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  • Sorority Among Thieves
    A young filly named Accident is abandoned in the streets of Canterlot, before being taken under the wing of a burglar who trains her to be a master thief. Adorableness and hilarity ensues.

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    Shadow, a young teenage burglar, enacts a yearly Hearth's Warming ritual that she's kept secret from her big sister. This year, however, Sky's going to find out where she goes ever Hearth's Warming Eve.
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Rainbow Dash wasn't used to getting visitors. There were certainly plenty of fans and admirers in Ponyville, no doubt about that. Plenty of ponies liked her. She could clear the sky faster than any other pegasus, and she helped around the town on the rare occasions that she was awake or not practising new tricks (taking care to remain out of shouting distance from Applejack, who would only ask her to help with the apple harvest or watering the trees, and that was so boring.)

And yet now, for the first time in months, Rainbow could hear somepony tapping on her door. She cautiously approached her front door, unsure about how these things work.

"Hey! Who's...there?" Rainbow asked as she flung wide the door.

Before her lay nothing but open sky, and the rolling hills of Equestria below.

Oh, and a big pink present, wrapped with a large yellow ribbon.

The bright blue pegasus looked around, poking her head beneath the clouds and searching the sky for any indication that anypony had been there. Nothing. Everywhere seemed eerily quiet.

Taking another cursory glance at the present, she spotted a little card tied to the ribbon. Rainbow opened it and read:

From your secret admirer.

It was written in the most ridiculously loopy hoofwriting she'd ever seen. Egghead stuff. It all made sense now! A secret admirer! Poor thing. Must have been too shy to speak to her themselves, so they left a present! Of course, it must be pretty difficult to work up the courage to talk to the greatest flier in all of Equestria.

Rainbow Dash squealed with delight. Hopefully whoever it was would introduce themselves soon. It was always nice to meet a new fan.

Maybe their present to her would be a clue! Ooooh, this was going to be awesome!

Eagerly, she pulled the lid off the box, and was caught in the face by a water balloon, which exploded all over her. The pegasus leapt into the air before she realised that her wings were now too sopping wet to work properly, so she came crashing down into her front porch again.

Rainbow shook herself and flapped her wings a few times to try and get some of the water out. Her mane was in her eyes and it was practically impossible to see, but within the box she could spy a perfectly-placed spring.

A spring-loaded water balloon in a box? There was only ONE pony in Ponyville who could pull off a stunt like that.

And, added Rainbow as she blew her mane out of her face, walk on clouds without being a pegasus.

"Pinkie Pie." she muttered.

* *   *

The weather was predictably perfect in Ponyville that day. It was only a few days since this year's Winter Wrap-Up, and the sun was shining more brightly than it had done in months. There was nowhere for a bright pink pony to hide around here. As Rainbow soared over the town, she peered into every corner and behind every building like a hawk searching for prey.

Well, she wasn't out in the streets. That much was clear.

Rainbow landed just outside Sugarcube Corner and poked her head inside the stable door. Only Mr and Mrs Cake were at the counter.

"Oh, hi there Rainbow Dash! What can I do for you?" Mr Cake waved.

"Sssssh!" she hissed back, opening the door as quietly as possible and sneaking up to the counter. The Cakes stared at her.

"Is Pinkie Pie here?" Rainbow whispered.

"No dear, I haven't seen her all day." Mrs Cake smiled nervously.

"Interesting..." Rainbow stroked her chin with a hoof, and backed out of the shop. "If you see her, you come straight to me, got it?"

"All righty then!" Mr Cake said, keeping an incredibly fixed smile on his face. When the pegasus was well and truly gone, he turned to his wife.

"Did she have a whole bandolier of water balloons on her back?"

"I think she did."


And without another word, the couple decided that perhaps now would be a good time to close up shop for the day.

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