• E Diary of a Pliant Tyrant

    When Fluttershy finds out that Discord used to keep a mental diary while imprisoned in stone, she begs him to continue it. Grudgingly, he promises to document his thoughts about his new life among old enemies  · xjuggernaughtx
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  • E Diary of a Pliant Tyrant

    When Fluttershy finds out that Discord used to keep a mental diary while imprisoned in stone, she begs him to continue it. Grudgingly, he promises to document his thoughts about his new life among old enemies
    16,437 words · 8,060 views  ·  823  ·  13
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  • 1w, 18h
    Avengers 2

    Massive excitement: that's what I'm feeling. they are planning for some all out craziness, if this trailer is to be believed. Ultron is no joke when it comes to villains, and they've made him a menacing as he ought to be, at least in this short clip. They managed to turn Ronin into a clown for a half a movie, so it's not like the deal is sealed. Still, I trust Joss Whedon to make good choices.

    I both love and hate trailers like this. You can definitely get a sense that big things are happening, but not enough to really know what they are. Or course, it revolves around Ultron, and anyone who knows the character can see where that arc logically leads to, but how exactly that is happening is unclear. We just get a sense that there is conflict. Lots of conflict. Conflict upon conflict. That's cool and all, but it doesn't really give me an idea of whether I'm going to dig the thrust of the film like the trailer for Captain America 2 did. That trailer let me know that it was going to be Cap questioning the current system while also fighting to protect it. That was interesting to me. This has... um... Well, it's got a lot of destruction and some ballerinas. And Cap gets his shield broken, which would be bigger deal if adamantium was a thing in these arm of the MCU.

    But we do get a nice look at the Hulkbuster armor, even though Tony Stark has no chance against the Hulk. Well, comic book Hulk. He's always kind of underpowered in movies and TV, and necessarily so. Keep in mind that comic book Hulk is invited to cosmic level meetings between concept beings like Eternity and Death because he is the living embodiment of rage. Unless they've made changes to the character that I'm unaware of, the Hulk literally has no upper level of strength. As long as he's getting mad, he's getting stronger. Tony Stark's armor has no chance against someone who is a threat to Death. At least, not in the comics.

    Unfortunately, we also get a few shots of Black Widow and Hawkeye not doing very much. That's really a big concern for me. They've actually impressed me with both characters so far, but I'm still worried that they'll just be relegated background status before too long. It's what I think of as the Justice League effect. What do you need Green Arrow for when you have a team that includes The Flash and Superman. I mean, what possible situation could arise that one of the two of them couldn't solve more efficiently? However, I was a fan of Barry Allen Flash, so it might be that he's less powerful than before, but there was literally nothing he couldn't do back in the day. Anyway, I just hope they continue to make those characters useful.

    The odd thing here is that it diverges from the main stories that we have been following, so I'm curious to see how it will all come together. We have the loose thread of Loki in Asgard. Thanos is out there. Hydra is has a strong grip on the world. Yet none of this is evident at all in the trailer. We do get to see Captain America in an old castle at one point, which could point to Baron von Strucker (Seen at the end of Captain America 2), or maybe investigating some of the Red Skull's old artifacts. Or maybe even Baron Zemo, if we are lucky. If so, Joss, please don't have that weird, pink ski mask thing on him. Some things just don't translate well. A pink and yellow bodysuit with eremite trim, capped with a baggy pink facemask is one of those things.

    All in all, I'm excited to see what they are doing with Ultron. Joss Whedon says that are going against the trope of the Coldly Logical Robot Destroys The World thing. He's saying that Ultron is a flawed, illogical mess, basically. I think that's either going to be totally fascinating, or a complete disaster. Joss has a history of great characters, though, so I'm eager to see what he's done with that kind of a concept. It would be nice to move away from that Skynet kind of thinking into something new.

