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    The Mane Six have to work to save Equestria... without Twilight  · Darth Link 22
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  • T Direction

    The Mane Six have to work to save Equestria... without Twilight
    27,038 words · 3,689 views  ·  421  ·  14
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  • Tuesday
    It's a Hard Knock Time...

    Okay, bottom line:

    My life sucks right now.

    There's been a long series of unfortunate events that hit a nadir with the death of my cat yesterday. She was old and lived a good life, especially for an outdoor cat, but letting her go was still painful.

    So, that's why updates are slow.

    Chapters and reviews should come within a week, however, if only because I need a distraction.

    Yes, I've heard of the theatrical feature film. I have no opinion of it since nothing else is known.

    9 comments · 125 views
  • 1w, 5d
    The Journal of the Two Sisters review!

    Here’s the sequel to the Official Guidebook, the in-universe journal. Well, here we go!

    Our first entry is rather eye opening. It seems to skip entirely how Celestia and Luna became Alicorns or if they were born that way. They were simply approached by Star Swirl and the three founders with the proclamation that they be the rulers, since they will look upon the three tribes without bias.

    Luna also offers a pre-coronation entry. She tries the Royal We, but gives up because she thinks it sounds silly.

    Both these entries show them very much like Twilight when she became princess: nervous and unsure. I like seeing the pair like this, given how little development they get in the show.

    There’s a shorter entry for the coronation, in which Star Swirl and five Unicorns lower the sun, showing the duty still isn’t theirs. Luna is simply a one sentence entry with several doodles.

    Celestia reveals two biggies: Alicorns simple age at a slower rate and are not immortal, and that they are still blank flanks even at their age. They vow to get their cutie marks soon.

    Luna’s entry reveals that Everfree is not the result of Celestia and Luna’s battles as I thought, but it was always like that. Luna thinks they should build there in order to have a place to be away from everypony. I kind of assumed the leaders of Equestria would need to be on hand at all times, but whatever.

    Celestia has a more practical reason: because they find the Tree of Harmony there, which is a legend even in this time.

    The next two entries prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the two sisters are complete dorks: Luna gets excited about building traps, Celie about a secret room in the library. Guess that’s where Twilight gets it from.

    The next entry is the longest so far, detailing a run-in the workers have with a manticore and a reminder why building in the middle of a forest is stupid. Luna writes that she learned compassion. Yay, life lessons!

    Luna can apparently talk to animals, and uses it to finish the castle faster. Then they play hide and seek.

    Then, as it turns out, Princess Platinum didn’t lead the Unicorns, her father King Bullion did. And she apparently didn’t lose her ego. She and Luna end up not seeing eye to eye, and Luna pulls a prank on her. She immediately regrets it, but it seems to make her lose her ego, so alls well that ends well. This leads to the castle being decorated and the Equestrian flag being made.

    The next chapter is more pranks against Clover, Pansy, and Cookie. Other than that, Celestia’s meeting with them seems to go well. Then Luna tries hide-n-seek with Chancellor Puddinghead. She loses, because Puddinghead is smarter than she lets on.

    In the following entry, Star Swirl shows the sisters his library. Two things of note: first, the Alicorn Amulet is known, even this early. Second... Celestia talks about Alicorns that there are several of them, enough to have their own research in magic. I’m really hoping we get clarity on that. Star Swirl both talks about his time travel spells and asks Luna for help with another.

    Okay, this next chapter confuses me. Luna checks an area that Melvin the Manticore won’t enter and finds Zebras living there. Apparently they come from Everfree... how does that work?

    It turns out that the spell Star Swirl wants to try is moving the stars, but they start by moving the moon. And Star Swirl apparently masters his time travel spell.

    Commander Hurricane was apparently a boy. This information comes just as the Griffons declare war over territory disputes. It ends without bloodshed, thanks to Melvin cluing them in on a few griffon weaknesses.

    Then we get a long bit with this information: the Crystal Empire, ruled by a Princess Amore, a Unicorn with the same, or at least a similar, cutie mark to Cadance. What’s there connection? I don’t know, the book ever clarifies. The pair work to get the Crystal Heart back from a dragon. This time, they’re more aggressive. I guess this is to show there’s a time for diplomacy and a time for war.

    The next point has the Unicorns running out of magic, and Celestia and Luna needing to step up. They do (duh), and get their cutie marks (double duh), and realize they are the same as two symbols on the tree. They wonder about the third, and Star Swirl clearly knows something. Maybe we’ll see him in season five?

    And that’s where it ends.

    Then we get the entries the characters wrote during season four. It even has the right parts highlighted from the season finale. It’s mostly that, except for a few rambling entries from Pinkie Pie and a few short ones from Twilight.

    It doesn’t fix Bats!

    Well, this was a disappointment that brought up more questions than it answered. Still, I’ll look forward to the season five guide.

    Next time: Friends Forever #9

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  • 2w, 3d
    IDW Comic Issue #23 review!

    This one’s a bit hard to talk about, because I’m not sure how to summarize it. It’s told entirely in silence until the last two pages, and in comics that makes for a breezy read. The best you can critique through most of this is whether the no dialogue aspect works, and it does... mostly.

