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  • T Advance

    The age of technology has hit Equestria. Ponies everywhere are connecting in ways they never felt imaginable. In this world of constant digital connection, Apple Bloom is learning that things change as you get older...  · Mist
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  • T Advance

    The age of technology has hit Equestria. Ponies everywhere are connecting in ways they never felt imaginable. In this world of constant digital connection, Apple Bloom is learning that things change as you get older...
    17,321 words · 543 views  ·  39  ·  1
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  • 14w, 2d

    I know I promise I'll stop dying, but I shall make up for it by dying again!

    Ahem... Yeah. Some may be wondering why I vanished so long and then suddenly pumped out a new story. Well there's a few reasons:

    1. I'm not a brony and my interest in the fandom is declining. So as a result my desire to work on stories is as well.

    2. Feel Good was actually a scrapped idea that I actually had 95% finished that I decided I didn't feel was worth posting. I revisited it this week and tuned it up and rethought my decision, ultimately deciding that I feel it was worth putting up in its finished state. I even spent a good 2 hours making a cover image for it (I normally commission one, but I decided to make one myself this time around.

    3. I got a new job recently that has me working night shifts, so I am exhausted most of the time.

    4. I am once again planning a trip to California to see my girlfriend again, so that takes a chunk of my time, and money to get commissions which I usually use for covers.

    5. I am working on a book! Not a fanfiction, a book-book. As in a book that you will be able to pick up on Amazon and read. Proceeds for the book will go as followed: 10% of profit will go towards CMT research, 20% will go to Amazon, 20% will go to the cover artist and the rest I will use to fund writing more books. The book will probably be being sold for $5 a copy or less, so realistically, I am only making $2.50 per copy. I might give away a few free copies and some limited time discounts. I am trying to move towards doing more professional work, so as a result, I may post here less.

    I will still try to finish stories that I have started or promised, in fact, the next part of the Like Me saga (is it a saga now? Meh, it's 4 stories long, it's a saga) is around... 55% finished, I just haven't touched it in like 2 months.

    I know A New Equestria fans: You want the next chapter. I haven't forgotten, but as I said, I did intend to do another pause after the last chapter, but more is coming. I might do the next major saga, soonish.

    2 comments · 45 views
  • 22w, 6d
    Another Update

    Hey guys, just thought I would update you on what I've been doing or working on. As you know, I posted a new chapter to ANE a while ago. While I am still planning on finishing chapter 40 soonish, I am trying to get work done on the 5th installment of the Like Me series. It's been going along slowly mostly because I moved and it's hard to find the time to sit down and write. None the less though, I'm a good 25% of the way in, and I will try and have that finished soonish.

    As far as A New Equestria goes: yes, I know it's approaching the 3 year mark and we're only on chapter 40, but hopefully I can finish the entire story by the end of the year (big maybe). There's a lot left to go over and the REALLY complex part of the story comes up very soon. Chapter 40 and 41 are going to kind of create some new questions I am sure.

    0 comments · 44 views
  • 55w, 3d
    On Vacation

    Hey, everyone! Guess what? I'm on vacation in California seeing my girlfriend. It's great. I apologize for the lack of updates, but I am like 75% through editing Precious, and I have a nice cover image made too, so I might be able to wait it up and put it out tonight. Sorry for the delays, but I don't get to see my girlfriend very often, so I am pretty distracted by that. Love you all, and thanks for your patience!

    Also I have chapters 28, 29, 30, and 31 for A New Equestria complete, so expect those after I finally get Precious done. I apologize again for leaving Flare's adventure on such a cliff hanger for almost a month, but trust me, what's coming is well worth it. We are about to see some interesting story bits come up that I've been pretty excited to get to. With Dash dead, there is a lot that is going to follow.

    1 comments · 78 views
  • 57w, 4d
    Updates 10/20/2013

    I know I post a lot of blogs, but I figure I should do something to let people know I'm not dead, and perhaps let them know what I am working on.

