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  • 17w, 4d

    Well, I just updated. Sorry it took so long I just didn't feel like writing for a couple of months. To be honest, while there are a lot of good points to this chapter, on the whole, I don't like it. I just posted it because I simply can't read it any longer. Hopefully you guys don't hate it too much. But at last I can finally, finally move my mind out of the guest rooms of the Canterlot Palace and into someplace more interesting. In an effort to make everything suck less, there was a lot of trimming and rewriting, so unfortunately some of the characters, most notably Gimlet Lime had to have their scenes drastically altered. It just made the story a little more streamlined in my opinion. And OCs suck anyway as a general rule of thumb.

    As I've said, there will only be one more chapter to the story, but it's probably going to be a long one and I'll try not to do an animiesque ending where everything is rushed in the final episode. But I make no promises. What I do promise is that there will be a party, and there will be dresses, and there will be detailed descriptions of the party and the dresses and feelings. However, the mane six (aside from Twilight) won't be playing as large a role in the final chapter as I originally planned because I've come to the conclusion that when writing a love story, while it's good to have multiple characters, the story should center on the ones in love. Also I still suck at writing conversation where more than three or four characters are involved. I'll try and work on that, but not in the next chapter.

    As for real life, I think the main reason why I haven't felt in the mood to write for so long was due to work. I actually didn't have the energy to finish this chapter until I took a week off. My first vacation in three years. I shouldn't complain though, I had a nice long vacation before this job, called unemployment. And there are worse jobs out there. I was speaking with some of my old friends and they tell horror stories of working in unix/linux for contracting firms that major companies subcontract their IT functions to. That being said, it could be better too. I saw a job for an HPC administrator for New Zealand's version of NOAA. I was thinking about applying for it, but I lack the years of experience and the mathematics degree. Oh well. Maybe by the time they are hiring again, I'll have at least one or the other.

    I'm thinking of getting a masters in CS, with the eventual goal of getting a doctorate in something cool. With my current masters, unless I want to take a butt load of leveling courses, I'd have to go for something fun and exciting like logistics or something else business related. I'm still not sure if I will go for another degree though. The stress from getting the last one sucked, and I think it would be worse now since I'm juggling a job as well. Or maybe it will be better since I won't have time to sweat the small things.

    Anyway, another major change in my life is that I've made the decision to get down to 180 pounds. I've been cutting for a couple of months now, following the caloric and macro guidelines of for eating at a deficit and it's been working for me. I'm down to 230 from 260. I've also been trying to jog about 5k two to three times a week with a starting strength weight lifting routine on the off days. Even though I jog comically slow, I think it's helping a lot. Having weighed in at 320 at my heaviest, I'm amazed at where I am now, but I have a long way to go still. Hopefully I make it one day.

    One last thing, I just picked up viscera cleanup detail on steam. So if anyone wants to get together and perform some awesome virtual janitorial duties, hit me up on steam.

    3 comments · 90 views
  • 28w, 4d
    A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

    Sorry for not being there for you. You know, to update stories and stuff. Unfortunately I had to put my writing on hold in order to focus on studying for my RHCE exam. On the plus side, I'm now RHCE certified. So I can do such things as setup an ftp server, create multiple virtual hosts to serve different web sites off a single web server, create a samba server, and more. All in two hours or less.

    Anyway, I should be getting back to writing now, although I have been playing a bit of dark souls 2 as of late. That new wolfenstein is looking mighty attractive too. Brings back memories of being a kid with a 486 and a shareware version of wolfenstein 3d on 3 1/2 in floppies. Having to remember to bypass windows in the boot process and going straight to dos so that there would be enough memory free to run it.

    Hopefully this new wolfenstein won't be as big a disappointment as duke nukem forever.

    As far as an eta for the next update, due to major suckage, I'm going back and redoing portions of it. So expect it sometime between next weekend and before the sun burns out. Probably closer to the latter rather than the former.

