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But who could realistically steal the diary of a princess?

Twilight froze as a fleeting thought seeded itself in her mind.

"Were wars fought over you...?" she whispered darkly.

When Twilight finds an unusual diary belonging to a pony only known as "Stella", she goes on a fantastic journey to save the souls of those written in its pages from a fate worse than death.

Part of a series about a pony's closest companions.

Their Diary

Their Reflection

Their Letters

Their Home

Their Love

Cover Art created and altered by wonderfully talented artist dstears

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First Published
27th Dec 2012
Last Modified
28th Feb 2013
#1 · 109w, 2d ago · · · The Diary ·

This. Is. Amazing.

Seriously, I need MOAR. You never fail to disappoint. :twilightsmile:

#2 · 109w, 2d ago · · · The Diary ·


#3 · 109w, 2d ago · · · The Diary ·

Very interesting. Needs a little proofreading, but I really like the premise. It almost feels abrupt, how quickly we get to the white city, but then, I don't know where you are going with all this, do I? Keep it up!

#4 · 109w, 2d ago · · · The Diary ·

I'll hit all the major points that I think need addressed.

1st. Need to proof read a tad better, up near the top there's a couple of word errors (such as who instead of how).

2nd.  Characters are well done, Rarity especially. I don't feel as if you've caught the essence of Twilight nearly as much, but you do a good deal better then most.

3rd. I loved the antique shop, very well detailed, very interesting place, but I feel as if Rarity was poorly written when it came to the feeling of fear.  It was.... too much, yet not enough? Don't know how to explain it.  On the other hand, the explanation of Rarity needing to teach Twilight when to be silent was great.

4th. Lore.... you seem as if you're going to create a lot of it. This should be interesting, but be careful not get to lost in it.

5th. Settings... Antique shop was great and wouldn't be a bad place to return too. The cafe wasn't too bad either.  The only place I really get a lack of feeling for is Twilight's library, but that's not necessarily a bad thing seeing as we know it pretty well.

Well, I hope this has been somewhat helpful.  Not bad, I'm definitly enjoying the story.

#5 · 109w, 2d ago · · · The Diary ·



Oh you! :heart::raritywink::heart:

I have the second chapter all written out, just gonna double proofread it so avoid my last pitfalls.

>>1863121 I had that in mind as there was literally no transition to the city. It bothered me a bit too because without the later parts, it's hard to get a feel for the pacing. If you do decide to read the next chapter, It will be a little clearer on whether or not you'll like the story as a whole.

>>1863891 :moustache: You sir. You have excellent things to say. Have another moustache. :moustache:

1. :raritycry: I know :raritycry:

2/3 Yeah Rarity is one of my more experienced characters and I always end up writing her into any story because I like what she brings to the table. I get what you're saying, her fearful reaction was too much to not enough explained dread leaving it feeling a little forced.

4. Hahaha... you have no idea... :pinkiecrazy: It should be fun though. Very little of it will be wall of text type explanations like I did twice in the first chapter.

5. Thanks, I spent a long time on that antique scene and it feels good to know it was well received. I figured for the library.

Thank you so much for the criticisms! :raritywink::raritywink::raritywink:

The small of Spike's cooking filled her nose...

Um if you would like to know it should be smell not "small"

#7 · 105w, 4d ago · · · The Diary ·

My god, this has the beginnings of brilliance. I will be watching, good writer. You can rest assured of that. And I eagerly await more from you.

'. . . she whispered darkly'? This does not inspire confidence, but I shall give it a go.

This is fantastic, I eagerly await more :pinkiehappy:

Some action when they're escaping the city feels a little hard to follow, but I'ma mark this one. I wanna see where this is going.

Whenever I see a character named Stella, I put my head in my hooves and cry:

Hay Stellaaaaa! :raritydespair:

Stellaaaaa! :raritycry:

Aah nostalgia. This is solid work, I can't wait for more! :raritywink:

Very cool and very epic. Really excited to see where this one goes. I've been rereading and following the same stories for so long, I'm glad you came up with something fresh to look forward to. Also, congrats on the EqD feature!

My mental picture of Rosetta stitching her mouth shut and falling limp has to be one of the creepiest things I've ever imagined... Though, it's true I don't read horror stories.

