• T A Song of Storms: Snow and Shadows

    With the onset of the windigo curse, Commander Hurricane and the other tribal leaders leave in search of new lands. They aren't the only ones to face challenges, as the tribes inch closer and closer to ripping each other apart with each day.  · The 24th Pegasus
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  • T A Song of Storms: Snow and Shadows

    With the onset of the windigo curse, Commander Hurricane and the other tribal leaders leave in search of new lands. They aren't the only ones to face challenges, as the tribes inch closer and closer to ripping each other apart with each day.
    230,464 words · 1,698 views  ·  209  ·  4 · gore
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    The problems between the three tribes didn't end with the founding of Equestria. As the nation faces race riots, assassinations, and the threat of a civil war, it will take everything Commander Hurricane has just to see it survive the years.
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    AMA Redux Part 2 v2: Electric Scootaloo

    I have a bad habit of posting semi-coherent blog posts at 4 in the morning, don't I? Anyways, I figure it's been a while since I've fielded questions from the lot of you (over a year, in fact!), so I might as well do it again. Now's your chance to ask me anything, and I mean literally anything, and I'll give you some sort of answer. It might not be the answer you want, but I'll give you one, alright.

    I'm gonna get some sleep now. You better have questions for me when I wake up!

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    A Little Something You Might Find on My Desktop

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    Double Milestones!

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    Bronycon 2014 Day Three

    Bronycon 2014

    Day 3

    Plushes Bought: 1

    Shirts Purchased: 1

    Art Acquired: 10

    Other Swag: 5 Pony Badges, 2 Large Buttons, 2 Other Sized Buttons, 1 TSSSF Game

    Total Money Spent: ~$405

    Bronycon 2014: Dawn of the Final Day

    There’s nothing like waking up on approximately four hours of sleep, amirite? After finally clocking out at 2 in the morning the night before, I set an alarm to go off at 7 o’clock so that I could get up early enough to get Tabitha St. Germain’s and Andrea Libman’s autographs. Autograph signings began at 10, but the lines to get vouchers to get said autographs were so ridiculously long that that was the only way I could really get my autographs within a reasonable time. As I mentioned in an earlier post, she likes to talk with people (which is amazing) but thus the line becomes slow (which is unfortunate), and if I showed up a half hour, even an hour before, there was a chance I wouldn’t get her autograph that session. So early in the morning I rose. At 6. Because I have the habit/problem of waking up before my alarm goes off. So I’m functioning on 4 hours of sleep right now, dead tired, and everything above this line was written around 6 o’clock and I’ve been up for twelve hours after sleeping for four (I WANT TO SLEEP!!!).

    Showered. Got a chocolate croissant. Grabbed my art for signing and wandered over to the convention center. It was actually interesting how dead yet how populated the con center was at 7:20 in the morning. Like, I’m so used to seeing hundreds and thousands of people at one time, and when I was there, the halls were almost entirely empty. It was still fascinating because there were still a good number of people wandering the halls almost three hours before the first panels began. But, thanks to my being there so early, I was able to get a spot in line very close to the front. From there I sat for two and a half hours until the lines began to move into the autograph area, from which I had only a short wait before I was able to get Tabitha’s signature thanks to my being there so early. I got an awesome little message from Luna/Tabitha from it all, along with Andrea Libman’s signature on my Flutterbat picture. I felt bad for her, along with some of the other VAs and VIPs at the panel because their lines were almost empty, compared to Tabitha’s which had a waiting list. At least the number of people that came to see them, judging by the size of the line outside, should’ve kept them mostly busy throughout the allotted time.

    Oh, I also got to hear Claire Corlett (Sweetie Belle) shout “Oh come on!” per someone’s request. That was pretty spectacular.

    Afterwards, I managed to show up at the adventure writing panel just before it started and got to listen to another awesome panel by Aquaman, Chryssalid, and others (again, I’m too god damn tired to remember everyone on the panel. My apologies). From there, we went to a panel on psychology, where Dusk Watch managed to get us front row seats. Unfortunately, this had the side effect of me wanting to kill myself (not out of any hate or disrespect for the panelist [Clockwork, who was pretty cool {I can parenthesis again ||uh… shit, this will have to do for a fourth set of parenthesis //I’m tired, okay? /*yes, I know this is computer code. Deal with it *///||}]) because I was that damn tired. I could hardly keep my eyes open, and that’s no fun when you’re sitting front and center. Apparently Dusk Watch and Ruirik really enjoyed the panel; I simply couldn’t focus because it felt too much like another college lecture.

