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    When Discord finds a crack in his prison he begins whispering to a lonely Scootaloo.
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    Years after the events of Discordant, Scootaloo is hired as an assistant flight instructor.
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    Who is Twilight Sparkle, and why does she know so much about Rainbow Dash and her friends? Can the five Elements of Harmony stop this strange unicorn from destroying harmony in Equestria forever?
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    In the subterranean world of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle is given the powers of a mighty dragon. She must protect Fluttershy, the one pony who holds the key to finding the long lost place known called the sky. Crossover with BoF: Dragon Quarter.
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  • 37w, 15h
    Yes, I know, I haven't updated stories in forever

    I've gotten a couple messages from people, so I'm just gonna put my reply here for everyone. I want to finish these stories, and I will. But at the moment, I have senior level math and programming courses, I'm hunting for an internship so I can get a job when I graduate, I have to pay for college, and what free time I do have goes toward writing D&D adventures for my group of friends to play on weekends. I will write the next chapters when I can, but I don't know when that'll be.

    1 comments · 320 views
  • 58w, 11h
    A few notes on my stories and recent projects

    Evening everyone.

    First, As Twilight Fades IS NOT DEAD. I've gotten a lot of messages asking about it, and I have every intention of continuing it. It's just not top priority with Harmonics entering its endgame. Expect a possible chapter on both sometime tonight or this week.

    Upon a Falling Feather is my next highest priority, though I need to step back a bit and make sure I keep it how I meant for it to be, a lighthearted adventure. I'm looking forward to the next bit though.

    Reach for the sky is probably dead. The idea just doesn't appeal to me as much as it did, which is fine. That's how I write. I get excited for a project, I write out a chapter or two, and my motivation either wilts or just gets stronger. Reach for the sky just doesn't have any satisfactory way to balance the two crossovers, for me at least. On the other hand, I do have an idea for a crossover I'd thought of quite a while ago, for anyone who's interested. Expect that story sometime soon.

    Speaking of wilted motivation, the non-pony story about Sebastian that's on my other blog is more or less on hiatus. I'll probably keep a few characters, but the story itself just isn't doing it for me.

    And finally, I'm making my own video game. It's a 3d hack and slash with a story that will hopefully be nostalgic to old school final fantasy fans (Specifically 8). I'm making it on Unity. And if anyone has experience in Blender or another 3d modeling program, could you link to some learning resources? Especially for normal maps, because all of mine came out looking terrible and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    Also, if anyone did message me or comment with a question, and I didn't respond, it wasn't an intentional snub. I probably read your comment when I didn't have time to respond and ended up forgetting. I do that to everyone, and it's not on purpose :(

    1 comments · 231 views
  • 80w, 1d
    School's Out

    1 comments · 213 views
  • 83w, 19h
    Writing Challenge

    Original Post:

    So, finals are nearly upon us, and I've got tons of programming to do for the next three weeks, so I doubt I'll have more posted until then. I do have a challenge though, for you writers who may happen to see this. Next time you have a few minutes to spare, sit down and write something different. Something you don't usually write, maybe something you don't even read. For me it was a romantic short story written on a bet, and I was surprised at how hard it was to write. I've always known little details were a weak point of mine, and trying to hit at attraction or feelings subtly really brought that fact to attention.

    So if you usually write romance, take a shot at horror. If you love horror, take a shot at comedy. If you want, share your work or what you learned in the comments. Even if it comes out as poorly written as mine did, trying and experimenting is how writers get better, right? Well, that's my two cents for the day. Back to sorting algorithms and proofs.


    3 comments · 129 views
  • 85w, 12h
    Upon a Falling Feather has a TV Tropes page.

    So, I was poking around TV Tropes while procrastinating like any real writer, and imagine my surprise when I came across a page for my own story. I'd been toying with the idea of starting one for Discordant, but thought doing it myself would be a bit egotistical, and I don't know how. Well, seeing it and realizing someone liked the story enough to take their time to set it up made my day, so I figured I'd share it here for anyone else in need of procrastination material.

    In a slightly related note, I hope to put the next chapter of Falling Feather and Harmonics up before morning, so laugh and call me names if I don't. *Whines* I need to get Falling Feather back to Swashbuckling. These crystallized freaks are just boring.

    Edit: Heh, I should probably post the link. Oops >.>

    3 comments · 210 views
  • ...

Rarity's family name is in shambles, and her fortune is nonexistent. To return what her father squandered, she and her good friend Pinkie Pie turn to piracy, commandeering a magical airship and kidnapping the princess's personal student.