On one hand I'm interested to see how everything will come together. On the other hand, I have different fingers. Seriously though, some of that stuff is pretty wacky, and I hope it gets explained soon.

Impressive story, haven't read anything else quite like it. I will repeat what others have said, you have great potential :rainbowdetermined2:

Now this story has... potential.

Sir, you had my curiosity with the first chapter. Now you have my attention! :moustache:

Favorited and upvoted!

#16 · 105w, 3d ago · 1 · · The Princess ·

"They soared passed the remaining outer rings" - should be past.

Edit: And now I've finished the chapter... whoa! This is fantastic, I can't wait for more.

:raritycry: Everypony says such nice things about Twixie's story! She's not that good at writing, honestly! :fluttercry: You guys are the best...

>>2006609 :pinkiehappy: Twixie was extremely excited when EqD told her it would be posted. Of couse she knew that everypony would love it! But, it's a little more popular and well liked than Twixie anticipated and she feels the pressure... :fluttercry:

I did aim for something purely fantastic. Even in a world of magic, I wanted to make the story and setting magical in it's own way. I do have the entire plot worked out and much of it written in a rougher, unedited form, but it may still be awhile between updates as I iron out the countless errors.

>>2007506 Excellent catch! Twixie would have never caught that. Please accept her mustachioed baby dragon! :moustache:

I have to say Im eagerly awaiting the next chapter. The part about Rosetta becoming a filly again really got me interested. Does she still have her memory of her past life? Cant wait to find out more. There were a few small word errors, but nothing major. Great story so far!

Your style reminds of one of my favorite authors, Diana Wynne Jones, both in the semi-surreal description of the dream magic, to the metaphorical phases used and the dialog.  This is such a joy to read!  I'm so glad this is the story I stumbled upon after finding this site.  Best of all, I have no idea where all this is going, and it gives me a thrill.  Following!

Oh dear me, Twilight.  You can't see the danger at all, can you?  

Never trust a dream, especially not one in the grips of a devil's pages.


Everypony says such nice things about Twixie's story! She's not that good at writing, honestly!

I CALL DISCORD APPLEJACK! I worked with you with Flimsy and Hope for Happiness. Trust me, you're not a bad writer.

This is fantastic so far; Who knew there were still gems waiting to be discovered on Fimfic? Happily tracking.

#23 · 104w, 5d ago · · · The Diary ·

I just got around to reading this (I favorited it to keep track of it, and I needed a study break tonight)...

I wish I hadn't waited so long. Holy...It feels nice to read things that are...I don't really know how to say it, but for lots of things I only get a vague mental image...not here. Definitely going to read m0ar.

I haven't read anything with any remote fantasy in it's setting in a while. This is pleasant to me.

#25 · 104w, 2d ago · 3 · · The Filly ·

Wow, that ending was a curve ball I definitely did not expect. Stellar job on this chapter:pinkiehappy:

#26 · 104w, 2d ago · 1 · · The Filly ·

Holy shitake mushrooms!!:pinkiegasp: Did not expect that ending.:twilightsheepish:

#27 · 104w, 2d ago · · · The Filly ·

Absolutely Fantastic!

#28 · 104w, 2d ago · · · The Filly ·


#29 · 104w, 2d ago · · · The Filly ·

Now this is interesting...:moustache:

#30 · 104w, 2d ago · · · The Filly ·

Woah. Didnt see that coming. Im loving the story so far!

#31 · 104w, 1d ago · · · The Filly ·

Oh, that makes much more sense now. :twilightsmile:

#32 · 104w, 1d ago · · · The Filly ·

Yeah...I think this is my new favorite fic. I haven't read anything that sparked my imagination like this since...well...it's been a long time. I truly adore the pure imagination that goes in to every scene and detail. The mystery of Stella and Rosetta add to the story, and you completely nailed the characterization of Twilight. I am NOT a literary junkie by any means, so unfortunately for your progress, all I can offer is praise. But so you know, I am eagerly awaiting every new chapter from now on.

#33 · 104w, 15h ago · · · The Filly ·

Shit just got real.

#34 · 104w, 7h ago · · · The Filly ·

>>2010152 :fluttercry: Really? Twixie was just compared to her literary idol on a similarity basis...?:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

>>2022545 :twilightblush: Haha! Twixie is a gem!




