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  • 14w, 1d
    Update: August 21st, 2014

    So here's the dealio: depression isn't fun. When I first heard of a person who had it, I laughed and thought he was being a bit of a ninny. As it turns out, it's something else entirely, and when your life so far has been a veritable trainwreck of bad decisions made by inexperience and apathy, you realize the hooks were already in deep before you truly began to realize what the nature of this affliction is. Change comes slowly, and unfortunately as you try to pick away at your pile of problems, life doesn't care and just throws more at you. I think mine hit the breaking point when Robin Williams' death hit the news; I saw it only half an hour before I went to work that day and couldn't concentrate for the rest of it.

    To that end, what concerns my works here: around two weeks ago, I completely lost interest in writing and ponies in general. Can't rightly explain it, just brought up Fimfiction one day and went "Why am I looking at this? I don't care." and dropped it all like a rock. Things have hit a wall—I've learned that the health insurance I have unfortunately does not cover the mental health services I require in order to be treated, so I'm kind of just stumbling around in the dark here for help. Until then, I don't think I'll be able to return to writing, and I thought it would be wise to put a post detailing as such.

    Thanks for reading.

    11 comments · 169 views
  • 33w, 4h
    Update: TE Chapter 16 and the Week-Long Haul

    3 comments · 408 views
  • 35w, 1d
    Update: March 27th, 2014

    No, I'm not dead. If you've not realized it yet, updates that take upwards of a month to do is a normal thing for me.

    Tiberian Eclipse is proceeding along steadily. I ended today's session of writing at exactly 1,337 words (that's the total amount of words written thus far, all of which were from today). This chapter is looking to face some serious revision, as I'm cracking down heavy on continuity, but it will be completed first, so I have all of my general talking points for this chapter on the table.  It's also quite difficult to try to get interchange on the pony-human dynamics into play, as a lot of concepts do involve knowledge that is beyond my scope (but nothing that can't be rectified with research). This includes things like mechanical engineering, cultural bases, military knowledge, etc. If you have applicable first-hand knowledge on air force organization (United States or otherwise), please contact me, as I have a few questions.

    Guild Wars 2 took up a huge portion of my time last month during the Living Story events, but now that's all died down, the game has lost its luster quite a bit. I think ArenaNet had a good idea in mind when having down-level scaling for higher level players in zones so that any zone is an endgame zone, but due to the lack of player presence, it turns out that having endgame wherever you go sucks when there is literally no one else to do it with.

    I also bought Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. The latest fix to the game's drop system has made it enjoyable again, allowing for drops that actually feel like progressing in upgrades and presenting unique stats that encourage experimenting with various skill builds. I've been playing Crusader (spank and tank!) and it's straight down my alley, being able to suck up and deal out damage using skills that revolve around the use of shields and being outnumbered. This and Guild Wars 2 (and work, but that's boring to talk about) have been taking up nearly all of my time as of late.

    Wolfenstein: The New Order also comes out in a few months. I am actually interested in writing a crossover for it.

    That's all so far. Hope you all have a nice day/afternoon/evening, wherever you are.

    P.S. Did Luna's voice get "normalized" in the latest episode, or is it just me?

    0 comments · 104 views
  • 38w, 2d
    S4: It Ain't Easy Being Breezies

    Better late than never!

    - Breezies. Tiny butterfly pony-people that speak a flargen-floogen language. This amuses me greatly, to the point where I believe this is the first episode in a long time that I went back to rewatch.

    - It's all Spike's fault, and he's still a doormat.

    - I find it strange that out of all of them, only Seabreeze wants to (and I mean, really wants to) go home. Considering the fact that the reason why the Breezies are making the journey is because they're heading home, shouldn't the other Breezies have family or other loved ones to be concerned about reaching?

    - Fluttershy is too nice to the Breezies. I guess this episode is another lesson on being assertive? Cue plankton.gif.

    - Seabreeze's little tirade seems to hint at profanity being perfectly alive in the bright and cheery world of MLP.

    - It's a big scary world out there for the Breezies. And here I thought that Fluttershy's comment on such, juxtaposed with a bright sunny day with butterflies flying about, was supposed to be a joke.

    - Twilight has a transformation spell, but it only works if there is a source subject present to operate on. There are implications for this. Perhaps it works in a vein similar to how changeling magic works? It works on a group; could it work on a greater scale? Who knows?

