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    Dancer Update

    You probably saw my last post, but I've been working overtime on the Dancer ever since. Expect my final(?) hurrah very soon.

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    That's All, Folks!

    I've "quit" this site I think three times now—that wasn't any good. Oh well. Stuff happens.

    As you're well aware, I've been inactive for some time. I still pop into skype chats, make the occasional blog post, etc etc. I'm not going to make this dramatic or anything, but I think this is the true end for my time here on fimfic. Not 100% quitting cold turkey like I claimed before, but a realistic closing statement that you likely won't see many, if any, more updates from me in the foreseeable future, if ever. Writing is still a passion of mine, but while the site isn't terrible, it just lost it's luster on me for good. I'm sort of in a similar boat to RainbowBob, except replace his serious gripes with his own life and the site to me being a busy university student that has a million things going on.

    Perhaps I'll update the occasional thing when I'm up late at night with nothing to do, but really, this is my closing statement. I had a blast, and I know I've said that three times now, but this time it truly is the end. Dead serious. Thanks for everything, guys.

    I really do care about you guys. Thanks for making my time here great, and don't hesitate to message me on skype or steam if you wish. Besides all of my followers and everyone I've met (don't get teary now, I'll still be here from time to time as I said before, just in a limited quantity), there are a lot of people that have become very good friends of mine, and I'd like to thank you all as a big group rather than as individuals. You're all great people, and I'm sure I won't stop talking to you anytime soon.

    So that's it. My coda. You know what that word does to me, though? Coda? It makes me feel like shit. Most of my stories received lukewarm responses in terms of viewership, but the one story that has considerable progress into it and is the true story that I'm the most proud of is The Dancer. Coda was supposed to be the final chapter, but this absence is going to make that possibility a lot less likely. There have been a lot of people dedicated to that story, and I know you're really anxious to see the end just as much as I want to finish it.

    Ah, fuck it. Guess I can offer one last hurrah with the final chapters of The Dancer. If I do finish it, watch out for my next blog, which would likely be my last blog I'll write here.

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    Since I tagged The Dancer in this, you should know that I'm half done the next chapter. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either.



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Octavia's creativity pays off one day during a concerto, where a special piece she adds as a finale brings out a new fan. But the fan appears out of nowhere, and no pony else seems to notice her but Octavia.

And all she does is dance.


Edited by the wonderful Void Chicken.

Featured on Equestria Daily November 15th, 2012.

First Published
6th Nov 2012
Last Modified
1st Oct 2014

This is NOT a shipfic between Octavia and Vinyl. Vinyl isn't even a major character. Just so you guys don't make decisions for me.

Slice of Life is the tag that suits this story best, but in reality, I can't really define it.

Looks interesting. Must read this!

Read the first chapter.

It's much like what I had suspected based on the description.

I can not say for sure that I know exactly what you're planning,

but I am assuming that 'The Dancer' is something of a muse.

Or perhaps a manifestation of Octavia's well inspiration.

It's a really unique concept. And I'm assuming this mirage

only appeared just now because this was the first time

Octavia had decided to play something like that.

A Octy fic with no Vinyl?

I got my eye on you >.>

hmm. I shall be watching this. this fic could go places. (already has considering I found it on EQD)

>Slice of Life fic

>Vinyltavia shiptease

>EqD features

I find this vaguely suspicious... Maybe the dancer is some kind of shapeshifted mythological creature that normally lives under the stage, turns to stone in sunlight, and eats goats? :pinkiecrazy:

#7 · 104w, 5d ago · 5 · · I - Curtains ·


Very nice! Very refreshing read!


I was thinking in the Black Swan of Natalie Portman.

*Reads first chapter* "This is look promising and interesting, can't wait for the next chapter". A year and four days later: "Well....that took a while" :raritywink: Love it

>>3466377  This happened a year and four days later?

Well, it's about time you got on it, YY.

>>3466624 You look incredibly familiar. I swear I've seen you on another one of my stories before.

And to >>3466377 and you, that won't happen again. Promise.

>>3467379  And I believe that the story in question has been deleted, or I can't find it...

I think I was the one that was kinda new to the fandom and ended up hating above mystery story because it involved my favorite character at the time, Rarity, being murdered.  I was an insensitive little kid, I was.

Now do you remember me?

>>3467426 Dear god, that monstrosity. I had never written creatively in any capacity before that happened, so it turned out... well, you saw what it looked like. Thank god you're the only one who remembers—I'd prefer if no one remembered it, but oh well.

But yeah, I remember now. Sorry about making you upset then (I remember that happening too).

>>3467431  Meh, I think we both learned from that one...good to see you have EqD worthy stories now!  Much more bearable death!

Comment posted by Deceased deleted at 7:11pm on the 10th of November, 2013

she got up from the coach she had been resting on


Other than that, good job. I look forward to the rest of this story.

Lindsey Pop:rainbowderp:y Stirling !!

I love this. More, please!!!

I think I need some time to cool off.

You got that right.


My cello Is in the back room.

Unnecessary capital.:derpytongue2:

Seeing this updated was a pleasant surprise. Keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

I'm still sad I can't find a story... well couldn't, just rechecked, apparently it's buried on the site... Maybe because it's sick and twisted in any way possible... I sincerely doubt any of you have read Elege Op. 24, I highly suggest any Octavia fans don't read it... of course I did and it's just an interesting story if you don't mind substance abuse... I have yet to read this one though, and am looking forward to giving my opinion on it~ :raritywink:

Hooray, Octavia is not insane!

