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  • 12w, 1d
    Where I've Been

    So, I've been taking writing really seriously over the past year. I got 15,000 words out of NaNoWriMo; not bad for a busy month running science festivals. I finished the manuscript in June, sold my retro game systems the funds for self-publishing e-books, and joined a forum thread on one of my boards to write 500 words a night. I was feeling pretty good, especially considering I'm finally a parent (Lyra's style).

    Then I come back one, and notice the disappointment and cobwebs I've left around here.

    So, I wrote 1,431 words of the next Chaos and Darkness chapter tonight. That brings it up to almost 4K. I'm not going to promise a date, but I'm clearing my writers block on my self-publishing projects to try to come back and finish the backlog of ending I owe people here.

    I'm not sure how time will be, considering I'm teaching honors courses that demand instant grading, but I'll try on day at a time and at least 500 words a night. I owe it to the fans that taught me how to write.


    Coincidentally, this is my 100th Blog post. Huh.

    5 comments · 100 views
  • 42w, 4h
    Hooves Holding Hearts contest

    So, working on the next chapter. No one reading the last one got the hints about the new kid, who is the story's main kid. I'll give these out, and the first person (and maybe a few others) who get it right will earn a small OC cameo in HHH.

    Now, the kid's an OC...but the mother is not.

    Here are the first few hints.

    1)  Heartmend said that the "mother is not cognizant, incapable of care and unlikely to change."

    2) I got the idea for this blog post listening to a song about her.

    Any guesses?

    46 comments · 411 views
  • 43w, 3d
    Hooves Holding Hearts Edit

    So, I changed a scene in chapter four. I changed it because it didn't work, and others complained with a reasonable point.

    It happens near the end of the chapter.

    Spoilers ahead.

    I mean, really spoilers.

    If you haven;t read the chapter, it kind of ruins the punch to know this...


    So, when John is confronting the father....

    “You go back inside, and you thank her and the other one and ask those questions, or...” John scratched his mane and leaned in.

    "Tell me if you've heard this one..."

    "There's a pony," he started, "that keeps order. This pony makes sure good things come to the deserving, and that bad things arrive in spades to others. This pony keeps the unjust in anticipation of what they deserve, and ensures that the world flows on as it should, piece by piece. Your little world runs because this pony keeps it running." His mouth was nearly at the father's ear now. "Do you know what they call this pony?"

    The shaking of the father's head was more like a vibration.

    "They call her," John whispered, "the Mailmare. She's the best friend of the crying mare who's heart just snapped." He patted the shaking stallion on the shoulder. "Let's face it, having the mailmare as an enemy is bad enough when you haven't been declared legally dead for months and have legal and financial paperwork on its way."

    He smiled, and the father flinched.

    “Uh. Uh. Okay.” Terrified, the father stepped backwards."I'll get r-r-right on that."

    “Great!” John spoke with relief reached his mouth into his saddlebag and pulled out a napkin and a pen. “Take notes! Make sure she sees you taking notes.” His smiled stayed for a second too long. “Make sure I see her see you taking those notes.”


    This takes the chapter back towards the comedic-dramatic life of the Choices girls territory and less obligatory crossover. One one hoof, yes, many of my readers love John yelling at people. On the other hand, it's now something perfectly rational that the town repairman would say. You could have it either way.

    Thanks go to ankyo and  RK_Striker_JK_5.

    19 comments · 286 views
  • 44w, 2d
    What the pre-readers are saying...

    Just so you know, here's some comments on the Hooves Holding Hearts chapter that drops this week.

    "She had a really miserable childhood, didn't she?"

    "Holy freaking s***! Nevermind Jazz, you are not worst parent anymore!"

    "This is both heartwarming and utterly heartbreaking at the same time. You magnificent bastard."

    "Other than that, this chapter does a magnificent job of punching one right dead center of your feelings. "

    "Now, if you will excuse me, I must weep quietly to myself until I fall asleep."

    9 comments · 204 views
  • 44w, 2d
    Story Progress!

    Chapter four of Hooves Holding Hearts is off to the pre-readers! I'm going to try to get a C&D chapter done next, I think. I'm having to split time between pony writing and writing things I actually intend to e-publish for money, but I intend to finish the crop of stories I have, maybe saving a week in summer to write "Doctor Whooves and the Mare in the Moon."

    In other opinions, is the reason Coco Pommel is so popular because the writers could not have made a pony who is more deliberately moe if they tried?

    6 comments · 195 views
  • ...

'John Smith' has settled in Ponyville with his wife and two daughters for many peaceful years.  When the TARDIS gets a temporal distress call, Doctor Whooves and his family find themselves lost in time.  Now Derpy must contend with not only monsters and maniacs, but the future and past versions of her husband!

First Published
31st Dec 2011
Last Modified
16th Apr 2012

Oh, my......knowledge of the future is going to be most unfortunate. Also, Sparkler is from Pombray? Cool.