    7 comments · 166 views
  • 33w, 6d
    One of these days

    Due to my disatisfaction with what I've written thus far, I'm going back and rewriting the begining of side B. Again. Hopefully I'll be able to do it well this time. Hopefully this won't be too long a process, but I make no promises. I'm also studying for the RHCE certification, which I need to take in the next month or so, and that will detract some from my time. I need to brush up on postfix, iscsi, samba, and a bunch of other stuff. With the everpresent selinux of course. Curse you selinux and your booleans.

    4 comments · 75 views
  • 36w, 5d
    A post about non-pony related writing

    I've finished side B, to a point. I've sent it to the editors, but due to its length, and the amount of suckage I'll likely have to rework, it might still be a while until it's posted.

    In the meantime, while taking a short break in planning pony prose, I thought I'd bounce a couple of non-pony related ideas off of you.

    While I have a bevy of fiction related ideas, and several outlines/first chapters written, at the moment I'm mostly focused on two, possibly threeish. The first is one that I've been thinking about for a couple of years in one form or another. I'm still thinking it over, and am not entirely sure what I want to do with it. It will be a novel based in the future, though I've tried my hand at science fiction before and am not entirely pleased with the results. Nor were the publishers I submitted it to. Which, in retrospect, wasn't a bad thing. The world doesn't really need generic space marine book #n+1.

    Anyway, the novel I'm thinking of would be set on a future Earth or Earth-like planet in a slightly dystopic setting. Somewhat Orwellian, the planet is almost entirely industrialized and split into several governments who are almost indistinguishable from one another in their methods, if not in their avowed ideologies. Society as a whole pays lip service to individualism, but its rather socialistic and heavily encourages conformity, idealizing the individuals who excel in the role allocated them to further society. The protagonist of the story is an idealist who's faith in the system is unshakable and unquestionable, mostly because he's never had cause to question it. In this far off future, familial bonds are negligible and ephemeral at best. As with the rest of his peers, he's had little contact with his biological parents, and has spent the majority of his life in various institutions which are state regulated boarding schools on a massive level. He's recently graduated his post-secondary education, and is working in a government office in a menial capacity, taking the first step on the future that had been laid out for him by the government.

    He has a few friends who are still in post-secondary education, one of whom he is infatuated with. In some ways they are even more a product of the system than he is. While he's never questioned his faith, he has the capacity to do so, while they do not. Instead, while they depend upon and believe in the society they live in, they enjoy appearing counter to that culture, and have joined purportedly subversive groups who are made up of like minded individuals, an outlet that the society at large sees as a necessary evil.

    Encouraged by his friends, the protagonist attends on of the rallies of subversives, and against all expectations, it grows violent. Because of this, the protagonist and all his friends, as well as many of the other individuals in the protest are jailed. Faced with the reality of the consequences to their actions, the protagonist's friends reveal their true selves, panicking in the knowledge that this arrest will dog them the rest of their lives and harm their chances at living a normal life. And so the protagonist, perceiving that he would likely be better able to weather such a black mark, perjures himself and informs the powers that be that he was the true subversive and had lured his friends to the rally, that they were innocent. Unfortunately, the powers that be, need to set an example that would discourage any future protests from becoming violent, and so they come down heavily on the protagonist.

    The backdrop to this is that the first exoplanet colonization effort is approaching its departure date. Several planets have been identified as probably capable of supporting life, and the first wave of settlers, those that will build the infrastructure future colonists will need are about to be sent forth. These colonists are made up of true discontents, the blindly faithful, the industrious, the ones unable to make it in the real world, the best and the worst that humanity has to offer. Since the protagonist professes to be dissatisfied with society, he will be exiled from it, and is sent off on this one-way colonizing excursion.

    The trip takes several years, during which, thanks to the people he meets and the experiences he has aboard ship, the protagonist finds himself questioning his loyalty, his faith in the society that they had left behind, and the remnants of which remained with them aboard ship. He begins a slow process of reevaluating his view of the universe while he grows as a person.

