them have been dropped because they simply weren't any good, quite a number of them are constantly bouncing between the walls of my skull as I try to figure 'em out, and a select few have enraptured me to the point of being fully realized and published.

    And then there's this one…

    This idea is the one that's been driving me crazy. It's like looking at a really cool painting and thinking, Damn, that's an awesome painting, but it would look stupid and ugly and out of place in my house. But you can't just pass up the painting, because then some other schmuck with less insight than you will scoop it up and put it in his house where it will still look stupid and ugly and out of place, but they just won't care. What a waste! So what can you do with something like that?

    The first thing that jumps to mind is to give it to a friend. A friend who you know will treat it right and make it a shining gem.

    But instead I'm going to do the equivalent of buying the painting and putting it on the curb with a sign reading "Take it or Leave it." It doesn't really solve the problem at all, but it at least gets it out of my hands.

    If I lost you, that was a really roundabout way of saying that I don't think I can execute this story idea to its fullest extent, but I think someone else could, so I'm gonna put it up here in the hopes that one of y'all will run with it and do something cool. Cool? Cool. So here it is:

    Working title: Power Lust

    Suggested tags: Comedy, Romance

    Suggested rating: I was gonna do "Everyone" because that's how I roll, but I see a lot more potential if you up it to "Teen," and maybe add the "Sex" tag, too. Careful with that, though.

    Basic plot: When the princesses were released from Tartarus and had their magic restored in the wake of the Tirek incident, Princess Cadance accidentally got more alicorn magic than the others. This results in her losing control of her power, and, at random intervals, her magic will flare on its own. When this happens, any nearby pony will magically be forced to fall in love with a random other nearby pony, and vice versa. Cadance freaks out about this and has to travel to Ponyville and Canterlot seeking the help of the other princesses. Shenanigans ensue.

    Fun, random details I was trying to incorporate:

    - Cadance finds out about the problem when she accidentally makes Shining Armor and Flash Sentry fall in love.

    - The only way to break the spell is for the two ponies affected to kiss.

    - If there's only one pony in the vicinity, they'll fall for Cadance. Cadance herself is unaffected, though.

    - If the two ponies the spell affects are already in love, nothing of consequence happens.

    - Do something fun with Spike and Rarity. Spike wouldn't be affected because he already likes Rarity, but Rarity would be affected.

    - AppleDash, because why not.

    - Fluttershy could fall in love with an animal instead of a pony.

    - Twilight falls for Cadance.

    - Celestia and Luna fall for each other.

    - Use Discord somehow. Maybe he's immune to the spell, but others can still fall in love with him in a similar vein to how the spell affects Cadance.

    - Cute Mark Crusaders love triangle?

    That last part with all the notes is literally copy-pasted from a document I was keeping story notes in, so forgive the stream-of-consciousness vibe it has.

    At any rate, I think the story has a fair amount of potential if executed in the right way, but I don't think I have the chops for it. Anyone familiar with my body of work can probably see that it doesn't mesh with my usual style—to be honest, I'm surprised the idea came to me at all. But anyone who's good at comedies, or anyone who loves over-the-top antics that have the potential to go completely off the wall, might fare better with this idea.

    Or maybe it's just a stupid idea and I should be ashamed of it for ever and ever. I dunno. You be the judge of that one. For now, I hope one of y'all can glean some inspiration from this, or at the very least I hope you enjoyed a brief foray into my head.

    Keep on keeping on,


    1 comments · 88 views
  • ...

Perhaps there is more to the relationship of an immortal pet and her immortal master than first meets the eye.

First Published
2nd Jan 2013
Last Modified
2nd Jan 2013
#1 · 98w, 6d ago · 3 · ·

wow.... 1up

great story!

ironically i was listening to a playlist which consisted of : big hard sun, across the universe, southern cross and dark side of the moon... hmmm

#2 · 98w, 6d ago · 1 · ·

This is a very good story. I think you captured the character of the princesses very well indeed. I thought your portrayal of Celestia wounded by the loss of her sister was very powerful indeed. I would be very interested to see where this is going.

Please find attached five moustaches


#3 · 98w, 6d ago · 1 · ·

I don't read to many stories like this, not because I dislike them but more of I really can't take the angstfests for the 5th time. You've done good, you've kept them in character, and philosophy behind why there are two Alicorns... never thought of it like that. You've done good. Thus you gain:

Celestia's Paladin

#4 · 98w, 3d ago · 1 · ·

Ah, a wonderful story.  The relationship between Celestia and Luna has always intrigued me.  This is a very good look into that relationship, and rationally explains the origins of Philomena.  Not an easy feat.

#5 · 98w, 3d ago · 2 · ·

Why must storys end when they are just getting really really good!

#6 · 98w, 3d ago · 3 · ·

I'd say my complaint with the story is Celestia's "you have no idea what I'm going through!" attitude which makes her feel a bit like a teenager and not quiet an aged ruler. Even if that ruler did just lose her timeless companion. Also the dialogue felt a bit stiff towards the end and didn't feel (at least to me) very natural.

Of course the story's journey is a new one and one that I'm glad to explore... just those two things that hindered my enjoyment of it. :twilightsmile:

#7 · 98w, 2d ago · 2 · ·


I like it! Though, Philomena's appearance is a bit... sudden. And the way she inserted herself is kinda odd.

"Hi! I'm Philomena! We're going to be best friends!"


"I lost someone, too."


Minor gripe, though. It was well-written, the imagery and prose was nice, and a good bit of history. Thumbs up, and a mustache for you, good sir! :moustache:

#8 · 98w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

You did a good job of making the emotions of Celestia, Luna, Nova, and Philomena seem realistic. That impressed me.

However, you could give us more backstory. A nice followup could include Philomena's past.

