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  • T Observations and Motivations

    Twilight Sparkle has located Starswirl the Bearded's journal, a document that disappeared along with him at the beginning of the Classical era. This is the Secret history of Starswirl the Banished.  · Tolerance
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  • T Observations and Preservations

    The final puzzle solved, Twilight Sparkle discovers that everything she's ever known is wrong.
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  • T Motivations: Relics of Antiquity

    Spike tries to discover what happened to some artifacts that Starswirl mentions in his journal: Dragon Eggs
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  • T Observations and Motivations

    Twilight Sparkle has located Starswirl the Bearded's journal, a document that disappeared along with him at the beginning of the Classical era. This is the Secret history of Starswirl the Banished.
    12,354 words · 223 views  ·  7  ·  0
  • E Penumbra: The Toll of Arrogance

    So soon after the founding of Equestria, Celestia must face down an army that lies hidden in shadow. After years of preparation and planning, Celestia must face an opponent she never saw coming.
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  • 46w, 6d
    Story Finished.

    The final chapter of Motivations has been published, bringing the finale to a story arc that now weighs in at over 90 k words!  I've learned quite a bit from my first foray into writing fanfiction, or anything substantial for that matter, and now that I've finished my stories here, I feel compelled to continue writing, albeit on projects outside of MLP. I would, however, like thank all of you who read this for keeping this fandom awesome.

    Keep up the spectacular work!

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  • 64w, 6d
    New Short Story

    Decided to take a little break from Relics for a bit and make a little Action-filled story while I switch gears. Penumbra is a take on events after Discord's reign a thousand years ago, and the events of MLP:FiM, while remaining consistent with events of my Observations series.

    Salutations and some such,


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  • 76w, 1d
    School's out!

    Now that Finals are over, I'll finally be able to get back into writing. Today alone I've already put another 3000+ words into the second chapter of Motivations: Relics of Antiquity, so I'm starting to get some semblance of a rough draft now.

    With any luck, I might be able to get the next part knocked out within a week or two!

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  • 84w, 4d
    New story to be posted soon.

    As promised, I've began my continuation of Starswirl's stories of old. I'm glad to inform you all that I've finished writing the first chapter of the side story, clocking in at over 8000 words so far. This means that editing is going to take a little longer than normal, so bear with me.

    Story arc, check.

    Cover art, check.

    Starswirl being awesome, double-check.

    Chapter one, check.

    Chapter two, in progress.

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  • 88w, 2d

        "The rules that govern our society, in regards to magic, do not necessarily hold back our understanding of the world around us. Our strict adherence to those rules, however, does." ~Starswirl the Bearded (as reported by Clover the Clever.)

    One of the things I like most about the MLP:FiM series, is the sheer number of characters that they've given fans to work with. Oh how I love to explore mystery and intrigue surrounding a character such as Starswirl.

    That's why, once I finish up editing the final portion of the Observations story arc, I plan on continuing Starswirl's portion of Motivations. After all, I think the poor guy needs a break after it was revealed that he was never able to max out his friendship stat. Yes, I'm looking at you Season 3 finale. (I'm pretty sure it's not entirely his fault... mostly...)  

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A pony calling himself Stein approaches Twilight about her research into her friends ability called 'Pinkie Sense', stating that it might be the key to his research. After observing Stein's odd behavior, and his penchant for avoiding answers, Twilight enlists the help of her mentor and her friends to help her decide whether or not she should help him.

Continued in Observations and Motivations!

First Published
20th Dec 2012
Last Modified
20th Dec 2012

Approaching the story in the form of a letter made for an interesting concept, one that does neatly erase any problems surrounding understanding of some of the concepts introduced in the narrative. I enjoyed the overall plot of the piece, but it took till chapter three to truly get into the story. Had it not been written as a letter, it would have felt too fast paced.

>>1830031 Thanks for the criticism! I did feel that it was necessary to avoid lengthy descriptions of some of the concepts I've used. I tend to get overly technical otherwise.:twilightblush: I'm glad you've enjoyed the piece though, and will work on my pacing for any future stories.

Guess who it is!

Well done with the story. I truly enjoyed it!

>>1847243 Appreciate the help and the Fave. Now it's time for me to get back to work...:derpytongue2:

#5 · 100w, 2d ago · · · Day One ·

The Cousin of Stone? I guess that name's going to be significant later on!

Very good transcript.


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