    They arrive at the new planet while the protagonist is still unsure of his beliefs, and he becomes too busy to become very introspective as he joins in the painful and ceaseless activity of preparing the new planet for colonization. After a few months, a deadly plague sweeps through the colony, killing off large swaths of it, including most of the command and control structure. This loss is further exacerbated by a fracturing of the colony into those who are determined to remain, for one reason or another, and another group which feels it would be better to return to the home world via cannibalizing several of the ships they arrived in and out of them creating one that would be capable of sustaining the ravages of the journey back.

    The protagonist elects to stay with a minority of the colonists, while most decide to try their chances and return. The protagonist and the ones who remain first live in a communal anarchy, but due to the actions of a few, find that there is need for a society, for a government.

    At this point, I'm not entirely sure how the story ends.  For a time I thought the protagonist could become a benign despot, but I think that he would have grown enough to recognize that form of government is unsustainable and too flawed. However, he would be intimately familiar with the downfalls of democracy, so I don't think he would be a proponent of that. Simply allowing him to become a misanthrope and withdraw from society completely would be a bit unsatisfying. So I'm still pondering over this.

    The other story I'm somewhat actively pursuing is a short story, perhaps a novella. It's set in today's world, somewhere in the eastern United States. It's about a young woman who's just graduated college and is unsure of her future. Primarily oscillating between joining the work force, or pursuing a graduate degree. This is the debate that occupies her mind as she takes a winter off to travel to the remote woods where her grandfather had built a cabin. Sadly he had died the year before, and none of the family were interested in keeping the cabin, so the protagonist has volunteered to spend the winter there, cleaning it, fixing it up, and preparing it to sell. During the winter, she spends days, perhaps weeks at a time alone with nature. During which she reflects over her past and her future, and what it means to simply be alive, to be human. By the time the snow begins to melt, she's come to appreciate nature as never before, and to realize that there is more to life, more to her future than simply a binary choice between continuing her education or joining the work force. So she decides to announce to her family that she doesn't want to sell the cabin, but would like to live in it and build a new life living there.

    Finally, the third story that I'm playing with, which I've actually written a very detailed outline for, as well as a first chapter, is told in the style of a journal. It is fantasy based, in an Edwardian era. I'm not sure if I'll have magic or not. It's not exactly steam-punkish since it's pre-Victorian, and there won't be any unusual technology. The writer of the journal is a young woman who is part of a family of lesser nobles in a monarchical society. They're seen as eccentric, especially the protagonist's grandfather who is a renowned adventurer, traveling the world, having adventures, and doing science without the same system of ethics that other scientists in the monarchy share. The journal begins after the protagonist's grandfather has disappeared. No one is especially worried since he disappears often, however the protagonist feels that his absence is unusually long this time. So she sets out for the capital where her grandfather was usually based. There she tracks down clues which lead her to travel to a prussianesque neighboring country, one that is obviously in the midst of preparing for a war with someone, where her grandfather was doing research pertaining to an ancient culture. There she finds that her grandfather has died. It's unclear whether he had died of natural causes, or had been murdered by one of his many, many enemies.

    Not entirely happy with the outcome of her journey, the protagonist returns home with her grandfather's body to find that her familial home has been burned to the foundation, with the rest of her immediate family lost in the conflagration. This causes the protagonist to go through a considerable bout of sorrow. One of the outcomes being that she swears to forever wear nothing but black, to show that she is forever in mourning. The other being that since she has no home to return to, she goes to live with her distant relatives who are rather pleasant, ho-hum sorts of individuals living in the capital. She tries to live with them, and finds that their minds are small and closed, content with their everyday lives. Nonetheless, she tries her hand at running a business to provide for herself, and fails miserably. Unsure of what to do, she learns of an expedition to the far off corners of the world led by an acquaintance of her grandfather. She sells off everything she can, and joins the expedition, realizing that she is only good at what she is interested in, which is exploration, discovery, adventure. That's where the first book/part ends. The next details her adventure, and follows as she makes logical decision after logical decision, and how she slowly slips into becoming what most people regard as a villain.

