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  • Wednesday
    And in Magical Squirrel News—

    It occurred to me:

         That the middle of November is usually when the annual volume of the Sword and Sorceress anthology appears.  I haven't gotten my contributor copy yet, but volume 29 is indeed now available for those who have perhaps been following my stories about Cluny, the Sorceress Squirrel.

         If you haven't been following my stories about Cluny, the Sorceress Squirrel, let me offer you the first two of them free of charge.  The first, "Familiars," was originally published in volume 19 of Sword and Sorceress back in 2002, and "Immolation," the second in the sequence—I kinda went back and filled this one in—showed up last year in an anthology called What Happens Next from Furplanet.

         The other Cluny stories are currently only available in volumes 23 through 28 of Sword and Sorceress, but my plan—and the reason I'm bringing this up in a post here—is to take the first eight stories, write a bunch of linking material, and turn them into a novel chronicling Cluny's first year studying to be a familiar at Huxley College.  This means my contributions around here are likely to be a little thin on the ground for a couple months.  I've got some poems I'm working on for the collection—including my attempt to write one about Maud—but there's likely to be a paucity of new Pony fiction under the AugieDog name till at least the end of the year and possibly on into February of next year.

         I'll still be lumbering around in the background, though, reading and commenting on stuff as well as pre-reading over at Equestria Daily.  But I've got squirrels in my skull, and typing's the only one way I know of to get 'em out!


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  • 2w, 12h
    I'm Not Bad Horse--


         A Facebook friend--meaning a person I've never actually met or spoken to--posted a link yesterday to something else I'm pretty sure I've never seen before: an interesting article in the New Yorker.

         All snarkiness aside, the article talks about writing and brings up several things that I was completely in the dark about--that there are still people out in the world upset about the existence of genre fiction, for instance.  It also gives a brief history of the concept of the novel and nicely summarizes some of Northrup Frye's ideas about both the different types of long-form fiction and the importance of mixing the different types together.

         I don't think a lot about writing, I've come to realize from reading various blog posts here on FimFiction, and after thirty years of just writing, it's probably too late for me to start now.  I'm as encrusted with habits at this point as an old pier piling is encrusted with barnacles.  But it's interesting to read what other folks say about the process even if it's just to nod at the things I do and wrinkle my brow at the things I don't.  Heck, maybe this old AugieDog can still learn a new trick or two!


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  • 3w, 1d
    One Book for Free, Two Books for Sale

    The free book:

         Is Foreigner, the whole Gilda adventure I've been working on the past couple months.  I posted the concluding chapter yesterday, and considering that it started out as a short story, I'm pretty happy with how it grew.

         The books for sale, I'll talk about below the break.

         The first is the one I've mentioned a couple times already--this'll be the last time, I swear!  It started out as a pony novel called Half the Day is Night, but after adding 25,000 words and a couple of sub-plots while removing all the ponies and pony references, it ended up as a talking-animal fantasy novel called Morning, Noon & Night.  It's available as a Kindle e-book as well as on actual paper, and the paper edition has four illustrations by one of my favorite artists, Roz Gibson.

         The second is also connected to the whole Pony thing, so I don't feel like a complete cad talking about it here...

         Back when I first stumbled across Equestria Daily in February of 2011, I found everyone using pseudonyms on the site.  Casting about in my brain for a handle I could use, I remembered a character I'd been trying and failing to write stories about since my college days twenty-five years earlier, a wheelchair-bound fantasy fan named Gus Lancer.  In my notes on the character, I had something about how he frequented chat rooms using the name AugieDog, and I'd even made him an actual e-mail address back in the 1980s when I'd first signed up for America On-Line--like I said, he's been in my head for a while.  So I used that e-mail address to get a Blogspot account--this was back when Equestria Daily still used Blogger for its comments--and started submitting fanfiction to the site as AugieDog.

         Using Gus's identity this way started me thinking about him.  And it struck me that the way I'd set the character up, he would definitely be a brony.  This got me thinking about what it meant to be a brony, and I suddenly found that I had stuff I wanted to write about.

         But I was feeling a little nervous.  After all, Gus had been with me for literally decades without me being able to spin any stories about him.  I figured I could use a little help.  And I found it on the website FurAffinity.

