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  • 58w, 2d
    Aurorals - What the hell am I up to?

    Hidelihodeli, readerinoes!

    Just thought I'd let you know what I've been doing, and what's coming up next:

    - I've been helping Steel with the latest chapter of his utterly adorable and ongoing shipping masterpiece, Green. Basically just going over that puppy with a fine-toothed comb. (Spoiler alert: it's a beast! Absolutely massive I mean, and chockfull of epic situational comedy and Rarity goodness. So definitely be on the look-out for that one!)

    - I've written another little story, based on the prompt 'Pregnant,' for the Flarity group collab.

    - I've just updated another long-neglected member of my minuscule repertoire of inconsistently-updated stories, Morrow. It's only a small update, I'm afraid -- a little over 2000 words -- especially after all this time, but, erm, it's better than nothing, right? After discovering how effective I can be when given just a few hours to write something, I'm planning on doing a little experiment with this particular story, writing small new chapters, encompassing a single scene, over the course of only a few hours. And just... seeing where I end up, basically? Hopefully that should help me be more productive with the limited time I have available to me...

    - I'm going to work on the rewrite of chapter 3 of Nosing & Tasting next. I've been doing a lot of brainstorming with friends, and I've already been going over the previous two chapters and retconning a few things, to better fit with the new intended direction of the story. It probably won't be the last chapter, either...

    Well, see you guys later!

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  • 61w, 4d
    Aurorals - Flarity mini-fic by yours truly

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  • 61w, 5d
    Nosing & Tasting - Revisions?

    Ask any of my friends and fellow authors, and they'd probably tell you that one of the biggest downsides of being (vaguely) acquainted with me is that, every single time I'm about to publish something, I invariably turn to one of them in the middle of a pre-publishing nervous breakdown, utterly convinced that I've just written the worst thing ever. :raritydespair:

    Yesterday night was no different. Only this time, it just so happened that nobody in my motley crew of cloppy co-conspirators really had the time or energy to have a quick look at Aurora's Latest Potential Fiasco. Alas! I ended up publishing it anyway, of course, because I was already way behind my promised deadline and because I'm a blithering idiot. I'd been struggling with some parts of this chapter for so long that I really just couldn't wait to release it into the wild, allowing me to finally start working on one of the many other half-baked projects I have lined up.

    But wouldn't you know it: this also happened to be the one time where -- judging by some of the more vitriolic comments, at least -- I actually succeeded at writing the worst thing ever!

    Uh... Go me? :twilightsheepish:

    But seriously, yeah, this latest update received some pretty harsh criticism -- some of it, I think, needlessly so.

    (If it was, in fact, the goal of some of you to make me feel terrible about myself and my writing, or to make me seriously consider just giving up and sticking to editing for others only, then... Well, congratulations guys, you did a stellar job. )

    But these surprising outbursts of anger and disappointment did make me think; they made me realize I must've really screwed up this time. And it didn't take me long to see why. Especially not after reading some of the more considerate, constructive and insightful comments that followed, and after conferring with a dear friend of mine.

    You were all completely right, of course. I fucked up.

    I didn't take obvious reader expectations into account, and I failed to provide accurate trigger warnings up front to prevent people from perhaps becoming invested in a slowly-updating, multi-chapter story that might eventually come to include content they would not enjoy. But really, the worst thing I did was to rush this chapter out too quickly, making the stupid mistake -- out of frustration at being unable to come up with sufficiently erotic scenarios for these two to engage in -- of writing in a sex scene which, while fairly hot, was in complete dissonance with the emotional backdrop, and really just had no place in the story. It was all pretty glaringly obvious in retrospect, but I'd somehow lost sight of the big picture due to writer's block. I hadn't even originally planned to put it in there, it just... It was easier for me to write, given my own sexual preferences.

    I'm sorry.

    So... I unpublished the chapter for now, given that I'm unhappy with it, too. I'm going to try and fix it -- if I can. Probably with the help of other, more talented individuals.

    Because I actually care about this bloody story. Because I poured a not-insignificant, deeply personal part of myself into it.

    And because... *blinks slowly* I-I love you guys... You, you know that, right? *hiccup* :pinkiesad2:

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  • 61w, 6d
    Aurorals: Nosing & Tasting completed

    Hey, are you sitting down right now? Good. 'Cause I just finished a story I wrote.

