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  • Sorority Among Thieves
    A young filly named Accident is abandoned in the streets of Canterlot, before being taken under the wing of a burglar who trains her to be a master thief. Adorableness and hilarity ensues.

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  • Hitmare
    Rainbow Dash is ruthlessly pranked as part of an evil revenge plot. The Mane 6 try and find the hitmare and the mastermind.
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  • Hug's Warming Eve
    Shadow, a young teenage burglar, enacts a yearly Hearth's Warming ritual that she's kept secret from her big sister. This year, however, Sky's going to find out where she goes ever Hearth's Warming Eve.
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"Oh, this is going to be a marvellous challenge!" Rarity smiled, grabbing a quill and notepad off of a nearby desk. "Now then, why don't you tell me all about this prankster of yours?"

"Is this really necessary? Can't you just untie me for a teensy bit?"

"That depends. Are you going to run up the stairs and hide again?"


"Then you can stay there. We've got a lot of work to do." Rarity laughed, not unkindly, as Pinkie struggled against the bedsheets that had been used to tie her to a chair. "So then, Rainbow my dear, what do we know for sure about this prankster of yours? Anything at all!"

"Well, I think it could be Twilight." Rainbow said slowly. "Whoever she is, she can walk on clouds! I mean, she messed with my house!"

"I guess that means that she's some kind of pegasus, doesn't it?" Rarity tapped a hoof on her chin as she scribbled furiously.

"Yeah, or somepony who knows the walk on clouds spell!" Rainbow fumed. "I'm telling you, it was Twilight! She's had something against me ever since I busted her library!"

"Bear in mind that that crash did put a few ponies in hospital, and you wrecked Twilight's copy of Commentaries on the Equestrian Xarxes or whatever it was."

"So what? She's got, like, four of those books!" Rainbow protested.

"They're antiques, dear. You really do have to learn to be more careful around ponies' things when you're practising tricks, you know!"

"I know, I know..." said Rainbow dismissively. "Look, can we get back to who's doing this?"

"Oh certainly!" Rarity shook her head and started intently scribbling again. "So we have Twilight as a possible suspect...fascinating. Who else could it be?"

"Well...it might be Fluttershy instead," Rainbow admitted. "or Applejack..."

"Or me!" put in Pinkie. Rainbow and Rarity ignored her.

"So what you're telling me," Rarity frowned, "is that all of your friends are potential suspects?"

The blue pegasus nodded, not looking her in the eye.

"I...see..." Rarity fought back an outburst. "Well, I said I was going to help you, and that's exactly what I intend to do. Now, let's think about this. Fluttershy wouldn't take much persuasion before she told you, and Applejack can't lie...I mean she really can't lie...she's terrible at it. That leaves Twilight as the one who would stand up to interrogation the longest, but I think I can help with that..."


"Of course, she's intelligent, so she'll likely see through it if we try to trick her into telling the truth. I wonder if we can get her to confess some other way..."


"I bet Spike would tell us if something's going on, though!" Rarity grinned. "I bet he'd spill the beans if we offered him a few choice gemstones!"

The unicorn's horn glowed, idly pulling Pinkie, who had been trying to escape by hopping away on her chair, back to where she started.

"So do you think there's a chance we can get the dirt on Twilight?" Rainbow Dash asked excitedly.

"Trust me," Rarity smiled kindly. "when we get Spike to talk, her whole game's going to be laid bare, and her pranking days will be over!"

"Great! So how do we get Spike away from Twilight so we can talk to him without her finding out?"

"I was just getting to that. It's going to require some finesse, grace, careful timing! It may also involve a gem on a fishing rod." Rarity added, reluctant to ruin the mystique of her grand plan.

"Ha! I love it! When can we start?" Rainbow Dash leapt into the air with excitement.

"Well, we can do it tomorrow when we've all rested properly. Until then..." Rarity looked around at Pinkie. "We can always give each other makeovers."

"Um, no thanks! I'm really super-okay, honest!" Pinkie grinned widely as the two mares advanced on her, hairbrushes raised. She struggled fruitlessly to escape her chair. "No, I really don't need a makeover! Makeovers are for girls! No! Noooo! GUMMY! SAVE MEEEEEEEEEE!"

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#1 · 82w, 4d ago · 2 · ·

i was actually aiming for spike to be the prankster but maybe not

#2 · 82w, 4d ago · 1 · ·

Agent 42.

Equestria's greatest prankster and universal parallel to Agent 47.

#3 · 79w, 6d ago · · ·

>>2292839 You give sage advice, Himntor.

I have to admit, I'm aware that there were slight slip-ups with the writing of some of these chapters (especially when you cross-reference submission times with NZ time zones), but that is incredibly helpful advice that I'm going to put to good use. The purpose of this story was to give some laughs and get me back into the habit of writing, and being told what works and what would work better is absolutely invaluable.

Thanks very much, mate!

#4 · 79w, 6d ago · · ·

"Commentaries on the Equestrian Xarxes "

Omgosh, Oblivion reference. 10/10.

#5 · 79w, 6d ago · · ·

>>2292894 YUSS! Someone has spotted the Oblivion reference! Bravo sir! Bravo!

#6 · 79w, 6d ago · · ·


I'd never miss Oblivion references, was a great game. :ajsmug:

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