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  • T Foreign Art

    After being transported to Equestria through unknown means, an artist struggles to decide whether she wants to stay or return to the life she had before.
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  • 4w, 6d
    The end of the hiatus is within sight

    Wow. The first thing I want to say that I'm sorry for a whole year of absence.  I've been really busy with things on my end from suddenly working at a zoo, to going to Tampa for a while, to dealing with relationship problems, and issues with school.  The zoo thing came to an end and I came home from Tampa just fine but... it turns out that sometimes your significant other is not the person you thought they were. They can, in fact, be a lead weight without you realizing it until you move them into your home and they make your life a stressful nightmare until they leave.  I guess I'm more happy going solo dolo anyway, haha~  

    The relationship business was the main reason it took so long for me to return to the story.  It took up most of my time and then I basically had to mentally recover.  Since I'm writing again I guess this means that I've recovered then, huh?

    So yeah, outside of having to work my butt off in school I should still be able to find time to work on this so I'll try to  have a tentative release schedule up at some point or at least let you guys know that I *am* actually writing.  As I also said in the author's notes of the latest update I have somebody editing my chapters.  I kind of want to re-work a lot of this story, too, but I don't want to post any more chapters until I've ironed all of the kinks out.  So while he's editing I'll be changing around some bits and pieces of the old chapters.  The premise won't change but it also won't sound like a middle-school girl who's had too many packets of Fun Dip wrote them (Do they sound like that to you, because they do to me. There is literally no reason a college-aged adult should sound like that. Bless you all for sticking with this story).

    Looking back at my old writings is, honestly, extremely painful.  Hell, I looked at what I just wrote and that's pretty painful, too.  I've mentioned before that I'm a scientist, dammit, not a writer!  But I do promise the chapters will be easier to read at some point in the near future.  

    That's all I have to say for now.

    Thanks for being here for me even when I wasn't really here for you guys~ I love you all!

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  • 34w, 16h

    Wow, I just logged on for the first time in... a while, I guess.  I didn't realize how long it'd really been.  

    First off, I want to say I'm sorry for disappearing and not saying anything.  I know I should have let you guys know after I realized I was going to be away for so long and even more so when I put the stories on hiatus.  Second, I want to thank whoever's reading this for staying with me! :D

    Here's the story... After I got back from my little trip over winter break the new semester started, as it does every year.  Only this time the classes were a bit more difficult than I was expecting.  I wound up having to redirect my focus to studying and when I wasn't doing that I was too burned out to even think about writing.  More recently I've been working on getting a summer internship.  I have an interview for one in a few weeks so that's good.  Speaking of summer, I have no clue what my schedule will look like until after if/when I get the internship on top of my summer classes.  Since I'm only taking one class (with a lab) though, I'll DEFINITELY be writing over the summer.  How much I be writing?  I, once again, have no clue.  On top of a possible internship (a normal job if I don't get it) and my summer class/lab, my boyfriend's trying to move down here with me.  It shouldn't take up TOO much of my time, but it will require a lot of attention.  

    So yeah, that's the long and short of me being busy: school.  

    I have finals in about 2 weeks which are right on the heels of about 5 exams (because one professor thought it would be wise to split one exam and have a schedule that looks like "EXAMDAY break EXAMDAY break FINAL" during finals week).  So I'll be studying for those and waiting to hear back on my internship until summertime.  

    By the way, my internship'll be at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.  If you're in the area you should definitely go there; it's pretty sweet.

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  • 42w, 6d
    Snow Days!


    By which I mean I live in Florida and it's going to be cold tonight so they cancelled classes for Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was so weird; We were halfway through classes today and then, basically, every school in North Florida closed for the next two days, including labs for the rest of today.  I'm not going to complain that I didn't have an Organic Chem lab until 9pm tonight.  In fact, I find it fucking hilarious!  I've gone to school up north in a literal blizzard but holy fuck a snowflake might fall tonight!

    So yeah, Florida is closed for the next few days so I'm going to be studying for my tests and practicing hikikomori.  People down here aren't used to driving in icy conditions so since I don't particularly want to get into another accident any time soon I'm not leaving my house for any reason.

    Now, why should this interest you? Well sit your bony ass down and just let me tell you why! I've been home for 4 hours and I'm already bored as dicks!  So rather than study or do homework right now I'm marathoning Gravity Falls and, drumroll please, WRITING THE NEXT CHAPTER TO ERIS'S FUROR!