>>2040864 :raritywink: I will do my best to keep your viewership! The story should get better as more things unravel.



Nicest comment ever...:raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:


Yeah...I think this is my new favorite fic.

Bestest comment ever...:raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:

#35 · 103w, 6d ago · · · The Filly ·

This... is a very interesting fic. A little Mind-bendy, a little dream a little dream, a little trip down the rabbit hole, but there's a malevolence about it all...

Even beyond the end of chapter 3 and Stella's rage... there's something wrong with this world, who are these actors? How is Twilight? She seems to be far more nonchalant with her safety than I'd expect...

I'm almost afraid that she can't step out...

#36 · 103w, 4d ago · · · The Filly ·

Pete looks so pathetic and adorable in my minds eye!  I just would love to see that animated.

Again...this is so cool!  One wonders what Stella is.  So glad you got another chapter up.

#37 · 103w, 3d ago · · · The Filly ·

this is fantastic.  You capture the emotion of whimsy of a dream so perfectly.  One minute everything makes sense, the next, you're a lamp.


#38 · 103w, 3d ago · · · The Filly ·

Oh god, I loved this fic. The writing needs a bit of work (It's a bit floppy in some places, confusing in others), but I just love the amount of imagination and splendor you threw into this!

The sandcastle scene was incredible (The marble tears are heartrendingly adorable), and the sort of dreaminess that I felt for the most part of the fic really pulled me in.

The dark, mysterious undertones mesh really well with the unreality of your story, sort of like Coraline, and it's great.

Update soon!


#39 · 103w, 3d ago · · · The Filly ·

>>2082620 Me too. I'd ok with anypony drawing artwork of or inspired by something I wrote. Sadly I has no brony artist friends :pinkiesad2:

:pinkiehappy: I'm working on the next chapter and it should be up relatively soon. I'm gonna have to take extra time ironing out all the kinks though. Even though I'm happy with chapter three, it lacked a certain level of polish I try to attain.

>>2084857 :heart: I'm glad you like it!

:pinkiecrazy: If you'd like to send me a message with a list of some of the more poorly executed bits and your accompanying criticism, I'd greatly appreciate it. Always trying to get better! :raritywink::raritywink::raritywink:

#40 · 103w, 2d ago · · · The Filly ·


Hellz I'd try, but I have no talent at all.  And take all the time in the world.  Your writing is delightful, I have to agree, chapter two was *slightly* more delightful than three.

Still awesome though.

#41 · 102w, 4d ago · · · The Filly ·

Great cliffhanger ending, now back to patiently awaiting another chapter. :pinkiehappy:

#42 · 102w, 2d ago · · · The Angel ·

So much stuff going on... and I don't understand half of it... I love this story, even if it's a friggan Dream-scape trip.

#43 · 102w, 2d ago · · · The Angel ·

There is so much anticipation here, I don't even think I can handle it. Really great work, looking forward to the next chapter!

#44 · 102w, 2d ago · · · The Angel ·

I still have no idea what is going on

#45 · 102w, 2d ago · 1 · · The Angel ·

So, are they going to need Rarity's soul gem to pull Rosetta out of the diary?

#46 · 102w, 2d ago · · · The Angel ·

This better not be the last chapter, or else I will be haunted by this mystery forever.

#47 · 102w, 2d ago · · · The Angel ·

I liked this chapter, but like the others are saying, it's kind of hard to follow, and the way you worded the ending in the last chapter, it seemed like Stella was the angel. That's what I was expecting coming into this, but it was obviously something different.

Overall I really like the idea of this story. It just needs to be explained a little better, or approached from an understandable angle.

#48 · 102w, 2d ago · · · The Angel ·

... Kinda got lost on this chapter.

Curious how this will end. Also want to know how long Twilight has been asleep and where the diary came from in the first place. Also, how is Cadance involved?

#49 · 102w, 2d ago · · · The Angel ·

So, my chapter was received exactly how I thought it would be.


I still have no idea what is going on

I think this sums it up best. I may have gone a bit overboard on the surrealism, but it was my hope to leave the reader confused and disoriented.

Stay tuned. It will be a week or two before I update, but I'm getting to the part I've been waiting forever to write. It should be super fun and much easier to follow.

#50 · 102w, 2d ago · · · The Angel ·

:fluttercry: I really liked Pete...

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