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One day, Apple Bloom starts to wonder about her zebra friend's past. Why did Zecora leave her home to come all the way to Equestria's Everfree Forest? How did she become so skilled in brewing potions?

After some consideration, Zecora decides to tell the filly of her early life, and how one zebra ended up changing Zecora's life forever.

Cover image is photoshopped by me using the following art:





First Published
18th Jan 2012
Last Modified
30th Jan 2012

Please let me know whether or not I'm getting Apple Bloom's accent right. I'll need to be really good at it for a later story.

I think your doin g her accent right, that being said, PLEASE CONTINUE!!


For the record, Apple Bloom's accent is perfect. The emphasis is on what they should be, and the apostrophes are used with care. One question, out of curiosity, how do these naming conventions work? One zebra is named Zecora, and the next is named unpronounceably Ngu'mfalme. And those delightfully evil sounding forbidden potions... :pinkiecrazy: *wants recipes*

Adios, my friend, until we meet again;

AmorphousEnigma :eeyup:


To be honest, all of the names are just taken from the Swahili Google Translater :twilightblush:

Ngu'mfalme is a combination of a word I don't remember :facehoof: and "king" (mfalme).

Maisha means "life".

Maanalama is a combination of "Maana" and "Alama", respectively "Meaning" and "Mark".

Mstajiji is a combination of "Mstari" and "Kijiji", which means "Stripe" and "Village" (Not that original, no.)

Next chapter will be introducing Kweli, which means "The truth".

I think that's everything...

Hope it cleared things up! :pinkiehappy:

WOW, amazing fic dude! Can't wait for the next update! I liek the cool history for zecora and how applebloom is her best friend


You're pretty good at her accent.


“And Ah didn’t know you were the best potion brewer in your home!” Apple Bloom said, still excited. “I mean, even Rarity’s dresses ain’t as popular as them potions you made

"I mean" :facehoof:


Oh god, NO! Don't read this! :rainbowlaugh:

I haven't even looked at this thing for more than a year. I'm afraid of what I'll see :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

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