    Check back around tomorrow for a shiny new chapter of your favorite story, folks~

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  • 62w, 6d
    I'm back. Again.

    Hello hello people!

    'Tis I! The tired and choleric author, Furr-e!

    So yes, school is back in full-swing, so I hope all of you who are in class are doing well and having good times and those with jobs are doing just the same.  This is my second year at university and I have to say it's been going very well!

    "If it's going so well, why haven't you written in a long while, then?" you might be asking.  Well the answer is quite simple: While school may be going swimmingly for me, my home-life is less-than-peaceful, to put it nicely.  If I were to put it not-so-nicely, I would say "I'm about 5 seconds away from punting an 11y/o out of my hurricane-grade windows and then running her over repeatedly with my car".  

    What happened was I was having a grand old summer with my friends returned home for a few months down in Tampa at MetroCon.  Just after I returned home, my boyfriend was supposed to fly in and stay with us for about a week.  It would be a hectic and exhausting few weeks but that's fine. But our family friends (a family of 3, mom, dad, and 11y/o troll) were recently displaced so they came to live with us while I was away at Metro. Suffice to say my life went from tollerably busy to down-right stressful.

    This child is not a mere 11y/o, she is the devilspawn.  I honestly do not want to go home because of this child. She pulls some kind of childish bullshit every day and every day I come home to "the troll did this insanity today blah blah blah." and if she doesn't do it while I'm away, it happens when I'm there. I honestly detest this creature.  I'm not comfortable in my own home so I dick around after school to the point of exhaustion and I walk in the door late and promptly pass out, wake up a few hours later, go to school, and the cycle repeats.  

    Since writing is not my stress-outlet, as drinking tea and listening to podcasts is, I haven't been writing.  So that's my excuse for the lack of a new chapter with Eris's Furor the past few months. I hope you'll all forgive me, as after I finish homework today, I"m going to try my darndest to finish up the next chapter!

    As we speak, i'm in Books a Million freezing my booty off in a tank and shorts with some tea to get stuff done!

    So until we meet again over my writings, enjoy your hopefully stress-free time while my stomach churns with it

    Furr-e out!

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  • 72w, 1d
    My obsession is being fed...

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  • ...

Being transported to the magical land of Equestria is every Brony's dream, including mine.  At least it would be under better circumstances.  After a car crash I wake up, broken bones and all, as a species native to Equestria in Equestria. A dream-come-true, right?  Maybe if I was a pony or gryphon. Hell, a human would be better than a draconequus.  This might turn out to be a living nightmare if don't play my cards right.

First Published
27th Nov 2012
Last Modified
21st Oct 2014

Well, we'll see where this goes

This is my first fic, and I set it up for more chapters because I hate myself XD

Constructive criticism greatly appreciated :D


Thanks for helping me learn a new word! I'd never even heard of the word furor before now.


Glad I could add to your vocabulary :3 I love that word


This seems interesting, I think I'll give it a read.

Edit: This actually pretty good, a few errors here and there, but nothing to be really concerned about. Honestly, I'm a bit excited to see where this goes!

This is very interesting. :pinkiehappy: You've got my attention.

Oh, cool. There aren't nearly enough female OCs. I mean, yeah we need to balance out the mane cast, but even then...

Adding to "read later".

This seems promising.  I do have some advice for you though: be careful how you handle the themes of the story.  I've seen WAY too many fics like this go sour because the author was too heavy handed in their approach of the subject matter and strayed too far from the spirit of the show.  

This looks very interesting. The only thing I would say is that you might want to work on you paragraphing in the beginning.

*also, that's not a joke... I seriously suck at chapter titles... any suggestions would be great ;D

Chapter title idea: Discords daughter? Idunno...

Aside from that, i like where this storys headed.

Hm, how about this for a title:

'I hurt my....everything'

'Huh, that's new'

'I be trippin' here'

'Don't do drugs, mmkay?'

That's all that I can scrounge up from my brain so far.

Anyway, good story so far, going to be interesting to see how things will go from here. Keep up the good work.


"Back in action"

"Griffin medical care"

"Intensive care unit"

"Congrats! now you are an alien"

"not completely dead"

"awake, alive and awkward"

hope to be useful ^^

Hmm, an interesting story you have here.  I look forward to seeing where you'll take this.  It's too early in the story to offer any real critiques aside from some minor grammatical things (you tend to forget the "r" at the end of "your" a lot), so I suppose for now I'll give you a track and a thumb while I await updates.

