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Three months after the incident at Panchea, Adam Jensen is happy to be on his own in Detroit. Until one day, some bad guys appear, and Adam will find himself in a place quite opposite of his apartment in the Chiron Building...

Deus Ex: Human Revolution and all of its characters belong to Eidos Montreal and Square Enix

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all of its characters belong to Hasbro and Studio B

First Published
20th Aug 2012
Last Modified
6th Sep 2012

I feel like I should of played the game before reading this, but I was drawn to the story. I mean if im thinking of the right guy, he has built in sunglasses!

So he's still human-cyborg, right?

And other than the totally BS reason for Sarif to get rid of Adam, I like it. Think what you might, but Sarif isn't really a corrupt corporate executive, so that was really BS.

Standing on ground zero of a explosion send you to equestria apparently, quite cliche. But the story is good so far, so waiting for more here.

Time for Jensen to start coma-punching once again. This going to rock!:rainbowkiss:

now hes a cyborg human pony.....with wepons :pinkiecrazy: gotta remember the weponry The Grey Pegasus




Of course. But I don't even think he can carry that much weapons in reality.

And why is there no explosive revolver?!

He was currently watching the News, which was still going on about the discovery of the DNA- his DNA- alterations which could be made to negate the necessity for Neuropazyne, the drug normal augmented people needed to use to not die.

I think I will like this story.

Also, that's a horrible reason to kill him, but whatever.


I second that statement :eeyup:

Well Sarif's just fantastically out of character and seemingly subject to plot induced stupidity. He seriously thinks he can kill Adam Jensen with  bunch of guards? If you were gonna throw Adam into Equestria like this you should've just had him blow up Panacea and wake up in Equestria.

Brilliant man, and with only 1600 words or so. *Likes and favs* dont forget to check out my shiz

Adam clambered to his feet because of this line i say he is still human/cyborg because ponies have hooves not feet


Yeah...I agree. That would have made more sense. And would have made a good explanation scene sometime later, assuming the reactions of those he was telling were good and in character...

So to clear this up guys:

Yes, Adam Jensen is still a human. I would have mentioned otherwise

I never thought I'd ever see the term "strafe-jumping" used in a story.

So to clear this up guys:

Yes, Adam Jensen is still a human. I would have mentioned otherwise


I wrote this on a plane ride from Seattle to Dallas. I didn't really expect people to like this. If I had KNOWN people would be reading it, I'd have tried harder.


I was originally going to call the chapter "Cliche Entrance".:derpytongue2:

The bit about him picking up his fridge and finding loot behind it nearly killed me, so true to the game and hilariously nonsensical at the same time. :rainbowlaugh:


By that, shouldn't the guards freak out then? Or at least say something unusual? Geez, those guards are ice.

Maybe some quick tweaks and revisions are in order?


This comment makes me laugh for some reason.

MOAR   :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

....If thats ok with you...:fluttershyouch::fluttershbad:

I'm very surprised that Adam Jensen didn't just block the guards line of sight by simply stacking a bunch of boxes and just walk right through the front door.



If you ever played the game you know he hides plenty of things from you.

>>1125655 Btw, how much longer until the next chapter comes out? I've been looking for a story like this for a year+.

Yeah...after reading this...I'm afraid that I'm going to have to take it off of my favorites list and give it a thumbs down. I like the concept of bringing Jensen into Equestria, I REALLY do, but the way you execute it is the definition of "weak" and "sauce." Some serious editing needs to be done if this story ever wants to reach it's full potential and greatness, but as it stands, I'm jumping off this ship like the first white bitch off of the Titanic.


In all honesty, I would have made a better reason, but I have said it before; I didn't think it would really matter. :applejackunsure:


Do you need an editor?

>>1125465 If he was a pony, he would of lost his augs (common sense, if your entire body metamorphs, your Augs arn't gonna still work or simply won't be on you. And what kind of Dues Ex fic has a augementless Jensen?

>>1125813 He hides stuff from you, but any person with even minor LA Noire skills (LA Noire interogations required listening to tone of voice AND what they were saying, not just visual stuff) making him tell everything is incredibly easy even without the voice aug, which is worthless.

>>1124723 Play it, Deus Ex Human Revolution is possible the greatest game ever made to this date, far superior then other games such as Dark Souls and Skyrim.

Hrm...it has great potential,but it definitely needs to be polished up.Will keep track to see if improvements are made.

Oh,and a minor grammatical error.It's neuropozyne,not neuropazyne.

EDIT: Meant to ask...why Sarif's ending?Methinks the Self-Destruct ending would be a much better fit for this story.Plus,you get symbolism points for having Jensen be "reborn" into Equestria via drowning.

In the great quest to crossover absolutely everything with pony...

great idea, bringing in deos ex into the MLP world is a genius idea. Keep goin and stay golden^^


Because when I played the game, I didn't end that way. :derpytongue2:


Save right after the Hyron battle, and it's easy to get all four endings.  There really isn't any difference between them, except the voiceover and whether or not Panchaea Falls, Everyone Dies.

But I digress; unless you canonically had Jensen pull the anti-augmentation ending, then Sarif really couldn't even begin to have a reason to want Jensen dead or even fired.  Given that it's just a mechanism to pull Jensen into Equestria, I'd suggest rewriting that part.

I never asked for this.


BLASPHEMY course i havnt played deus ex but still  BLASPHEMY

This story is terrible. I could barely get past the first few paragraphs. No one big thing stuck out; it was lots of little things, like saying Adam's apartment was the only one in the building, misspelling Neuropozyne, him noting some random bit of equipment when he wanted to get a snack bar, et cetera.

>>1126329 Its fantastic at every point. It looks fantastic, it has incredible story, its well voice acted (although bad lip syncing), incredibly fun combat, multiple ways to do everything, good skill progression and has a good amount of gameplay (maybe 16 hours of story, but its so fun, it feels shorter then a cod campaign)

>>1126198 WHAT, SARIFS ENDING!!!!! The Taggart ending made so much more sense. Despite I believe Sarifs ending being cannon.

I want to see him just pull a fast one on the guards. Hehe, the Typhoon would be cool to see but I think something more subtle is appropriate, coma-punch or killing blade?

I actually was thinking of writing this.....

but you got to it first. :facehoof:

Oh well, if you need any ideas or editing id be happy to lend a hand! :scootangel:

>>1125813 Melon Hunter's had a Deus Ex crossover up over here for a while now. It isn't HiE, though, but it's pretty damn good.

Best of luck to the author. I'd like to see what you can do when you actually try hard.

>>1124738  >>1124966  uhhh... Taggart isn't Sarif.... how did you get those two confused !? :derpyderp2:

EDIT: Now that I've read more comments? How the hell are so many people confusing Taggart for Sarif!? wth people!?

edit2: I retract my remarks made above after the author informed me of an edit he made i wasn't aware of. >.> My apologies.


I edited it like, 10 minutes ago :P

>>1126500 .... Oh.... :facehoof: now i feel stupid. Thank you for informing of this... I must've read it JUST after the edit then...

I probably should go buy this game now. I'm clueless on Dues Ex.


Or you could watch a playthrough. :P

But its an awesome game.


Screw playthroughs! They spoil my fun!

So, being on top of an explosion is a gateway to Equestria?

...brb getting a grenade.

I wonder why Adam didn't just throw the fridge at the guards. That is what I would do in a situation like this.

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