         I'd joined the site at about the same time as I started following EqD thinking that I might find some more pony fans amongst the furries, but what I found instead was a little group of writers amongst all the visual artists.  They seemed to congregate around Renee Carter Hall, known as Poetigress over there, and something called the Thursday Prompt, one or two words she would post every Thursday for folks to use as springboards for stories.  So I started doing that: every weekend, I would write 1,000 words or so about Gus and his peculiar situation based on whatever the prompt had been the previous Thursday.  Slowly, a plot began forming in all these fragments, and by the end of the year, I had most of a novel.

         That was when I heard about an outfit called Kazka Press putting together an anthology of SF and fantasy short stories based on the brony phenomenon.  I cleaned up the first three of the Gus pieces I'd done, sent them in as a short story, and the editor bought it.  A little later, Kazka Press said they were thinking of putting out a line of "flash novels"--SF and fantasy up to 50,000 words--so I spackled all the Gus pieces together, wrote the ending, and came out with a 49,900 word something I called Neighbors.

         I sent it in to Kazka...and they almost immediately went out of business.  The story was way too long for most magazine publishers and way too short for most book publishers, but I got a few encouraging rejection letters.  I worked some more on the thing, ran it through the writing group I belong to, got a lot of encouraging comments from them, and ended up with a 50,500 word short novel still called Neighbors.

         And that's the novel you can buy right now!  I've got a special deal running all this weekend.  The Kindle e-book edition is available for 99 cents till Monday, and if you buy the paper version for $9, you get the Kindle version free.  Head over to the novel's Kindle page and click on the "Look inside" link up by the cover image, and it'll let you read the first four-and-a-half chapters, the whole original short story plus another chapter-and-a-half!  It'll give you an idea of whether the book might be something you'll enjoy, at any rate.

         There's always so much going on!


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  • 5w, 6h
    More Crass Commercialism

    8 comments · 152 views
  • 5w, 2d
    Chap. 6 of "Foreigner" Upcoming, But—

    I had hoped:

         When starting this whole Foreigner project that I'd be able to squeeze it into six chapters and 40,000 words.  I mean, yes, the phrase "possible epilogue" appears in my notes, but I had dismissed them as the ravings of a madman.

         Until I found myself staring at a chapter six that was aiming toward 10,000 words all on its own.  

         So yes, chapter six should be up and ready for reading once the spackle and paint dries—in the next 12 hours, let's say—and while it will likely push the story to the 40K mark, it won't actually end the thing.  I'll try to keep the thrice-dreaded epilogue to under 5K words and try to get it out by next Thursday, but it might just take me two weeks all on its own if it decides to be finicky.

         I remain optimistic, though.  After all, what could possibly go wrong?  :pinkiehappy:


    9 comments · 85 views
  • ...

Prince Blueblood dislikes being secret agent Double-O-Zeta, but since no pony does it better, the princesses won't let him quit.  Trailing the mad unicorn Green Briar to Ponyville, though, Blueblood runs into Rainbow Dash, already investigating the odd new pony in the area.  She resents this jerkwad of a prince suddenly butting in, and when circumstances force the two to work together, the unexpected feelings they arouse in each other might prove more dangerous than anything Green Briar has planned.

Inspired by TAW's Shipping Contest and finished with much thanks to Casca on mlpchan's /fic/ board, Aquillo and cheeze sauce over at Saltblock, and Bad Horse, Cloudy Skies and Skywriter here at FiMFiction.  The adventure continues as well in the second Clandestine Corps adventure, Piefall!

First Published
3rd Nov 2012
Last Modified
24th Nov 2012

As a point of useless information:

     The ancient Greeks used the letters as their number system, too, with a couple modifications.  And the letter "zeta" was their number "seven."


Blueblood as the lead, and shipped with Rainbow Dash? Okay, I'll bite.

This may well be both unique, and entertaining!

This is why it pays to watch the Dog.  Your brilliant writing drives me to sweet despair.  I like the idea that Luna sees something of herself in Blueblood, and the recasting of Blueblood as competent but empty.  Might we even see some character growth?

