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  • Thursday
    Elite: Dangerous beta 3.9 quick test stream thing

    Frontier Developments just dropped beta 3.9 of Elite so I'm dropping all my everything to check it out. Anyone wants to take a look, I'll be pootling around in space for a little while here.

    And all done! Note to self, ramming the big ships in space is a bad idea.

    5 comments · 53 views
  • Thursday
    Opinionated values

    A while back I did a happy drunk blog. Today is the angry drunk blog. I'm down about half a bottle of very expensive whisky (because reasons) and it's only the extensive practice of a dyslexic that allows me to type coherently now that all the letters are dancing a jig across my keyboard - which I'm not looking at anyway because I can touch type because I'm not some plebian hunt'n'pecker peckerhead dweeb who has no idea where their fingers are.

    There comes a point when you find yourself having conversations with people who you quickly realise were not even born when you were experiencing the formative years of your life. There are people on this very site - people with responsibilities, with power and with the trust of potentially thousands of users in their judgement - who were not yet born when Lisa Simpson played Classical Gas for the very first (and last) time. People for whom the the TNG episode All Good Things was a historical footnote on events that happened before they could suck their own big toe. People who did not see the Berlin Wall fall, nor the end of the Thatcher premiership, the Challenger disaster or the entire Gulf War, who nevertheless are old enough to have credit cars, drive cars, own property and be nearly past the maximum age limit to join the armed forces. People who should be children, but are somehow adults.

    I was writing fiction before many of you were born. This is not a condemnation of your abilities or an attempt to pump up my own; it is a simple statement of fact. Many of you were not even sloppy seconds when I was starting my university career. When I was writing my first (abandoned) novel, more then a few of you were still trying to understand that there were other food sources than the giant round squishy milk dispenser.

    I have no idea right now if I'm depressed, angry, bitter or enlightened by this.

    My reaction is the same as always: Get drunk, listen to classical rock and cry.

    It's probably beautiful.

    14 comments · 124 views
  • Tuesday
    Old bike

    2 comments · 50 views
  • 6d, 21h
    Tate of the Pony Words IX: Cats are Stinkers

    There are a few constants in the world worth remember. Prices will rise, politicians will philander, and you too will be faced with unexpected bills just when you run out of money.

    My cat has managed to develop a pretty profound flea allergy (also she brought in fleas and oh my god they are hideous little monsters) and is currently looking more than a bit scraggly. I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow and will probably be faced with a pretty chunky bill for whatever treatments they prescribe to her. Creams and ointments and pills and whatnots... I have no idea how much it'll be. Aaaand I have no money. Yay. And there seems to be a brewing familial conflict over who gets certain bits of the contents of my deceased aunt's home. It's grandma's silverware all over again...

    All this is the latest in a long line of mostly small and occasionally huge crappy things that have happened over the last month or two... or year... so you can probably imagine that my motivation for writing is not exactly at peak condition right now.

    Still! I am at least doing something. Current projects actually making headway are Morning Glory, of which I've got about 4k of the next chapter down, and No Room For Regret, which has come up to a whopping 10k for the next chapter and will probably top out at about 16000 words.

    Everything else is stuck. Picking a random example, on To See The Light I wrote a whole six words in the last two weeks.


    4 comments · 51 views
  • 2w, 2d
    A first! Fanart!

    5 comments · 105 views
  • ...

Twilight Sparkle presents a collection of interviews, letters, essays, poetry and prose compiled over several years of her relationship with the human Bellerophon and his "herd", covering subjects as broad as Equestrian social taboos, comparisons of earth and Equestrian mythology, romance and the occasional recipe. Compiled by Twilight Sparkle, with foreword by Her Royal Highness, Princess Celestia.

(This is a bit of an experiment based on the worldbuilding concepts presented in AnonAuthor's Xenophilia [[NSFW] - caveat lector!], which intrigued me enough to want to take a closer look. It's likely you'll be very confused by this unless you read at least some of Xenophilia. Updates will appear as and when an idea pops into my head for a thing to add. And fair warning, some of this might come across very dry and dusty. Thank you academia! And thank you AnonAuthor for letting me have a go, and both AnonAuthor and AnonponyDASHIE for all the collab work they're doing. I'll make up for the dust by tossing in the odd piece of art now and then.)

First Published
23rd Oct 2012
Last Modified
3rd Apr 2014

So. Here I go with the experiment, the crazy, crazy experiment. I have no idea where it'll go, I have no idea why I did it, and I have no idea what will happen when people read it...

