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  • 37w, 6d
    New Story on the Horizon

    Well, it took about a week since my original commitment, but I finally managed to put down the sodding tablet pen long enough to pick up an ink pen and get back into the horse words business. Now, for those of you who saw my last blog post, you'll recall that I expressed interest in writing a story based on one of the pictures that I drew (again, so that it wouldn't feel like a massive waste of time). So, I chose a picture. And then words happened.

    So... yeah. I wrote a story involving Chrysalis (a character I've never written before), that also has a bit of romance (a genre that I've never written before). Fun! Keep an eye out for hopefully-entertaining Chrylestia in the near future. This is actually a pairing that I have not seen much of on the site (Couldn't possibly imagine why). I've seen more Chryluna and Chrylight than I can be bothered to count, but not much Chrylestia. Now that I think about it, there's probably a reason for that. Point is, I was hard-pressed to find a believable scenario that placed them in a situation even remotely considered 'romantic'. All things considered, though, I think I did a pretty good job. I hope.


    God, this is going to be a trainwreck.

    4 comments · 104 views
  • 42w, 1d
    And So A New Project is Born...

    Whelp, it finally happened. I figured it was only a matter of time before I got that idea. If you're a writer, then you should know what I'm talking about. That idea. The one that you get in the middle of night right before you go to sleep. The one that refuses to leave your head, constantly scratching at the back your mind like a dog itching for a piss until you finally give the damn thing some attention. That idea that you know, once you start working on it, it's going to take top priority in whatever list of stories you had planned, because it's just that... damn... idea. That idea can come in many forms based on your preference. It could be an interesting romance, a twist on established canon, maybe even something that might introduce a new concept entirely or at least something that isn't seen very often. In my particular case, I feel I may fall in that third category.

    Put simply, this idea of mine involves time travel, alternate dimensions/timelines, and other things that I don't understand a single damn thing about. And the best part? I'm planning for it to be a longfic. Like... Live by the Creed long. Like I said, I finally got that idea, and god damn did it hit hard. Anyway, the name of this fic is Time is Convoluted. In fact, I posted it a few hours ago, and figured, 'Screw it, I haven't made a blog in a while.'

    So... yeah. This new fic that came right the hell outta nowhere might eat up all of my writing time, because to be perfectly honest, I haven't been this excited to work on something since... well... since Creed, and look at how that turned out.  Anyway, I figured I'd let you all know in case it slipped by some of you. Seriously, the support from most of you is part of the reason why I keep writing at all.

    So... I guess that's it.

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  • 50w, 4d
    It's Time for a Change of Pace

    Right, so I'll just cut straight to the chase. I've lost inspiration to keep working on Live by the Creed right now. Not enough to abandon the story entirely, goodness no, but enough that I need a bit of a break from it. Not just that, but I am, admittedly, having problems figuring out how exactly I'm going to continue the story from where I am, so yeah, progress has come to an effective standstill yet again. But that doesn't mean I'm not writing anything else in the meantime.

    While there will be a decrease in updates for LbtC, there will also be an increase in stories that I post, Rats! being the first of them. I suppose this was bound to happen eventually; after spending over a year straight working on a single story, you're doomed to inevitably lose interest at some point. But during that year, my writing's improved significantly, and I'm hoping to carry these newfound skills over to these newer stories.

    I suppose to put it simply, LbtC is going to enter another hiatus for an indefinite period of time. I have no intentions of cancelling it, but I'm not going to force myself to continue; it just wouldn't feel the same, nor would it read the same.

    But to end on a happier note, I've gotten my hands on a fancy new drawing tablet a few days ago. Yeah, that's right. I've gotten into drawing, and while I wouldn't say it's anything amazing, it's certainly good for an amateur if you ask me.

    Just look at her! So cute!

    7 comments · 161 views
  • ...

For as long as Rainbow Dash could remember, her life was simple, straightforward, and planned out with one goal in mind: become the best flyer in all of Equestria. Simple. But when she unwittingly comes across a tool that allows her to relive the memories of her ancestors, that simplicity is challenged when she discovers dark secrets hidden in her family's past as well as Equestria's history that not only challenge her perceptions of reality, but threatens to alter her very psyche.

As she's thrust into the remnants of a centuries-long war, as she questions the morals of those around her, as she battles to separate reality from fantasy, will Rainbow be able to hold on to her own beliefs or will she embrace her family's blood-stained traditions and finish what they started?

First Published
27th Aug 2012
Last Modified
29th Apr 2014

This could be a lot of fun :pinkiehappy:

Tracking this one for now.

And take this:moustache:

Well, I'm intrigued.

I've read through what there was of Brotherhood of the Moon by Zak TH.

Let's see where you'll go with this concept of Rainbow Dash's ancestor being an assassin.

Nice start.

Gonna keep an Eye on this.

You did good. Do you have an editor? This story could be much much more excellent.

Lemme guess, it's gonna be Dash chasing the goals of her ancestors, only to find out that one of her friends is a Templar, and then they have an epic showdown in front of Canterlot Castle, one of them dying in an overly-show-y fashion, and one of the Pieces of Eden is locked away in Luna's keeping, as she is also an Assassin.