(I would prefer that to have been broken in two chapters, because fimfiction doesn't have bookmarks - I need to read chapters all the way to the end once I've clicked on them and they're marked as read.  Didn't really have time to read 8000 words right now.)

"I would no such thing," => "I would do no such thing,"

Another James Bond crossover:rainbowderp: me like it:eeyup:

BlueDash ship? All ships must sail, faved for later.

I know that a story is promising when the first paragraph makes me snort and laugh out loud. :raritywink:

Having read this first bit - fantastic! I'm only sorry I haven't read your stories before now. :raritystarry:

1. Well-characterized, Goddess of the NIght is well-characterized.

2. Chives doesn't rhyme with Jeeves. Minus 2 house points.

3. Coal Porter? I see what you did there.

4. MOAR!

Okay, one chapter in... And I'm VERY interested in seeing where you go with the characters.  +1 fave, +1 upvote


I strongly recommend Half the Day is Night.

Excellent idea!

I have to admit that I didn't think much of the set up (and the pairing) going in, but in a little less than 9k words you've made me a believer.

Bond's personality meshes very well with Blueblood's, not to mention how well the setting in which Bond moves matches to the air of nobility around Canterlot and the princesses. Sort of like MI6 without  the bureaucracy.

Luna as M was a surprise but much more fitting than Celestia, I have to agree, after her scene as top brass. That was awesome! It would be great if you gave a bit more development to Hyacinth in the future; while Moneypenny wasn't any major character in the Bond universe, she does save James' bacon more than once with the powers that be. On that note, will we get to meet Q's stand in? Who knows... Twilight might very well get roped into the role in the future :P I get the feeling she'd do great as a mad scientist.

One thing I liked a lot is how you've managed to wrap Bond's savoir faire around Blueblood's trademark obnoxiousness and make it work. That doesn't look easy but it manages to keep Blueblood being Blueblood and still come across as a real Double 0 agent.

I like the idea of Rainbow as a pairing a lot (and not just because she's my favourite) because the counterpoint she'll make to Bluebloods noble ideals and refined Canterlot digs will be hilarious, but I don't quite see what you plan to do with her. She's shown physical skills well above the average pegasus, and while that in itself is par for the course with her almost every time she shows up, the amount of emphasis you've put on this fact feels like foreshadowing. Will she be tapped for a double 0 agent? Those Wonderbolts can't just be stunt poines after all, that'd be a criminal waste of talent :P

I also loved how you've made Rainbow just be happy. So often is she portrayed as a tragic figure putting a good face on to cover up some great tragedy (real or imagined) that I've felt for a long time that such a thing doesn't do justice to the character we're shown in the show. Please keep her like that! Especially because I agree with Luna, Blueblood sounds so cynical and is so brazen in his affectations (no matter how true some of the boasts he makes may be) that to have him as a sort of warped mirror for Rainbow can only help her curb her natural boastfulness; not to mention it's bound to put some fun in Blueblood's life that does not necessarily imply property damage.

Great job! Looking forward to more of this!

Im looking forward to this, always been a 007 fan and its very uncommon to find a blueblood story not showing him as an a complete arse.

Well whaddya know! I think this story already has a soundtrack!

That was pretty entertaining. :rainbowdetermined2:

Very interesting, I look forward to future chapters. I have a couple issues; the flow at the start seems a bit off, but smoothes out nicely once we get to Luna. The other is the seemingly random contractions from Dash, the couple you have are out of place with the rest of her speech.

OH YES! :moustache:

Now I can't wait for Rarity's face when she sees RD and Blueblood.

My only regret: No Bond-cars. :fluttercry:

Oh yeah! Very much enjoying this. Looking forward to more.

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!


Sorry about:

     The chapter lengths, but I could only come up with 4 ponified James Bond titles, so using one for the overall story left with me with three to use for the chapters.  So they each need to be about 8,000 words, I figure, to get the whole thing told.  If I can keep my usual pace, chapter 2, Octopony, should appear on or about Nov. 14th, and chapter 3, Thunderbow, on or about Nov. 26th.