    Anyway, those are the non-pony related stories that I've been thinking about for the past little while. Hopefully they turn out better than they sound, and who knows, maybe one of them will be good enough to be self-published on amazon or something.

    So, what do you guys think? A good start, or burn it all down and try again?

    7 comments · 90 views
  • 38w, 1d
    Most things haven't worked out

    I'm very close to having Side B fully drafted out on paper, and the majority of it has already been typed out. I'm optimistic that I'll have it all written to a level that I don't hate by this weekend and sent to the editors, if I have any editors still, either this weekend, or next. I had thought that I'd split side A and side B roughly equally, however side B is about twice as long as side A is. I suppose when I write well I'm brief, and when I don't write well, I hide the fact by adding more and more words. So, look forward to that I guess.

    In other news, I just got a promotion. Yay. On an unrelated note, I highly recommend that you don't make the mistake of not trying for what you wanted to do in life and instead persue a career you're only marginally interested in but which is much more stable and lucrative. Yes you're more successful by a conventional measure, but often when you have to make the choice between security and happiness, no matter which you choose, the other will have been the right one.

    Anyway, ponies soon fellow Stalker.


    Thanks to being away from work, at training for the rhce certification, I've just finished the initial draft of side B. It's looking to be around 25k words long, 16k of which have already been converted to electronic format. I don't like the first half, but it's better than it once was. I do like the second half. Hopefully you'll average the two when you read them.

    Thank you for your congratulations on my promotion. I'm now even more firmly entrenched in the bourgeois and find myself actually owing money to the IRS on my income tax statement. So double yay.

    6 comments · 100 views
  • ...

AU. Based on the first season. Twilight and Celestia begin to drift apart due to a misunderstanding. Will Luna speak up and repair the breach, or will she remain silent to keep her new friend, Twilight, all to herself? What other challenges will face everypony involved because of this new relationship?

It's a simple little love story. Unfortunately, love's not simple.

First Published
28th Jul 2012
Last Modified
27th Jul 2014
#1 · 121w, 5d ago · 2 · · Part 2a ·

Remember this from

This is really good and totally worth reading.

#2 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2a ·

Hey! Good to see you here.I read your story before and it's pretty damn good.Love the way you go with luna and twilghts' interactions and how luna gets to know twilghts' friends.Looking forward to your updates!Seeya!

#3 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2a ·

This has been read to a bunch of people live in Second Life over the past few weeks. We all love it! :)

#4 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 1a ·

I'm curious; have you posted this story before? Possibly on Fanfiction? Because I know I've read a story with the same title, and the story sounds like the one I'm thinking of.

#5 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 1a ·

It's the same story.  Which is good, because I was following it on FanFiction, and it hasn't updated there since 15th April.  Hopefully it'll be continuing along further here?

#6 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2a ·


eta: Also, didn't someone draw an awesome picture based on this story at some point? You should totally use that as the cover image.

#7 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2a ·



Yes, it's the same story that was posted on Mostly at least. I've made some minor revisions as far as grammar and spelling go, so hopefully this version is a better read. I'll be continuing the story on both sites since several people have contacted me that they would prefer to read it on here rather than on

#8 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2a ·


I'm glad you liked it, and it would have been interesting to hear it read aloud. Hopefully it sounds better than it reads.


I'm waiting for someone to draw a picture of Twilight swooning in Luna's arms while Celestia has just burst through a door in the background looking stern. I think it would fit if Luna's hair were swept back like Fabio's too.

#11 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2a ·


(from chapter 1 A/N)

Are you gonna put the sex scene back, maybe in a separate chapter of it own?

#12 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2b ·

Oh wow, I remember this story. It was brilliant.

#13 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 1a ·

:yay: It is here!

Now all the stories I am really interested in are here!


