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Invading his life in the form of shackles and chains, tragedy strikes as Spike the Dragon is sentenced to imprisonment in the dreaded prison of the dragons, Castle Bahamut, until further notice.

Regardless of having been the victim of a miscarriage of justice, Spike has no time to shed tears as a deadly conspiracy inside the prison pins him as the target . . . but who is the one that framed him, and why?

First Published
12th Feb 2013
Last Modified
1st May 2013

Oh man, so you finally moved from fanfiction to this place. Awesome.

>>2111917 Fanfiction is sort of my testing grounds. Post there, get reviews, make edits, keep in mind for the future.

Here is the final frontier for my fanfiction. :o


Yeah, i can tell. You never get many comments on fanfiction as you get in here, in fimfiction.

This is a cool sounding premise. Definitely reading this later.

Also the cover art is great.

It kinda sounds like Deadman Wonderland with just the description, I'll give it a read later.

I just read this on fanfiction.

This is just like Deadman's wonderland,

Mass effect 2, and Prison Break. Faved.

Everypony here is saying its just like Deadman Wonderland(good anime), although actually seeing Spike here makes it hard to believe that it's not him. No predictions(yet). What does the title mean?(sounds Japanese)

>>2115536 Bahamut is the dragon god in most Final Fantasy games.


Not the title of the story(I thought you got that from the iPhone game), I meant the title of the chapter.

>>2117012 Oh.

Three meanings: 1) dragon man, 2) far-reaching man, or 3) imperial man.

Personally, when everything is said and done,

and Spike proves he's  innocent. He should ram a foot

up the Mane 6, Celestia, & Shining Armor's asses.

Once again you have me hooked. After reading the list of victims I know he didn't do it, seems like its someone with an agenda, but did they plan to put the blame on Spike or was it just a coincidence that the dragon had purple scales and green spikes? The way you describe it, Bahamut doesn't sound as bad as I thought it would be. (prediction, It's gonna be worse than I thought)

If your not busy, can you draw and color the dragons of this story for my imagination? I will say that if Spike is gonna survive than there is only one word for that: ADAPT

I have decided my next course of action as well as yours, as I wish to speak with you, the other Element bearers, as well as Spike as soon as possible.

>>2115536 its more like dat 1 naruto movie Blood Prison

>>2120901 Well, someone got my inspiration. That's two people.

>>2121506 Make that three people.:moustache:

Another chapter so soon? Glad to see that my predictions are still as sharp as ever(by the way it's pronounced Shining Armor). Surprised Spike was just arrested for suspicion to commit murder instead of the actual murders(I guess the victims weren't important enough when the Princesses life was in danger), also seems wrong to accuse Spike just because of the color of his scales(that's racist). I mean it's not like hes the only dragon in the world with that color scheme, hell for all we know that could have been Spike's father who committed those crimes. Spikes gonna have to grow up fast if he's ever hoping to survive this place.(still wished I had pics of the cast). Are we gonna see what the Mane 6 are doing while Spike's in prison? I think its too early for a prediction but I think the warden and this other dragon are involved with Spike's frame up.

>>2124761 The Canadian/British spelling is "armour," and I'm going to call him that.

And no, each chapter starts with a flashback elaborating on Spike's conviction and ends with the present in the prison. The Mane 6 are never shown in the present.

Now we know why Spike, curious as to what they need him for? Maybe use his power to take over Equestria?

>>2129244 ohshitohshitohshit

i forgot to update it with the flashback


Yeah, I was wondering why there wasn't a flash back when you said there would be on in every chapter?

A Spike story from the author of the "Notebook" stories? I'm in. Good work so far. Can't wait to find out why Spike's in there in the first place, and how this whole thing turns out.

This is getting good real good, but im more curious why there are pony guards and a dragon prison?

Excuse me while I go back to chapter three to read the flashback you left out....................... Okay now on to this chapter. I was wondering after the last few chapters, what are the requirements to get out of prison?(also how long is Spikes sentence?)

I bet if Phoenix Wright was Spikes attorney he wouldn't be in this situation.

On the night of 23rd of November, 1003 ANMR,

I'm guessing that the letters mean After Nightmare Moon's Return. If thats the case then the date would be 23rd of November, 003 AMNR.

After a week Spike is already big dragon on campus(I approve)

And it looks like I was right again when it came that the Warden is responsible for Spikes frame up.

I knew that Spikes plan was going to backfire and now he's suffering the consequences of leadership.

>>2139035 That was supposed to say "ANMB," for Nightmare Moon's banishment. :o

Specifically, a week and two days.

But yeah, pretty spot on.

>>2139035 Also: I believe I stated both; the requirements:

1) Warden deems the dragon fit for return to his/her nation, (which could be thousands of years or five days) or

2) The leader of the nation/the one who gave out the sentence must revoke the dragon's sentence for whatever reason, (new evidence may prove him innocent/the one whom sentenced may change his/her mind) or

3) The dragon's family must request it given that they have permission (they forgive him and want him back/etc.).

And again, the sentence is indefinite.


Right I remember the rules. It's the first one that I want more detail. What does a dragon have to do to prove to the Warden that their fit to be released?

>>2139755 Good behavior generally helps... and that's pretty much it. Go a few months or so  displaying no violent tendencies or escape attempts and completely cooperate with the guards and Warden and whatnot, and they'll be released after testing and whatnot.


Well I guess that's not going to happen after what Spike did,(should have played ball) and what type of testing we talking about

>>2139820 Just mental, psychological stuff to see if they're mentally prepared for the world. Spike will just never reach that point where they get a chance to test him.

Is the prologue the guy that framed Spike, or is that somewhere after future events in the story? Or are you gonna reveal that later on?

>>2144261 Well of course I'm gonna reveal it later on. :o


Sooooooo, you left it a mystery?

>>2144424 Duuuuh. It'll be resolved sometime, but for now, it's a mystery.


Thanks for the explanation. I love mysteries, but I still get cnfused. Keep up the good work, love the story. It deserves more views and likes.

This story seriously needs more reviews. It is sooo good!

#37 · 183w, 1d ago · 3 · · -5- Countdown ·

Spike just can't catch a break.

The Judicial system of Equestria is unfair, bias, and racist.

The assholes. When Spike breaks out & proves beyond a reasonable doubt

that he's innocent, He should ram a foot in the Mane 6, princesses, and Shining Armor's ass. On top of that; he should cut off all ties to Equestria,

move to the dragons' land, and marry Gelid.

Holy crap, I cannot wait to see where this is going. Makes me want to hate Shining Armor and the others, but I feel like something more is at play or coming up... and I. CANT. WAIT!!!! Great chapter, have this: :moustache:

You deserve more: :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

No matter how hard Spike trains, he wont be strong enough to fight Lockdown(especially since he has no training in combat) and still the matter of how would he get off the island if he ever go out of the prison is still a factor he hasn't considered(especially since he has no wings)

Comment posted by KARLOS1234IFY deleted at 9:07pm on the 28th of March, 2013

I'm just going to call the reference since nobody has done it yet.

Last airbender book three(the episodes before the day of the black sun) Where Iro(if I spell his name right) was in prison training in secretary to brake out.

>>2363821 That scene actually popped into my mind, but Spike wasn't following Iroh's steps in breaking out. Sorta. He was training to break out, but not from his cell. Just to survive the upcoming riot.

Well damn.

Did I do a good job pre-reading?


Thanks, and like i said before, you're stuck with me. Also, great ending. Can't wait to see how it will go from there.

Awesome fight scenes, always good.

>>2369206 What I meant was that the plan for the riot / kill the warden

is coming undone. P.s. Shining Armor you asshole.

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