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Twilight Messes up a Spell, Gets a Human named Mary Sue in Equestria, Starts a War, and Viciously Murders Everypony except Rainbow Dash, Whose Wings She Clips Before Realizing that I am Her True Love [GRIMDARK][SHIPPING][HUMAN-IN-EQUESTRIA][OC][CROSSOVER][GORE]

by G-Money


My name is Gary.  Gary Stu.  I recently embarked on a wonderful journey to the land of Equestria, and it is my duty – no, my obligation – to share my tale with you.  I do hope that you profit from my experiences so that you may avoid the follies of those around me and benefit from the enlightening wisdom I now possess.  It is my pleasure to share with you my knowledge.  (Based on Cupcakes, this story is a tale of a young male who ventures into the world of Equestria, confronts his past sins, and changes Equestria forever.)