    - Breezies live in a literal magical hole in the ground. This raises many questions for me. Who made it? Where did the Breezies come from? How do they maintain their ecosystem underground if they don't have a real "sun"? Have they always lived down there? And so on. (Yes, yes, I know: magic, the show's greatest phlebotinum.)

    - Dah flowah is dah key. The first thing I thought is that it'll end up wilting away and then they wouldn't be able to use it anymore. The second thing I thought is that it'll make another appearance in a flowerpot somewhere in Fluttershy's home.

    That's all for now, folks. The next chapter of Gates to Renascence is on the way, hanging at a hefty 6k words so far.

    Now, for some crass humor courtesy of The Witcher universe and their venerable bard-flirt, Dandelion.

    2 comments · 119 views
  • 39w, 6d
    S4: Twilight Time

    A CMC episode? Yes, please!

    So, this episode dealt with the CMC's fall to the allure of popularity and their subsequent redemption by willing to sacrifice that popularity to tell Twilight the truth about what they did. If anything, I found it amusing how they seemed to buy into Diamond Tiara's flattery so quickly, given how they only ever seemed to be at complete odds with her in the past, and common sense would dictate that this minor show of appeasement means no change to who they still are: a pair of bullies that thrive in the schadenfreude in seeing the CMC squirm. With no surprise, this fact is proven true shortly after the pair's first meeting with Twilight when the CMC is asked to demonstrate the progress of their learning.

    That hook's grip only sunk further when Diamond Tiara brings in the rest of their class to join them, and uses the popularity it gives them as a way to control their access to Twilight. With their reputation amongst their peers now drawn into the mix, the group at first accepts the proposal only to learn the hard way that it's become a rock-and-a-hard-place situation when peer pressure begins to kick in, and it's at this point where hindsight becomes 20/20. I won't spoil the rest of the episode further, but I'd like to say that it ended as it should have, with reparations given in all the right places and a shutdown given to the snooty two that only cared about the CMC because they knew someone famous.

    Other tidbits:

    - Twilight hasn't forgotten about the box.

    - Twilight can be a slob when eating. Also may have a bottomless stomach.

    - Ponies have fast food restaurants.

    - Diamond Tiara unsurprisingly lives in a huge mansion on a gated estate. With this, we now know what it looks like.

    - More background ponies, or foals in this case. Got some real zombie vibes when they were all bashing the gates to DT's mansion, especially with the drooling one.

    - Spike is still a doormat.

    Oh, and prepare for Titanfall.

    10 comments · 137 views
  • ...

Tiberium. The infamous green crystal that destroys entire worlds in its wake of global proliferation. It has been a little over a century since the Tiberium threat was first wiped out on Earth, and with it, the primary vestiges of the Brotherhood of Nod. When the GDI advanced humanity to the stars, they found that Earth had not been the only target of the alien Scrin: dozens of other worlds had already been claimed by Tiberium, and the Scrin returned in full force, attacking human colonies across space, stopping human expansion. To fight back, the GDI undergoes a reformation to become the Interstellar Defense Intiative (ISDI) and enacts the Hallman Directive, designed to stop Tiberium spread wherever it may be; such a protocol brings the reincarnated ITC Methuselah to a planet being ravaged by the green crystal, and the forces under Commander Martin Alexandra deploy to stop the threat.

Crossover Material: Command and Conquer - Tiberian Series/MLP

Rated Teen for Graphic Violence and Language

First Published
3rd Sep 2012
Last Modified
10th Jun 2014

Yep, another crossover fiction from me. For the record, this is based on the 4th C&C game, and in all due respect, you're not supposed to talk about this one because it's so bad and deviates so much from the original C&C formula that it was never truly considered a C&C game. But I found the actual lore and the technology behind it to be cool enough to warrant including it in a future universe. All the technologies involved in this story are drawn primarily from Tiberian Sun, Tiberium Wars, and Tiberian Twilight (obviously).

Tiberian Sun, which I consider to be one of the best games in the series alongside Red Alert 2, is available for free online along with its expansion pack, Firestorm.

For those interested in what the soldiers look like:

Zone Troopers:

Zone Enforcers (the troopers armed with chainguns):

Command and Conquer.  Good stuff.

A CnC Crossover!?!  MUST READ, even if it is on the 4th one. :twilightsmile:

C&C 4 had a good story but the game-play wasn't implemented well. I have been looking for a story to read and this has defiantly caught my eye. TO READING! :yay:

Ok. I know I haven't played much of these games, but I thought it was Tiberium.

