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    Derpy tries to eat Carrot Top's Muffins and Lyra/Bon Bon have to stop her from doing so.
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  • 75w, 6d
    Improvement as a Writer: Don't Give Up!

    It can be frustrating when you're trying to improve as a writer and it feels like every thing you try to make turns out like crap, but don't give up. It's a part of the process. Writers have to sacrifice their time and mental energy in order to write period. There's also a chance that the readers won't like what he has written, which is lots of wasted effort and hurt feelings. Being rejected always feels terrible although you can get somewhat used to it after awhile. In terms of "the greater good," you should only be writing for yourself anyway. Even if you give your story to other people because you want to inspire them or help they enjoy it, it will be because you want to feel good about yourself. Nothing wrong with that. You just have to keep remembering why you write, lest you get discouraged and end up quitting before you become successful.

    Simply keep reading, writing, getting reviewed and eventually you'll look back at what you've done and you can be proud. There will be a noticeable difference in your writing as time goes on, too. It's hard to explain, but you'll look back and go "What was I thinking when I created that?" But sometimes, you'll be able to make something that inspires someone and causes them to tell all their friends. They'll read your work and actually like, then give you complements. It's a wonderful feeling when that happens.

    That's not to say that it's good to just stay in a hugbox, but it can help every once in a while to receive praise. Just don't let it get to your head. Keep going. Keep reading, keep writing.

    In order to improve as a writer, one must read a lot. It doesn't necessarily have to be fiction from the normal world, it can be fanfics too, but you have to read a variety of everything. Badfics, longfics, sadfics, slice of life fics, every genre, just everything. After a while, you start to see how others handle the words and you start to see patterns. Once you do, you'll be able to create and manipulate your own stories.

    The wonderful part is that most writers will have tons of plot bunnies. Ideas will gush from everywhere. You can take inspiration just by interacting with anything. Being at a restaurant, watching television, listening to someone argue on a bus, interactions at work, everything can be turned into a story. Your job is to take something mundane, and then turn it into something interesting.

    If you experienced something in your life, you can help it to help craft a story. The hardest part of having ideas would actually be getting all those ideas down on paper. As they say, execution is everything. If ten writers try to write ten stories about the same subject, each one will end up different depening on the writer's backgrounds and the stories they want to write.

    Ah, the joys of being a writer. Very fulfilling when you manage to get it done right. Sure, it can be frustrating to have writer's block, to get rejected, to have setbacks, but it's a part of the process. Writing is like being on a rollarcoaster of emotions and love.

    Who knows? You might even create something that you may not particularly like, but someone else will think it's beautiful. You never really know, so just keep producing. Even if you don't want to, even if it feels like crap. First, just get it out there. You can worry about editing and fixing it up later. Keep obsessing and it'll never come out. An idea in your head is worthless, while something terrible can always be fixed. Get it out in a rough form, then tweak it later. It's the only way to get better at it, anyway.

    Sometimes writing a story isn't easy. Even when you feel like it's not the best you could do. Sometimes you have to learn where to yield, when to kill your story, and when to rewrite it. But as long as you keep learning and growing, everything will be fine. There may be a few harsh criticisms with people that read your story, but some of that criticism might actually help you. Try not to get too emotional when it comes to your writing, because you'll end up frustrated or hurt. Be willing to listen to feedback, and you might create a story that's better in every way. Then one day, you can look back and be proud of it.

    Perhaps this will sum it better than I can:


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  • 75w, 6d
    Why Did People Join the Fandom?

    It's an interesting phenomenon. Nobody expected all these people to just magically like My Little Pony after all. Whatever the reason is, I'm glad that it happened. Perhaps it's just the feeling we get when we watch a new episode, read an interesting fic, look at a funny comic, or experience some other kind of fan content, but it's... it's just incredible.

    Sometimes life can be very... cruel. You deal with a lot of crap and at the end of the day, you just want to escape. Anyone that has worked in retail or fast food knows just how stupid some people can be. But MLP allows us a chance to escape, even if just for a while. Normally it's bad to do nothing but escape, but everyone needs a break, right?

    Writing fanfictions can allow you to express yourself and reading them can provide you with feelings. Although ponies aren't real, the feelings you experience from them are. Another awesome part is that you get to meet a lot of like-minded people and build new friendships.