You see, the whole "human in equestria" thing is something I generaly avoid (apart from Arrow 18, which is awesome). And clop? Like frozen yoghurt, it's not something I usually enjoy, except that one time in South America... Yet somehow I've ended up writing this collection of ideas, based on HiE and clop (I can't write that stuff to save my life, so be thankful I'm not including any here), and... and I think I might be crazy.

Well this is interesting, someone decided to add to Xenophilia. I was wondering when a side story would appear. Maybe the author can help you with some of the world building.


Sounds pretty interesting to me. :pinkiehappy:

Maybe a HIE story that will not receive a lot of hate.:ajbemused:

This is gonna be good

Against my better judgement I'm gonna take a look at this later.

All I'm saying is this better be good if it's going to be a continuation of Xenophilia. I'll be majorly pissed it isn't.


Tell me if it's worth my time, okay?

I'm interested as well, but I've got lectures in half an hour and have had a grand total of 3 hours sleeps

>>1490667 Not to boast but AnonAuthor seems to like it. Oh wait that is boasting... :duck:

I would be surprised if it appealed to the entire audience of Xenophilia. It's a very different sort of fic, more about the sociological aspects than anything else. Also Twilight writing academic papers. :twilightblush:

Glint Eastwither, The Everfree Forest and why every bloody thing turns up there

I Rofl'd

Other than that this is a very neat Fic you have come up with, tracked and a thumb

[2] Glint Eastwither, The Everfree Forest and why every bloody thing turns up there (Canterlot University Press, 1188)


This is a delicate situation, which I am sure you and your friends shall handle with same tact and sensitivity that I and my sister would surely display.

Princess Celestia

To our Friend, Twilight Sparkle,

We wish to enter this ‘pool’ of which you spoke, with an opening wager of ten bits on successful consummation within a month.


Princess Luna

archonix, you're a cool guy

These letters sound great! I wonder what the next few letters are gonna be like?

Perhaps we'll see a whole series of side stories from other authors generated from Xenophilia?

A fictive story, something which by nature is meant to render the familiar strange and the strange familiar. All in the form of a textbook? You good sir are a wonderful, wonderful writer, and I applaud you for the endeavour.

EDIT: The video I tried posting was being fickle. It was the "Fucking Genius" Video.


I personally think it's quite good.  It's different, and I enjoy the academic, scholarly tone, and I like the way he's going to be switching styles for the different chapters.  (I've seen some other chapters that you folks haven't:twilightsmile:)  I obviously can't speak for anyone but myself, but I like both the concept and the execution, and I love that cover picture.  Love. It.


I know, isn't it a fascinating approach?  I was quite enthusiastic about it when archonix contacted me, and my enthusiasm hasn't diminished.  I hope it will be as well-received as its predecessor.:twilightsmile:

As someone who's not a particular fan of clop, but absolutely LOVED Xenophilia, this is pretty damn good! And as a student of biological sciences, I'm loving the academic theme, especially attemtping to explain interspecies social relationships and interactions. :twilightsmile:


Yes that is boasting you magnificent bastard. I like the scholarly way it's going about the whole relationship but I'm wondering if it's going to be told entirely as a series of missives to and from Twilight Sparkle or will this alternate between things like the academic paper, the letters and possibly interviews? Also, is that Lyra we see as the third member?


Took a look at it last night and I'll admit I was intruigued.  While I feel it deserves a watch at the moment, I don't know if I'm going to favourite it just yet.


I have a serious fondness for Xenophilia as you've probably guessed over the events that happened yesterday and the last thing I would want is somebody coming along and somehow taking away from that story by having something less good attached to it. But if you're all for it, then I've got nothing to complain about other than to see how this new chapter progresses.

>>1492294 Oh, no pressure then? :pinkiehappy:

Yes, that is Lyra.

I know I won't be as good. One of the reasons I went for this different style (or collection of styles, really) is because my prose style is very different to Xenophilia, so I figured if I was going to be different, I might as well go the whole hog. I make no promises, I just want to try. :twilightsmile:

>>1492034 Oh you! :raritywink:

>>1491934 I know that AnonponyDASHIE is working on side-stories, and I'm seriously looking forward to them. No idea what they'll be (and I do worry I'm treading on his toes an awful lot with my ideas here) but they're bound to be interesting.


