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  • E Memories We Never Had

    On a cloudy day, four friends find refuge at Rarity's Boutique over a barrel of cider and reminisce of a life not truly their own.
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  • E A Package for Scootaloo

    Scootaloo loves to watch Rainbow Dash train, but she's interrupted by Derpy, Ponyville's mailmare.
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  • T The Literary Appeal

    Cheerilee gets an unexpected invitation from Ponyville's librarian, but her mother has other plans.
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  • E The Time We Have Now

    Rainbow Dash is accepted into the Wonderbolts, but one pony sees their time is running out.
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  • E Hop, Skip, and a Jump!

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  • E Friendship is Rubbish!

    Three of Equestria's most famous presenters are in for a hefty task for their season premiere.
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  • E Discord's Reign

    Discord was free for some time before the ponies got organized...
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  • E Eggheads

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  • 12w, 19h
    I have internet again!

    Yes, no more spotty, sometimes-esque web issues , pervasive roommates and borrowed laptops. While the desktop remains not -mine, it cannot disappear so easily.

    I look forward to reentering the digital age. And this was posted from my phone. Some punctuation related errors are to be expected.

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  • 17w, 4d
    I wrote something. "Can We Talk?"

    Here. I wrote a something a little while back. I've attached it here because I was working through some emotions at the time and I don't know where my mind was, but this is what's there and I really like it. I wish I knew what I was thinking as far as where I wanted it to go, but I feel if I do get wind of where I want to take this, I feel like you'll see this show up properly.

    As for The Literary Appeal, I actually need to read it again myself so I can remember all my plot threads. We're in the third act and I need to start remembering where everyone is and why so I can tie up my loose ends. Oh, and guess who shows up for the first time? I'll give you a hint: She's my favorite pony.


    “Applejack, can we talk?”


    “Applejack, can we talk?”

    “Sure thing, sugarcube. What do you want to talk about?”

    Applejack, can we talk?”

    Applejack turned, suddenly aware of the blackness that surrounded her. “I… who’s there?”

    “You still don’t know, do you?” The voice was isolated, and Applejack spun around. Her world felt dizzy. “After all this time you still don’t know me.”

    “I’m sorry!” Applejack felt cold. It grasped at her heart and pulled her down to her knees, locking her into the ground. “Ah didn’t mean to– to—” To what, exactly? She felt hot tears on her cheeks, and relief from where it boiled.

    “You never mean to. It’s hard to mean anything. Heart on your hoof, and yet is anypony in your heart?”

    Applejack’s eyebrows narrowed, her hoof stomping against the blackness. “Now you listen here, my family is in my heart. Apple Bloom, Big Mac, Granny Smith! I let ponies in—”

    “Why won’t you say my name?”

    Stepping back, Applejack’s ears fell to the side of her head. “I, what?”

    “Applejack. Can we talk?”


    Kicking against her sheets, Applejack dragged herself up. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she felt her eyes raw with salt. “Third time this week,” she grumbled, her voice cracking. Slipping out of her bed, she walked toward the window, watching the sun just beyond the mountains starting to peek through the summits, a stubborn blanket wrapped around her leg as she dragged it with her. She sighed and violently kicked about until the offending fabric released its hold. As the rays of the sun reached her windowsill, Applejack thanked Celestia that at least this time she woke up at a proper time.

    Heading downstairs, Applejack was unsurprised to see Big Mac already seated at the table, reading from yesterday’s newspaper and wearing a small pair of reading glasses. He sat himself alongside the window, letting the first light of day illuminate the paper. Applejack silently passed him, her mind focused on breakfast. Big Mac looked over his glasses and grunted as she walked by. Applejack grunted back. Picking himself up, Big Mac disappeared up the stairs, which suited Applejack just fine.

    She was determined not to burn breakfast this time. She lit the logs under the stovetop and set to work, every movement measured and every ingredient gathered in order. As she worked, Big Mac re-entered the kitchen. She paused only a moment, trying not to let his silence bother her. They’d been through this the last two mornings. They’d talk about it, nothing would get done, and Applejack would spend the day overthinking something that was fake. Imaginary.

    Applejack looked briefly toward Big Mac. She glowered. But before she could look away, Big Mac reached out and placed her hat on her head. “Forgot yer hat,” he said, turning to walk away. “Come on to tha’ living room and I’ll do yer hair up the way you like it.”

    “Good morning to you too,” she spat. She realized that her mane fell to either side of her face, painting her the picture of a petulant teen. “Ah can’t, I’ll burn breakfast.”

    “Breakfast’s burnt already. Ain’t a good mornin’ an’ you know it.” Big Mac said, disappearing into the other room. Applejack made as if to argue, but as she turned around, she realized she had thrown the milk in the pan and it had sizzled into a horrid gas, and the lettuce was in the blender. Scowling, Applejack led herself into the living room against her worse judgment.

