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A gnoll appears in the Canterlot library and is forced to cope with an endless amount of problems as it gets to know the ponies a bit better.

This is a story with each chapter written on a touch and go basis in an hour. If there are errors in them please excuse me I constantly reread them and when I find something I correct it. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Finally got around to do a rough sketch for cover, maybe I'll finish it when I find the time.

Big thanks to Silver Page for editing.

Don't forget to rate if you like ^^

First Published
6th Nov 2012
Last Modified
14th Oct 2013

interesting will fav and thumb it up

why did this get 2 thumbs down?

i think it would be easier to read with some space between when someone talks, good chapter okay pace good work


thanks for the advice, will try to take it into account ^^

good so far only bad thing is the random pic what happened to the gnoll one?

>>1585151 Yeah...........story is good but I can't even tell what the picture is....................


the picture's just something random, I'm currently doodling something up to upload ^^


I just love reading Scar's dialouge, dat broken speech :rainbowkiss:


Tank you, always happy for positive feedback!

It'll be fun having him debate with Twilight ;)

You've done well to avoid spelling mistakes, but you need some work on how your dialogue is structured. I'd be happy to help, and I'm going to favourite this, as it's an interesting story.


Thanks, dialogue is always difficult since I'm writing each chapter on the run and trying to stay within one hour, I'd be happy for any tips you have.

one month later: he is speaking in old canterlot and has a debate with luna

Shiny pony's job sucks :trollestia:

purple pony not know when to shut up

reader guy likes this

nice new pic

thank you all for the positive feedback, I'll be working hard to get new chapters going :pinkiehappy:

Holy crap, this is REALLY relevant to my interests.

.....GnollReader, if this story keeps going the way it is, You may bump Story #5 on my top 5 list, down to #6.

If you're wondering, #5 is a story about Ness from Earthbound.

Okay, you did it. This is #5.

This is going GREAT! I need more!


I'm happy you enjoy it, I'm working hard to bring you more ^^


smile smile smile, and the world will smile too.

This is hilariously cute. I don't usually favourite a fic without reading all that is posted so far, but this is so enjoyable that it deserves it. Now to read the rest.

Edit: damn, this is still a good read. What I particularly liked is the simple writing style, no over-complication and no purple writing. Simple is good.

we there gose the town:pinkiecrazy:

>>1658565 technically half the town

lol my bad:twilightblush:

Celestia was remarkably unresponsive to his claim that ponies enslaved him, beat him, burned him, tore up his mind with magic, and tried to murder him. :ajbemused:

(And by 'remarkable', I mean 'unbelievable'. And by 'unbelievable', I mean I literally can not believe it. I'm five chapters in and I still can't get over the fact that the princess apparently doesn't really care that HER OWN SUBJECTS are so monstrous.)


With her powers and experience I think she's able to tell a lie from the truth. I do think that she cares, but I simply don't think that there's much she can do about it. With his perception of the ponies it would be difficult if not impossible to find the ponies responsible. Besides that I'm trying to keep the story going as good as possible within the one-hour restriction, so there isn't that much space for lengthy discussions ^^

This story could be a lot better if you'd do a bit of editing. If you can't catch the errors yourself, get a friend or someone online to proofread for you. One major, major problem is that you aren't separating your speakers by paragraph.


In a corner of the barn sat a sobbing Pinkie Pie, "He didn't like my party! What did I do wrong? Was it to much confetti? Was the cake bad? It was the green balloons, wasn't it? I knew I should have picked blue! I only wanted to see him smile again!" she continued her wailing. Rarity was trying to calm her, "There, there dear. You did nothing wrong! That brute however! Oh, I still shudder to think what could have happened!"

This has two speakers in the same paragraph, and they need to be separated.

In a corner of the barn sat a sobbing Pinkie Pie, "He didn't like my party! What did I do wrong? Was it to much confetti? Was the cake bad? It was the green balloons, wasn't it? I knew I should have picked blue! I only wanted to see him smile again!" she continued her wailing.

Rarity was trying to calm her, "There, there dear. You did nothing wrong! That brute however! Oh, I still shudder to think what could have happened!"

Never have two different speakers in the same paragraph. Also, I'd recommend slowing down the pacing. It isn't a race from plot point A to plot point B. You could have fleshed this chapter out a lot more by building up the suspense before he reached the party, explaining his emotions more thoroughly, and evoked more reaction by adding descriptive weight to the carnage afterward. The concept of the story isn't bad, it just needs refinement, and when you're writing a character who is having a hard time with a language, you need your own grammar and mechanics to be as spot on as possible so the reader can fully appreciate your intent.

Tried to implement the advice given so far, did some corrections and added some minor things.

:flutterrage: come back scar fluttershy wants a hug!

another has fallen to celestia's curse

the curse, OF CAKE

>>1614707 You no talk in broken speak, it finds lack of diiiiiii- oh forget it I can't do gnoll  that well!

Silly knoll. The cake is a promise with pinkie. Not a lie. :pinkiehappy:

lol, frog stuck in teeth?


got tired of reading about hand fetish, so I went with tooth fetish instead.

He probably stepped on it along the way somewhere ^^


Wait, I think I already used that, oh well :twilightblush:

A heavenly gift indeed.

:facehoof: and on that day three pegisi died.

>>1725675or got to be living footballs

yay scar will make a new set of pants

... my first thoughts are that your going to go with the whole "Vampire Cheerilee" thing. Please don't. Please, please, please.:facehoof:


Vampire Cheerilee? LoL. Rest assured that's not where I'm going :rainbowlaugh:


I reserve the right to call "bull" on any other cliches you might use.:trixieshiftleft::twilightblush:

18 chapters... damn, I thought this would end after five ^^

Pft, only oneshots and failures end before five chapters :pinkiehappy:

Phahahaha, oh, christ, I can't stop laughing at that ending. I really am doing a lot more laughing at this story than I expected. Keep up the good work!

*mumbled from Pinkie's gut* Oh sweet Celestia!

Yes and why are you in Pinkie's stomach?

Can't a guy be in a soft stomach, without fear of being digested, in peace?!

Oh My...*snicker* I....-SNRK-


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