Awesome story!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I would be most very honored if this story was in this group: The MLP Fan Club: source for all good fics

Wow, this is simply amazing. I just can't wait to read more. Please, please from the bottom of my heart, keep up the good work, and if you don't mind... do so in a timely manner; I can hardly wait for the next chapter.

>>3550301 If you want to add it to the group, then do it by all means!

>>3550730 You came at the right time—next chapter is nearly done.

>>3484450 I have read part of it, and have regretted it ever since.

Is thisa rewrite of some sorts? I am pretty sure i have read a similar story with octavia seeing a dancer, except staccato had another name and was more commercially focused. And it was father alongthan this.

>>3591904 This was somewhat of a rewrite, but Staccato has always been Staccato.

My reading material for the night. Very well done. Seeing this story update always makes me happy.

Octavia put down her cello into its velvet-lined case

I would say the "down" is not needed, makes I kind of weird. And change "into" to "in."

I've been listening to Tiny Dancer for the past few days.

I was humming it when I was reading the story.

Then I saw that author's note.

I just...

Wow :rainbowderp:

Finally having cleared up enough crud to get to good stuff, and its a fun end, if certainly troubling last line. Very nicely done.

#34 · 46w, 22h ago · · 2 · I - Curtains ·

I can't read past the first three paragraphs. Your sentences feel rushed, and your tenses are a bit off.

>>3724180 Excuse me? I'm all for opinions, but that is an incredibly strange comment to make. Please cite the sentences and I'll concede this.

#36 · 38w, 1d ago · · · V - Talent ·

Ouch, a real gutpunch at the end! But a very very lovely update!

#37 · 38w, 21h ago · · · V - Talent ·

1) Questions. I haz em. Is the dancer a ghost (because that's what I'm thinking right now)? How did that one dude lose the theater (I'm sure you'll answer that later, when Octavia and mystery dude meet up)? Is there a romance between Octavia and Vinyl, or is it really nice friend? Are you going to add a vinyl tag due to how much involvement she's had in the story? Are you going to add an OC and other tag, for all the musical ponies?

2) Dialogue sequences were a bit sketchy. Sometimes I didn't know who was talking.

Serous time now: My avatar picture may make this hard to take serous, but bear with me

3) I'm not feeling some of the ecstasy I was getting when reading the previous chapters. I think the greatest part about this story was how much we didn't know. Mystery dude, and ghost girl didn't have names, and all we got was a glympse at a tragic love story echoing the chambers of a worn down theater of arts, where two long separated lovers meet together when they feel the music is right. Octavia leaves and the couple must wait for the next great musician to anchor their forms so that they may dance once again, to beautiful music. There used to be so much more poetry in this fic, and now it's become more of a drama. I honestly would try to cut back to when this story had so much mystique and then end it with a soft closing scene where Octavia takes one last look in the halls and leaving for the last time.  

But this is your story, and you will do with it what you will, and I still look forward to your updates, but I still stick with my opinion.

#38 · 38w, 21h ago · 1 · · V - Talent ·

>>4014261 The drama is a temporary thing--the dancer (both her and her partner are long dead due to them having been together for so long) would notably make things strange for Octavia, since no one else sees her. Once Manhattan rolls out, the "poetry" is back--I did notice that this chapter had a lot of just plain ponies doing pony things, but with Vinyl mostly out of the picture and a new place to explore, there will be a lot more development into the dancer and Octavia's journey with them.

#39 · 38w, 21h ago · 1 · · V - Talent ·

>>4014261 Your proposal for the ending is interesting. Not saying it's what I have down, nor is this saying it isn't.

It's just interesting that you said that.

#40 · 38w, 21h ago · · · V - Talent ·


Glad to hear the poetry is back


Interesting thing is interesting. Glad to hear it's noted.

#41 · 38w, 19h ago · · · V - Talent ·

Another great update. Can't wait for the next one.

'Vinyl!' Octavia shot. 'This is not what I expected from you—well, I didexpect it, but it still doesn't make this right.'

Missing a space in this line.

#42 · 38w, 7h ago · · · V - Talent ·

the ending of this chapter was sad... well, waiting for more!

#43 · 37w, 6d ago · · · V - Talent ·

That cleaner at the start really doesn't know how to read a scene, jerk. :ajbemused:

Answers! I need answers! :raritydespair:

...Hmm. Can't say I've ever seen this idea before, nor this writing style, for that matter. I'm intrigued.

(16 hours and no comments, hmm...)

I look forward to the next chapter.

Glad to see this continue. Interested to see how the business with the dancer translates over to Manehattan.

Dug the Beatles references.

I'm happy you decided to keep writing this.

#48 · 7w, 2d ago · · · VII - Alto ·


I will try and remain patient for the next chapter.

#49 · 7w, 2d ago · · · VII - Alto ·

Oh my gosh... that´s so sweet and so sad at the same time...

He didn´t come back because he was trapped, isn't it? He died... All he wants is to go back to his beloved...


#50 · 7w, 1d ago · · · VII - Alto ·

Yay, update!

Quite bittersweet indeed, especially that ending... strong stuff.

Patiently waiting for more :twilightsmile:

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