...I swear, if I got that right, I'm gonna laugh. Really hard.

:pinkiesmile: "You sure you aren't learning too much from me?"

I can't learn enough; the Pinkie Sense is an enigma all its own!

only 2 mistakes other than that it was awsome

I'm wondering what Flutters saw... She seemed like she saw something embarrassing

Anyway, tracking this for now. .

Animus spell? Good concept.

Having not read this, nor played any Assasin's Creed games, this could be what sells me the games.

Fo:E sold me Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, after all.

Has promise, but needs serious editing. Will be watching this one.

Aceasta era uimitor. mai bune sa se drumul tau. si mai întuneric toamna in lumina.

(The fun is guseing what i'm saying. i'll give you a few hints. Stokes. 1800's)

Assassin's Creed crossover about Rainbow Dash? INSTANT WIN

You got me hooked! :pinkiehappy:

MORE MORE MORE! I CRAVE THE AMAZINGNESS!!! :pinkiehappy::moustache:

This is absolutely brilliant! I love this so much. Excellent writing skill you have. I love how easy you make it look to do a brilliant crossover like this. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy::yay:

damn this is good.

“Please, do it quickly, and then meet me back home.” The stallion nodded, and the two parted ways. Shadow kept her eyes fixated on the stallion. She needed to get her hands on that schedule, but had to do so without causing a scene. That was simple enough.

Looking good so far.

One thing I notice is that you have a habit of changing tense in the middle of a sentence. Everything will start out in past-tense, and suddenly the rest will be in present-tense.

>>1167450 Maybe she was a clown or a... political figure... who lies a lot and get taken down by Rico Rodriguez. That just seems like the more humorous and unexpected choice.

I it good, but like reading a wall of text at some points.

>>1167922 where does this need to be edited? :rainbowhuh:

you are a motherbucking genius, keep this going man.:pinkiehappy:

one thing though. the blocks of text are a little too big sometimes:unsuresweetie:


Well, it needs editing wherever there's a grammatical error. Didn't notice many spelling errors, but there are issues with grammar sewn throughout. There are also the mid-sentence changes of tense I commented about on Chapter Two.

She's gaining the abilities of Shadow Streak !! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Rainbow's famiry past is going to reveal.... EEEEEEVIL, and it will make the world a sad place.

I find myself both excited and intrigued about the direction you're taking this in. Other than some grammatical errors (like the tense-switching I mentioned before) and the awkward phrasing (you have a great deal more awkward phrasing here than you do outright errors, if it's any consolation), this promises to be quite the epic tale, I think. On the subject of the mechanical issues, do you have an editor? I can't begin to count the number of authors I've seen that try to edit their own stories and wonder why it's still riddled with errors. When you know exactly what you're trying to say, you can't objectively look at what you've actually written and compare the two. Your brain glides right over the bumps in the road, because you know precisely where that road is leading. When someone else reads your story, they don't actually know where things are going to end up, so they are much more likely to notice every little pothole along the way.

Oh man, one of her ancestors has to be Firefly! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh my gosh, she is playing excatly how I would in Assassin's creed. Thats right Dashie, ignore the streets, those are for losers!!!

Anyway, Awesome fic, this is getting better and better. I like how this feels like number one and how it is slowly building and the use of the pieces of eden is unique.

:rainbowderp: A thousand views. Wow. I have to admit, I didn't expect this story to do as well as it did. While I'm no stranger to writing, this is my very first fanfiction. Heck, this is the first story that I've written in months. What more can I say except...thanks?


no prob bro, but man you did a great job with the cross over. This is what writing should be. Some problems though...

sometimes, dialogue is better than plain walls of text

switching tense is a good idea, but maybe a bit smother would be nice.

in any case, keep up the great work.

YAy ! Update !

Oh Luna's sweet flank! Celestia is a Templar!

Potential. That's all I'll say.

This is interisteresteringtastically wonderful.

(Pronounced Inter interesting tastically)

Celestia is Abstergo? I didn't see it coming.

Please update soon.

Bad ass story engage.


>>1198531 NUH DUR. templar's did consider themselves the holy knights. who do you think would be running the organization, abstergo? Templar's (formed under celestia) could have easily been what caused the assassins to go into hiding a few decades into her rule.

back to waiting: chair mode activate

Aw dangit. Celestia is Abstergo now... Now Lna needs to be made an Assassin and everything can play out nicely. Although, I wonder if Discord is on either side.

Celstia is a templar, meh, as long as Twilght doesn't turn into templar like Celestia, I'm ok with it,:applejackunsure: Also this is really cool and really well written, keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

OH MY GOD! Rainbow Dash is sooooo badass! I can't wait to see how awesome she will become! :rainbowkiss:

Hmmm... I wonder if there is a Prophecy (note the capital 'P') regarding The Last Daughter of the Assassins, the Weilder of the Power of the Rainbow.  Or maybe Celestia has wished that the Assassins hadn't died out because their usefulness as a near-cult-like police force.  Maybe she wants Rainbow Dash to refound her ancestors' order? :trixieshiftright:

Is Luna going to be the one who's actually working for the assassins? It'd kinda make sense.

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