    Big Mac was already sitting alongside the couch. Applejack slowly stepped in front of him, turned around, and sat down hard. Putting her hat down beside her, she huffed, trying to make it clear that she wanted nothing to do with talking. She let Big Mac reach around and pull her mane back. As he worked on it, she sniffed. He must have pulled her hair too hard. Applejack twitched as she heard his rhythmic breathing. She felt a comb through her hair, which meant he was going to braid it. He hadn’t braided it in a long time. Applejack loved the way he braided her hair. It was always so large, rather than Rarity’s tight and perfect way. It was rough and tumble, and it was the Apple way. “I had the dream again last night,” she heard herself say.

    He grunted. Applejack felt a tear drop from the edge of her muzzle.

    “I never say her name.” Applejack’s mane had a knot, but Big Mac dealt with it like a professional. She hardly felt the tug before he worked his way through it. “I thought after everything, I’d say her name.” Big Mac stared at his hooves, trying to figure out where all this hair came from. “Does this mean I don’t love her?”

    Applejack felt her head pulled back, but Big Mac just kept working on the braid. “She says I don’t know her, but darn it all, I do. At least, I reckon I do. Don’t I?” Big Mac grunted, and Applejack absentmindedly handed him her hair tie. She stayed silent as he seemed to struggle with keeping the braid intact and slipping on the tie. There was only so much he could do with his hooves, powerful as they were. With a resounding snap, she felt her hair become more stable. She moved to get up when she felt the brush on her tail. Her hooves tensed. “I—”

    “Not done yet.” Big Mac said. “Reckon it’ll take me a little while.”

    Applejack slumped back down, her tail twitching in his hooves. She felt like Apple Bloom, being treated like she was a little filly. She wasn’t a little filly, though, she could braid her own tail. She didn’t even have to braid it, she normally didn’t.


    That's where it ends.

    I wish it didn't.

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  • 22w, 1d
    Hello Internet. Good to see you again.

    Stable(ish) internet and home computer? I might have to kiss someone for this.

    So I moved and lost the ability to be a person who exists on the internet. Now I have that ability to some extent, and once I purchase a Wifi-Booster(long story), I'll be a real boy!

    I opened up TLA the other day, now that I have access to it again(It's kind of on the Cloud), and wrote some words about ponies. Figured you'd like to know.

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  • 36w, 19h
    I'm Sorry

    It's been forever since I started The Literary Appeal, and I keep making promises to finish it that I never seem to deliver on. The main issue has been my attempt to buckle down and really go for gold in a hobby of mine, Competitive Super Smash Brothers. While I'm sure a lot of you have heard about it and play the game, and some of you might have even seen the The Smash Brothers documentary. I, however, do not play Melee, nor do I play 64 or Brawl. I play Project M, and I'm a solidly good Sonic the Hedgehog player.

    Regardless, I'm not here to praise a community mod.

    I've sort of thrown myself into it harder than ever after my grandma passed, and every time I bring myself to write words about silly lesbian ponies, I just clam up. Happy thoughts and silly ponies and Scarlet Letter... goodness, Scarlet Letter... they don't come to me as easily. I'm in a funk because I found out at my grandmothers funeral that she was a published poet.

    Someone in my own family. A real poet, someone who I could talk about writing with for years, and she was taken away by cancer before I even knew what I had. I feel weird writing now. "Write to honor her memory" I feel like I should say. Honor her memory with... silly lesbian ponies. Hah, man, I don't even know where to start with that.

    I want to finish it. It's almost there and I need to discipline myself to just get it over with, but I don't want to force it. My best works have been when I've felt it in me. The jokes and dialogue run freely. And right now, a blank document stares at me, daring me to write another word, and I blink.

    I'm sorry for how long it's taking. I really am.

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  • 46w, 2d
    There have been some great moments in The Literary Appeal. *edit* RIP Grandma

    I just wanted to share one of my favorite lines.

    ...while I played with dresses and overgrown foals dressed in daddy’s money. I say, Scarlet, you really have made a mess of things without my help.”

        Scarlet leaned back, her pout returned. “When you put it like that, I start to look a little silly.”

        “Believe me, dear, you need not my help.”

    A simple dialogue exchange, but it makes me smile. "Overgrown foals dressed in daddy's money" indeed. I wonder how many of you have kept track of the Mane 6 appearing in my story. It's a personal philosophy of mine that anypony added has to be for a significant reason, and not just to move a plot along. To that end, I urge everyone to take a second look through the chapters and latch on to every character with an extended scene - they'll be showing up again.

    I can't believe it's taken me a year to get into the final stretch, but again I promise I will do everything I can to finish this story before Dec. 31st.