    So I am finishing up Precious, hope to do the final edits on it this week. I ordered a cover art for it, not sure when that will be complete, but look forward to that as well. It's about equal length to the previous story, "Advance" but it's a VERY different kind of story. It will of course set the scene for the fifth story in the series, and hopefully answer some other questions.

    Now, I am sure many of you want to know if I have been working on A New Equestria at all. The answer is: yes. I have completed chapters 28 and 29, and currently I'm working on 30 in between editing Precious. There are new characters being introduced, new saga, a lot of new stuff. I think you're going to like the new additions, it's going to change a lot of what you already know about the universe.

    How close are we to the end of A New Equestria? Eh... A while... I want to do about 11 more sagas before the story is over. So probably around 30-40 more chapters.

    1 comments · 67 views
  • 60w, 3d
    2 Years of ANE

    In 2 days it'll be 2 years since I first published A New Equestria on FiMFiction. To celebrate, I will be pumping out Chapter Twenty-Six today, and you'll get Chapter Twenty-Seven tomorrow. I figured I'd want to at least be at the halfway mark by the 2 year mark.

    To answer a lot of questions:

    -Yes, there is going to be a fight with Trixie, it's in the next chapter. The big "showdown" is going to happen after 25 chapters of build up.

    -Yes, Chapter Twenty-Seven WILL be what I consider "the halfway point".

    -Yes, we will be seeing Vinyl out on the battlefield again.

    -Yes, big secrets will be revealed.

    I will be making another blog after Chapter Twenty-Seven to sort of talk about the future of the story. Also I might try and put together a timeline.

    In other news: Precious is about 8,500 words in. I am nearing the middle of the story. I suspect it'll be a "little" bit longer than Advance.

    0 comments · 67 views
  • ...

This story is a sequel to Like Me

When it feels like you have no one you can count on, you'll turn anywhere for that little pick me up. Sometimes though, it can be a bad habit to have, and even harder to break when it gets you in deep. Growing up can be tough, especially when you feel like no one really understands you. Scootaloo learns the hard way in a tale of friendship, family and coming of age.

Almost a year in the making, the long awaited sequel to Like Me.

Cover image done by CypressPhoenix

Update 10/17/12: Fixed many errors, and reworded things to help make the story sound less "mechanical" also added an epilogue.

First Published
5th Oct 2012
Last Modified
5th Oct 2012
#1 · 112w, 11h ago · · ·

This is great! :pinkiehappy:

#2 · 112w, 11h ago · · ·


#3 · 112w, 10h ago · · ·

I'm about 3/4ths through, and I just wanted to give some criticism before I forget.

“I suggest y’all go home…” He said.

You do this a lot. If you're going to end a line of dialogue with "s/he said," you don't capitalize the first letter of the pronoun.

You split up your paragraphs too much. Let me give an example:

       “It just doesn’t add up Applebloom… How does she overcome two years of depression so quickly?” I asked.

        Applebloom clearly wasn’t interested in the subject. As we came closer to her house, she seemed eager to get inside and end the discussion.

        “She’s keeping secrets, Applebloom… There’s something she’s not telling us…” I suggested.

        She turned to my direction with a sigh.

        “Y’all ain’t exactly one to talk, Scoot…” She replied.

Put Scootaloo's two lines into one paragraph, and put all of Apple Bloom's narration and exposition into another one. It makes it easier to read.

Also, very small, but: it's "goodbye," not "good bye."

#4 · 112w, 9h ago · · ·

Just finished. And, uh, bro? You might want to check that ending... I think you forgot to edit some stuff out... :twilightblush:

Anyway, I really liked the story. I was a big fan of Like Me, and was excited when I saw the sequel. Although the ending felt a bit rushed...

I'm hoping for more in this series. I still want to know more about Sweetie and White Star!