    Oh yeah. I go back to college in like, a little more than two weeks. Shit.

    After that we got food. Five Guys, again, but it was pretty good, again. We carried said food back to Q&S, where we spent the time talking with PresentPerfect, Wanderer D, and others again. Probably my favorite thing of this con was getting referred to by name by people such as CouchCrusader and Present Perfect. All you guys are amazing. I’m so happy I got to talk with you guys this con and I hope to see you all again next year. It is unreal that I got to speak with people so notable in the fandom on a one-on-one basis, sitting at the same tables with them and eating at the same restaurants with them. When the group shot from the writers’ dinner goes up, I’m gonna go nuts.

    The rest of the day passed fairly quickly and quietly. I went down to the vendors one last time and bought a few things, including Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder and even MORE posters. Seriously, I’m going to end up plastering my dorm wall with pony. My roommate is either going to kill me or kill himself. Or be converted. Probably the second option.

    We had plans to go see the closing ceremony, but the line was so long that Skeeter and I decided it wasn’t worth it. Instead we spent some time with Chryssalid, Wanderer D, Applejinx, Pegasus Rescue Brigade, and PresentPerfect hanging outside of the now-closed Q&S room. When they all left, I rejoined with TheBigStallowski, Loyal, Ruirik, Dusk Watch, and Web of Hope for dinner, for which Gary Oak and others joined us. We first tried The Cheesecake Factory (yes, we parodied the damn song), and when that proved to be a 2.5 hour wait for food, we instead went to Dick’s.

    Oh lord, that place.

    It was a pretty awesome place. The thing about Dick’s is that the wait staff is paid to be assholes to you, and as a result you can be an asshole back. This wasn’t to say that they weren’t excessively impolite or mean; the most we got was the occasional witty comment or diss (our waitress asked if Loyal was on his period when he ordered a Pina Colada). Additionally, the wait staff made “insulting” paper hats for all of us at the table. For example, Ruirik had a hat bestowed upon him that said “I’m not allowed within 100ft of playgrounds or schools”, Loyal got one that said “My mom helped me pick out this outfit”, TheBigStallowski got one that said “I smell like a virgin”, and Leo got a hat saying he was “The pimp of Bronycon”. My hat, as I was seated next to him, had an arrow and said, “I’m his Mane Squeeze” (good pun, guys).

    Just like SolidFire shipped Ruirik and LoyalLiar the other day, apparently now Dusk x 24 is the new OTP.

    Then we returned from Dick’s, and we’ve been chilling out in the hotel room since, drinking, sharing stories, admiring the pic of Wanderer D’s horrified face (Skeeter showed him a terrible, terrible, terrible story at Q&S), and otherwise trying to stay awake. At least I’m trying to stay awake; everyone else seems to be making off better than me. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading back home, and having to say goodbye to all the amazing people I got to meet. It was really, really awesome to meet people like Loyal and Ruirik and Dusk Watch, who I’ve spent a long, long time talking with over skype but never had the chance to meet up in person. It’s going to be really sad, because I won’t see these guys again in person for probably another year. At least we have some pictures that we took to remind us of the good times; those will follow tomorrow when I get back home and get back to my desktop.

    Ironically, this post is probably going to wait to go up until tomorrow as well, seeing as my computer is a special device that really hates the wifi here and I don’t feel like going through the hassle of transferring this document to my brother’s computer (which is fine with the wifi) and posting it that way, as I have with the past few blog posts. [By the way, timestamp of 11:37pm 8/3/14 EST]

    What more can I say? This was an amazing con, even better than last year, and I can’t wait to do it again next year. My only wish is that I can see all the people I met this year again next year, and that more of you, faithful followers, will come out to join me. Hey, I might be doing a panel too, so you never know. It might be worth it.

    Until then, I’m going to catch up on some sleep. I mean it. I’ll probably sleep for like 10 or 12 hours or something. Once again, great con, great times, and I love all of you strange brony types that attended this thing with me. All 9,600 of you (from what I heard).

    UPDATE: I'll make a blog post with all the pictures that were taken tomorrow, once everyone in our party pools the pictures we took so we can all upload them.

    Ante Legionem nihil erat, et nihil erit post Legionem


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    Bronycon 2014 Day Two (Late Edition)

    Bronycon 2014

    Day 2

    Plushes Bought: 0

    Shirts Purchased: 1

    Art Acquired: 5

    Other Swag: 5 Pony Badges, 2 Large Buttons

    Total Money Spent: ~$244

    Bronycon Day Two. Fight!

