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What up guys, im a chill stoner brony who likes nothing better than to rip a bong and read about the adventures of our favorite ponies. I've been a long time user of this site, and im on here every da

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After almost three years... im back. This story is currently undergoing rewrite.

Evil has its workings in the world. There are those who are used as puppets, and those who pull the strings. Spike never wanted to get pulled into any of this; a dragon living a life in a town of ponies living an uneventful life as an assistant. Though the world had other plans for the dragon than a mundane life as a librarian. Through fire and flame the young drake will find that not everything is in your control; and how easy it is for someone to pull the strings... For evil is not born, its created...

Cover art by ss2sonic on deviantart

( http://ss2sonic.deviantart.com/gallery/30127646?offset=24#/d4s6syk )

First Published
21st Sep 2012
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21st Sep 2012