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  • The Gift-Giver
    Celestia invites Twilight to a small mountain hamlet. Hoping to bond with her student and to reintroduce her to the joy of foal hood tales and fantasy.

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  • Delicate Negotiations
    Celestia and the Saddle Arabian Amira discuss their relationship and something more blossoms.
    9,170 words · 719 views · 61 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Noblesse Oblige
    Written for the Lunaverse monthly writing event. Trixie has a rather rude awakening on what she expected to be a relaxing day off; it seems being a knight comes with some extra responsibilities she didn't expect.
    6,367 words · 432 views · 30 likes · 2 dislikes
  • From The Depths
    In a bid for the terrible power of the Flashstone Amulet, Corona has released an ancient evil & set it loose upon the capital of Cavallia & Princess Cadence is forced to defend her home alone against a power that toppled ancient empires &
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  • (Draft) Parasprites in The City
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  • Red Magicians Last Adventure
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This fic is set in RDDs Lunaverse and is sort of a prologue prequel fic. it's actually part of a larger fic I hope to make canon one day but until the Gala wraps up, I can't make much progress with the overall story, so I shall instead go with RDDs suggestion to just post this part of the story.

I hope anyone who reads this enjoys Red Magicians Last Adventure!

Comments and critiques would be greatly appreciated.

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3rd Dec 2012
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3rd Dec 2012

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um sorry is that a good GIF or a bad GIF?  

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>>1730920 Sorta a mix of both.

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IC, well comment and critiques would be greatly appreciated.

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>>1730929 I'll go for the morning, right now I'm a bit tired.

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Well I'm glad to see that you haven't given up entirely on this.

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There are a lot of spelling errors, minor grammatical errors, and just areas that you should really expand. That said it was an interesting story and it seems like they'll be a pretty interesting story to be told once we get into the main part of it. But it really seems like you could use a good pre-readers think that'd help things out a lot. Still did capture my interest and thanks for sharing.

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thanks, this is actually the oldest chapter so out of all the written ones it probably needed " re editing" the most :twilightblush:

thanks for commenting I'm glad you found it interesting. :pinkiehappy:

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The ritual had to be stopped, "no matter the cost".

You got the touch! You got the power!

That alone made the story worth it. Aside from the numerous spelling and grammar errors (already mentioned, I know), this story seems to be all about Red Mage stroking his ego. No offense, but this level of arrogance and self-aggrandizing leaves me a little annoyed.

Still! It has potential to be fun, if we get a more humble protagonist. And you get a good proofreader.

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Yes! someone got it! :pinkiehappy: you win the internet

My futures stories should be more proof read than this one, in regards to RM well his arrogance is not necessarily meant to make him likeable, but he was described to me as sort of a Trixie like persona, so this is what we got, sorry :scootangel:

I'll try to make a more humble protagonist next time :pinkiehappy:

thank you for reading and reviewing I really appreciate it!  

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