    10 comments · 67 views
  • 1w, 6d
    Update and Errata

    So the new story is coming right along.  It's about a third of the way through an editing pass, and so far only one or two major things have come up.  I have gotten from just about everyone that it's pretty dark, though, and that's disheartening.  The Dark tag is the kiss of death, in my opinion, but I don't want to lie to readers.  If it's dark, then it is.  I'll just have to live with that lower view rate.

    This is the hardest time for me as an author.  I love writing.  I love publishing.  I really, really hate editing.  You take this thing that you think is really great and give it to other people, who then tell you why it's not so great.  I find it to be demoralizing.  And then I get angry at myself for being childish, but it's a process.  I get feedback, then I enter into a small depression for a couple of days.  After that, I'll use the feedback to hopefully make the story better.  It's always helped in the past.  My stories have always come out better and stronger, yet I sit here and feel down about the whole thing for a few days.  That drives me up the wall.  I hope to one day be past that.

    I got the art back for the story, and I'm fairly pleased with it.  The artist screwed a few minor details up, but it's still pretty nice.

    Also, I'm not sure why I'm a sucker for stories with ridiculous sounding premises, but I am in the worst sense of that word.  I always look at these stories and think, "Wow, that sounds shallow/unworkable/like a terrible idea. There's no way an author would do that unless he or she had some way to really make that work in a way that's fresh and original."  It never is.

    Not true!  Skywriter's Shipping Sickness is a great example of a stupid premise that was awesomely done, but it's the rare exception, it seems.  This is probably news to no one but me.

    4 comments · 67 views
  • 2w, 5d

    3 comments · 101 views
  • 2w, 6d
    The Tsunami

    Gah! So much to do! I have too many stories to write!

    I've just finished one, and I'm staring down the barrel of at least ten more. I don't know where they all came from. Luckily, I'm feeling pretty energized. I really like how my new story came out, and that will probably evaporate once my editor gets back to me with a thousand items, but for now, I'm feelin' fine. I'm already thinking about a sequel to that story, but we'll see how it's received first. I love it, so it'll probably fall flat on its face.

    I'm still struggling to find art, but I sent out some new requests that I've got high hopes for. The story won't be ready for public consumption for probably another month or so anyway, so I've got some time.

    But the next order of business is definitely going to be updating Cheerilee's Thousand and Taking a Job for Granite. I've sat on that stuff for too long while I worked on this new Big Mac story and First Steps. Then we will see about some collabs people have been asking for.

    And speaking of collabs, The Album 2 is seriously lagging. My Pinkie Pie chapter will never be seen! This is where I'd put the bawling Rarity emoticon, but we don't have it in the blogs, I guess.

    And how about this snazzy update? I'm liking it overall, though I'm still struggling to understand some of the choices. I can't see the lifetime performance of my story anymore? Just a monthly breakdown?  Uh, okay...

    15 comments · 92 views
  • 3w, 2d
    New Story Rough Is Done

    Ah, that 'Just finished a story' afterglow.  There's nothing quite like it.

    So I've finished my story about Big Mac being a boxer, and boy did it go off in a direction I didn't anticipate at the beginning.  I'm pretty pleased with it, though.  I had a good time writing it.  For the next few days, I'll probably be doing some editing, but does anyone want to pre-read it?  I'm always interested in hearing opinions on how a story is coming together.

    Now if I could just get the art settled.  WHY IS IT SO DAMN HARD TO GET ARTISTS TO RESPOND?!  I've never understood this about artists.  I tried for several years to get comic books together, and I'd meet with these artist who were totally on board.  Then they'd suddenly disappear. Six months later I get an email apologizing and telling me that they'd still like to work on the thing if it's still available.  Then they disappear again.  It's so frustrating. I'm trying to give them money to do the thing they like to do! Why is this such a complicated arrangement?

    Sigh.  Well, I'm going to contact another artist tomorrow, probably.

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  • ...

Discord has been turned to stone by the power of the Elements of Harmony, but his consciousness has been left uneffected.  Now powerless, he can only observe the events around him and think on his past life.