    This day got off to a slow start, mostly because I was terribly tired and I ended up sleeping too late to go to the first panel of the day (The Do’s and Don’ts of Fanfiction). Instead I ended up wandering around the vendor hall, where I made the first purchases of the day: a large Rainbow Dash button, a Nightmare Moon t-shirt, and a simply framed Princess Luna photo. I forget what those expenses totaled up to; all I remember was the muffin I grabbed that morning was $3.86, same as yesterday.

    Afterwards, I went to the EqD Q&A (I refuse to call it by its pun name), where I happened to meet up with Ruirik, Skeeter, and Loyal (I honestly forget if Dusk Watch was there as well; I was like half-awake at the time). After that we went to Five Guys for food (so good), upon which we returned to the Quills & Sofas, consumed said food, and then went to the Crossovers panel, which had a host of awesome panelists. Said panelists included ABagOfVicadin, Aquaman, Pen Stroke, and a few others (sorry, I can’t remember the names of everyone on the panel and I don’t know what happened to any of the schedules in this god damn room to check). That was a blast; my favorite part was when someone asked “how do you go about writing a historical story without any real canon characters?” and I leaned towards Loyal and said, “Write about Commander Hurricane, obviously.” I mean, they were talking about historical fics and Game of Thrones spiritual crossovers, and I’m sitting there near the front behind Applejinx and Wanderer D with a smile on my face because that’s exactly what A Song of Storms is all about. Oh, if only they knew…

    More reason to do a panel next year. We even have a few ideas: World-Building, Writing Cooperatively, a few others. Who knows what’ll happen? I definitely want it to, at the least. It’d be a blast.

    Anyway, after that I went back to the vendor hall and blew even more money on four large posters, one of which is a Flutterbat poster I plan on having Andrea Libman sign tomorrow morning (alongside the Princess Luna I plan on getting Tabitha St. Germain to sign [Assuming I can get to her in a reasonable time {Is this how inset parentheses work?}]). When I was just about finished with that, I finally saw the one plush that was actually within reason in terms of the price-quality matchup. It was an awesome Spitfire plush by something-something Waifu Studios, excellently made, and only $180. Considering that I found out that aforementioned Cadance plushie I mentioned yesterday was NINE-HUNDRED DOLLARS (I know, right?!), this was by far the most reasonable plush at the con. I wanted that thing bad.

    Of course, Fortune had another plan.

    Turns out the people running that panel only take cash (you only take cash for a $180 plush?! Why not a card!), and I did not have $180 on hand at the time. What I should have done was asked them to reserve it and supply some collateral with the money I had on me while I went to get more. Instead, I left for the hotel room to deposit everything else I had with me at the time and to pick up the sufficient funds to acquire the plush. Of course, when I return, the vendor is already closing down and the Spitfire plush is nowhere in sight. I can only hope tomorrow that when they set back up again they have the plush I so desire so I can acquire it then. One can only hope.

    After departing from the vendor hall, I made plans to go to P.F. Chang’s with LoyalLiar, Ruirik, Dusk Watch, TheBigStallowski, Gary Oak, and Web of Hope after attending the Medieval Equestria panel later that day. Then I hung out again at Q&S, where I got to spend an awesome half hour talking with Cloud Hop about OSLF and other projects that I’m working on/have finished. He was an awesome guy, and I’m glad you’re so enthusiastic about my work, Cloud.

    Once we finished the Medieval Equestria panel (which was awesome, by the way. I am willing to pay money for that game, and they said that they’re looking to make it available on Steam and maybe even Xbox/PS4. Seriously, it’s built on the Unreal 4 engine, and it’s awesome), we went out to get dinner at P.F. Chang’s. It was amazing, and we took some pictures afterwards, but they may be shadowy because of lighting. If that’s the case we might have to take new pictures tomorrow.

    On that note, the PoL team took pictures (which we know we need to reshoot). Ruirik has plans for them. That’s all I’ll say about the matter now.

    After that, we went back to the room and chilled out for a bit. Then I made this post and am posting it now.

    Day Three tomorrow! The sad conclusion, but at least I’ll make the most out of it.

    Ante Legionem nihil erat, et nihil erit post Legionem


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  • ...