#14 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2b ·

about time... i was getting a bit sick of having to go back to fanfiction to keep looking for it to see if had been updated or not.

#15 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2b ·

Good to see this here!

#16 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2b ·

Haha! :pinkiegasp:

Its here, its finally here, the best pre-S2 Luna there is!!! :yay:

Now, does this mean you are going to update it? I mean, that cliffhanger of yours was too much of a cruel twist :raritydespair:

#17 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2b ·

Yes it is here, what a glorious Day, one of the Stories that majorly got me into TwiLuna shipping

  cannot wait for Chapter 6 or an Update whatever maybe sooner :twilightblush:

#18 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 1a ·


#19 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2e ·

It's here! It's here! Finally it's here!

#21 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2f ·

Ahhh, this cliffhanger, this horribly awesome cliffhanger :raritydespair: :rainbowkiss:

But Im guessing the next chapter is close, right? :ajsmug:

#22 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2f ·


Yeah, I sent the next chapter off to my editor about a week ago, so hopefully we'll be able to hash out an acceptable version in a week or two. As it stands, It's slightly over 25k words, so look forward to that.

#23 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2f ·

I can't wait for the next chapter

#24 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2f ·

Wow! I'm so happy! I thought you were dead l0x0r. I'm really glad you're not. :heart:

#25 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2b ·

Did i catch a Winter Wrap Up reference?

“Yep, we’ve got one of the largest farms in these parts, and we grow just about everything, like apples, carrots, celery, colorful flowers too."

#26 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2f ·




#27 · 121w, 5d ago · · · Part 2f ·

Man, I'd COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN about that action with the renegade ex-captain at the end there, re-read the whole thing. :D Can't wait for the next chapter.

#28 · 121w, 4d ago · · · Part 2f ·

Adding this to my folder for a rainy day and for the awesome title.

#29 · 121w, 4d ago · · · Part 2f ·

So this fic made it here finally? Awesome! Here's hoping it gets updated soon.

#30 · 121w, 4d ago · · · Part 2f ·

You're here! IT'S HERE! Omigosh, the fanfic that started it all for me is here! This is what got me excited about FiMfics, and even inspired me to write my own! You might remember me as wrabbit75 from, but here I'm just Wrabbit. Dunno if you remember, but I helped you edit this story there. Sorry to gush, but this story is special to me. :twilightsmile:

#31 · 121w, 4d ago · · · Part 2f ·



Magnificent, I will be waiting eagerly :scootangel:

#32 · 121w, 4d ago · · · Part 2f ·


There was a sex scene? :V

#33 · 121w, 4d ago · · · Part 1a ·

Sex scene, wait, what?

#34 · 121w, 3d ago · · · Part 2f ·

Good to see one of my all time favourite stories now on fimfiction. :twilightsmile: Even better is that it's being updated soon! :yay:

#35 · 121w, 3d ago · · · Part 2f ·

my fucking god this found it's way here! Now i can track is so much more easilly!

#36 · 121w, 3d ago · · · Part 2b ·

Apples and Apple Accessories eh?  It pulled me from applejack's voice into hank's, and that turned every paragraph with AJ from then on... into a funny state of weird.  Not bad.  Long chapters though.  Took me an hour to read this one.

#37 · 121w, 3d ago · · · Part 2f ·

You sir. I have nothing to say... Because I am speechless. Thank you for writing this is the least...

#38 · 121w, 3d ago · · · Part 2f ·


#39 · 121w, 3d ago · · · Part 2f ·

Replace Blue Blazers name with Storm Dancer and boom, the story becomes Static World. I dont know which story came first, I'm thinking yours did but still, the setting are exactly the same, what happens is exactly the same: twilight gets captured, Luna gets her magic abated. The only difference is how Luna handled it all by herself (fuck yeah!) instead of how the whole main cast was there. And then what about Shining Armor!