(Want more Discord?  This story has a sequel!  Diary of a Pliant Tyrant)

First Published
26th Oct 2012
Last Modified
26th Oct 2012
#1 · 105w, 9h ago · · ·


Discord's coming back in Season 3. Seriously. He is.

Anyway, favoriting. :pinkiehappy:

#2 · 105w, 8h ago · · ·

>>1506759  Thank you so much for the favorite!  It's so rewarding when people like the story and comment on it.  I love Discord, so I'm happy that he's back.  I kinda hope they don't do too much with him, though.  I like that MLP doesn't have a main villain that shows up all the time.  Some Discord=awesome.  A lot of Discord will be tiring.

#3 · 105w, 8h ago · · ·

Adler Approves of this well written fic

And so.... Favorited :pinkiesmile:

#4 · 105w, 8h ago · · ·

>>1506883  Your approval is appreciated!  It was my pleasure to write it for you!

#5 · 105w, 8h ago · · ·

Fav, and thanks for a new story to read:twilightsmile:. Wonder were you'll take it from here.:pinkiehappy:

#6 · 105w, 8h ago · · ·

>>1507028  Thank you so much!  I'm not sure.  The diary format worked because he couldn't do anything else.  I don't think he would continue it, but maybe I'll follow up with a new story.  I have a lot to do on Out of Fashion, though.  It's my neglected child!:twilightsmile:

#7 · 105w, 8h ago · · ·

Out of fashion? Another story of yours I'm assuming. I don't know any of your other stories I meant another story to read in relation to other stories I'm reading in general. But I'll check it out.:moustache:

#8 · 105w, 8h ago · · ·

>>1507150  Yeah, it's a long term project and it's been sorta draining to write.  I've been drawing a lot more and I've put my writing on the back burner, unfortunately.:fluttershysad:

#9 · 105w, 7h ago · · ·


Lol the best I can draw is a stick figure. But if I have a reference I am a demi-god. Just last year I had to draw something for my 3-D animation class and I copied it so perfectly I got an F for tracing :facehoof:, I fixed that problem though. I hope to one day be able to draw ponies on a whim. (Fuck hands, hooves are where it's at!)

#10 · 105w, 7h ago · · ·

>>1507289  Come join me at the Reddit MLP drawing school!  I went from not being able to draw at all to being fairly competent now.  I still have a way to go, but I've improved more than I ever thought possible!  The brony support is incredible!

Check it out my gallery you want.  This has most of my progression, though my early, really terrible stuff isn't there.:twilightsmile:

#11 · 105w, 7h ago · · ·

Awesome :pinkiecrazy:

#12 · 105w, 7h ago · · ·

>>1507396Thank you very much!  It's nice that people like it!:pinkiehappy:

#13 · 105w, 7h ago · · ·

Would love to see a sequel where Pinkie and him join forces!!!!!!!

#14 · 105w, 7h ago · · ·

>>1507488  Hmmmm....That may be a fun thing to write!  It would be interest to see if Pinkie becomes more like Discord or Discord becomes more like Pinkie.:pinkiegasp:

#15 · 105w, 6h ago · · ·


Holy shit dude your colored boop is the background of mlp drawing school!!!! :pinkiegasp: I am not worthy of your presence!:fluttershbad:

#16 · 105w, 6h ago · · ·


I have joined and you are added. How you have so much karma is beyond me. I have only drawn one thing without a reference and that is my OC pony with no name.

#17 · 105w, 6h ago · · ·

>>1507696:ajsleepy:  Aw, shucks.  It ain't that good of a drawin'.  Ah did put a lotta time into it, though.  

Honestly, I was shocked that it became the background.  It shifts based on some popularity formula.