    Sure, the fandom will fade away someday, but there's no telling when that will happen. For the most part, people end up leaving before the fandom will. Like the doctor's companions from Doctor Who, everyone eventually leaves. That's not important. What is important is the journey you spent together and what it means to you. No one can ever take away the good times that happens with friends, after all. Friendships may fade over time, but memories last forever.

    Of course, it's not always happy. People do write a lot of grimdark fics where they do terrible things to ponies and sad fics where bad things also happen. But it's just another way of escapism, so as long as it helps one cope, it usually doesn't hurt anyone.

    Besides, too much happiness can be boring. Too much of one feeling tends to numb you. Too much means you lose the meaning of why. Do you remember the old saying "You don't appreciate something until you lose it?" That's because if we are always happy, we won't appreciate it with the gravity that it truly desires. When we read a sadfic that resonates with us, it makes us feel strong emotions, which is easier when you go from happy to sad instead of going from sad to sad.

    When I am sad, I realize just how important things in life are to me. When I read future fics, it helps me appreciate my life, family, and friends and not to neglect them. Time is so fleeting after all, and before you know it, things change. Either people grow apart, accidents and miscommunication happen, people die. There is always something that can change a person's life just like that. Other than that, I'm not sure. After feeling sad, when I go back to happy, I feel even more happy for some reason.

    It's quite a thing of beauty when people can take the beloved characters from the show and create a narrative which sounds both believable and awe-inspiring. So many different writers, all with their own backgrounds, ideas, and opinions can all come together to create something magical. If you write something that someone likes enough, it might even become their headcanon. If you can write a story that does that, then kudos to you.

    To me, it feels as if every fanfic is in its own separate universe. Or alternate dimension, as it were. Some fics have similarities or references to other fics, but for the most part each fic is in its own contained universe. Think of it like this: Every fanfic is like a new friend in the world that you can meet. Each time you meet one, they make a special connection that resonates within you. In addition to that, they will go on to influence and touch the lives of countless others. Although you only see each other for a very time, each time is special. Some friends aren't perfect and have flaws, but you love them anyway. Others you might not get along with, so you search for someone else, and others simply aren't for you. The point is that you have lots of choices along the river of life.

    When you read a story that touches your heart, it makes you feel sad because when it's over, it's over. It might have been a wonderful experience, but it only happens the first time. If you tried to reread it, it might not be as magical as the first time. Still, treasure those fics with all your heart because no matter what, you'll always remember them.

    As time goes by, you remember all of the adventures you've been through, all of the lives you've touched, all the fictions you've been influenced by, and all of the wonderful life experiences, you realize how inspiring life can be. Although time changes, you still know that you got a chance to be a part of something special. That's the magic of this fandom.

    Anyhoo, rambling aside, we entered the fandom cause we saw something that other fandoms didn't. My Little Pony represented something rare that we all desperately wanted to believe in. It represented Hope. At least, that's what I believe.

    Consider The Following:

    It's been season after season after season; and yet you've still stuck with the show.

    Every Saturday you would be faced with loving multicolored ponies going on adventures about friendship and discovering who they are.

    But now, it's all over.

    As you sit in front of your computer after watching the final episode; you don't know what to think. All those fun times with these fictional ponies; all the laughs you've shared with them; over.

    And all you can do is sit there.

    Of course, I believe that ponies will never truly die. As long as we remember them in our hearts, they will never die. There is always going to be fanfiction and other fanmade media that is going to be created and although it may die down a bit when the series ends, it won't completely go away.

    Many other fanbases for other series are still going, despite the series being over for several years already. Some fandoms mostly devolve to OC adventures, though.

    But this fandom, it's way too big and popular for that to happen. People will keep the MLP legend alive. Somehow, it'll live on in our hearts...

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  • 75w, 6d
    Why Do We Write Fanfiction?

    Why do we write fanfiction? For several reasons. Some might want an active audience to read their story, then tell them that they liked it. Others want to practice and move on to normal fiction, others want to create their own vast worlds and make an excellent story, and others just do it cause it's fun. No matter the reason, writing fanfiction is an interesting phenomenon.