#40 · 121w, 3d ago · · · Part 2f ·

>>999768 You guessed right, this story's been around for a loooong time. :twilightsmile:

#41 · 121w, 2d ago · · · Part 2f ·

After managing to read the whole of this story in two days...  THAT CLIFFHANGER! :flutterrage:

At least i know it'll be updated Soon(TM). :eeyup:

Very good read, i would very much recommend setting aside time for two or three chapters worth, every time you sit down to read this story.  It's seriously that good.

#42 · 121w, 2d ago · · · Part 2b ·


21k words in this chapter and at the core of it all they did was go to AJ's farm for a day.

That's freakin EPIC!

There was so much detail, and everything was developed so well.

You gave AJ more depth than the bloody show does!

This story is awesome, and I'm definately reading it all.

Course it doesnt hurt that it's TwiLuna =P

#43 · 121w, 2d ago · · · Part 2b ·

So that pained expression Mac gave to Twilight during dinner, does he have a thing for her?

#44 · 121w, 2d ago · · · Part 2f ·

Bad ending:

Luna better doesn't get a concussion where she loses her mind and forgets what happened with Twilight that entire week.

Good ending:

Twilight helps luna out of the (cave?) chasm and both talk about their feelings. Celestia finds Blue Blazer and asks what happened. He says that they are death and fell into the chasm yadiyadiyaaa

#45 · 121w, 2d ago · · · Part 2f ·

This is one of the best stories I've read in a long time. Not just counting online either. It's even better than a lot of books that I've read recently and I was amazed to find out that so far this story is longer than the first three Harry Potter books which happen to be the last few I've read (damn by the way). It has become a story dear to me in many ways already. Your characterization of Luna flows so well with the conflicts presented to her and I cannot wait for an update as that cliffhanger has left me in terrible suspense! This has made my heart surge with joy at times and at others has brought tears to my eyes. I hope you don't mind if when you're done I print this out and bind it so as to have a paper copy I can read any time! It really is that good in my opinion.

#46 · 121w, 1d ago · · · Part 2f ·


Go ahead. I for one am going to print it out, and bind it really nicely, and then display it on my coffee table. When curious visitors ask about it, I'll proudly tell them, "It's a story about magical lesbian ponies."


I was thinking of the prisoner ending, where a large bubble chases them down, and seems to suffocate them, then Luna wakes up and at first thinks it might have been a dream or a psychedelic hallucination, but then there's some minor clue that makes it seem like it was all real.


It's best to approach this story with the assumption that everypony has a thing for everypony. Only some ponies more so.


What can I say? I like apples. After researching them, I now regret not entering the exciting and fascinating world of pomology. As for this story being Twiluna, it might not be the best ship, but it looks like it's going to be the one I'm sailing straight to the bottom.

Thanks everyone who has commented so far, and hopefully the next chapter won't be a disappointment after that nasty cliffhanger.

#47 · 121w, 1d ago · · · Part 2f ·

I remember this on! This story is great. Tempted to re-read but it's already night here. Bah who cares, It's amazing. Anything I can say about this fic has already been said by others so I'm just leaving my mark here. :twilightsmile:

#48 · 121w, 1d ago · · · Part 2f ·


Could have told an entire paragraph of what i was thinking ^^

But i don't want to spoil it for the rest letting my ideas run wild.

Anyhow your idea looks interesting aswell. I don't know how it will end up cause every idea is unique but since the entire story has been a good read i will trust you with the ending aswell :p.

Good luck!

#49 · 120w, 6d ago · · · Part 1a ·

great opening chapter!:pinkiehappy:

on a different note: sex scene?

  was there really one earlier? it just seems so out of place, that i have a hard time telling if you're kidding or not

#50 · 120w, 6d ago · · · Part 2c ·

Rarity tilted her hat up contemplatively. “All three of ‘em at Rarity’s huh? Ah guess ah’d better head over there and give her a hoof. Those three can be a bit rambunctious, and Rarity’s not the most patient of ponies.”

I think you mean Applejack.

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