#18 · 105w, 6h ago · · ·

>>1507855  The secret is to always use references.  I started by just straight up copying images.  Now I'm moving on to more original stuff.  But no pony artist that I know works totally reference free.  It's just like people that draw scenery.  They go out into the scenery and draw it.  They don't sit at home and imagine it.  Well, most of them don't anyway.  Ponies are the same.  It's a lot easier to draw if you have a model.:pinkiesmile:

#19 · 104w, 6d ago · · ·


Check my first drawing out! And comment to tell me how I did!:pinkiehappy:

#20 · 103w, 5d ago · · ·


That made my hour. I should give writing Discord a shot.

#21 · 103w, 5d ago · · ·

>>1555212  Thanks so much!  It was fun writing for Discord.  He's mentally bent and it's fun to get into that head.

#22 · 102w, 3d ago · · ·

Congrats on getting on EPD! It's 3:00 am here so I'll be reading this in the morning but it is looking like a fantastic fic, always love a bit o' Discord :pinkiehappy:

#23 · 102w, 3d ago · · ·

me gusta. :twilightsmile:

#24 · 102w, 3d ago · · ·

Thoroughly enjoyed this!  Besides one or two grammatical mistakes, it was great!  I'm looking forward to seeing the next part!  :rainbowkiss:

#25 · 102w, 3d ago · · ·

Oh, this is goood. I totally read that in John de Lancie's voice. :pinkiesmile:

#26 · 102w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1607425  Thank you very much!  I hope you enjoy it!

#27 · 102w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1607576  It's awesome you enjoyed it!  I love that!

#29 · 102w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1607899  Thank you so much for reading it and I'm glad you liked it, even with it's mistakes.  Would you mind telling me what you saw?  It's so hard to get every mistake out of a story.  After a while, everything just looks correct because you are so used to seeing it that way.:applejackunsure:

#30 · 102w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1607915  And I wrote it in his voice!  Funny how clearly you can hear it.  Thanks so much for reading this!

#31 · 102w, 3d ago · · ·


Oh, just little things like tense changes,

"She seems enchantingly distressed and the slack-jawed onlookers gasped as she bounced from task to task."

I think there was one other small thing but I can't seem to find it.  Nothing major, though :twilightsmile:

#32 · 102w, 3d ago · · ·

I loved this so much, best fic I've read in a long while. Thanks for doing this! :D

#33 · 102w, 3d ago · · ·

Favourited:ajsmug: :eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup:

#34 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

Not bad. I recently read something that had a similar format. Going from day to day and explaining what has been seen. I noticed once that you had him reflect on how order can breed from prolonged chaos and whatnot. I actually would have been more intrigued if there were more moments like this throughout.

That aside, I had a bit of difficulty getting into the sense of Discord's character at first but it got there soon enough.

Small errors here and there, but they don't bug me as much (unless its my own writing). Here is one:

"but I certainly don’t seem to hearing anything about the mighty Celestia crushing Queen Chrysalis under hoof."

#35 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

I LOVE THIS :raritystarry:

It keeps Discord's personality perfect, and not turning him in some clichee pussy that sees the wrongness in his ways and turns good... and makes him keep the title of Master of Chaos.

Well done, good fic and can't wait for chapter two :D

I rarely favorite a fic since i like all, but this goes in my special book :D

#36 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

I can't say I'm too surprised by the ending.

Geez, Celestia, it's almost like you WANT him to escape.  The garden was at least isolated most of the time.  Except no, you had to ruin that by allowing field trips in.

What I'm saying is this:

Dammit Celestia.  Just PROPOSE already!

#37 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

Discord is the best pony draconequus and we know it! I appreciate your points about Pinkie Pie and Twilight. The language and style is very fitting for Discord. I hope you will continue in this matter to comment from Discord's point of view the events of Season 3. I know his return will be my favourite episode!

Again, good job and good luck with your other projects. You sure have the writing skills for it.

