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    After the events of "Trust," Rainbow Dash receives life-changing news from her family.  · Incredible Blunderbolt
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  • 6w, 3d
    10/10/2014: Collaboration Sneak Peek!

    So, the outlining withe Timaeus is done, clocking in at over 100,000 words, and work has begun on the actual writing. We're very excited to bring this to Fimfiction, and to see what our combimed efforts can do. It'll be hosted HERE instead of one either of out profiles, to emphasize the fact that this was a team effort.

    Sneak peak after the break.

    Twilight snorted and shook her head, making the corner of Rainbow’s mouth twitch. “You’d get any mare in Equestria to fall in love with you? For a bet?” A combination of disbelief and bewilderment coloured her features. “Rainbow, are you seriously willing to go that far for a silly dare?”

    “Uh, yeah?” Rainbow responded blankly. She cocked a smile and waved her head confidently as she started trotting down the road with an added swing to her hips. “I can’t have you walkin’ around, trashing my good name. I’m the one true ladies’ mare, and I’m gonna prove it.”

    “Hmph. So, what? I just point out a mare and you’re going to capture her heart?” Twilight asked as she caught up to Rainbow. “Just like that?”

    “Yup,” Rainbow said with confidence, encouraged by the glint of determination that sparked again in Twilight’s eyes and showed in her smirk. Rainbow decided it was a good look on her. “Any mare, and I’ll show you. One day, bed, and one week, love. Nothin’ to it!”

    “Really?” Twilight asked in a sickly-sweet voice. “Any mare at all?”

    “That’s what I said.” Rainbow held her head high, oblivious to the devilish edge to Twilight’s grin. “You point, I seduce.”

    “Even one of our friends?”

    We hope to have this fic completely done in just a few weeks. Bare with us as we write the estimated 200k in that time.


    Oops. Looks like I accidentally put ".com" in the url in lieu of ".net." Rest assured the link is correct now, and the story will be on this site.

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  • 7w, 4d
    10/01/2014: This Collab's getting out of hoof...

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  • 12w, 4d
    8/27/2014: A Little Challenge...

    That was fun, but I feel I should have used more than two bags of ice; it was hardly cold at all compared to February's Cold Water Rescue training. Happy, Vert?

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    8/13/2014, Obligatory, "I'm Not Dead... Yet" Post

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  • 32w, 6d
    4/7/2014, When it rains, it pours...

    Remember all tha crap I complained about a few weeks ago? Yeah, lets add "utterly screwed" to that list.

    All the unfinished/fully fleshed out/partial ideas I had were on my laptop. Literally dozens of ideas—maybe even hundreds—just went up in smoke. That's right, on top of everything else, my HDD just up and quit on me. It's fried; the data's completely unrecoverable and I'm out my laptop.

    As I type this on my phone, I can't help but apprecaite the irony of the timing: My friends are all abandoning me; I'd just managed to download the latest MLP episodes; I was starting to get back into my groove; my farher finally was 't stealing money from me anymore... Now, this happens. I know   if there's a God is sitting up there in heaven, he's laughing his metaphysical ass off right now. "Happy birthday, motherfucker!" he's probably managing between his giggle fits.

    Looks like I won't be writing for a while; sorry to disappoint you all. Writing for this fandom has been such an honor, and I want to keep going, but now I can't and it sucks. This was literally the only thing I had left—this, and my filriends in the TwiDash Skype chat who I'll no longer be able to converse with.

    Man, this is depressing...

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Twilight has been struggling with her feelings for a certain pony lately, but when Rainbow Dash tells her friends a deep secret, Twilight is compelled to reveal her own, but sometimes you should wait a bit to say something so personal to somepony so fragile.

(Wow! I suck at summaries!)

First Published
21st Dec 2011
Last Modified
21st Dec 2012
#1 · 152w, 5d ago · 1 · · Trust ·

You really should publish this so the rest of the site can see it :)

... Especially now you got it on EqD.

#2 · 152w, 5d ago · · · Trust ·


Thank you, I didn't bother reading the FAQ. I thought it was already published!

#3 · 152w, 5d ago · · · Trust ·

:twilightblush: Wonderful writing skills... Epilogue? :raritystarry:

#4 · 152w, 5d ago · · · Trust ·

Very very well done. You really captured the feelings one has during a confession like that. Keep up the good work man.

#5 · 152w, 5d ago · · · Trust ·

awww, awesome..... sequel? please? anypony agree with me?

#6 · 152w, 5d ago · · · Trust ·

Nononono. Forget that Epilogue as DjVinylScratch suggested. Make this story into a multi-chapter story.

I loved this story. There are very few TwiDash stories and yours has the potential of being awesome, just please make more chapters. No one likes One-Shots. Haha

#7 · 152w, 5d ago · · · Trust ·


Oh Celestia! That bucking genious! :pinkiehappy:

#8 · 152w, 5d ago · · · Trust ·

That was really good, really well written and very entertaining to read!! Keep up the great work.:yay:

#9 · 152w, 5d ago · · · Trust ·

That's a lot of tags.

#10 · 152w, 5d ago · · · Trust ·

i agree

#11 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·


As do I, but I was unsure of exactly where it fit along the spectrum.

#12 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

It was good. if this was a first time effort, then great job.

#14 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

:pinkiegasp: Ran like a legitimate episode. Really captured the essence.

#15 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

You write extremely well. I am anxious to see more work from you, either in this storyline or another.

