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    The Crystal Key

    Hello fan fiction readers! As some are aware I'm currently writing Daring Do and The Crystal Key, which is currently incomplete and the next chater update will be soon...ish, right now I'm interested to know what people think. This story is, yes I know, very Indiana Jones and there will be more chases, eventually they will get to a temples with traps and so forth. Also, it is more than likely to be more than one story here folks with Daring Do and the Summer Scroll (working title) but back to the point, what do people think or feel about the story as it stands now?

    At the moment I do have a proof reader so I will be going back I've and editing spelling/grammar errors, also if any one is interested to do some drawings, I myself would like to see what people think the Crystal Key looks like,  yes I know I've given a vuage description of it but still, allows a little freedom of imagination xD. Also if its really good it will probably be used as picture for the story.

    Also whilst we are here, any questions about my work, please feel free to ask away!

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Apple Bloom's party is coming up soon, and Diamond Tiara is making fun of Apple Bloom always having baby parties. In annoyance Apple Bloom blurts out that she is going to have DJ Pon-3 at her party, the only trouble is that this is a lie! With hardly any time before her party, Apple Bloom and her friends have to try and find a way of not only getting DJ Pon-3 to the party, but also getting everything ready for her arrival. If she arrives.

First Published
16th Dec 2012
Last Modified
16th Dec 2012
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(Joke) Alt. Title: Party Cloudy: Cutie Mark Crusader DJ Getters YAY!!!

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I really liked reading this.  Good job! :pinkiehappy:

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lol, need moar likes

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The way this story is written leaves much to be desired, but is still a story you get past some of the unusually wording.

#8 · 57w, 6h ago · · ·

Ugh! Celestia, you and your weakness for cake!:facehoof:

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Remember, Celestia: The Cake is a Lie...

:facehoof: :twilightblush:

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