    Yeah, I know, I know, it's completely unbelievable: Aurora just changed one of her stories' statuses (statii?) to 'Completed?!' NO WAI!

    (I'll just give you all a moment to process this shocking fact, and would like to assure you that, no, it is not, in fact, the end of the world as we know it, and that, to the best of my knowledge, dogs and cats are not currently living together -- YET.)

    And the best part is that I totally did it with the deadline I set for myself beforehand, too!

    :facehoof: "Ahem..."

    Oh no...

    :twilightsmile: "You said you'd be done yesterday. You totally missed your deadline." *shakes her head* "Tardy."

    Well, I, uh... At least I stayed within my self-allotted number of words?

    :twilightoops: "No you didn't; you were supposed to stick to around 6000 words per chapter. This last one is, according to my calculations, easily 31% larger than that."

    Guh... Well, I hope you all enjoy the epic conclusion regardless. Nag...

    :twilightangry2: "I heard that!"

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  • 62w, 1d
    Aurora Orations: Nosing & Tasting

    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the delay on getting this one out; I really wasn't feeling the sexy for a while there. Just wanted to let you know that the final chapter of Nosing Ampersand and Tasting is now sitting pretty at around 5600 words -- very close to the projected length of roughly 6000 words per chapter, in other words -- and should be finished by tomorrow. Just need to put on the finishing touches and give it all a good once-over to make the eventual publication (slightly) less embarrassing.

    Which, incidentally, does mean that I've just produced another 18000-plus-word epistle consisting of nothing but shameless My Little Pony smut...

    As you can imagine, I'm very proud.

    One of these days though, I'll manage to actually write a short short story. You'll see.

    PS: I see you, Steel Resolve, with your clever little thematic title to spruce up these unavoidable, boring and generic story-update blogs. "State of Resolve..." Man, wish I could've thought of that one! Well, two can play that game: "Aurora Orations," bitches! Or "Aurorations," if you will. It's funny 'cause my name is "Aurora," see, and that's really only one letter away from ending in "oral" -- which, as you know, I'm totally fond of, and I forgot where I was going with this.

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  • ...

(5 stars on EQD, yay!) Frustrated with repeated failures, Rainbow Dash reluctantly calls upon the aid of her friends to help her push the envelope. Hijinks ensue. But making the impossible possible, while neglecting other things, may have unforeseen consequences and sunder her from those for whom she cares the most.

Art commissioned for the story is by the wonderful artists tt-n and FruitBloodMilkaShake. Prereaders: Starfall & Steel Resolve

(Please note: looking back at the earlier chapters now, it's easy to spot countless little editing mistakes I made. Please don't let this deter you too much; I do get a little better somewhere along the line. And hopefully I'll continue improving in that department.)

First Published
6th Nov 2011
Last Modified
8th Sep 2013

Not bad, not bad at all. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for the comment. ^.^ Chapter 3 is coming along nicely!

#3 · 162w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 1: Cold open ·

I love this - I know how Rainbow Dash shows her loyal, sensitive, almost mother-like side.  I'm usually not a Dash fan, but I really could get into this. :twilightsmile: Five stars!

Great chapter.


Dammit Rarity!

Moar is being delivered; I'm hoping to publish the fourth chapter tomorrow, or the day after at the latest.

Thank you all for the kind ratings and comments. :twilightsmile:

Why I didn't know Applejack was so witty. This was delightful to read, and I'm certainly going to continue with the next chapter now.


I hope I wasn't out of character with her (or anypony else). :applejackunsure:

I'm glad you liked it, though; I hope you'll also enjoy the subsequent chapters!

AWESOME! Keep 'em coming, mate. It'll stop me from having an emotional breakdown between delayed episodes :fluttercry:

#11 · 155w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·


Thanks, guy! I sincerely hope the continuous delays between chapters have not left you an emotional wreck. :twilightsheepish:

Just two more chapters to go. I'll try not to be TAR-DEEE. :twilightoops:

#12 · 155w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·

Holy...! That's one hell of a chapter! I want more!

#13 · 154w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·

@_@ So much happened in this chapter!

Need Moar!:rainbowkiss:

#14 · 154w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·

VERY well written. The characters fit perfectly, and the style makes it pleasant to read. This is great, keep it up!

blue in the face *face desk*

Haha, oh Rarity, you have the worst timing.  :facehoof:

#17 · 154w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·

And now suddenly I see Spitfire or Fluttershy doing a heroic sacrifice. D :

#18 · 154w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·

I'm enjoying this story. A LOT. You do a great job of staying in character, keeping the show's charming humor, not to mention the fact that Twilight's theory was pure genius. I never thought about it, but it really does make sense of a few things. And the fact that Flutterdash is my favorite pairing is just the icing on the cupcake.