    One small note is that every writer is always worried about people stealing their ideas, but it's a rather silly notion. For one, many writers have a plethora of ideas of their own that they want to work on, so why would they steal yours? Secondly, it's all about the execution, not the story idea. Plagiarism is one thing, but for the most part every writer will end up writing different things about the same subject. What makes a writer is his life experiences. Only they can produce their own stories and viewpoints.  It's rather hard to copy someone else's "self." Third, people are not interested in your ideas and will be more interested in their own.

    Anyway, fanfiction often gets a bad rap because many writers tend to make self-inserts and Mary Sues. If you're going to make an OC, you can't make them better than established characters. It's the price you pay for writing fanfiction. You get a free background and world, but you must write within the boundaries of that world. The reason why a lot of fanfiction sucks is because they stretch the believability of that world. That's why normal fiction can be harder to write. You must know the motivations and backstory of every character, but you can't tell all of this information to the reader all at once via an infodump or the reader will get bored and stop reading. The good writer learns to only use the important information and deliver it to the reader in sizable chunks.

    Another problem with fanfics is that you can't just go "Hey! This character died." and then expect people to care. It will still cause many people to tear up, but imagine if you were writing normal fiction. For the most part, people won't care. Which is why fanfiction is so appealing. You get an active audience willing to read your writing and they care about the characters without you doing any work.

    Because of this, fanfiction can help you springboard into writing, learn your habits, and improve. If you're looking for the help you need. If you're looking in the wrong place, more often what happens is that you get hugboxed because people just want to read about X character and you're providing it to them. The standards for fanfiction is kinda low sometimes.

    The funny part in this fandom is that we get background ponies. They're sorta like OCs, blank slates that you can add a personality to, but people actually care about them. Most people tend not to care about OCs, but a good one can enhance your fic if they're unobtrusive. Again, if you have an OC, don't make him overpowered. A character smarter than Twilight, faster than Rainbow, cuter than Fluttershy, etc. Those are traits that you don't want your character to have, cause that's what causes Mary Suedom. A good character needs weaknesses. Actual ones.

    Different writers have different reasons for writing. As long as you remember why you started, you'll always know why you keep doing it. If you're not sure, find that reason and cherish it. It'll warm you up in the dark times when you get discouraged and wonder why you even bothered. As a beginner, you usually go full-force and have no doubts about what you can do. You believe you can accomplish anything. It's only later when you get criticized when your own self-doubts start to creep in. It's necessary for improvement because living in a hugbox means you'll never improve, but too much criticism can cause crippling paralysis when it comes to writing too. Writing's just a hobby for most people anyway. If you're doing it for fun, and you stop having fun, then what's the point?

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  • 75w, 6d
    Delving into the Past: Part 1

    Back when I first heard of ponies, I didn't think much of them. I didn't judge them just because it was pony and go "Zomg ponies, ew." or anything like that. Instead, I just watched the episodes cause a friend posted a link to one of the episodes. My first episode was "Applebuck Season." I first started watching of March of 2011 and watched the first 20 or so episodes. (That's all that was out at the moment.) I wasn't really that interested at the time. I just watched it cause I was bored. I didn't know of Equestria Daily's existence at the time. But then I came back two months later, when the finale had aired. I rewatched the series plus the last six episodes which were new, then I remember getting really excited. I especially liked Fluttershy's whole change-in-attitude thing. Then, in June of 2011, I found Equestria Daily and discovered a whole new world of content for me to digest.

    It felt like heaven, and was completely unexpected. After all, who knew that ponies would take over their life so easily? It was a show that very few others matched at the time and the tremendous amount of incoming fan content meant that you'd be busy forever. It would take a really long time to consume everything. That includes reading every fanfic, listening to all music and PMVs, reading all comics, looking at all fanart, or watching the animations. There will always be something pony related to indulge in, so you're never bored.

    I once tried to read all the fanfictions on the site. At the time, there were 1300 of them and that's only counted the accepted ones. Fimfiction didn't exist at the time, I think. But if it did, it just wasn't popular yet. I made my ways through many of the stories, skipped some of the longer 20 chapter+ fics and made it to the Es before giving up.