    ...However, due to health reasons, this may not happen. Not my health, but a family member nonetheless. I lost the whole of last week with family and taking care of my grandmother, and should something happen, I reserve the right to take some extra time. But not much. I swear this story will be finished posthaste. Apparently I've spoken too soon, as within a half an hour of posting this, my grandmother passed away.

    RIP Grandma, until we meet again.

    12 comments · 190 views
  • ...

Twilight, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie take some time off to go to the Equestrian Writer's Convention on invitation from Princess Celestia to organize the afterparty once the convention winds down. A bookworm herself, Twilight is overjoyed to attend, Fluttershy being a passive lover of books decides to accompany her, and Pinkie Pie is anywhere a party may be.

But even under the wave of good-natured fun and gratuitous cameos*, drama loves to rear it's ugly head. Also featuring Pony Joe.

*Cameos used with advanced permission

First Published
10th Jan 2012
Last Modified
27th Jan 2012
#1 · 145w, 3d ago · · · Conventions and Cameos ·

"Wow, you can feel the awkward *gropes air*" seems to be a very accurate reaction to the last part xD

#2 · 145w, 3d ago · · · Conventions and Cameos ·

very interesting chapter! and of course dat ending. :rainbowderp: Tracking is my only option.

#3 · 145w, 3d ago · · · Conventions and Cameos ·

Dat ending :fluttershyouch:

#4 · 145w, 2d ago · · · Conventions and Cameos ·

I'm curious to see where this story goes...tracking.

#5 · 145w, 2d ago · · · Conventions and Cameos ·

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop when someone mentions the author Papilone :pinkiegasp:

#6 · 145w, 2d ago · · · Conventions and Cameos ·

        The yellow tipped pony smiled softly, holding out a hoof for the light-pink-maned pony to shake. “It’s so nice to meet a fan so willing to admit she reads my work. Not everypony admits to reading much erotic fiction!”

        The following silence was so encompassing the rest of the ponies could hear a pin drop in Stalliongrad.

YES! This is the reason i just spammed the track button

#7 · 145w, 2d ago · · · Conventions and Cameos ·


If I'm correct in my fanon-ese, that's Fluttershy's penname for her own erotic novels, correct? In my original outline, I actually had that be a plot point, albeit under a different name, but I abandoned it a couple months ago - mid November, actually. However, that's not saying I haven't considered revisiting it.

ha ha drinking

#9 · 145w, 2d ago · · · Conventions and Cameos ·

Yep That is her pen name . It means butterfly so it is very apropiate if you can such things about erotic novels :derpyderp1:

when you have ponies of all shade, hues and combination of colors your going to get some ponies with some unfortunate colors. Say a poor pony who's colors are the Lex Luthor colors of Purple and green :raritydespair:

#12 · 141w, 5d ago · · · Conventions and Cameos ·

lol i love butterscotch sundaes writing....



5 stars and i look forward to your next works

#14 · 140w, 5d ago · · · Conventions and Cameos ·

I generally liked it, but I don't like one of your characters.

This Dapples fellow is extremely unrealistic. He's simply TOO charming.

Site Blogger


And what's up with that Dusty guy? Honestly.



Honestly they're both just supremely pompous asses. Not like that Snarkle guy. That guys on the level.


#18 · 140w, 3d ago · · · Conventions and Cameos ·


Best cutie mark. EVER.

Oh my. The amount of awkward in the first chapter is staggering. xD


I am totally stealing that word. xD

That last scene with Twi and Fluttershy?

One of the better shipping fics that I've read.

Good. Not as good as I thought or hoped. A lot of missed opportunities and unexplored aspects. I didn't mind the shipping as my headfannon has Equestria as universally bisexual anyway. And TwiShy is one of the ships I find more tolerable than most. Having the climax and rather abrupt end as the shipping part was I think the biggest thing I didn't like. I like the way it played out, but I would have liked it better if there had been more tension throughout and the revalation much earlier, but with the party busy and all the cameos getting on Twilight's nerves, not enough time to deal with the issue.

It took me a while to get around to this story, but I am quite glad I did.

#23 · 123w, 2d ago · · · Conventions and Cameos ·

its always the quiet ones...

I had fun reading this. Don't know who all the authors and such are, maybe you could put up a blog post about all the peopled you used.

“You should see the lengths I’ve gone through to hide my books from Spike. Some of the books are in the walls.

And on cold winter's nights, when the clock strikes the Witching Hour and the Moon itself dares not show its face, the books sometimes speak to each other, whispering their erotic secrets in the dark...

...Yeah, I dunno where that came from. :applejackunsure:

Her eyes tracked the brown liquid pouring from the glass as if trying to drink it with just her vision.

The hell kinda Bloody Mary's have you been drinking?:rainbowhuh:

Anyways. Cute fic but the fact you kept calling fluttershy cream coloured really threw me. As well the ending just felt kinda tacked on and didn't fit. still a good fic.

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