I do remember an older game that never came out called Tiberium, but I am not sure if it had anything to do with CnC at all.

>>1208002 Tiberian's a strange word that seems to be invented specifically for the titles of the game. It has no mention in the series anywhere else, not even in dialogue. As for the game Tiberium, it was originally made to be a Battlefield-like FPS in the CNC world, but was scrapped later on.

Edit: sorry, were you talking about the title?

>>1208002>>1208015 Tiberium is a noun, Tiberian is an adjective.

Also, I despise you for using The Game that Shall not be Named, but I commend you for saying Tiberian sun is a great game.

Also, also, Zone troopers from Tiberium Wars looked cooler (in my opinion)

I'm gonna read this now.

Comment the second, before I read, I would just like to say that: The only reason the Scrin attacked earth, was because humanity was hostile. The population of a planet is generally dead, or they don't care enough about them to attack.

I haven't read this but I'm adding this story to FimFiction's only Command and Conquer group run by yours truly. :raritywink:

I will read and give a full report later! :twilightsmile:

Welcome to the Bronies' C&C branch! :pinkiehappy:

Silver out!

Defineitly looking forward to more.  It is well written, and though I haven't kept up on any new Tib lore recently, I like the direction it takes, though it seems like this would be taking place well after CnC 4.  Large scale fighting against the Scrin in space and all, just seems like it would have been mentioned.


Quick clarification, Tiberium is the substance itself, whereas tiberian means 'of or relating to Tiberium' if I remember correctly, I haven't done any true CnC Tib research since a few weeks after the 4th came out.

Anyways, good start, thumbed and faved.:twilightsmile:

EDIT:  A few things after reading it again and being over my mini fan craze attack.

It happened too fast, Tib takes ages to convert a planet, decades, centuries possibly, seeing as how the detonation in Tib 3 was early, we can't know for sure.  Vinifera wasn't very common on Earth until years after the initial landing, and here it is implied that it is abundant mere months later.  This might not be a problem, as long as you explain why.  Did the Scrin re-engineer Tib to work faster with the ever encroaching humans?  Questions have been raised.

Also thoroughly enjoy how you brought the crawlers in, that was how I thought it should have been used, more like the Tiberian Sun mobile war-factories than a base replacement.

Other than some minor (major) time line issues that need to be addressed in one way or another, I am still looking forward to seeing where you take this.

Okay, I got good news and bad news. First of all, the bad news: six months is far far too short a time for 97% of the planet to become infected with tiberium, especially to the point where tiberium glaciers are becoming commonplace. To be frank, tiberium has been wanked to Hell and back in this story. It was thirty years before Earth became a hell hole, and even then it wasn't as bad as the MLP world in this story. Hell, Ponyville seems to have jumped from blue zone to red zone in less than an hour, and that's just . . . Well, it's crazy on the face of it. I mean, it took years for humanity to view tiberium as a serious threat, and the whole MLP world is having civilization decimated by miles by the minute? :rainbowhuh:

The good news: Everything else. I can't find any major problems with the grammar, characterization, or the plot, save for what I've already gone over. I'm going to suggest to you Peptuck's excellent Tiberium fanfics to read, and I'd like to welcome you to . . . Wait a tic, you're the bloke who put nuclear weapons in EndWar, I remember you! Man, small world, huh? :twilightsmile:

Correct me if I'm wrong but 7 months seems a little fast for the spread of early stage Tiberium. Maybe I'm missing something but I thought the various wars took place over the course of 100 years.

3 things:

#1: Reread what Cody MacArthur said about tiberium spread rates.

#2: EVA = Electronic video assistant

#3: This story is great. I love it.

C&C wiki <--- for lore, if'n you need it.

Im guessing its the magic of the mlp world i.e. equestria that sped up the process. also faving and tracking.:pinkiehappy:

>>1208123 Thanks for the comment. Also, I was under the belief that Earth was attacked was while the Scrin didn't believe that there was any reason to expect resistance, they were still armed with a military detachment and that was how the events of C&C3 happened. Also, C&C4 was a good game on paper, but it was all sorts of dumb how they saw that it clearly wasn't C&C yet still ahead with it. The game does have a great soundtrack, though, just about the only saving grace, but even that wasn't the kind of C&C soundtrack I expected. I did use the C&C wiki for some lore, but it appears that I haven't delved enough into it.

