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Voting closes Mon, Aug 20 08:00 UTC.

Only vote on fics that you've read. You must vote on at least half of the stories.

The stories listed above this chapter are the finalists, and they are:

– His Heart Too Full For Words

– A Deck with No Hearts

– The WestFillya Waltz

– Memories of Chaos

– The Good You Might Do

– Bittersweet Music

– Joie de Vivre

– Every Night Is a Swan Song

– The End of the Season

– My Sunshine

– Consonance

– Melody of Solace

– Made of Dreams

The finalists were decided by putting the stories through an internal preliminary voting round between the authors (See: The /fic/ Ponychan thread for how it went down).

Don't forget to check back to see who the winners are!