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  • T Observations and Motivations

    Twilight Sparkle has located Starswirl the Bearded's journal, a document that disappeared along with him at the beginning of the Classical era. This is the Secret history of Starswirl the Banished.  · Tolerance
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A pony calling himself Stein approaches Twilight about her research into her friends ability called 'Pinkie Sense', stating that it might be the key to his research. After observing Stein's odd behavior, and his penchant for avoiding answers, Twilight enlists the help of her mentor and her friends to help her decide whether or not she should help him.

Continued in Observations and Motivations!

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20th Dec 2012
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20th Dec 2012

Approaching the story in the form of a letter made for an interesting concept, one that does neatly erase any problems surrounding understanding of some of the concepts introduced in the narrative. I enjoyed the overall plot of the piece, but it took till chapter three to truly get into the story. Had it not been written as a letter, it would have felt too fast paced.

>>1830031 Thanks for the criticism! I did feel that it was necessary to avoid lengthy descriptions of some of the concepts I've used. I tend to get overly technical otherwise.:twilightblush: I'm glad you've enjoyed the piece though, and will work on my pacing for any future stories.

Guess who it is!

Well done with the story. I truly enjoyed it!

>>1847243 Appreciate the help and the Fave. Now it's time for me to get back to work...:derpytongue2:

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The Cousin of Stone? I guess that name's going to be significant later on!

Very good transcript.


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