I'm personally a fan of chapter names like: Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and so on. All neat, tidy and completely boring.

Good story so far. Still way too few female protagonists on this site. And not many draconequii either (I think that's plural for draconequus, no idea).

"Alive, Kicking, and Not Human" perhaps?

Also, I'm surprised she didn't take note of her snout; you'd think such a radical shift in facial structure would be the first thing she'd notice.  On the other hand, she is doped up on pain killers and in a fair amount of pain, so it does make sense for her to have other concerns.

As to her status as a draconequus, I'd imagine most critters would be suspicious and on edge around her and inclined to keep as much distance between her and Discord as possible.  Not that she'd want to get too close to Discord; knowing him, he'd probably try to involve her in some crazy scheme while making weird, inappropriate passes at her.  


For a COVER IMAGE this guy Conicer properly can help you for more info check out his profile here.

Doing pretty good so far in my opinion. :scootangel:

I really don't see why this doesn't have more likes and views, this is a great story. As for feedback... I did see some slightly repetitive sentences, but I'm too 'on a mobile device' too quote them. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is an overuse of "tender". Keep up the good work!

Oh, and congratz on taking my first comment outside of my own story. :raritywink:

cool I just noticed that you have no dislikes:pinkiehappy:

"Climax, climax, climax, no resolution story."


Yeah, that's my problem when writing.  I either put too much action in and then have nowhere to go, or I don't put enough action in the beginning to interest the reader and I practically forget to build up the tension later.  Oh well.  I'd like to think we're all still learning to some degree.  :ajsmug:


After racking my brain for a few minutes, I remembered happened;

Um... accidentally a verb here? :twilightsheepish:  Perhaps "I remembered what happened" would be a little better.  But, it's your call.

Not a 'Climaxslimaxslimax' story?!


; ;

I love you... PLEASE keep this a 'proper' story, and you will me as the most devoted fanboy you'll ever meet! I'll even get CLOSE to that creepy-stalker stage where I try to find out where you live, and what your address is and stuff! (Except for the part of actually finding that out. That would take actual work, and I'm WAY too lazy to do that kind of crap.)

>>2001100 >>2000896  Thanks for your input! Yeah, I really need to pre-read better :P I've realized that my biggest problem is re-using ONE word in a random chapter ... I have no clue why but I definitely need to work on it :applejackunsure:

>>2001274 Yes yes, I know there's at least 2 artists who have a Discord mirror named Eris, but I'm serious as hell when I say that this is coincidental, especially seeing as Eris is based mostly off of me... she has my hair color, style, and name (mah nickname's Eris :3 ) this is partially a self-insert :P  But I think one of the main differences between my Eris and the others is that she's NOT Discord and will never BECOME Discord

Is there a reason for the 'gore' tag?

>>2005317 Not quite sure, honestly... possibly in the future :3 I probably need to take that off for now :twilightsmile:

I like this fic...MUST HAVE MOAR!!!!!!:flutterrage:

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!:derpytongue2:


I shall try my best!

I'm sorry that things aren't going very well for you, but I hope that you're able to get through them. Thank you for devoting your time to write up this great story. I'll admit that I have a bias against this sort of fic, but you've pulled it off excellently. You've built up tension quite well and I can't wait for the next installment.

Can't wait until Eris meets Discord, that'll be good. :trollestia:


Damn I hope so, too! This kind of distracts me and keeps me from going to make an appointment with the on-campus psychologists, so that's good for you I guess :pinkiecrazy:

I'm glad you're enjoying this, man! And what kind of bias, exactly?? :trixieshiftright:

Oooooh, neither can I *manically wrings hands*



Bias, what bias? :twilightsheepish:

(Note to self, do not offend the crazy person)


I really do enjoy a good HiE fic, which this fic is turning out to be, but I've always been wary of the whole "ponyfication" plot device. However, you avert the cliches that I might expect for this sort of premise.


crazy... Crazy? CRAZY?! lol, yeah, i'm just a wee-bit :rainbowkiss:

Oh, I so know that feel! To me, it's so unreal, which is partially what inspired this story.  I'll try to not wind up falling into that stereotype :twilightsmile:

Awaiting the next chapter~ :pinkiehappy:


whats a gold member??


I haven't the slightest clue... I literally JUST noticed that I was one, thanks to your comment... o_o

*off to the interwebs to find out*


holy shi im one too.... :derpytongue2:


So you are!... I guess we're special :3


i realy hope this isnt a prank

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