>>1208138 Thank you!

>>1208149 The rant is appreciated, as are criticisms. I didn't intend to reveal it until later, but Equestria was bombed with more than one Tiberium-containing vessel across multiple locations on the planet along with the supposed fast-generation Tiberium spread that was the Scrin's reaction to intense military pressure from the ISDI. I guess I'll have to make sure to make it clearer. On the issue of crawlers: that was what I thought they would be, too, after seeing how mobile factories were handled in Firestorm.

>>1208286 Hey again, Cody! I'm beginning to wonder if I should just run my crossover stories by you before I actually publish them. :twilightblush: But, yes, it's going to undergo revision (like my other story).

>>1208319 Yep, it is! I am reworking it now.

>>1208776 I won't go into any specifics, but magic is involved. Or will be. Eventually. Tiberium siphons from the terrain on which it resides, and magic has a tendency to exist in the very fabric of Equestria itself.

That all said: revision time!

Great start my friend. I gotta say though Iv was planning on writing a Tiberium crossover fic for some time and was even going to use the same name. I never had time to start writing it and it looks like you beat me to the punch.


Sorry sir, but I got enough beta reading jobs on my plate. You'll just have to find another bloke to pre-read your stuff. Hang around or some similar site for a time and you'll eventually find someone well versed enough CnC lore to help you out.

Also, on the Scrin accelerating tiberium growth . . . Well, I really don't think they're capable. Kane seemed to indicate that as advanced as the Scrin were they were still just addicts playing around with something they didn't fully understand, and given that their tib growth accelerator required placement on a active vain and their reaction to GDI and Nod was to tuck their metaphorical tails between their legs and run back to the Overlord instead of unleashing some form of super tiberium I'm inclined to agree with the loony.


Really? In my crossover, Tiberium behaves like a radar jammer for magic. It distorts magic so when unicorns try to use spells on or near it, the spell goes awry and becomes hard for the unicorn to control.

Hmm...I guess we each have our own styles I guess! :pinkiehappy:

Silver out!

>>1208883 C&C4 was a good game. It was not however, C&C, You are completely right. The story should have been scrapped, and it should have been given another title... oh well... hindsight...

Grand story so far. Glad to see AJ doesn't get deformed into a Visceroid.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Also if you need a hand with C&C lore I can help.

Also starting off the chapter with this little tune feels about right.

>>1209016 The scrin force that attacked earth was a small misguided mining operation. They weren't fully prepared for a full on resistance from the remaining inhabitants.

I'd like to think that since magic is so ambient in Equestria that the magic possibly caused some bizarre mutation, accelerating the growth rate.

Loving it so far. I loved Tiberium Wars so goddamn much.

Well what can I say we need more of this and honestly my opinion on Tiberium Twilight is that "A true fan will play it, but won't like it" And it is interesting to see GDI become a full Space Age Power capable of stopping the Scrin, but as I saw some of the Scrin cinematics I think that the Scrin has a few galaxies under control by Tiberium as they selected our system and galaxy from a DataBase or list.

>>1209876 That'll be great! When I start getting heavy into the revisions, I'll drop a message to you and see if everything checks out. And that song is fantastic. The other one I like is one that actually doesn't appear on the soundtrack: Nod's victory music after returning to the main menu.

Back to on-topic: yes, magic is intended to play a huge role in affecting how the Tiberium behaved. Last I recall, even in the actual lore of the story, it isn't really ever explained how Tiberium truly "evolves" and changes it properties. I know after Tiberium Wars that it underwent an evolution that made the Earth strain completely immune to sonic weaponry. Rocks aren't really known for their ability to adapt, so this is intriguing.

From there, it only took a little over a decade (the loss of the Tacitus in 2052 was what I believe marked the downfall of Tiberium containment and eventually turning the world into 98% Red Zone by 2062) for it to expand from what was originally believed to be reversal of its growth, and this is assuming that the race in question still has methods of being able to remove or harvest it. On a planet with absolutely zero ways to combat Tiberium growth, it wouldn't surprise me if it invents way to spread itself through quicker and more efficient means, like the trees from Tiberian Sun.

EDIT: Found it, here it is.

:flutterrage: MOARRRR!

