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    Pinkie Pie's musicaly inclined uncle Polka comes to visit. (a "what if Wierd al had an episode
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    Derpy aves the town in spite of being the joke of the town
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  • 1w, 4d
    Late update

    Just an update about my story. I'm almost finished. I entered a miniature crunch mode and have written eleven chapters in the past month. By this rate I will finish before December. I thank you if you have continued to read through the two years I have spent writing this project.

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  • 72w, 3d
    Update Slowdown

    I hope you have been enjoying the story thus far. My bimonthly updates unfortunately have to stop. My stack of prewritten chapters has depleated and I need to write each chapter one at a time again. I also have been starting up my business and need to take time to meet with my team and work on  it.

    So updates may take up to a month. Hope you will keep reading my stories.


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  • 91w, 3d
    Please be patient...

    I know a few of you might be getting impatient about the next installment of the story. I am here to tell you what is going on in it's development.

    The story has not halted production, in fact I have been writing nonstop the chapters. I have just been having Editorial troubles. The big difference between this story and my previous ones is that I decided to get an editor to clean up the messes I leave behind in my work. Unfortunately we are not meeting regularly and he has not been working on mine, given he is working on others and has a life to live. I actually have written up to chapter 8 at the moment and am waiting his editing to continue publishing them. He has stated that I should look for another editor if I feel he is not doing the task correctly. But I don't know anyone else who can edit it.

    I don't usually know how long it takes for someone to be impatient but this is just to assure those who have gotten upset.

    On a side note, if you know anyone up to the ask for editing let me know. I want to get the reader to read the story.

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  • 96w, 5d
    Well that was unnexpected.

    I've been working on "Carnivore"  a little over a month now and I was expecting good things about it. Unfortunately the story has received a lot of hate. the issue I have is this. Why?

    I can tell it's not the grammar for the most part, I have an editor to help with that. So why is the rating near 50%? Am I not writing a good enough story? Even my unedited Fluttermac tale had a better rating.

    If you have an idea let me know, I am very confused at the moment.

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  • 131w, 4d
    so you know

    i am currently busy writing two research papers and a 30 page business plan. the story will be finished a lot later than i expected. please be patient.

    if you are already patient, continue being so.

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  • ...

John’s life had taken a turn for the worse since he moved from the bustling city of Los Angeles to a quiet mountain town named Dewford. He had expected a change of scenery and a calmer state of living.

That was not the case, as he’s had to deal with racist citizens, money problems, and several people who won’t get off his back. Life had gone wrong so far. Now he has to deal with a strange hippie girl with a butterfly tattoo.  John just hopes this new addition doesn’t complicate things further.

Edited by:

A Dumb Door [chapter 1-2}

Sqarishoctagon [chapter 3-]

First Published
23rd Dec 2012
Last Modified
22nd Oct 2014

please feel free to comment.

I want to know what  you guys think of the story.

#2 · 96w, 6d ago · 1 · 1 · What Are You? ·

It has some potential. Although I think that Fluttershy would start to wise up to the situation pretty fast. While she might not understand what things are, she would at least get some understanding within the first day.

Otherwise, as my picture illustrates, I like this, more please!

not all that bad though the grammar needs some ruffening up

>>1841629 I did get an editor. I guess I should talk with him.

>>1841659 an editor should be able to catch what I can being as I am rather far from being an editor

I'd say, first things first, put some capital letters in your summary. I don't even want to read the story itself because your opening pitch for your writing skills includes a complete lack of the shift key.

>>1841754 That was cold.:rainbowlaugh:  But I tried my best. Now edited as much as i could see.

This was Great!

He gonna fucking rape her then murder her. I just know it. Poor Fluttershy.

#10 · 96w, 5d ago · 1 · · What Are You? ·

>>1844006 I'm not the kind of person who would write that.

your scaring me.:raritydespair:

Seriously. Why all the hate?:pinkiesad2:

Not hatin. I love this fic. The rape and murder thing was just a joke. I didn't mean to send a message of distaste. This has been great so far. Needs a little more meat on it, but it's good nonetheless.