#5 · 112w, 9h ago · · ·

>>1388711 Like I said, there is a lot of editing that needs to be done. I am not done with this just yet and the ending may be extended a bit after I make some major revisions. I'm kind of surprised EQD accepted it too...

#6 · 112w, 9h ago · · ·

are those prereader notes at the end there? regardless, great story. sweetie bells deathnote powers still freak me out though.

#7 · 112w, 8h ago · · ·

>>1388848 They were, IDK how they ended up there. I removed them however.

#8 · 112w, 8h ago · · ·

Well, I got school now, but I'll read this 1st thing after it!

#9 · 112w, 3h ago · · ·

Given the context provided by Sweetie Belle. That last line was heart wrenchingly sad, and made me cry.

However this and Like Me were both great reads, and I thank you for writing them.

#10 · 111w, 6d ago · · ·

I've already begun correcting some of the errors in the GDoc, and when I get home I'm going to sit down and read through this again to give one last editing sweep to try and fix a lot of the issues. Also there is a chance I may "extend" the ending a little.

#11 · 111w, 6d ago · · ·


That would be much appreciated. The ending feels.... Too open, and I don't really feel like I've received closure. Regardless, a good read.

So Scootaloo had a drug problem, Sweetie Belle and White Star have shinigami-esque powers.....

So what is Applebloom's scenario/cutie mark?

Also: Did Scootaloo's death date/cause return to the previous one? Or will she still die earlier, due to long term system damage from Chemical?

#12 · 111w, 6d ago · · ·

I read the previous one, and I have to say I have high hopes for this one! Love the work so far, Mist! :rainbowkiss:

#13 · 111w, 6d ago · · ·

Not so much a sequel to Like Me as it is a side-story, but still, loved it! :pinkiehappy:

I really liked how subtle Scootaloo's “environmental problems", if you will, are. Scoots' parents aren't abusive in any way, and can barely even be considered neglectful. They're just not very good parents, and you made that clear without being in-your-face about it.

I also liked how this fic provided context to the argument between Scoots and Sweetie in Like Me. Admittedly, though, I think it came too soon—it doesn't seem like Scootaloo should be acting like she has big problems at that point in the story, since otherwise she seemed to be in denial that she had any problems at all.

I can't say I'm a fan of Scootaloo's date of death changing. It contradicts and undermines the concept of Like Me in a way that makes the original fic worth less. It seems like you did it to set up a future story (since the date change is rather irrelevant in this fic other than making the ending depressing), but even if that's the case I would still rather you scrap it and think of something else.

Like others have said, the ending is a bit rushed and could benefit from a few scenes that show Scootaloo's inner struggles with the whole situation. For example, in the final scene Scoots mentions how Shady's charms don't work on her any more...yet in the last scene with them together she was still a lovesick filly. There should've been more transition between that.

I just realized that I apparently never reviewed Like Me. What? I thought I did back when I first read, whatever.

Anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to more fics in this universe of yours—there's no way we can let you end it here! Keep up the awesome work! :twilightsmile:

#14 · 111w, 6d ago · · ·

>>1392102 There will be a final story.

#15 · 111w, 5d ago · · ·


That'll be awesome! Can't wait for it. <3

#16 · 111w, 5d ago · · ·

Hi, I just found this story, and it's really good. I don't usually read dark fics, but the crusaders are a favorite of mine. Point of my reading aside, this is incredible writing. If I interpretted everything correct, there will be one story after this? In that case, my only complaint is that I want to know everything, and one more story will make that tough. I especially want to know about Trixie and Big Mac. They both seem very different from normal, and I can't wait to see the next installment. Let's hope it isn't a year this time. :scootangel:

#17 · 111w, 5d ago · · ·

>>1398774 When I get done revising this one I'm going to start drafting the story for the final story.

I suppose I can say now because it's not much of a "surprise" that the final installment is about Apple Bloom. The working title is "Advance."

#18 · 74w, 2d ago · · ·

A touching little tale, I love it.

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