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    Congratulations, Twilight. With the Princesses on vacation, you're in charge of Equestria. Perhaps it's a bit early to congratulate you. After all, whether it's a jealous nobility or an unhappy military, your reign will be anything but  · xTSGx
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Cheer up, Twilight. It's not every day somepony changes species. In fact, no pony has ever changed species. It's something new and you like discovering new things. Granted, Equestrians don't like new things, especially things that fundamentally alter their government. So maybe there is reason not to be happy after all.

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16th Oct 2012
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24th Mar 2013
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Author's Notes: AKA "The Cliche Story". Curse you FIMfiction for not having a [General/Normal] tag and making anyone who reads this story expect it to be nothing but comedy[Slice of Life] will have to do. It figures, of all the ideas I have, I choose the most cliched one. At least it has the least likely chance of being jossed by season three (I swear to God if there's an episode where she becomes an alicorn...)Bucking hell!

I originally wanted to name the story Ascension but elected not to, to avoid confusion with another story of the same name.

Don't expect updates very often, especially with the Tigers in the ALCSin the World Series. Nothing saps my writing drive like Valverde loading the bases.

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Hmm... Interesting. A 'stache for you! Good story. I'm keeping tabs on this one. Keep it up! :moustache:

#3 · 189w, 19h ago · · · Denial. ·

Hhmm,  a new Twilight alicorn story, looks to have potential, nice work.

#4 · 189w, 19h ago · · · Denial. ·

Interesting, will track.

#5 · 189w, 19h ago · · · Denial. ·

I tend to really like Twilacorn fics, and you seem to be a good author, so I'll give this a like and a favorite.

#6 · 189w, 19h ago · · · Denial. ·

MOAR! Please Develop this Idea! It works!

#7 · 189w, 19h ago · · · Denial. ·

Haha, it's funny how many stories are 'cliche'. Weird how people's minds work all the same way (I've even thought about this storyline myself:ajsleepy:)

This is on my read later list, coz I'm busy atm, but I'll be back. With a better comment.:unsuresweetie:

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I believe the tag you're looking for is "Slice of Life".

#9 · 189w, 19h ago · · · Denial. ·


I always envisioned [Slice of Life] as being the slice of a person's daily life (i.e. a normal day for Twilight). Since "becoming an alicorn" isn't a common occurrence for Twilight (well in the fanfics it is, but not in reality), I wouldn't consider it to be [Slice of Life].

#10 · 189w, 19h ago · · · Denial. ·

Lets see where this one goes.... Oh, and I think >>1448662 is correct. :twilightsmile:

#11 · 189w, 19h ago · · · Denial. ·

Have an up vote and watch from me, good sir!

#12 · 189w, 19h ago · · · Denial. ·

“Last time I buy a book for it's alliteration.”

QFT :twilightsmile:

This is gonna be a good one :pinkiehappy:

#13 · 189w, 19h ago · · · Denial. ·

> A Troper's Guide to: Cliches

Instant. Thumbs up. This has the makings of a great comedy.

#14 · 189w, 19h ago · · · Denial. ·

This has potential to be funny AND interesting. A good combo if ever there was one. I loved how you handled Twilight attempting to stay sane while slipping back and forth between her different neurosis. I'll be keeping an eye on it for updates. Take a thumb and I'll hold my favorite till I get a better idea of it's direction.

#15 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·


Well it is seeing how a character is dealing with a situation that affects their life. In fact, a good portion of the actual show is slice of life and ponies dealing with various problems. Is Twilight being an alicorn so different from the group dealing with poison joke?


Archduke Fur Danin

What?:rainbowhuh: Is it a WWI reference... but I don't see cliche... in... can't comperh-


#16 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·

Hmm... You are right, the idea is really cliched...:facehoof:

However your humorous summary has gotten my attention. I will have to read this later when I have the time. :twilightsmile:

#17 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·


....this isn't that bad. Has promise. :pinkiehappy:

DO NOT SCREW THIS UP. :twilightangry2:

#18 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·


Fur Danin is indeed a reference to WWI and everyone's favorite Archduke. The cliche is "Griffons Take Over The World", which is the pony version of Japan Takes Over The World. It's also a subtle reference to the number of fanfics that have the griffons as the invaders (which, like "Twilight Becomes an Alicorn" stories, are a bit cliche).

#19 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·

Another alicorn Twilight fic, she might be overreacting a little bit, but the writing is excellent and it shows promise. The lack of further chapters to underline this promise is worrying, but then again look at what I do to my stories.

Following. :pinkiehappy:

#20 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·

Is it me or had I seen this before? Anyway, good job

#22 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·

I will track this! Cliche can be fun. Especially when it is self aware.

Good start, I am enjoying it so far.

#23 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·

Saw a picture of an Alicorn twilight.. Insta Favorite and like... enjoy.... its so funny seeing twilight freak. HURRY WITH MORE!!!

#24 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·

Clichés can be good if done right. After all, there's a reason it became a cliché in the first place; because it struck a chord in readers/viewers and others wanted to imitate it.

This story looks decent so far, so I'll keep my eye on it. Besides, most "Twilight -> Alicorn" stories haven't (and probably won't) finish(ed), so I still look for more to feed the idiotic fanboyism that lives in my skull.

#25 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·

Another alicornization story? :twilightoops:

Welp, better get to reading, right? :twilightsheepish:

#26 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·

Heh, maybe it's wrong of me, but I just can't help but imagine the "Alicorn Civil War Everypony Panic!" book was written by overreacting, neurotic, brilliant-but-sort-of-stupid scholars like Twilight herself. I mean, think about it... Twilight would be perfect to have a new princess freakout, while Celestia is all "Eh, how u doin'?"