I mean... if you want... :fluttershysad:


correct me if i'm wrong but tiberium from Tib Dawn spreads quite quickly

>>1210587 The good old days of tib sun when you would leave the battlefield alone for about an hour or 2 and the WHOLE map gets consumed in tiberium!

>>1210256 Yeah, I guess the library and fluttershy's house are just huge blossom trees now.

So are TCN hubs gonna play a roll in the story? AND MAMMOTH TANKS! There gonna be mammoth tanks!? :pinkiecrazy:

Ignatio Mobius theorized that Tiberium is a lifeform that can adapt and evolve so if it is left alone or heavily mined it will try to adapt to the situation and spread as fast as possible. [Quote below]

Many theories exist on what Tiberium really is. Some, such as Dr. Mobius, believed that Tiberium itself is a lifeform rather than a mineral. This hypothesis seems to be based on early forms of Tiberium, which originally occurred as seemingly organic, plant-like pods. One fanciful hypothesis is that Tiberium possesses consciousness. According to this idea, the crystal contains a quantum crystalline brain that grows more intelligent as it grows and grows. However, this has yet to be proven.

I know after Tiberium Wars that it underwent an evolution that made the Earth strain completely immune to sonic weaponry.

in 2062, not only was it immune to sonic weaponry it was also immune to every harvesting attempt, including the MARV. Kanes plans for the TCN hub is the only thing that saved the planet.

this is brilliant.

I DEMAND MOAR!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Have 10 mustaches for your good work::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: 10/10

Now that I've thought about it, that glorious bastard Kane is the only reason earth survived as long as it did because he introduced the tech to harvest and utilize it.

This is a good story, but you have some extremely glaring issues with scale.

With the first crafts sent into space and the first colonies established, deep space scans quickly showed that the Scrin maintained an iron grip on a majority of star systems in the universe.

Wait. Wait, wait wait. You're saying that the Scrin own most of the universe? In fact, most star systems? That's an unimaginable number of star systems. It's septillions of systems at the very least. The sheer scale of that is completely ridiculous.

Humanity would stand no chance, as there are enough Scrin forces to simply bury Earth in ships. Even owning most of the galaxy means that the Scrin own over 200 BILLION star systems. That is still ridiculous.

I'm sorry, but this statement  just takes by suspension of disbelief out back behind the shed, shoots it in the head, and desecrates its corpse.

>>1210681 Last I recall, the use of a TCN hub required that a Scrin threshold tower be present in order to utilize it. And, yes, mammoth tanks, because it wouldn't be the old-fashioned GDI without some armor superiority.

>>1212434 Yep, just another one of many logic holes in there, I'm afraid. I'm working on revising it now.

>>1212981 I don't think the TCN hub doesn't actually require a threshold tower to make the system work. Kane secretly linked the threshold tower to the system to power it.

>>1213290 I think it does. From the wiki:

It takes the form of Tiberium Control Nodes (AKA Towers) and a vast network of interconnected pipes and cables, all of it connected to Scrin Threshold 19, spreading its Tiberium-harvesting and refinement effects to the entire planet.

The towers were originally meant as a way to contain, harvest, and then transport Tiberium to the Scrin Ichor Hub, so Kane must have found a way to utilize the containment and harvesting properties in a more modular form and that was the resulting TCN.

Ah, I should probably take this to messages now; don't want the whole comments section to end up as a lore discussion box.

>>1213326 We should take this to PMs but not before this one bit of info from the wiki. I know GDI had to have a good idea of how the TCN hub worked but Kane held a secret. [wiki quote]

During the interbellum years when Kane personally approached GDI for an alliance to counter the rapid spread of Tiberium, a Tiberium Control Network was constructed. Unbeknownst to anybody but Kane and Dr. Johann Pascal, the TCN was linked to Threshold 19 to activate a portal to unknown worlds.

>>1208319 You are right for the earlier "Evolutions" of the Tiberium Crystal but during the series it becomes more and more virilent. At one point in the established canon all of Earth was infected with no Blue zones remaining after the shit go really bad. Plus Earth was HARVESTING the substance which slowed the growth quite a bit.

This is going to be good!

I can to a certain degree predict what is going to happen.

ISDS lands, establishes base. Applejeck gets healed, introduces Humans to Ponys, meeting in Canterlot. Humans and Ponys form a treaty, ISDS starts reclaiming lost ground via sonic weapons and ion strikes. One such strike accidently causes an LQ detonation, leading the Scrin to Equestria. ISDS rolls out their big guns: Mammoth tanks, Mastodon walkers and Kodiak aircrusers. Epic shit hits the fan. :rainbowkiss:

Well, lets see what the future holds.