#38 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

>>>Where is the passion?  The spice for life, liberty, and the pursuit of revenge? >>>

*Alondro stands before the statue, with a sadistic smile on his face*  That'd be me.  Unfortunately for you, you're the object of it all.  *pulls Vorpal Sword off his back*  Draconequus.  Jabberwocky.  The sword really can't tell the difference.  *begins slicing and dicing Discord*

#39 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

Discord is a bit of a hypocrite.  If he were truly chaos, he'd never think at all.  Those who know nothing of neurology cannot comprehend the irreducible complexity of the carefully regulated series of synaptic activations via numerous ion channels, voltage-gated and neurotransmitter-activated, and several types of varied-term potentiated, involved in each and every thought.

If I, as a scientist, were to describe the intense order going on in his mind at every moment, he'd likely destroy himself in frustration or become utterly random in action by banishing all conscious thought from his head, meaning he'd have no capacity to think about such things as stopping the Bearers from retrieving the Elements and sealing him again.

But even then, he would still have a physical form.  And such a form must always contain order, lest it'd be unstable and fly apart.

And so, you see that he exists in spite of his supposed nature.  It's the single greatest weakness of any chaos god, that they can never fully exercise the extent of their power or they will cease to be.  

#40 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1608485  Oops!  Good catch.  Yes, that is the kind of mistake I make a lot and it's super-hard for me to see them for some reason.  I sort of naturally speed read, so I tend to skip over the actual words and just absorb the favor of what I'm reading.  It takes me four or five reads of a book to really say I have read it.

#41 · 102w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

>>1608607  Thank you for taking the time to read it!  Check out my other stuff if you enjoyed this one.  I'll have a new Pinkie Pie story up pretty soon, as well.  I'm about halfway done writing it.

#42 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1608918  The beginning is definitely the weakest part of that story.  I totally understand not getting his character until later.  It's like I had to warm up to writing him.  I wrote that beginning several times, but for some reason he just wasn't very Discordish until the 5th or 6th entry.

#43 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1608981  Aww, thanks so much!  That means a lot.

When it comes to Discord, or any villain, I hate two-dimensional, evil-for-the-sake-of-evil type characters.  I think most people have motives for their bad behavior, so the key is just to look at it from their perspective.  It doesn't have to be the right choices, but it should be an understandable choice.

#44 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1609043  I'm not sure Celestia is the best decision maker.  A lot of weird crap happens on her watch.

#45 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1609424  I see Discord as having an over-inflated opinion of his own power.  Like a child who is good at video games thinks they are the best player ever, Discord sees himself as the MASTER OF CHAOS, when he's just very proficient.  He doesn't see that he needs order to play chaos into or it wouldn't be fun.  

#46 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

This is so awesomly chaotic and Discord-y that I think I'll celebrate by burning down an orphanage or maybe running through the street yelling "UPSIDE DOWN LEMONS". Who know what I'll do, thats the fun.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

#47 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1609702  Exactly!  And thus, why I SHALL BECOME LIKE UNTO THE MOST HIGH!!!  MUWAH HA HA HA!!

*Alondro is banished to Earth with 1/3 of the angels who were deceived by his cunning evil evilness.  He runs for President.. and wins!*

All I had to do was promise free Gak for everyone!  *Thus proving Discord is trying to hard, when plastic containers of goo are all it really takes.*

(PS: I'm having some mountain whole leaf darjeerling tea.  Would you care for some?)

And this is how we do chaos right.  If yer goals don't change every 30 seconds at least, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!!!  :pinkiecrazy:

#48 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1610012  Well, I'm very happy that you enjoyed the story, but don't burn down that orphanage unless they have had time to read it as well!:rainbowlaugh:

#49 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1609095  Thank you so much for your compliments.  I'm considering a follow up story focusing on Discord and Pinkie struggle to win the other to their way of thinking.  It's something I'm tossing around in my head, but I have to get through this Pinkie story I'm writing right now, first.

#50 · 102w, 2d ago · · ·

Interesting, very interesting indeed. i'd like to see where you take this from here.

I'd like to see Discord and Pinky face off in a Chaos battle.


Pinky is best pony!

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