    Still, there were a lot of fics I ended up liking. I'm afraid to go back and reread some of the classics now since there's this huge time gap and the fact that becoming a reviewer stunted a lot of my "read this fic for fun" thinking. I tended to avoid the grimdark fics and loved reading the sadfics. Before ponies, I didn't cry that much cause I didn't look at many sad things. But afterwards, I bawled like a baby. Of course, later I realized that many sad stories are actually emotionally manipulative and I wised up, but still, many things in this fandom make me cry. I know it's not manly to admit that, but who cares?

    My first fanfiction that I read was Pony Psychology. Looking back now, it actually was terrible but I didn't know that at the time. After consuming a lot of the fan content, I immersed myself completely into the MLP universe. The show was great, but the other stuff made it ten times better. I'm sad to say that I might have went a bit overboard, and did nothing but pony things like an obsessed madman.

    One of the reasons I loved the fandom and fan content is because it allows you to see other things in a created world that they can't show you due to being a kid's show. Each fanfic you read sets up your own headcanon as well as an overlying background. The fics that were massively different from the show were just alternate realities. Even though all fanfics are "alternate universe" in a way, some of the fics made me believe that they were part of the same universe. When reading a fic, you'd get so immersed that you found it hard to distinguish canon and fanon. It's like "Wait a minute. That didn't happen in the show." But when I read it, I pictured it as if it had. It was simply wonderful.

    Can you imagine? The show sets up the background and the characters, then the fans create the stories. Better yet, people will actually be willing to read your stories. It's not canon, but every reader will have their own headcanon that changes depending on what they've read. Different writers will put different spins on the same characters and the result can be mind-boggling. Sometimes, for the inexperienced, it comes off terribly but if you can pull it off, then you'll truly have something magical.

    I read a lot of fanfics because I wanted to improve as a writer. The fic I read that helped me actually write a fic was (I know, I know...) My Little Dashie. The author was actually very nice, and even he was surprised that his fic got so popular, since he said he didn't think it was that special either. But I talked with him for a bit and eventually decided to write something, so I did.

    Thus was the birth of the only fic that's currently published on my account. I've written a lot more fics, but I never published them. I kinda... deleted some of them too. But that's a story for another time. I'll explain more about my journey towards writing, editing, and publishing it later.

    As for Cupcakes, I never actually read it since someone spoiled to me what happened and I didn't think I could stomach it. Another reason I avoided the grimdark fics.

    You know, it's kinda funny to look back, but it also feels good in a way. Nostagia. Whether good or bad, nobody knows. Time already moves fast enough already, but at least this way, I have a reminder of my past. I've already made the mistake of deleting several of my old stories. I don't want to make the same mistake twice. So now I'm writing out memoirs. I'm sure most people won't care, so I'm just writing it for me (and people in the future who get really bored).

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When Elite Cloudsdale Weather Captain Firefly wakes up in the body of an unknown mare, she discovers she's part of a mission to find the bomber of the Ponyville Express. In an assignment unlike any she's ever known, she learns she's part of a government experiment called the Source Pony, a program that enables her to cross over into another mare's identity in the last hour of her life. With a second, much larger target threatening to kill thousands in Canterlot, Firefly re-lives the incident over and over again, gathering clues each time, until she can solve the mystery of who is behind the bombs and try to prevent the next attack.

First Published
31st Dec 2011
Last Modified
31st Dec 2011
#1 · 146w, 6d ago · · ·

Not too bad a start.  Source Code and ponies.  Interesting combination.  However, from what I can tell, this looks like it might end up just being a retelling of Source Code with ponies thrown in, so I hope you have some different twists planned than from what happened in the movie.  Still, looks good, 4.5 stars and tracking.

#2 · 146w, 6d ago · · ·


Yeah, it wouldn't be fun if it was just a simple "Find and Replace" story. :pinkiehappy:

#3 · 146w, 5d ago · · ·

Frekin' love it. Well done dublio!

Uhh...I know requesting author to do things isn't the best idea...but...maybe everyone can live? <3

#4 · 146w, 4d ago · · ·

It's always okay to suggest, but you never quite get the same experience from books if everything works out the way you want them to.

#5 · 140w, 5d ago · · ·

It's a shame this has been cancelled, I was actually interested to see where it was going. It's not often you see sci-fi in a pony setting.

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