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The Heart of stone had finally showed up when all was lost, and the city was saved. Its power cleansed the land of which everypony stood upon. What it didn't clean though, were the ponies themselves. Dark shards seen growing from the ground are starting to show up on some of the crystal ponies. The battle was won that day, but not the war.

Note: For the best results please read on a computer in Serif, Small, Dark. This story is NOT phone friendly.

First Published
14th Nov 2012
Last Modified
15th Nov 2012
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The Devil - Dawnbringer

#3 · 158w, 10h ago · · · The Sneeze ·

What the hell is this!? I dont get a single reviw from you and then you show up out of the blue with a fucking story!? Why do you hate me :fluttercry:?

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Absolutely wonderful! :pinkiehappy: I love all of the effects in use throughout this story, they add to the feeling of this world, as well as the emotional and mental state of the characters. The premise itself is also very sound in the show's fiction, which is always great to see in a story of this nature, and you're splendid writing and character development make this a more than interesting story! This coupled with your fantastic vocabulary (which I have praised before) have me absolutely BEGGING for more! :rainbowkiss:

I had high expectations, and so far, you have gone beyond meeting them

Can't wait for more!:scootangel:


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Thanks. I needed that. Perhaps I'll get out of the corner I wrote myself into.

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Great story so far... you have a few spelling mistakes here and there (mostly your/you're mix-ups) but nothing that I can't forgive.  Can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:  

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