When Princess Celestia learns of Twilight and Applejack's abduction, she doesn't agree to pay the ransom. No, she hires the sky's greatest tactical mind, the Daring Swordspony Rainbow Dash, and her sidekick, Fluttershy. As the two groups engage in a game of cat and mouse, more dangerous threats hang on the horizon. Aztec Curses, angry gods, and a mysterious figure known only as the Derp Pirate Roberts.

Will the six Elements of Harmony be able to gather the seven pieces of eight, or will the world fall to utter chaos, and rise up as an empire of anarchy and piracy?

Now with its own TV Tropes page thanks to Cleverpun: TV Tropes

First Published
29th Oct 2012
Last Modified
24th Jul 2013

Okay, this actually sounds funny! :rainbowkiss: Will follow.

Will the six Elements of Harmony gather the seven pieces of eight? Nein! But ten, at least they try.

amazing man cant wait for an update

god dammit you beat me to it! i wanted to write something like this!

I don't usually favorite an adventure story, but you got me hooked :pinkiehappy: Is it interrogation time for Twilight? :twilightoops:

Anyways, looking forward to more of this!

Okay...this has promise.

This certainly seems relevant to my interests! :raritystarry:

Edit: And it is! Please keep writing.

"Derp Pirate Roberts"

You are mad you know, mad mad MAD!

Then again, we're all mad here.

*Fave'd, and thumb-uped*

Oh, definitely watching this. intriguing to say the least. Do continue this.

Nicely done. Favoriting this. One question though, are the airships because steampunk or because of the airship in "I'm the Type of Pony"?


Steampunk and magic. Sails and wooden hulls rather than giant balloons.


The mental image.....

I'm going to quote a semi applicable elf.

"I should avoid casting any spells tonight, if only to give the laws of physics time to cry alone in the corner."

The coolness factor of literal flying wooden ships is well worth it.


These ships run on rule of cool, so they don't put nearly as much strain on physics as an overweight dragon.

Song is win? song is win. Excellent.


Glad to see you caught the reference. And cool is an ecologically friendly alternative fuel.

Man, all it's missing is the frame of someone telling the story. I really look forward to more; is this going to be a long-running fic?

Here we go... Shining Armor, you're in for an adventure!

whats this, like Pirates of the Caribbean, only in the sky and not the sea? cool. keep up the good work. hope to see more.:rainbowdetermined2:

Shining Armor as Shining Armor,

Rainbow Dash, as a Pirate Captain.

I eagerly await whatever wonderfully despicable fate you have waiting for Fluttershy. My guess is barmaid.

Yes! Another chapter! :pinkiehappy: Can't wait for more!

I'm enjoying this so far,  and it looks like there's alot to look forward to. Hope the chapters grow in length as we progress.:twilightsmile:

How can a pony hold cards with hooves? Pirate superpowers ! :rainbowwild:

How in hell would Rainbow be able to hold a hand of cards? Some people have issues with that and we have 10 digits.:rainbowhuh:

And Dash is now favourite character. :rainbowdetermined2:

So, the captain of the guard couldn't take on the whole inn all by himself!? It's a pirate story! :flutterrage:

Seriously though, I like where this is going.


Not until after he's disgraced, thrown out the Guard, and takes a level in badass.

Are you gonna put this up on EqD? Cause you should totally put this on EqD. Do it do it do it do it.

This is shaping up wonderfully. I had completely forgotten someone other than Trixie talks in the third person.


Probably, once I stop being lazy and get it edited. My goal for now is getting it in the featured box on fimfiction. First time I've had trouble with it.

I find myself wanting to know what Flutters is doing with these type of ponies. My mind is already drawing up all kinds of solutions, Dash and Shy orphans from filly years?


I thought it was just because the rest of the gang had already been assigned different roles in this story, and Fluttershy was just what was left. :rainbowwild:

Seriously though, I've been enjoying this story thus far, looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

Short one today, just want to show the big groups out there.

I might be interested in reading this, but I'm not gonna start unless someone can assure me that Spike has as much "screentime" as the Elements. Anyone?


He doesn't have any *yet*, and I don't know if he'll be as major a character as the rest, so no promises.

I require only promises of swashbuckling. Can you guarantee that buckles will be swashed?


:rainbowhuh: Do you doubt the daring Dash's ability to buckle swashes?



Im with this guy. there is a distinct lack of swashed buckles on this site.



you beat me to the idea

Discord the pirate king...that is all.

Where this is going.

I think I like it.

Wait, wait. Don't tell me. The last group came from the west?

Fun story so far, but why are the chapters so short?  I am sort of amazed actually, stories with chapters thus short usually aren't written so well. Still would like some longer chapters though.

"I don't think we should be here," the cowpony said, leaning on the fourth wall.  

.....:rainbowderp::twilightoops: Is Braeburn related to Pinkie?

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