Yes, YES, classic Doctor references for the win! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:  It's about time somebody did a Who meets Who meets Who story.  Also, Third Doctor is best Doctor, and please tell me Savory is Jo Grant;  Jo is awesome, I always imagined Ditzy to be like her when paired as the Doctor's companion, since they are both clumsy and not too bright (how I see Derpy at least), but  good hearted and brave. :derpytongue2:

You simply must hurry up with the next episode, I command you!  ***** stares into eyes **** You will obey, YOU WILL OBEY!!!!!!!

So far, so stunning.:raritystarry:

Well written, good character perspectives, and a healthy dose of humor and serious in perfect proportions. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to find out the cause of this little dimensional dilemma. I have my fingers crossed for the Master. Or Discord. Or the Master riding Discord. Or Pinky.

Ya know, one of those sorts of things. :pinkiehappy:

Ok, I'm sorry, but I have to stop reading mid-way through to say this;

Reference to Ford Prefect? You are a satirical genius! Thank you!

Aaand back to reading

I don't know a thing about Dr. Who but this fic really caught  my attention. I hope this doesn't get to complicated or self referential that us no fans can't understand.

Hmm, interesting combonations of Doctors. Third, Tenth, and Eleventh? I would have included Ninth. Ninth Doctor is best Doctor. How will you be naming them to keep the confusion to a minimum? We have John Smith for Ten, what about Three and Eleven? Simply describing them could still be a litle confusing. Just something to think about.

Also, self-sealing Stem bolts. A DS9 refference, perhaps?

Very good read, tracked like a mo-fo. ALLONS-Y!!!

Bual, Savory is my tribute to all the great female Doctor companions.  As you’ll see, she also has some other importance yet to be made clear…:trollestia:


Monkfish, great eye!:yay:

Jake, I cannot believe you g the DS9 ref. That’s serious geek cred.:pinkiegasp:

Morex25, I intend to keep it accessible. :ajsmug:That’s why I went to the trouble of having the Doctor explain things to Dinky; I want the readers who’ve never seen the Doctor to know what’s going on.:twilightsmile:

I do love me some multi-doctor stories. If it stays at this level of quality consistently, I'd give it a solid 5/5.

This looks like a very interesting story. I will be tracking this story.

Now you have hooked me to this story so I better not see you slacking just because you already have my attention.

Lol jk it's all good

I'll track this. (Note to self Get on actually watching Doctor Who) So far so good.

Normally I steer clear of Doctor fics, but for some reason this one caught my attention. Just as surprisingly, I'm not regretting it.

Figuring out who's who is difficult, especially with the sporadic descriptions and repeated names. I hope we do some more thorough character establishment in the second chapter, because I got lost more than once reading this. So long as that's fixed I can see this being a great success.

A good start.

You are AMAZING! I come looking forward to some pony Doctor Who, and you blow my mind by throwing Kolchak in as soon as I start! You have just made my week.

Interesting.  Pertwee, Tennant, and Smith?  Interesting combination.

Hopefully there will be a cameo by a portly Patrick Troughton Doctor pony.

Loved the School Daze reference.  Very Clever. :pinkiehappy:

This is another one of yours I'll be following with great interest.  :twilightsmile:

This is amazing! You've used my three favorite Doctors, and the bit with the chapter names was amusing. I wait with bated breath to see who the antagonist(s?) of this tale is. Tracking and five stars.

A bit weird, but still fun. But I am having trouble telling which ones are which doctors. Is it 2/10/11, or 3/10/11? I can't tell. I think its 3. Also, I like the prefect comment. Good times.

Oooh, this is gonna be good.

Dude, seriously, how do you have time to write so many amazing stories? Really, it can't be good for your health.

But, I'm afraid you'll have to suffer through it, because I need moar.

I thought the fourth doctor was the best doctor. Also, why u no include fourth doctor:applecry:?

School Daze reference. How we love you for it.  :derpytongue2:

Truely awesome.:yay:

the 3rd Doctor is my favorite old school Doc.:eeyup:

Also... There is a disturbing lack of the Master in Doctor Who crossovers:trixieshiftleft:, please fix that:trixieshiftright:.

I'm confused, terrified, and intrigued all at the same time....

tracking and 5 star rating...

oh, the three doctors huh? I've thought about this and i am sure the movie explains everything, you see, if they touch one another a paradox is formed, but then I think, it makes no sense simply because they've all time traveled and that would or should make it so that the universe would expect the time traveler to come into contact with itself, as long as there isn't a ow...i'm going to stop now before my hoof get stuck in mah mouth

Oh you captured tennant's portrayal perfect, I am not on to the 11th doctor seasons yet, nor am I familiar with...ummm the eighth? doctor?


It's the Third Doctor; the car-driving Man of Action with Venusian Kung-Fu! He's just such a perfect foil to the other two.  MLP has only had cameos on him and the 5th, and the 5th is very like the others two I'm using. The Third was a natural fit for conflict.

See I know nothing of pre 9th...

funny thing is you rarely see him use that previous knowledge...and aren't the time lord physically stronger than humans in a natural way?

From all the serials I've watched and novelizations I've read they always seemed tougher; one example that pops to mind is the Doctor being more resistant to lack of or bad oxygen.


Two reasons:

1) No ponified Tom Baker has appeared yet.