I hope you will continue.

>>1844527 Sure, no worries. I just was reminded of a classmate that said my stories need more hookers and death. I promise the story will get more meatier as it  progresses, whatever that means.

I am on chapter 6 at the moment and it just needs to go through the editor to get it up.

Good to hear! ^^

Edit 1 complete. Hopefully there is less of a distraction this time.

Whenever I find girls with butterfly tattoos, that tattoo is a surprise, and it's never on their shoulder.

>>2060020 I'm not sure if that is a suggestion for the story, or a crude joke.:facehoof:

>>2060071 to how she was so... Fluttershy? The blushing was alway's cute!:twilightblush::yay::heart:

>>2060108 Ah, well I try to keep in character as much as possible. A bit hard sometimes when I'm a stone hearted person. Still, the way she is in touch of her emotions, always displaying shyness or worry, makes her my favorite pony.

*GASP* It updated????? *SQUEE*:pinkiehappy:

>>2060158 :twilightsheepish: yes... through much trial I managed to update. I plan to update every two to three weeks from now on.


>>2060177 I see you had problems with editing, I would love to help with this if you are interested.

>>2060862 Sorry, but the position has been filled.

I am subscribed to a help forum for specifically MLP fan fiction. I got help there from someone who has read my story before it was published.

No comments yet? Really? Alright.

Well, I loved the story so far. I do however hope to see longer chapters and more so a better building of Fluttershy and who she is, aside from just her discomfort in real life.

Keep up the good work.

i like the story, and i'm very interested in his past. i cant wait for the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

I want to reveal several awkward bumbs in the story... but that Derpy with some kind of hunting rifle won't let me formulate what I'd like to say...

>>2344822 Go ahead, I need to expand as a writer. I'll calm down Derpy with a muffin cart

#31 · 80w, 2d ago · · · The bully ·

I will brake that officers balls if he even tried!!!

#32 · 80w, 1d ago · · · The bully ·

>>2443447 don't be mean to the rookie. He means no harm.

I'm more worried about the racist bully.

#33 · 80w, 1d ago · · · The bully ·


Dont worry about the bully he'll get a 45. Up his ass

Damn right I cried

#35 · 74w, 6d ago · · · Beer Night ·

this story is stared get interesting, Please continue.:trixieshiftleft:

"he simply reached onto his hip, lifting his shirt and exposing his hidden handgun " people like this bug the shit out of me...

#37 · 74w, 1d ago · · · Beer Night ·

>>2646278 I tried to make him unlikable. And the fact that I have friends in the NRA that would do this to protect themselves made it interesting.

#38 · 72w, 3d ago · · · The doctor ·

Wooo!!! Love this story. :heart:

The feels from this. :fluttercry:

#40 · 62w, 17m ago · · · Oh Brother ·

Aww BUCK yeah an update! :rainbowkiss:

#41 · 61w, 6d ago · · · Oh Brother ·

Can't wait for more. This story is soooo awesome :rainbowkiss:

Make me cry why don't you.


No need for that crying face. Sometimes it feels good to cry.

Anyone feel like you are reading Tarzan?

John want food. John felt relief. John said. Etc...

“But nothing! You took a cow from her life! She probably even had a name, something like Mooriella and had hopes and dreams! But you took her, a harmless animal, and ATE her!” Her screams became louder.

Calm the fuck down, Flutterbitch. You've killed animals before, too

>>3197524 I know what you mean. Unfortunately, my habit of being direct doesn't make me the best writer. Plus my limited understanding of the English language makes it hard to know what words fit where.

I just hope people understand the story I am trying to tell.

First YES! :pinkiehappy: I was kind of wondering what happened to this story, until I saw the 'on Hiatus', anyways, good chapter, keep it up :ajsmug:

>>3553651 I was on hiatus due to both the editor and I being  very busy with our lives, still on hiatus because I don't know when I can post the next chapter.

>>3554497 Hey no problem here, If you have a life that needs tending to you get to that, projects come after, :ajsmug:

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