Fair warning though. This cliffhanger is fantastic, but If you kill off Fluttershy, I swear to Celestia,manly tears of sorrow WILL be shed. You have been warned...

Until then, take my 5 stars. Actually, take twenty of them.

#20 · 154w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·

>>26478 What, no love for the pony going supersonic speeds with the nickname Rainbow Crash? Fluttershy isn't exactly the one everypony's worried about...

#21 · 154w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·


Point taken. I think it's pretty clear nobody wants ANYpony to die. The suspense is killing me. :raritycry:

#22 · 153w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·

:applecry: dont die rainbow dash...

#23 · 153w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·

at first I was like :derpyderp2:

but then I :fluttercry:


#24 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·



#25 · 152w, 20h ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·

liking it very much... save for one thing

WHYYYYYY did you have to put a tragedy tag in there ? now my mind is comming up with all sorts of ways this could go wrong :pinkiesad2:

#26 · 146w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 5: Epic Hail ·

Cliffhanger...why?! Plus that tragedy tag...What next? I'm really looking forwards to how this ends! It's been really fantastic so far. Will there be updates?


keep going

Oh Hey! Update. Now i need to read the whole story over again from the beginning so that this makes more sense. Thanks for not giving up on this story even after all that has happened.

Some wonderful twists and turns.  I think I have ideas of the way you are headed...  but you've taken it several steps further than I expected.  Bravo.

So glad to see this amazing, superbly written story updated--and on today of all day's! It just made the best day ever even better. Thank you so much!

The chapter was awesomely written and really tugged at the heartstrings. Well done.





keepit up brony

Yay, another update on one of the stories I very much enjoy that hasn't been updated in a long time :pinkiehappy:

Excellent chapter for it to update with too

I am very glad that I am stilll able to keep all you wonderful readers guessing thus far. I am not quite done twisting and tugging yet, fortunately.

Thank you very much for sticking with me. There are two more chapters and an epilogue left to go. Here's to hoping I will not disappoint.

"During the reign of Discord it had been a churning mass of foaming maelstroms and towering waves (and occasionally lemonade),"

Great line, haha, so glad this story is back! :rainbowlaugh:

Ooh I just found this and I LOVE it. I have a couple guesses about what it might be.... but I need more because I'm probably wrong!!!!! Please more fast!



I'm curious to see if people are guessing correctly as to where this is all going. I managed to put at least a little foreshadowing in there.


My apologies for taking so long, forcing you to re-read the whole thing. :fluttershysad:

(I recently did that, too, since I was totally out of it. Had to fight really hard to keep myself from just rewriting the whole thing.)


There is absolutely no reason you should be apologizing. LIFE happened. It happens to everybody at least once. I don't care that it took forever for an update to occur I care that an update happened. You have absolutely no reason to be sorry for things that were entirely beyond your control. So long as the story eventually finishes I'll wait as long as it takes.


Such kind words.. :twilightsmile:

It seems I also have some catching up to do where the cartoon is concerned!


Ah, I still feel bad about it though. But, point taken. Thank you. <3

The story will finish; that I can promise. It's important to me.

Oh wow, it's been a while. I had almost forgotten about this when the new chapter appeared!

Guessing, huh? My guess is that Rainbow is somehow unable to slow down. Just like Twilight couldn't stop her magic during her entrance exam. The glowing eyes point at this. :rainbowderp:


It certainly has.. Thank you for remembering! :twilightsmile:

And about your guess: *mumbles something about not wanting to spoil anything*

UPDATE NAO! :flutterrage:

It's been quite a while since an update. Pweeze?

Any chance of an update soon?

Guh, how did I miss a new chapter for so long? :pinkiegasp:

I read this whole chapter hoping RD wasn't dea...gone forever.

So much for that plan...

Also, UPDATE PLEASE, DON'T LEAVE US HANGING!:flutterrage: I mean, if you don't mind...:fluttershysad:

This an amazing but sad story. I can't wait to see more. Poor Fluttershy... I hope she gets to she her Dashie again soon :fluttercry::heart::rainbowkiss:

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