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  • 68w, 1d
    Still Alive

    So, whoops. I vanished. But, one loss of job, house move, and a strange wibble-wobble of contacts on my phone, and I'm kinda back!

    Writing a little here and there. Trying to get back into it. Sadfic in the works, sorta.


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  • 96w, 4d
    Repost: Ba-BOOM!

    So, I've been gone for a while. Things have been...

    Moving on! Important stuffs! Sorta.

    So, I'm sure most all of you are aware of the next episode post-break's synopsis. If not, here's a refresher.


    "Keep Calm and Flutter On"

    "Princess Celestia tasks the ponies with reforming Discord, a mischievous spirit of disharmony, but Fluttershy is the only one who is willing to give him a chance."

    Now, excitement aside, let's pull it back a bit to me (narcissism!)

    You know, so far, my works have skipped around the Canon Cannon's sights. That is, when canon information comes along that destroys a work of fan art or fan literature. I mean, I've come near it, and a few of my stories have had to have caveats attached that some of the canon had in fact changed, but I've never had a story utterly ruined.

    Come next Saturday, "In Search of the Sun" and all of its sequels will officially be Canon Cannon'd.

    A moment of silence.

    Not like that changes much. A good story is a good story (which, I'd like to think I wrote a good story >.>), reflecting its time of writing. We didn't complain at "Nineteen Eighty-Four" whenever the year came and was just full of odd-fashion choices and electronic music over dystopian Big Brother. 2001 didn't give us the HAL 9000's we always wanted. It happens, yo.

    So, if you haven't read it yet, I guess now would be the time! And thanks for all the views, faves, and comments guys! You all rock!

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  • 100w, 2d
    There's a coder out there with a target painted on him

    *flips table*

    Know why this blog post exists? Because I can't figure out on my phone how to reply to comments in the new layout. I'm serious! There's no reply button, and no semblance of rhyme nor reason!

    It's not that I don't like change. I just don't like change for the worse. And this... This is f(yay)ing horrible guys. It's almost Yahoo! Mail bad. It's worse than when dA made Stash its default journal system! I can't insult your coding any more than that.

    Fix your sh(yay).

    And someone tell me how to reply now with no buttons!

    ... No, f(yay) you, FiMFiction, this f(yay)ing sh(yay) is totally safe for f(yay)ing work! B(yay)ards!


    I may be a little irate, yes.

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  • 104w, 2d
    (YOU'LL GET CAUGHT UP IN THA) Crosspost: Make Me A Princess

    Here's my current fic list in the works (Horseapples! I've hit mania again!):

    RariShy Ship

    AppleDash Ship (oh, my!)

    Pinkie-Dash Drama-thing

    Spike Rarity Cutesy-thing

    I'm hoping to get at least 2 pages typed per day for whichever I'm working on. A goal, at least.


    Twiconequus ink and color practice

    Rework my OC

    "Under The Old Moon" Date Night piece

    REQUEST BY MAZZY!! I haven't forgotten you, dude. I just don't want to go into something that large without getting my skills back sharp. Or even dull. Or there, even. ._.;

    Time for my weird-[-yay-] mood music. It fits more at home with a few pops of mescaline than it does MLP, but hay, compromise, yo.

    Oh, and you know how I'm always on about The Mars Volta?

    The Gorburger Show: Ep 3

    Where the hell do I keep finding this stuff? XD

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  • 104w, 3d
    Phantom of the Opera Muffin

    So, fics! The ISotS series thing-a-ma-whatever most likely isn't over, but at the same time, I'm wanting to do something else.


    RariShy Serious Shipfic


    PinkieDash Friendshipping Dramafic

    Over on dA, RariShy is leading 13-4. Just sayin'.

    14 comments · 156 views
  • ...

Following the events of "In Search of the Sun", Discord has returned, seeking citizenship in Equestria. However, he has entered a rather strange condition in the contract...

It is highly advised that you read "In Search of the Sun" first!

If you missed it, here's the skinny: Celestia gets sick, Twilight and the elements (+ Spike) have to travel with Discord to get a cure, ????, Celestia gets better, Discord is set free, and everypony lives happily ever blah blah blah! You're now up to speed, but you're still missing a lot of dynamic!

edit: This story is now has a follow-up, the slice-of-life/comedy fic A Normal Day!

First Published
24th Jul 2012
Last Modified
4th Oct 2012

This is going to be great! I loved "In Search of the Sun," so I'm eager to see the rest of this. I guess Discord is into younger women. Who knew? And Spike DID have some pretty good points...

Haha, Discord is such a troll (that is if he isn't actually serious about the date, personally I think he's just doing it to troll them. Right?)

Whatever, I'll get my answers in chapter 2, which I highly anticipate considering how great "in search of the sun" was.

And so it was by the hand of CosmicWaltz

Did the immortal Discord passed through

the gates of Equestria and into legend!

I have to say, that this fist chapter didn't disappoint me in a single line nor a single word.

I can't wait to see this updated, and until then:

Great job, sir! Well done. :ajsmug:

the first part with spike ringed a bell, like, did you uploaded a preview before?

awesome first chapter, awaiting for more now ^^

>>963111 I'm having fun with this so far! I used Spike to bring up valid points that are overlooked in the show. :moustache: Also, I think it'd be hard for Discord to be into women older than he. :derpytongue2:

>>963574 I love that seal. :rainbowkiss:

>>963979 I posted a preview of Spike's rant in a journal on my dA before. It was pretty close to the final result, so that's probably where you read it.

>>964018 I knew it!

When I started reading I was like "Did I already read this?"

I can't wait for the scene where Twilight tries to sneak back into the library after her date with Discord.

