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  • 47w, 2d

    Pank pone is 2wiggly4u.


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  • 50w, 3d
    Please check out this story, it won't disappoint you!

    Yeah, yeah, I don't do anything anymore, but that doesn't mean other people don't. Shinzakura, one of my favorite authors on this site, just posted a new story. Please have a gander, it's an excellent read, and it got me in the Hearth's Warming spirit: Kind Hearts & Coronets

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  • 54w, 3d

    So out of flipping nowhere four people followed me today, even though I haven't written a single goddamn thing in over a year. Explain yourselves.

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  • 62w, 4d
    So..."I Love You Princess Luna" Radio Play...Not Even Joking Man...

    Seriously bro...this is a thing...seriously guize this is so cool.

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  • 72w, 4d
    I'm doing it! I'm doing it!

    So despite what I said in my last post I am forcing myself to write something. It's hard, for the reasons I mentioned, but I'm the type of hyper-neurotic who easily develops complexes, and I'm not going to develop an "I can't write" complex, even if it drives me insane in other ways. I've actually got enough to post several chapters, but I can't because the only chapter I've actually finished is in the middle of the story. It's part of a new strategy I've developed to keep the act of typing from driving me batshit insane; I just keep jumping back and forth from chapter to chapter, writing bits and pieces as my interest holds, to keep the reality of the madness-inducing key-clicking my fingers must perform in the back of my mind.

    Anyway I can already tell that this is by far the longest thing I will have ever written. It's got all the usual themes that have proven themselves in my most popular stories: gore, torture, and sexual violence. However I've also incorporated some of the stuff I've done in my sillier stories, namely "Pinkie Gets Wet," so there's a lot of poetic/lyrical parts, as well as a more overarching narrative than I've probably ever done before.

    All in all, though it pales in comparison to the kind of stuff people like Bronystories do, it's the most ambitious thing I've attempted yet as far as pony fanfics go. And I'm going to finish it. By Luna I'm going to finish this no matter what it does to me, because I need to do it for me, and I want to do it for you, my friends. I will post this within the next week. That is a promise.

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*quickly copy-pastes everything into Word in case this gets purged*


Because I'm an obnoxious attention-seeking troll...duh!

>>965476 Oh, that makes sense:rainbowlaugh:

>>965481 Because he added the "dark", and "gore" tags. If you can't tell Scoots is going to get abused by the combination of the tags and title...I pity you

Serious question: Is Scootaloo your least favorite?

Well, you certainly wrote that, didn't you?


yeah pretty much...that and I'm just a troll man, I like to write sick, disgusting, pornographic stories and see how many dislikes and angry comments I get. Scootaloo has a big fan base so she's an easy target.

Its.........ART!  :raritycry:

>>965582 If I stay here too long I'm going to get curious and--oh, there this story goes on my read list.  I'll be back.

Well I just read the fic and I must say well done. What I like most about these is that it changes within a split second. One moment it's all fluffy and then "do you want it up the ass?". Out of fucking nowhere, nobody suspects it.

And your self insert (or what I assume to be a self insert) is gleeful and happy all throughout these unspeakable acts of cruelty. Well done old chap:moustache:

You sick fuck. :pinkiesick:

>>965518Sir, where did you get that image, I am laughing my ass off just by looking at it?:rainbowlaugh:

Would said song you listened to happen to be "Holding out for a Hero"?

Nothing like Scootaloo abuse to make you feel good! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Awesome! :twilightsmile:


mylittlefacewhen. Feel free to look through the images to find an appropriate and funny reaction.


Actually it was "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

And so I did lol.

On one hand I want to bitch slap you across the face for doing that to Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash.

On the other hand, I want to commend you for writing it well enough for me to read to the end of the chapter, despite me hating every momemt of what you did to them.

So, uh, in conclusion, I guess I'm bitch slapping you.. but you can consider the slap a commendation... or something... I really don't bloody know anymore.

Damn, I wish I thought of something like that. But anyway I commend you for making the best written dark comedy to have ever graced my eyes. This has got to be the second most offensive thing I have read today.

oh hey sweet, another mld tribute lets see what it has to offe-


This is by far The worst thing, ever, of all time.

I hate it just as much as A Fun Day. This story makes me want to pour lye on your eyeballs, cut your lips off with a rusty scalpel covered in poison ivy, tear out your vocal chords with a bonsai rake, slice your legs open, tie you onto a table with your exposed muscles, burn the skin on your chest with a red-hot piece of metal, put fabric on it so that it fuses with your skin, put a sanding belt on your face until I can see bone, drag the table into a room filled with dogs, and let them starve until they eat you. Then when they get done, go back in there, collect your skin, tan it, and make it into a jacket.

(I don't like letting skin go to waste.)

reminds me of sweet apple massacre in the sense that it's boring, unoriginal, and poorly written.

Ha, bet you thought I'd be grossed out by that, huh?

>>965818 Hey I was blacked out drunk, I'm surprised it's even semi-coherent.

Could've been more well written... but for someone who wrote drunk this is somewhat decent.

Good job partner. Scotabuse ftw!

>reads down to the words a fun day

>Remembers other storiesa by this author

>>965817 I love your death threats dude, always brightens my day lol.

This story is horrible, you are horrible. I'm angry at you and I think we should bring back the time-honoured punishment if being placed in stocks in public where passers-by can whip your sorry ass all day long for amusement.

Thumbs up! :pinkiehappy:

Hmmm, Scootaloo is also my least favorite character.

......Well done good sir

>>965840 When did I say that it was even semi-coherent? I honestly expected the last sentence to be "man hook hand hook car door," or for the narrator to say "I WAS PHONE." Also, even someone under the influence of alcohol should be aware that lighting a firecracker within the confines of tightly closed flesh (in this case, the anus) would result in serious burns far before the flesh began tearing and releasing blood. The blood would also become quite hot and would result in a more discomforting sexual experience for the man.


Don't you mean scootabuse? :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiehappy:

As for the story, I'm afraid the human took too much damage for the

"Flawless Victory"  Award....  But, you still get the "Supreme Victory" award. (Two completely different games.)

>>966006 I can't tell if you're really as butthurt as you sound, or if you're just trolling me, but either way, I like you.


I see you enjoy failed creepypasta Memes.

My reaction to this--:flutterrage: cause I don't read mature syories :(

>>DontWannaKnow relax bro. I figured with as much as you admitted you love trolling, I'd troll you back a little.

>>Rendan Doesn't every pony?

The only thing better than the story are the hate comments. They're funny as hell!


"And threw her across the room, hard enough to leave a dent in the wall. The firecracker then-"

Nope. Not reading a WORD past that. You sir are one fucked up guy.

Though, tbh, it's well written, but due to what an.... Abomination it is, I just cannot like it, but since it's also well written, I shall not dumbs down.

You sir, are a fucking asshole though. :rainbowlaugh:

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