Even if that's not the case though, she just needs to put up an illusion to make her wings look like butterfly ones. Ponies didn't react too strongly to Rarity (apart from gushing over how pretty she was), and that might've been because it was clear her wings were fake. So, she makes her wings look fake like that, and at the very least, it'll buy her some time.

#27 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·

Quick, everypony pile their unreasonably high expectations onto the unsuspecting author!

(I like it. Good start.)

#28 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·

This made me laugh. Most of these are really serious so I will diffidently follow this to see where it goes.

#29 · 189w, 18h ago · · · Denial. ·

This sounds interested, hope to see more of it.

#30 · 189w, 17h ago · · · Denial. ·

"[S| TS: Ascend."

#31 · 189w, 17h ago · · · Denial. ·

"Troper's Guide To: Cliches."

:rainbowlaugh:You had me after this title. :rainbowwild:

#32 · 189w, 17h ago · · · Denial. ·

From my experience, the most original thing one can do with a "Twilight becomes an Alicorn" story is to see it through to completion...  It seems a very high percentage of them just fade away after few chapters.  Here's hoping this one bucks the trend!

#33 · 189w, 17h ago · · · Denial. ·


the world needs more Twilacorn fics. i do not consider them cliche'd (at least if they don't descend into some kinda of Celestia x Twilight shipfest).

please, continue.

i actually had an idea for a Twilacorn i wanted to write.... argh, but i how do i find the time to write things when i'm reading things?! damn you Fimfiction!!!

#34 · 189w, 17h ago · · · Denial. ·

lol looks interesting *fav*

#35 · 189w, 17h ago · · · Denial. ·

A new alicorn!Twi fic, huh... I'll play.

#36 · 189w, 17h ago · · · Denial. ·


Griffon invaders... tv tropes I don'e know... yep, I've missed some stuff:trollestia:

oh and good job on featured

#37 · 189w, 17h ago · · · Denial. ·


I kinda like the Twi-alicorn idea and I know I have a couple on back-log to read: the biggest issues? Time to read and quality of story. This looks decent so far and sounds like it's off to a good start.

#38 · 189w, 17h ago · · · Denial. ·


I really like how this has started out, not to mention how Twilight tries to come up with an explanation for her sudden transformation.

And the Troper's Guide to: Cliché's  = :rainbowlaugh:

Also, I just wanted to say: DUDE!


Your story is, at the time of this posting (which is about 11:25 Pacific Coast time), second in the featured box!

#39 · 189w, 17h ago · · · Denial. ·

Hey... I'm not a psychiatrist! :derpyderp2: I wanted to join the guard! :ajbemused: Well, I guess that if I already have a psych degree, I won't have to waste money on college!

Tracking, thumbs pending.

#40 · 189w, 16h ago · · · Denial. ·

A Troper's Guide To: Cliches

I see what you did there.:trollestia:

#41 · 189w, 16h ago · · · Denial. ·

Hmmm.  Well written, with no grievous, or even visible grammar flaws.  One misspelling of doozy, though it's a somewhat uncommon word.



I shall sit here and watch this story unfold now.

#42 · 189w, 16h ago · · · Denial. ·


One misspelling of doozy


I even googled it to make sure. I should have known something was up when Urban Dictionary was the first result.

#43 · 189w, 16h ago · · · Denial. ·

hmm twilight an alicorn? Usually fun fics.

I'm in, bring it! :flutterrage:

#44 · 189w, 16h ago · · · Denial. ·

I  knew this was going to be good when I saw the description and the feature. :twilightsmile:

#45 · 189w, 16h ago · · · Denial. ·

I can visualize Twi in her mind's eye hearing Celestia and Luna saying"  "Et tu Twilight ?":twilightoops:

#46 · 189w, 15h ago · · · Denial. ·


At first I was like: What? A purely-comedic Twilight-becomes-an-alicorn fic? Insta-track.

And then I was like: That's exactly what he doesn't want me to think. Damnit. Un-insta-tracked, added to the pile of shit that is my RiL list. Not saying your fic is shit. My list has just grown so large that, if you looked at it from far enough away... ...pile of shit.

#47 · 189w, 15h ago · · · Denial. ·

Am I the only one who may have noticed how Twilight seprated Spike from friends and family? A...Spilight....maybe? Hopefully? ........please......please....please.....PLEASE!!!!!!! On a different subject she said Flutter sores, poor Flutter's :rainbowlaugh:  And you have any idea how hard a hoof is? If she slapped herself in the face that must have hurt like a motherbucker...I shall be watching, I love the idea of this and your doing, very, very well so far.

Also, don't you think you should add Spike to the tag since he is in the photo as well? HA! Ice cream houses, Spike your the dragon my friend:yay:

#48 · 189w, 15h ago · · · Denial. ·

this is relevant to my interests :moustache: keeping my eye on this

#49 · 189w, 15h ago · · · Denial. ·

Nice, but 1.5 k is not enough for a chapter to be enjoyable. Consider 3-4 k size for further chapters even if you will have to put 2 in one and delay the updates.

#50 · 189w, 15h ago · · · Denial. ·


You think yours is bad? I have oneshots that are six months old I still haven't read.


Sorry to sink your ship, but there won't be any shipping in this story. Spike was separated because of the fact that he's the "closest" (as in daily interaction and the ability to accurately predict her personality) to her and so, the most likely to discover. If there was any shipping (which there won't be), it would have to be Twiluna (OTP!).

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