     I hafta admit that I've never thought of myself as a James Bond fan.  And yet, as soon as the phrase, "The names's Blueblood.  Prince Blueblood" popped into my head, that was it.  No turning back!  :rainbowdetermined2:


     At this point, this is a stand-alone story, and all the action for the rest of it takes place in Ponyville and the Everfree Forest.  So alas, no more scenes with Hyacinth nor do we get to meet Q, though Blueblood does give her a passing thought early in  chapter 1 as "that unkempt little minion of Aunt Celestia's" who showed him how to deploy his hang glider.  And thank you for your comments on the way I'm writing Dashie.  One of the things that makes FiM such a special show for me is the way the characters actually love the work that they do.  It may stress them out and sometimes drive them crazy, but a big part of their core happiness comes from having jobs they enjoy and believe in.


     Doesn't "Coal Porter" get me those 2 points back?  No?  Ah, well...  :raritywink:


     I'll give the contractions a look.  I spend my whole previous story, An Infinite Number of Pinkies, trying to us contractions as a way of delineating the various narrative levels, so I might still have some of that residue still floating around in my brain.




     More is on its way!  And yes, I'm really looking forward to writing the Rarity scene in chapter 3!  :pinkiehappy:


This Blueblood. I like it. ANOTHER!! Okay, all done with overused memes. Anyway, I have become rather fond of Blueblood lately, mainly due to InsertAuthorHere, and I like seeing him in a protagonist role instead of an antagonist.


Thunderbow. The pun has been DOUBLED! Ok, so I lied about overused memes.:trollestia:

Look for:

     Act III, "Thunderbow," on or about Monday, Nov. 26th!


Ohoho, he's devious! We're having fun alright!

Damn!!! This guy is just......damn:rainbowderp:

This got a lot more interesting.

Well this chapter upped the stakes quite thoroughly. Really looking forward to the next chapter.

Yaaay! *waits eagerly

I think this is my favorite fan-depiction of Blueblood; just as insufferable as in the canon, yet with hidden layers, and yet furthermore, and this is important, equally insufferable in his hidden layers as well.

Also, Dash is best Bond Girl.






I just hope:

     The conclusion with have a sufficient number of explosions to be true to the source material.  :twilightsmile:


     I'm a little chagrined by how easy I find it to write for Blueblood, actually.  Might be it says something about me I'd rather went unspoken.  :twilightblush:



In all honesty:

     I have to admit that the music I've found myself humming all month while working on this--other than the standard James Bond opening stuff--has been the theme to the old British TV spy show "The Avengers."

     Because Diana Rigg, who played Tracy Draco in the film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," played Emma Peel on the show.  So there's at least a tenuous connection!


Princess Luna is best Bad Cop. :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:


Obviously Q would have to be Discord somehow.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

And there it is!

     A couple thousand more words than I expected, but, well, you can't have everything.  'Cause, I mean, where would you put it?


Interesting, I haven't read this yet but I am about to. I have an idea that seems to be somewhat similar to this (Rainbow Dash with a 007 swing to it) I may write it, may not... But i cant wait to dive into this!

"Well, if you want to be ungrammatical about it..."


sequel please.:pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Oh yeah. That was awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Don't know what plans you have, if any, regarding this story, but I certainly wouldn't be adverse to a sequel. :pinkiehappy:

Sequel or no, I am definitely watching for what you write next.

Hrm. You know, secret agent Blueblood is actually coming pretty close to replacing my headcanon right now. Another story, and you might even have it.

I look forward to seeing what you write next.

Absolutely spledifferous

Seeing that ship I was a bit afraid that this might end like "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".

Thank you for not doing that.

If you write a sequel, remember to put in "You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look GOOD." That line may not be Bond, but it is sooo Rainbow Dash. :rainbowkiss:

B-b-b-b-baby you just ain't seen nothin' yet...

Admittedly; I've never seen a James Bond movie, but if they're all as good as this I should go pick up a DVD pack from Walmart of somthin'. If you ever think up some grand sequel to this, I'll read it in a heart beat.

Excellent ending, and let me join the chorus begging for a sequel.

I trust there will be more:trixieshiftright:

Well, the resolution for this was awesome indeed. The fight was very nice and engaging and the pacing of the last two chapters was very well handled.

It was an interesting twist that the real threat to Equestria was the storm resulting from Briar's actions rather than the unicorn himself. Blueblood being assertive in the face of what had happened to him was also  a nice piece of character development, although I did end up feeling that he ought to have a little bit more time to showcase just why he's thought of as the best agent on the payroll.