The ending was a bit abrupt, I think you could have added a scene or two to the end.

But it is not my story, and if you want to leave it at this, I think it still holds together well.

#9 · 98w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

Very, very good. Congrants on the EQD feature!

#10 · 98w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

Excellent. However I think you should change neccessarily to "out of necessity". The sentence is quite awkward in my opinion. It made me question what you were trying to say.

scarcely and necessarily

#11 · 98w, 2d ago · · ·


You're right, that does seem awfully awkward. Changed it, thanks!

#12 · 98w, 2d ago · 3 · ·


Got to agree with this - it was fine until Philomena showed up, but after that it was really awkward, and before that it seemed like just an introduction. It's like the author wrote a lot about what we know, then rushed the non-canon part. Which is unfortunate, because that should have been the most interesting bit.

Also, in my opinion, the telepathy was a cop-out. So many more interesting things could have happened without.

#13 · 98w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

(Joke) Alt. Title: Rize Of The Fenix: Well, Nobody Else Has Written About This Yet

#14 · 98w, 2d ago · 2 · ·

Awesome work!

Realistic portrayal of Celestia and Luna, and a very believable back story.

I'll be waiting for more!:raritywink:

Comment posted by ScratchFi deleted at 12:50am on the 7th of January, 2013
#17 · 97w, 6d ago · 5 · 2 ·

Too much Luna and too little Philomena. Now, I DO like Luna. Before you brush it off as a superficial reader, look again at your cover picture and description. These are promises to your readers. :twistnerd:

Now, really. I really expected to see some bonding time between Philomena and Celestia. All I saw was proposal+acceptance, most of the story was, well, backstory. It was rather disappointing.

#18 · 97w, 5d ago · · ·


You've got a fair point that the cover picture is kinda misleading, but my intention here wasn't exactly to develop the relationship between Celestia and Philomena. Well, actually I guess it was, but I tried to do it in a way that wasn't really obvious.

My goal was to accentuate Celestia's need for a companion that she can rely on to always be there, and Luna was the one she relied on for (presumably) thousands of years before the Nightmare Moon incident. Losing that one crucial part of her life would've torn Celestia apart, and she needed something to fill that void at least a little bit. So, basically, I spent the whole story showing how much Celestia cared about that companionship and that she would succumb to grief if there was none of that there for her. Enter Philomena, a companion that can't completely fill the void, but one that can keep Celestia from falling into an abyss of depression.

The bulk of the story is structured around the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Philomena was the main part of the acceptance bit, and I think she fulfilled her role nicely. I suppose I could have elaborated more on Philomena's impact on Celestia and vice versa, but I feel like that would've made the story go on longer than I intended and might make people forget why Philomena's there to begin with: to fill a gap that can't be filled.

All in all, I understand and appreciate your criticisms. I know the story isn't all it could've been, and evidently it's not enough for some people, but I'm happy with how I wrote it and I don't think I'll be changing the cover picture or the description. Personally, I think they both fit the story nicely, even if their meanings are a bit abstract.

Thanks for the comment!

#19 · 39w, 23h ago · 1 · 1 ·

Hello. I read this fic on recommendation of Griffin and because you have another fic in the feature box. I'm going to leave some criticism if that's okay with you.

The midnight blue alicorn mare

The beauty of fanfiction is that you can simply write "Luna". What we have here is purple prose (aka Lavender Unicorn Syndrome).

Still clearly taken aback by the question, but willing to acknowledge its legitimacy all the same,

You do a lot of telling instead of showing.

Celestia’s stoic expression suddenly snapped under emotion, displaying her utter shock bordering on disgust which the response had provoked.

This sentence is particularly heavy-handed.

Luna determinedly inserted... newfound smile... remarkably uncharacteristic...

A good editor would excise half of your adjectives.

Another well-timed lighting strike punctuated the statement, illuminating the turquoise, serpentine eyes of the mare who had spoken it.

It sounds like you're describing a ridiculous action movie. Is Nightmare Moon causing these implausibly timed lightning strikes? I laughed.

a single teardrop shattered against a blade of grass

And kept laughing. The single tear is such a cliché!

In her mind, Celestia knew [stuff]

Where else would she know [stuff]? More redundant words.

no amount of wistful tears could fix her problem

I don't think "wistful" is the right word to use here.

I assume you recall the purpose of our meeting?

Why wouldn't he? Does Nova the Knowledgeable have dementia? Why does Celestia ask this question?

A single, perfectly symmetrical teardrop rolled down the princess’ royal face



Definitely the wrong word. "Sufferance" is a synonym for "toleration", not "suffering".

My kind is a race of divine celestial birds... phoenixes are immortal... You are not the only one to suffer under the burden of eternal loneliness.

If Philomena is part of an immortal race, then why is she eternally lonely? Was she banished? She's a criminal, isn't she?

I hate to say it, but I've lost interest in reading your other fics. You have a lot of room for improvement. I hope this comment contributes to your growth as a writer.

Edit: To be fair, this was written more than a year ago. Perhaps I'll take a look at A Draconequus' Guide to Immortality after all.

#20 · 39w, 23h ago · · ·


Yeah, I cringed at pretty much every one of those quotes myself. I've been meaning to go back and edit my older stories to make them more readable, but I'm afraid my newer stories take precedence. Frankly, though, I'm still amazed this story managed to make it to Equestria Daily.

I definitely hope you'll still take a look at A Draconequus' Guide to Immortality. I promise that I've improved drastically since I wrote this story, and I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised by how far I've come if you do choose to read some of my more recent stuff.

In any case, thanks for the criticism! I always appreciate constructive feedback.

#21 · 38w, 5d ago · · ·

This touched my Heart Strings... And only made them stronger!

#22 · 3w, 6d ago · · ·

I find myself reading all of your stories in only a few sittings.

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