How far will you go to save your family? Your friends? Your empire? Twenty years before the events of the Hearth's Warming Eve story, long before the pegasi had even met the other two races, Commander Hurricane was a simple farmer in the great Cirran Empire. When the neighboring griffon nation declares war on Cirra and everything it stands for, the young Hurricane finds himself thrown into the middle of a conflict with the fate of his very race put into question. Will he rise to be the pegasus Cirra needs him to be, or will the mighty empire fall to the claws of the griffons?

Officially part of "The Price of Loyalty" storyverse, in collaboration with LoyalLiar.

Now with a side story! Come check out my friend Ruirik's Wind and Stone and follow along with the journey of another legionnaire who struggled through the Red Cloud War at the same time as Hurricane. (*contains references to events in the sequel to OSLF, Snow and Shadows, so be wary*)

Cover art by Subliminal Lamping

Formatted PDF Version Available here, courtesy of RBDash47

First Published
6th Oct 2012
Last Modified
12th Jul 2014
#1 · 107w, 6d ago · 2 · 4 · Chapter 1: Breeze ·

Sup man, I see that this is your first story, so I'll just be the first comment.


Little is known about Commander Hurricane and his group of pegasi warriors that helped found Equestria. Where did they come from? Why were they so militant? The history of the pegasus race is a dark affair, filled with the tragedy and horror of war, a war Commander Hurricane played a pivotal role in.

>Possible: Little is known about Commander Hurricane and his group of Pegasi warriors that helped found Equestria. But, where did they come from? Why were they so militant? The history of the Pegasus race is a dark affair, filled with the tragedy and horror of war.


The sun was slowly reclaiming more and more of the sky from the darkness of night. It started with a faint glow to the east and, minute by minute, a tiny sliver of the golden orb pierced the horizon, growing and expanding in luminosity and brightness, until the radiant disk revealed itself in its entirety, its yellow rays spreading forth across the land and bringing light and warmth to the denizens of the continent.

  >Might want to use some periods there.

Other than that, didn't see any more Grammar mistakes, anyway, this story is Blitz Approved! (Actually I did liked this story)

Keep on writin'

Reign Of Fire - Armored Saint

Pretty good start. I'll track for now and see where this leads. :twilightsmile:

Very nice. From the looks of things, this is going to be more than just the average fanfic. I'll be sure to keep track of this. :yay:

Not bad.

That chapter won my favorite. Seriously, how is this story not a hit already? I love it :rainbowkiss:

This is building up quite nicely. :moustache:

Damn fine show, author.

:rainbowlaugh: Snap, Fire got owned!

It really does surprise me how this doesn't have more views than it does now. Seriously, this is building up nicely. :twilightsmile:

Shorter than expected. Decent transition chapter. Read more for enjoyment than review, so only one thing stuck out at the end-

>lightly-colored // NO.


Adjusted, thanks for pointing that out

Read the entire thing (thus far) in one setting.



Same here. Can't wait for more.

Love pegasi war stories. But, may I ask, what time period is this in? Pre-Celestial/Pre-Windigo? Is it modern, but in an isolated pegasi-only nation similar to Unicornia or the Crystal empire?


The other races are mentioned, but in a way that implies contact is extremely limited at this point. I think because of that, it is definitely pre-windigoe

Commander Hurricane, the one we see from Hearthswarming Eve, is the main character.

This is pre-windigo, for all those wondering.

Can't wait to see their first encounter with unicorns and Earth ponies.  If this fic goes into that.


There might be some mentioning of that at the end. Like, the end end. If I go into a sequel taking another look at the Hearth's Warming Eve story (which I plan to anyways) then there'll be a lot more of that, but for now I'm focused on Hurricane's story and the story of the Cirran Empire.

Fire Star got fucked up! :eeyup:


*facepalm* how did I not catch that? I'm gonna need to marathon the episodes again.

Dash really went overboard with the bravado according to this characterization though.


The premise behind the story I'm going with is how history "changes" with the passage of time. Over a thousand years after the events of Commander Hurricane, he's seen as an arrogant tribal leader, but at the time he may really have been a more level-headed individual who was forced to make tough decisions for Cirra (which has also been forgotten) so that it would survive. The war with Gryphus is also one of the most definitive moments in pegasus history but has been utterly forgotten in the thousands of years since.

No I am not talented enough to generate a whole series of song lyrics on my own. I took them from here, one of my favorite games of all time. I thought the music was fitting for the tone of the chapter.

Anyways, keep on reading. I'm interested to know what you guys think :twilightsmile:

Lawl, Ace Combat 5 reference.

Good chapter by the way, this is good stuff, feature worthy imho.