Did something happen yesterday?  You can PM me with a response, so we don't hijack the comments here.:twilightsmile:

As for what you said to archonix... I think you'll be pleased.:twilightsmile:


No pressure at all. I'll just be here sharpening my tongue and waiting for you to slip up before leaping for your jugular. Mwahahahahahaha! :pinkiecrazy:

But in all seriousness, so far it warrants a watch and I'm all up for the inclusion of Lyra although I'm wondering if you're going to be treating her as the humanophile with a fascination for hands that seems to have taken over the fandom.


It was something I brought to AnonponyDASHIE's attention that some hack had literally plagarised almost one whole chapter of Xenophilia in the most obvious way. There's more about this on my blog if you want to check it out including text capture. He's taken the chapters down now and he was reported for it but I and others were a little incensed that this happened.

>>1492661 Oh absolutely not. Though she wasn't in it much I rather like the hinted character she had in Xenophilia. She's a bit of a free spirit and a bit of a mystic, but very firmly bedded in reality. She could easily be a cynic, but it seems rather too depressing and she'd prefer to enjoy her life.

If anyone has an obsession with Lero's hands it'll be Rainbow Dash. For some reason.  :rainbowkiss:

A Xenophilia tie in? Must read!

*scrolls along through the featured list*  Hmm... angst, angst, emo, angst, grimdark (x5,000), DBZ in Equestria (Ooo!  Watched and favorited!), Xenophile... xeno...

HOT DAMN!!  :rainbowwild:

*reads*  Heeeyyyyyy, you tricked me into reading smart stuff!  


(*reads first chapter*) Not bad, I like the scholarly approach.

(*reads second chapter*) Okay, kinda cute.

Okay, thumbs up and going in the favourites.

If you ever want any help, just ask. I loved the world this is building on, I love world building, and I'm a pretty good editor.

Also, this is turning out very nicely.

I like Luna being a bit looser than your average Princess.

Moment she hears about a romance bet? "Ten bucks they're in bed by the end of the month."

Tracking progress.

Well I was warned of a flood, and there it is... thanks everyone! Here's another bit to be going along with. After this I think I'll be posting one or two chapters once a week to be sure I don't run out of material.

And now you see how I'll be switching styles around. :raritywink:

And now for something different. Lyra is the wise mare on the hill that decided to come back down because it was boring.

Will Rainbow have an entry?

The subtext of Celestia's first response; the "In other circumstances..." line, specifically, is just priceless. There's just no way Twilight would pick up on it, either.

How can there be a spread for the betting? Is there some kind of Rainbow vs. Leroy point-scoring?

what thats it i waited 5 whole minutes for this little bit i demand more.... that is if you want to:fluttershbad:

This story certainly deserves the Feature Box, and I hope to see it up there soon :raritywink:

If only I could give it more thumbs up and favorites, but I'll just have to live with being the first :rainbowwild:

>>1494067 First and most honoured, my good man. Or woman. Or horse.

... cat?

>>1494001 :trollestia:

Twilight presumably worked out a system of points based on who acted first and how long they took to do it. Possibly also the day, time, location, relative position to one another, emotional state and elevation... she's rather thorough, non?


hehe, I love my avatar, I've had it since long before ponies, but it works rather well here too.  It's too bad that the avatars don't really work with .gif or you'd get to see it lick the 4th wall :pinkiehappy:

Well this appears to be relevant to my interests! Faved for later. :ajsmug:

I'll be watching this.


Huh. Not only was Twilight studying friendship, she got a Master's in it.

In any case, always happy to see something building upon the best world-building I've ever seen in a clopfic. Tracked, up-thumbed, and looking forward to more. Especially if Lero gets a chapter or two.

Pretty good! Definitely not gonna have as many feels as the original, but the direction you are taking is very relevant in the context of the story.:twilightsmile:

Although methinks Twilight may be a bit biased...:twilightoops:

Congrats on the Feature!

Well here's to you and good luck I'm going to be watching this

This looks like a good start to a wonderful story.

As much as I loved "Xeno." I'm reasonably certain that I will enjoy this just as much.

Oh Lyra, stop overthinking reality!  One would think you'd been cursed by Nightmare Moon to have nopony remember you and to engage on a possibly hopeless quest to solve a mystical musical mystery before you forget who you are and become a broken moaning spirit locked in chains for all eternity!

Sheesh!  Such a drama princess!  


I wondered when stuff like this would appear. Good work so far, I expect great things to happen! Geronimo!

You're doing a great job.

This is beautifully written, rivaling that of the two Anon's in quality. The book format is especially unique. I can't wait to see where this goes.

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