As a side note, having just finished Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice," I couldn't help seeing parallels between the climax of that story and the climax of this one. :twilightsheepish:

#16 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

Feeling my heart break never felt so wonderful *le gasp*, epic ending is epic.

#17 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

This was terrific. I'd love to see a sequel! :rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

#18 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

Wonderful! Please write more!

#19 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

i agree with the others, a sequel is in order!

and if not then i'll let you know this was a fantastic one shot. 5 stars!

#20 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

Great short story. Quick and simple but some nice funny and surreal moments and just enough D'Aww not to get sappy. The only real problem was the research not seemed a little to neat and convenient. Could have been a bit less blatant, but good none the less. Sad about RD's backstory and her bitchy mom.

#21 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

I don't often read ships, since they're usually just clichéd attempts to ram two characters together and botch together some poorly-explained reason. You've done a great job with this one, focusing not on one character simply asking out another, but on a bond between friends. I feel it's more the sad sweetness of the story that makes it what it is, with the shipping itself more of a story point that a story focus. Great job!

#22 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

Amazing. I loved this utterly and completely. :raritystarry:

Being the terrible person I am, I checked for personality errors, boring parts, things that were "too convenient", and parts that didn't seem right. . .  but it all added up! I legitimately can't find anything to complain about for this story, when people write this well I'm sort of in awe. :yay:

>>79805 >>79920 I can't agree anymore :twilightsmile:! You set up the start of their relationship completely, if you don't continue this you're totally leaving us hanging.

Rainbow Dash would disapprove. :rainbowdetermined2: <(I'm Rainbow Dash, and I do not approve of this message)

^ OK, that was bad. :facehoof:

There's tons to write about after they start the relationship, so do it! You set this up so nicely, it'd just be a shame for it to end. Well, unless you have something else planned already that you're working on, of course. Then it makes sense if you aren't working on this. (but then, you can return to it, right? Pretty please? :fluttercry:)

#23 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

AWESOME STORY :twilightsmile: I really like how Dash was getting bullied for her affection towards mares, yet her best-friends didn't really care and supported her. Hope to see more :heart:

#24 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

First FanFic I have read and i am impressed :twilightsmile: Keep up the good work !

#25 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

How many times had she practiced this to a mirror, to a wall, to Owlowicious?

Misspelling :scootangel: just helping

#26 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

This is just fantastic! I agree with the peo- I mean ponies here and think you should make a chapter about their date! :pinkiehappy:

This is just so cute! I love most Twilight shippings and I love this!

#27 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

IS. THERE. MORE?:rainbowkiss:

I am not joking when I say that this is one of my favourite Fan Fictions that I have ever read.:moustache:

#28 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

sequel? epilogue? more chapters?

I dont care, i just want


#29 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

Awesome  , although I am starting to get a little annoyed by the fact that alot of fan fics portray Rainbow Dash as a lesbian, or filly fooler, but its still good.javascript:smilie(':rainbowkiss:'); javascript:smilie(':twilightblush:');

#30 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

My List Go From 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 to 6 to 7 to 7 to 9 to 12 :facehoof:

#31 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·


this fic completely captured all the charecters personality perfectly.

i also find this kinda realistic as i could tottaly see something like this happen irl.

I'd really like to see more of this cuz it is Awesome! *brohoof*


#32 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

Not too bad. It's not anywhere near perfect, and I think you could have at least formatted Twi's confession better, but all in all, solid.

I don't let emotion get the best of me in shipfics, but they do make for good reading at times.

#33 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

N'awww.... cute. <3 The more Twidash I read, the more I like this shipping. Not as much as Twixie or Flutterdash, mind you, but still... :3

#34 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

hi i was wondering if i could make a fan comic for this. It is a great fan-fic heres my DA if you want to know more of my art style and stuff

#35 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·


If you would like to, I'm all for it. Have fun!

#36 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

>>80513 thank you very much :twilightsmile:

#37 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

This was real good 8/10 if you could make a second or an epilogue that would be great!

P.S. Rainbow dash and Luna are best ponies:rainbowlaugh:

#38 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

Cool story bro.

#39 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

I do believe this is the first story I've ever read, in which the phrase "I suck at summaries" was in the summary, that was NOT terrible. Good work.

#40 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

This was so sweet. Also, thanks for some tips. Being in high school, I really think that guide might be useful.

#41 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

Hoping for a second chapter!

#42 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

D'awwww.  This was really cute. ^^ I never thought of the Twi/RD pairing (Always thought RD would go well with AppleJack for some reason xD) but this makes it work, it's so cute!

#43 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·


I have to agree with you there. This was very well written. And despite the fact that I hate that phrase, I actually really love this story.

Nicely done, writer!

#44 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

Damn I would love a sequel to this

#45 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

This story is gold

#46 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

Take notes ladies and gentlemen, this is how you write a Twi-dash story without clop.

Amazing story, do want sequal more than I do most anything else. 5/5 and faved instantly.

#47 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

Very well done. My suggestion: Keep writing! I want to see this go places.

#48 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

so yeah this is going to screw me up soooo bad cause i am reading one where twi is dating fluttershy, one where twi is dating trixie, and now im going to trick this one why do i do this to my self:twilightoops:

#49 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·


Ahh I know man. Each fic has its own interpretation of the characters, and keeping those (and their plots) separate can be so difficult

#50 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Trust ·

awwwwww, now I'm sad...because it's over. Absolutely great story...please please please write a second chapter

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