Spike sits in the darkness, waiting for her: "And where do you come from at this hour? Your curfew was 2 hours ago, young lady!"


wait! Twilight! Twilight!! ---> cue Metal Gear Solid Game Over Tune <---

anyways, a few errors in spelling but i already knew what words are, AND i'm kinda a nerd but still, good job on capturing the moment:twilightsheepish:

>>981504 And what words were those? :rainbowhuh:

>>983381 Owlowishus - Owlowiscious (sorry :twilightblush:)

Reinaissance - Renaissance

reflect - reflects (or maybe it should stay...)

shapeshifting - shape shifting

est - est.

and that should be about it i suppose :twilightblush:


Owlowicious has been corrected, and I'm not sure why "reflect" didn't have the "ed" on the end. It said "reflected" in both the original text file and on my dA post. :twilightoops:

The others, not so much. Reinaissance is intentional, playing on the equine-related puns from the show, shapeshifting is accepted as a single word, unhyphenated, and id est is latin for "that is", extended from the abbreviation "i.e.", and is used to specify.

Thanks for pointing out the name and error though. Not sure where I picked up the other spelling. :rainbowhuh:

>>984957 :twilightblush: it's okay, i suppose the pun didn't get to me though :rainbowlaugh: i guess i get it now

This is just too awesome! :rainbowkiss: I loved the first story and this looks very very promising too~ I hope the next chapter will be posted soon :heart:

Aaaaand Spike's philosophical musings go down the drain... poor kid.

I've read the previous story and found it rather nice. This one has gotten me interested in it already. Hope to see more of it soon.

Its just strange, Discord didn't request a date with Celestia. But he is chaos incarnate so I guess its best to leave how he works to the author. XD

Spike does raise some good points :moustache:

Once again Discord proves to be the ultimate troll ever (is about to click on Discord emoticon but then realizes there isn't one)

That was absolutely perfect. All of the characters are in character and I didn't notice any errors though I usually never do. Can't wait for the next chapter

I like where this is going

:rainbowlaugh: rotfl

god that was hilarious.

hope the movies is even wilder or more embarrassing to twilight

lmfao NAKED :twilightblush: bit sensed some futurama right there for some reason

*One pony in the restaurant was not offended in the least.  A grey Earth pony with a messy white mane and the oddest green-lensed goggles, dressed in a fancy lab coat and tie grinned widely as the chaos spirit and his date exited.  Helix was his name and mad science his game.*  Ahhh, I see what ploy you have in mind, Lord Discord.  Excellent indeed.  I'd expect nothing less from you.  :trollestia:

That was too Incredible. It can't be put into words...


hehehehe....been a while since i laughed

>>1037910 not only him another was there, not a pony but a whole new creature composed of dragon with hedgehog staring at discord with an amused smirk. "so, you must be discord.It's gonna be great to fight you."

ok this? this right here? this thing that you're doing? this is awesome. keep doing more of this.

My first thought was, "Great, antoher twilight and discord romance... At least an author that I enjoy. Hope it's good... Wait, what was that? I must scroll back to the top and reread for the sheer enjoyment! Also, NAKED!

>>1038835 Discord has a rare breed of romance. Too many authors seem to miss this. AND I AM NOT TOO MANY AUTHORS!

Unless it's Tuesday.

Well that was both hilarious and epic. This and "in search of the sun" are my favourite discord fics ever. And also pretty high up there in the top ten (And I've read alot of fanfiction, I'd estimate over 30 millions words worth including what I've read before Fimfiction).

Amusing, most amusing.

I wonder what kind of movie Discord picked? I can't see him sitting 90 minutes in a seat, not even 90 seconds.


But that aside, this was absolutely hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Keep up the great writing

That was so nonsensensical, it made sense.  :twilightoops:

Finally got around to this. Great fun was had.

Chapter 2:

Her fabulous friend swooned over the idea of one day dining at this establishment, but even her connections weren't not enough.


In a pulse of magic, she lifted each occupant of the restaurant, letting the ponies kick fruitless in the air for a second before they realize their actions no longer carried them forward.


The place setting stared back intimidatingly, an array of similarly different utensils spread out to either side of a plate.

That doesn't really convey the message it's supposed to. "Slightly different", or "similar yet different" would work better.

I love Discord sooooooo much!

Hooray Discord! Not fan of Twilight x Discord, but I'll tolerate it.

:rainbowlaugh: Best Discolight (DiscordxTwilight) story I've read! Can't wait for the next chapter!


Gah Discord! You've trolled me again. Yeah I don't really know how to get those on my iPod touch


What you do is right click the image and click copy image url.  Then you put the url in an email and send it to yourself.  Open the email on your touch and copy the url.  Finally, go here, click the insert image button and paste the url into the box.  And there you go.  If you put a bunch of them in one email you can have a complete library of emoticons ready for use.  Just double click the button to open up the recently used apps section at the bottom of your screen and you can jump back and forth pretty quickly.

now THAT'S my brend of Crazy!

I doubt that Discord actually intends to sit through a movie, but I have a feeling "watching" the movie is not what he had in mind.

>>1255833 You might be closer to the mark than you think. :moustache:


HA yes!  This is going to be fun! :pinkiehappy:

>>1260626 May take a while. Currently my hand is wrapped in three layers of gauze. :twilightoops:


Oh right, I read your blog post about that.  Get better soon. :twilightsmile:

this fic is pure gold:pinkiehappy:

just re-read it.....still funny:twilightsmile:

this is a great story! and i laughed at the nakid thing! lol

seriously your stories are inspiring my own! XD

>>1341541 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: Always cool to hear I've gotten others writing.

The final chapter of this one is finished, but at the moment I'm having trouble finding an editor. :facehoof:

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