2) Despite the fact that he's tied for Tennant for my favorite Doctor, there's a few jokes I want to tell about him.  You can guess that Third doesn't like him much....:trollestia:

Honestly, I really don't care. I got into the Dr. Who series with the ninth doctor reboot(before which, I didn't even know what Dr. Who was), so I don't really know or care much about Doctors 1-8.

So when's the next chapter coming?


Hoping to get some work on that and School Daze tonight.  I have about 1,800 words written of two and 2,400 written in three and four.  Hopefully this weekend; I've seen so many Doctor Whoof fics get the the hypothetical 'first commercial break' and die. I'm going the distance.:moustache:

I only have one very minor, nerdy nitpick. "His heart broke as he saw the worry in his wife’s eyes" should be hearts. Time Lords have more then one. :heart: :heart: Other then that, it's a great story, I can't wait for it to update.


Actually, the Doctor has met himself multiple times.  At the time, the Time Lords were still around, so they had to bend the rules for the first encounter, and the Doctor was forcibly removed from his time stream in the second.  One other time it happened at the end of the fourth Doctor's life, when a mysterious "watcher" was actually a future Doctor.

Dear's beautiful...

The Third, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors...all meeting up...and it seems like Eleven's got some explaining to do.

Third's gotta be tearing his hair out at the idea of becoming a father, Tenth is likely to murder Eleven for whatever reason he's no longer with Ditzy, and Eleven is going to feel very awkward introducing Pond to Doo.

All in all, well done you!


Well, if this is simillar enough to 'The Three Doctors' then at the very least the Master should make a Cameo, at least I THINK he appeared in that movie.

>How could a mare named Sparkler not know what fireworks were?

You do a great job of showing that Dinky is a child and thinks like a child! :twilightsmile:

>He shrugged. “I was learning nuclear physics at her age. Ah, the way education has changed.”


>It’s called the TARDIS, Dinky. It means ‘Time and Relative Dimension in Space.’

Should "and" and "in" be capitalized? I mean, they are only a conjunction and a preposition, but they're capitalized in the acronym. :applejackunsure:

>Think of it, Ditzy; our first family trip in the TARDIS!  I’ve always been rubbish on family trips; I skip to the good parts.


[Extensive list of grammatical corrections removed, because they've been corrected]

You must be kidding, after a decent/long wait, It updates RIGHT before I'm going to bed... And its 9,000 words long! Well, atleast the wordcount is worth the wait... Bah, atleast I have something to wake-up to.

*reads to the end, the music selection only being halfway over by the time he reaches the end of the chapter*  Nice choice of music. :rainbowdetermined2:

*reads what the monster is* Ohsh-! :twilightoops:

My Celestia this is awesome! I may not be a Dr. Who fan, hell I have never seen an episode but I love this nonetheless. The interaction between The Doctors were incredible and belivable, The 11th(?) Doctor calling Ditzy her husband's nickname for her was a nice touch, meaning that he still loves her.

Also the last sentence is made of Gold. :heart:  But I have to correct you there Doc. only the flutterponies can. Are they going to make an apearance? I rather not, but Sea ponies are OK.


Just saying: Readers like Cerulean are what every fan-fic writer hope for.:yay:

Amazing chapter! Just simply amazing!

Sparkler is pretty BA I never would of guessed that she could be s powerful.

What a twist...

shoo be doo

Aside from this chapter needing a serious proof reading, "The doctor raised an eyebrow. “Well, she’s got wings instead of a horn.  With two pegasi for parents and no history of unicorns in the family, that’s kind of irregular...." being among the most prominent mistakes, It was well worth the wait.

Also, I called what the monster was the second the first blob was shown.


DARN IT! I read that scene so many times and I still missed that?:rainbowhuh:


Amazing :pinkiehappy:

I love your use of alliteration. However, you seem to make quite a few errors with fingers/hands instead of hooves.




Man, I've got to tell you, "&feature=" tags are turn-offs to me. :trixieshiftleft:

Great stuff, this. It seriously recreates the essence of an episode of Doctor Who.


Cerulean, are the Youtube links not working for you? :pinkiesad2:They show up as text hyperlinks for me and a few others. I did eliminate the feature tag for one of the URL.:unsuresweetie: have convinced me as to the reason why writers need editors. I triple-checked that damn story, and those still got past me!:twilightangry2:


Thanks for the pointers, Hornfrog. You actually made me add new dialogue in one of the 'hand' instances.

Wait until you see the ending for part three. I'm planning this as a four chapter story like classic Who, and each of the first three chapter get that classic 'Oh, crap, did that really happen-OOH-WE-OOOOH' ending.

Stoic, I was seriously tempted to like to the song you just quoted instead of the end theme.:trollestia:

Blankflank, the beastie in question is just so fascinating in it's implications I had to pconvert it to a Who beastie.

Good catch, Morex25! That's why I add the 'SAD' tag even if there's not a sad ending. I intend to pull on everybody's heartstrings a little.

This story needs more stars..... Why can't I give it more than 5 stars!?!?!

This feels like an old school doctor who story, and I love it. I half expect Seaponydevils to show up and try to overthrow Celestia.

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