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  • Friday
    hey guys.

    Long story short, nothing in my life ever goes right. I'm out of a job, pretty close to being out of a place to live, and I'm having writers block for Nightmare's Return like a son of a bitch. So don't expect anything new from me anytime soon. I'm not leaving FIMfic; I can't leave my family. However, shit got real and I don't deal with shit getting real very well.

    I'm sorry, guys.

    8 comments · 46 views
  • 5w, 3d

    Tl;dr (because my browser crashed after I'd written a good two or three paragraphs on this entry) I'm still alive, just working a lot at the dog kennel owned by the person who I ended up having to move in with for reasons that may or may not involve being shot at 3 in the morning while outside taking a walk. So my stories will be even more slowly updating, and I'm putting NR on hiatus for the time being until my schedule becomes less hectic.

    Also, Bookshelves. This must be a new thing. I had like six people add my stories to their respective Bookshelves and I'm still wondering what is going on. Are they intending this to replace the Favorite system or something? If so, I'm going to be really pissed.

    And on an unrelated note, Pedipalps is my only story to have no dislikes. Is it really that good? I had no idea.

    8 comments · 87 views
  • 8w, 2h
    Saturday, Saturday, gonna get-a me a cutie (mark?)...

    Actually, this blog post is about Wednesday. October 1st. The start of Oneshotober. I'm doing it again this year, so beware of ALL THE STORIES COMING FROM ME MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    As for the reference in the journal title, well... I've become rather enamored with Punjabi music as of late, and I discovered this gem while browsing through a friend's Punjabi playlist on his phone. Give it a listen!

    10 comments · 65 views
  • 8w, 6d
    any way to fix MLP iOS game bugs?

    So apparently there's a bug in the MLP iOS game where, when you play the Minecart mini-game, the game doesn't let you collect any milestone prizes except bits. This isn't good for me, because I'm only 15,000 points away from getting Sapphire Shores. Can one fix bugs on their own, or do we just have to wait until the dev team fixes them?

    17 comments · 68 views
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It was a warm spring day. The sun had just come up over the horizon, bathing Canterlot with its rays of pure light. Celestia smiled as she admired her handiwork, as she always did when she rose the morning sun.

“Today will be a beautiful day,” she said to herself. “Not only do I have the honor of having my parents over for a spot of afternoon tea, but they’re bringing some friends as well.” She laughed to herself. “I wonder how they will feel when they meet-“


Immediately, her guard was up. She could recognize that voice anywhere.

“Luna?” she called out. “Luna, where are you? What’s wrong?”

The form of the dark-colored alicorn soon came up over the hilltop, running at a speed that Celestia had never even seen her run before. She had a fearful look on her face, and tears were streaming down from her close eyes.

“What is it, Luna? What’s got you so scared?”

“Out there… in the forest. I saw a beast so foul and murderous, it might as well have been a demon!”

Celestia’s mind immediately flashed to the Changelings, and her face paled. “We must act quickly!” She jumped down from the balcony to the ground below.

“Art thou crazy?!” Luna called out. “That beast shall surely slay you, if you were to go near it!” Nevertheless, as Celestia flew off toward the forest, Luna followed her. She couldn’t bear to see her sister come to any harm, but if it were to happen, she didn’t want to be anywhere else but by her side, defending her… maybe to the death.

As Luna caught up to Celestia, the ruler of the day turned to her and demanded, “Tell me as we go, Luna! What did this thing look like?”

“It had a pair of wings coming out of the back of it- not like our wings, but more rounded and small. It had the look of death itself upon its face!”

“How big was it?”

“Well, not very big… but still it was monstrous!”

This spurred Celestia on even more. To have such a small creature be able to invoke such a fearful response from the princess of the night- especially when she was not so far removed from being controlled by Nightmare Moon- Celestia knew that this creature had to be fearful and foul indeed.

As they flew, Celestia continued: “Where did you see it?”

“It was in an abandoned house. I merely was curious and wanted to see what was inside it, but when I went in… I was scared nearly to death by the beast!”

Celestia’s mind was whirring a million miles a minute, and in almost no time at all she’d figured out where it was that Luna had saw the creature. “Keep up!” she ordered as she flew on at speeds unlike any that had been seen in quite awhile.

“Why are we doing this?” Luna asked loudly, to carry her voice over the wind whipping past them as they flew. “Why dost thou not just send the royal guards to dispatch the foul thing?”

“This merits personal attention,” Celestia replied. “And besides… no creature messes with my younger sister and gets away with it!”

In a few moments, they had arrived at the dilapidated old wreck of a house. Celestia and Luna landed, and walked up to the doorway of the house- not that there was a door still standing there, mind you. It had been taken down long ago.

“My sister,” Luna whispered, “there is truly no need for this. I do not want you getting hurt, and-“

Celestia raised a hoof to silence her, and Luna fell quiet in spite of her wanting to keep on voicing her misgivings. Peering into the house, she surveyed her surroundings. Just then, something flew out of a shadowy corner at them.

“That is it!” Luna cried out, skittering backwards. “That is the foul beast! It needs to be destroyed before any more lives can fall to its predation!”

Celestia looked at Luna dumbfounded, then began to laugh uproariously, falling down onto the ground and rolling around.

“What is so amusing?!” Luna demanded. “That thing almost killed me!”

Celestia had to wait until her laughter had subsided enough for her to be able to speak, and when she did so, her flanks pained her from laughing so much: “Dear sister… there is truly nothing for you to worry about. Those creatures cannot harm you.”

“Are… are you sure?” Celestia nodded, and Luna relaxed a bit.

“Come on, Luna. Let’s go back to the castle and have ourselves some calming tea.” They flew away, Celestia still laughing. Inside the house, the creatures that Luna saw still flitted about elegantly in the sunlight.

The next time that she came out there- if she did at all- Luna would hopefully have learned that there is really nothing to fear... from the common butterfly.

#1 · 107w, 6d ago · · ·

*flops, dies laughing* GLORIOUS

#2 · 107w, 6d ago · · ·

I feel your horror Luna I am afraid of common statues:applejackconfused::fluttershyouch:

#3 · 107w, 6d ago · · ·

Oh Luna. :facehoof:

#4 · 106w, 6d ago · · ·

>>1532006 Just... Don't... Blink...:rainbowderp:

#5 · 103w, 4d ago · · ·


hah. Weeping Angel reference.

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