Somewhere off in the distance as the Cirran senator Cato the Elder's speech draws to an end, he closes with this statement.

"Furthermore, it is my opinion that Gryphus must be destroyed."

Carthage anypony?:rainbowlaugh: Love it.

Moar, moar I say!

Are you a pony who just went through battle and have all those nasty blood stains that just won't come out? :flutterrage:

Using bleach can cause skin irritation and leave your coat discolored. :twilightoops: But now your prays have been answered, introducing chipotlaway. :rainbowkiss:

With with chipotlaway version 2.0, this miracle in a spray bottle works on your mane and coat so your ready for the next surprise inspection.

Get chipotlaway v2.0 for only nine easy payments of twenty bits.  Order Right Now!

PS.  Great chapter btw, keep it up.

Great storytelling

also, baby Griffons :fluttercry:

They killed younglings!


Major Henry Hitchcock on William Tecumseh Sherman and his March to the Sea [His practice of Total War]: "it is a terrible thing to consume and destroy the sustenance of thousands of people, but if the scorched earth strategy serves to paralyze their husbands and fathers who are fighting ... it is mercy in the end."

           William Sherman himself: "War is Hell, and it is well that it should be so lest we grow too fond of it."

:fluttercry: Damn you for being so good! You kept me guessing on who was gonna die.

I severly, severly hope Red Tail gets the death he's got coming.

>>1696851 But you gotta give it to the legate, He is an extraordinary commander. He held off thousands of griffins with militia and scattered legionaries, an impressive feat for any commander of the era. (circa late Iron Age I am guessing due to steel armor) Now considering the griffons upgrading to steel, that jump in technology was extensive because it really did make it harder to kill somebody encased in steel. It is lighter, so the griffons can move better, it is stronger, they now fear Cirran blades much less.

Officers are always places between a rock and a hard place because, even though they don't normally fight or watch their friends die around them, their job is to command.

Very well written sir, I take my hat off to you. :moustache:

And so falls Nimbus.  Despite the efforts of the griffins, a small fragment of the city escaped destruction and remained in the skies for a millennium.  A silent monument to a darker time.

:rainbowderp: Whoa, just... whoa.

This chapter...

This chapter was a fun one to write, to say the least. Close to 13,000 words? Massive feel-storms? Plot twists and conspiracies? I feel like I kind of got carried away on it, but I think it fits the narrative nicely. I definitely consider it my masterpiece so far.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it! Took a little longer to get out than I intended, but I think it was worth it. Don't abandon your feelbunkers yet, you'll need them for the final four chapters (and epilogue?) to come. As always, let me know what you think. :twilightsmile:

*checks epic meter, finds it broken*

Damn that was good. :yay:

Anyways is not a word.

And so we finally see COMMANDER HURRICANE! :D

If only he didn't have to ascend in such a way...the feels man, the feels.

Now run along, write me some MOAR! :ajsmug:

Holly shit, underrated

This deserves a lot more press. You've put a lot of work into it, that much is obvious, and the product is solid B quality.


Thanks, I have been working hard on it. It's consumed nearly all my free time for the past two months, but it's featured on EQD and has a pretty solid following, so I feel it's been a success.

If you like it, feel free to spread the news. The feature box is dominated with the Big Names' works and it's oft overlooked on EQD's story updates, so it doesn't get much exposure. And I'm loathe to advertise myself, because self-promotion tends to generate negative responses in people.

Anyways thanks for the fave and watch! I always feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever i get a new reader :raritywink:


As do I. They're so precious to me.

On EqD, you say? You have my admiration, then. If you have enough patience with that ridiculous set of grammar requirements, than you are quite a patient person indeed. I'm that one guy who's always correcting everyone else's grammar, yet they always find ten to twenty errors I didn't know about. Ugh.

Also, self-advertisement is underrated. You just have to be sneaky about it. Personally, I add my fics to every applicable group on the face of FIMFiction. That, lurking, and proofreading other people's stuff to get my name out there.

But yeah, I've never hung out on EqD. There are things that irk me about both places, but FIMFiction has a lot more of a social element, while EqD doesn't.

>>1778637 That's what I've been thinking since I started reading this.

This has a very big "calm before the storm (no pun intended)" feel to it. Can't wait for the final battle.


Just about. The chapter titles have been building up to it, and we've only got 3 chapters left. Look for the real calm before the storm in Chapter 15.

Well, that was a nice change.

Lovin' the Shakespearean writing style. I'm content. Now maybe I can finally sleep.

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