PS: I'm getting a strange feeling that we are going to meet a crimson red alicorn stallion with a scorpion tail as a CM and a familiar "OoL charge-up" sound whenever he charges his horn up. :pinkiecrazy: :trollestia:

PSS: I recently re-listened to the entire soundtrack of C&C 4 and I discovered it shares some parts with the OST of Battlestar Galactica, most notably the Opera House.

I must say, this was one of the best Tiberium crossovers that I have ever read. The set-up was fantastic and your style is enjoyable.

Most C&C crossovers are like:

1# HiE

2# Nod kills lots of ponies and brings Tiberium.

3# GDI comes and lots of Micheal Bay scenes ensue

4# Ponies completely helpless the whole way through

5# Tiberium takes a backseat, is ignored, and doesn't have anything to do with the plot.

6# Writing looks like it was scrapped together in a day.

Good sir, for the most part, you avoided all of the above cliches. Even though you do have a few of them, it doesn't matter since your writing is great and I CAN ACTUALLY SIT THROUGH THIS WITHOUT FACEPALMING! I love how you structured this story and I would actually like to read more! :pinkiehappy:

You get a thumb and a favorite from me!

Silver out!

So far, so good.  The translator is a bit of a stretch I suppose, though I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter either way.



FIRST! Also: Awsome.

Now things are getting fascinating.

Unique way of breaking the language barrier there. Are translations gonna get better down the line?

>>1256032 They are, but that requires greater exposure to the language, which is something they'll get plenty of later on.

I must say, I do love how the ponies are not speaking English, that is a wonderful little tidbit,:twilightsmile:

Only concern I have is the inclusion of the Steel Talons.  While it is not a wrong, or anything like that, it seems unlikely for them to have survived to fight in a Scrin-human conflict again, simply because of their original mandate, unless their armament/tactics have altered to match.  Just my thoughts, as the inclusion doesn't add to the story at all, but does through up a few flags, more stuff I would want to be explained and such.

Construction of the base was nice, and the bit of backstory with Alexandra and Redding was good to see as well, gives that much more depth.

Can't wait to see more.

>>1256173 Indeed, the Steel Talons, along with most of the ISDI, have new technologies and doctrine to match. As with any military, the inclination to keep time-tested reputations of operations groups long past hold true for the Steel Talons: they are still the forefront of firepower and experimental weapons testing, just like they were during past conflicts. Armor and mechanized infantry are the name of the game for them, and while they still do not wield ion or sonic weapons like their predecessors, they still utilize heavy caliber weapons with high destructive potential like railguns and cannons; a solid fallback in the case that their actual experimental units should fail on the field.

It'll be explained later in depth, but within the scope of Tiberian Eclipse, the Steel Talons are known throughout all of the ISDI as experts for holding the lines against overwhelming odds, deploying into the middle of hot zones and stemming and oftentimes turning the tide of a battle by their own deployment alone. The bleeding-edge tech they deploy with into battle greatly assists in this.

On the first point, though, I always thought it odd how humans are always able to speak the same language as ponies. Why not take that idea and run with it?

>>1256245 Ah, that makes sense, and still fits with their history, as you said.  I feel like you have the CnC part planned out a lot more than I originally hoped, I can't wait to read about some of these advancements in tech you have.:pinkiehappy:

& I missed this on my first read through, but this

Reaper, Destroyer, or Annihilator cults

intrigues me immensely  More Scrin cults and more Scrin technology/evolution/breeding/infusion to match can't be a bad thing.

This has gone to the top of my 'Can't wait for More' list. I especially like to inclusion of the adaptive translation software, reminds me of Star Trek. I gotta say I am really exited to see where this story will go and how the ponies deal with/find out about the humans arrival. I can see Canterlot being buzzed by a Kodiak/Firehawk or dropship that didn't know it was there and the ponies freaking out.

This story has a lot of depth, and a good back-story and quality writing. You seem to know exactly what direction to take this and it also seems that much has been planned out in advance.

These are many of the things I look for in a good fic. :twilightsmile:

Silver out!



>>1256477 I was thinking the same, only with Orcas that time, and imagine their faces when the transports land and the first one to hop out is a healed and vigorous Applejack. Things are already becoming better for the Ponies now.

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