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Finally pardoned after ages spent languishing in the Canterlot dungeons (though in fine company, to be fair), Futa Chrysalis enjoys a pleasant day out with Twilight Sparkle.

But the little unicorn has something planned, and she won't say what it is...

First Published
2nd Oct 2012
Last Modified
2nd Oct 2012
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Sounds like an Alternian movie title.


Well that's a mouthful. I shall call it Fucatshim for short.

I could really get into this wacky Futa Chrysalis and Twilight Sparkle universe...


Hah. this is easily the comedy equivalent of the original's clop. No frills, no real logic, just good unclean fun. Now if only the 2 could be combined somehow...

“It’s not the size of the weapon that matters, Your Majesty,” Chrysalis said

Cadance said that, not Chrysalis.

Also am I the only one who finds the fact that Chrysalis is a futanari in these stories completely redundant? I mean... she's a goddess level mage and a changeling. Having a dick seems kind of an anti-climax, considering.

Also, this is actually the 2nd weirdest Chryslight I've read. The weirdest is this one. But what do you expect from an author who turns Shinji Ikari into NMM?


Whoops, good catch. Fixed now. Thanks!

Oh god. First SexyBack, now Drakmire.

How far will the FCaTS universe of stories spread?

Also, why can't I stop reading them? :twilightoops:

“Not until you swear that you’ll never be mine,” Cadance said.

??? I thought Cadence wanted Twilight to be hers.:rainbowhuh:

This was adorable. I am pleased. :moustache:


Sleep tight

Commenting before I even read it. It was just that amazing.



Drakmire, explain yourself.

At last the truth is revealed.

The sexy truth.

I have absolutely no idea what this is about, but I liked your in-text implementation of trademarking, and I also hate the phrase "Celestia's sun," almost as much as I dislike it when authors refer to Rarity as "the fashionista." So yeah. Gooey fluids, nipping and lapping, and Twilight's milkshake bringing all the girls to the yard. You go Drakmire. Also, the rapier was clearly an épée.

...okay then.

Drak, when I told you that you should write some more, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind.  To be fair though, it is definitely the best futa Chrysalis and Twilight story I've ever read, and I'll stand by that.


I think I wrote this in two hours, laughing the entire time. I know it's probably not all that funny to others, but after the other Futa Chrysalis fic, I couldn't help but picture them doing something utterly mundane.

Whatever gets you to be productive, right?

Unless it's like, crystal meth. Don't do crystal meth just to be productive.

this was amazing.

this needs a sequel



... In Which Futa Chrysalis And Twilight Sparkle Undergo Many Different Events, Most Of Which Are Very Sexually Appealing As Told In A Story Format


I prefer to consider "Celestia's sun" her cutie mark. So "Going blind staring at Celestia's sun" has a much different meaning.

I find it strange that the original has a Romance tag, but this doesn't. Not that the original deserved it.

It amused me. :twilightsmile:

in jokes. in jokes everywhere

>>1376637 Your profile pic, it scares me:rainbowderp:

:coolphoto: Vhat... has just happened?

that was awesome!:pinkiehappy:

I only wish this meme had started prior to my barfing out Shipping Sickness, or I totally would have included the character of Futon Chrysalis.  She can even convert from one configuration to another for whatever you may require.



There's always potential for more : ) Though from the U/D ratio, I don't know how much the public at large would go for it : P


Moreover, I suspect a hypothetical third installment might trip the mods' warning sensors for the "no in-jokes" rejection clause.

Pity.  I do love me some sophomoric humor.


Oh, I don't know. I think as long as you can keep the story self-contained without knowing the context of anything of the other fics, it'll be safe. I know that someone's got another variant in the works that I'm very excited by, though no guarantees on if it was just a burst of insanity or whether the idea will continue to tickle him enough to finish it. We'll see!

What... What did I just read?

And now that I've actually read it, I'm getting a serious Utena vibe from Pretty Princess Cadance.

Lol what?

*performes the Yes Dance*


This was great. It REALLY way. Good!Chrysalis needs moar attention. *nods* So, keep up the good work! ^^

What a glorious story :yay:

....I expected clop and there is none....:pinkiecrazy:i'mma gonna find you

That was a great story :twilightsmile:

This series has the most continuity ever.

This was making sense, and then it wasn't.

Eh, whatever.


what the hay happened to you pic :twilightoops:

Sorry, all  I can  think is "Your Schwartz is almost as big as mine! But let's see how you 'handle' it!"

Author Interviewer

This was beautiful. <3

>>1377479 I've never even seen Utena and I got a Utena vibe off it.

Ridiculous it may be bit it's still wonderfully done. I applaud you for managing to take on another author's work and make it seem effortless. This really does feel like it fits perfectly in with the other FC works and to be able to do that is a rare and precious skill. I applaud you and am happy to count this among my favourites. Bizarre fun.

>>1377286 Twilight just discovered a need to chat with SA about a few things.

You cheeky little bastard you. I approve.

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