Also on the department of things I didn't quite get, just how was the spell triggered in the end? Were they not out of its range when Blueblood freed them from their bonds?

Now, if I were a mature, sensible reader I'd say that ending where you did was the perfect place to do it as the story had already been told in full, all i's dotted and all t's crossed. That said, I will now proceed to my impersonation of a raving fanboy.

OMFG you need to make a sequel for this thing! It's great! What's going to happen with Dash in the service? Will she accept? What about Rarity? I don't care what she says, she sees Dash and Blueblood out one day and she's going to want a piece of that flank for herself or I'll eat my hat. If they get together and end up married, does that make Dash nobility? (poor, poor country).

Moar Luna! She had 3 pages in the story or thereabouts and they were great! She deserves more page :P

Great job man, looking forward to more of your work even if you decide to shelf this particular AU.

The heart-shaped cloud felt a touch heavy handed but that's the only tiny petty criticism I can level at this. Lovely as always. You perfectly captured BB and RD. Any chance you plan to do more in this universe?









Thanks, folks!

     Next up from me is actually a sequel to the story of mine that's so far proven to be the least popular here on FiMFiction, my nearly-clopless clopfic "Biology: A Romance."  "History: A Romance Continued" should take up most of my Pony writing time for the rest of the year (and will likely have even less clop in it than "Romance" does), and after that I might just see about writing the Princess Cadance story that Skywriter accidentally suggested to me last month.

     I'd definitely enjoy visiting this version of Blueblood and Dash again mostly to see how Blueblood and Ponyville react to each other.  Gotta get a good maguffin for it, though: some fiend that needs vanquishing or some important object that needs securing.  I always hafta start a story outline with "a person in a place with a problem," and in a spy story, well, that problem's always gotta be something world-shattering, doesn't it?  :pinkiehappy:


     As for the Octopony spell, Green Briar has a Plan A and a Plan B.  Plan A uses Blueblood as its trigger, but Dash stops that one from happening.  So Green Briar initiates Plan B, the one with the dagger, at the end of Act II, and casts the spell that way instead.

     The chemistry between Luna and Blueblood really took me by surprise, I hafta admit, and pretty much forced me to add those two scenes between Celestia and Luna to dig a little more into what was going on there.  That's always a fun part of the writing process, the way my brain sometimes does things without running them by me first...  :pinkiecrazy:


     Dash punching a heart-shaped hole in the clouds was the very first image that came into my head once I had the basic outline of the story, to tell the truth, so I felt duty-bound to include it.  I'm a sucker for that kinda happy-ending stuff...  :twilightblush:



Evil guy wants to spark a war between the Diamond Dogs and the Griffins.

>>1691217 *laughs* I totally understand you there, it wasn't really meant to be a big deal just  mior quirk. but it did make me groan and smile.


Eh, I think the best part of writing is when you realize your characters do things without bothering to ask your permission. Then, when you stop you look at the page and realize there is no way you can delete all those pages you just wrote and still be telling a story about those characters.

In regards to your future prospects, I will read your other work and see what you come up with. If this is the bar for your quality, the rest must also be well written. I may not like other stories as much as this, but good writing deserves to be read!

As to needing a someone, somewhere with something of a problem? I totally agree. That it needs to be world shattering? Not necessarily... Unlike Bond, Blueblood is not only a spy but a noble in and of himself. Who's to say he doesn't stumble onto some uncomfortable secret some other noble doesn't want to make public? No world ending there, but there's a lot of potential for personal discomfort :P.

Okay, that was a crack paring to be true, but also a fun read. Well done. I don't see many authors portray ol' Blueblood sympathetically without trying to "fix" him.

Edit: this story also agreed with my head-canon, where the princesses are grooming the mane six for duty to the nation...


Yeah, vanquish so we an watch!

Wait, that came out wrong...:facehoof:

Rainbow dash/Prince blueblood is a new one for me but I love it already since blueblood barely gets any pairings and when he does its with the great and annoying trixie.(no offence to trixie/blueblood shippers out there)  This was a very good story.:twilightsmile:

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