    Angel Bunny wakes up one morning to find that Fluttershy hasn’t made him coffee. Now, Angel’s an evil cuss, but he seems to be the only one who notices that Fluttershy is gone. And while the other animals freak out, he keeps a cool head and starts looking for clues.

    Angel suggests... something. His rubis balloon is a trophy and two butterflies, so I’m not sure exactly what. I think that it’s to look for Fluttershy. The others congratulate him on this, then kick him out. More on this in a bit.

    Angel looks around the town and finds it deserted except for the pets. Using Winona, Angel tracks Fluttershy’s scent to the outskirts of town. There he finds all the town’s citizens (and Trixie, Coco, Hoity Toity, and Octavia, because IDW needs their cameos) under the control of a mysterious song, and destroying the city’s dam, which would flood the city. Personally, I think the dam looks way too small to flood anything. It looks nothing like the one in The Mysterious Mare Do Well either. Yay! I have something to whine about!

    Winona, too dumb to know any better, just runs up to the hypnotized Applejack. This leads the pair face-to-face with our villain, a sea pony-esque creature. It orders the ponies to attack them, but they’re saved by Owlowiscious and Tank.

    They gather Opal and Gummy (in the best gag in this issue, Owlowiscious carries Gummy by the eyelids) and meet at Zecora’s hut. Angel fills them all in, which Opal does not care, and in fact seems amused, until she realizes she’ll get wet too.

    This is what I wanted to note: Angel and Opal tend to have conflicting personalities. Exactly how much of a jerk Angel is varies from whatever episode he’s in. Here, he seems to be the most sensible of Fluttershy’s pets, as opposed to the “It’s All About Me” attitude he usually has. And Opal, who acted as Rarity’s conscience in Sweet and Elite, is pretty amoral.

    Luckily, Angel has a plan that involves using Zecora’s potions. First, Winona lures the ponies away with a speed potion, then Owlowiscious drops in Opal to fight them off with a growth potion, then Tank drops in Angel to hit the creature with a potion that’ll destroy its voice.

    Sadly, the creature has Twilight catch him before he lands. But Angel has planned for that and tells Gummy (who has hilarious expressions again) to bite him in the tail. Despite having no teeth, this hurts it enough that it lets out a yell, freeing Twilight, who drops Angel and lets him administer the potion.

    Now free, the angry ponies gang up on the creature. The creature, finally identified as a kelpie named Cassie, begs for help, explaining she was trying to get a load of water sprites to the ocean. Twilight justifies this, proving that IDW listens to the fans and let’s all villains come with their leather pants already on.

    Seriously, why didn’t she just ask for help? Was she afraid they’d react negatively? Then just put them under your spell then. And why not just tell the ponies to do whatever it is they ended up doing while free? I wouldn’t mind so much, but with how much the villains are already whitewashed in the fandom, plus stuff like Wicked, Maleficent, and maybe the upcoming Dracula Untold turning established villains into the real victims, I’m starting to think this is a dangerous trend to follow.

    The ponies, not remembering anything, so the pets go unrewarded. But they’re friends, and at least that’s something.

    Oh, and the amoral one is now giant and is likely to do thousands in property damage. Yay.

    Next time, The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Celestia and Luna.

    12 comments · 147 views
  • 3w, 6d
    Rainbow Rocks First Review!


    Okay, I'll write my full synopsis review later, but I've seen it now, and I want to talk about it. Here's the bottom line:

    I want an Equestria Girls 3 now.

    ...Shocking? I know. Let's take a look:

    The Pros

    - Less Cringe Comedy. Always a plus for me.

    - The music rocks. The album can't do it justice, see it in context.

    - There was a discussion in my comments for the earlier reviews that Twilight was lead singer just because she was the title character when it should have been Fluttershy. Well, here's the answer: Rainbow Dash was lead vocalist along with guitarist, Fluttershy's stage fright meant she was happier in the background, and Twilight took lead singer to do the counterspell and because she didn't have time to learn an instrument.

    - I felt better about Sunset reforming in this. Part of the film is the uphill battle she faces in regaining the school's trust. She's always wanted love. In the first film, she is ruthless in her pursuit of popularity, and is angry at Twilight when she gains love and respect while going against every tactic she tried. Here, she has love from the others, and doesn't know how to handle it. It's foreign to her, much like it once was to Twilight.

    - I was right, Rainbow Dash's arrogance was a plot point here.

    - Maude. And Derpy. And Bulk Biceps.

    - The Dazzlings are excellent villains. Sinister and threatening while being hilarious at the same time. I'm a little disappointed they lost their powers, it probably means they aren't coming back.

    - Vinyl Scratch's role was a pleasant surprise. I'm glad they kept her as a mute, it adds a nice layer on her character to make her a music lover that can't speak.

    - The ending battle FTW.

    - That stinger...

    EqG!Twilight! And she seems suspicious about what's going on at Canterlot High! Equestria Girls 3 is confirmed! It's confirmed you guys!

    - Also, given that it's pretty clear EqG will be its own thing now, I no longer mind Flash Sentry. He had a diminished role here, only around to remind us he exists and still loves Twilight.

    The Cons

    - Still nothing to fill the plotholes of the first movie. No clue where Sunset's been staying or how she's been caring for themselves, or how she got info from Equestria to know the layout of the palace, or the time difference.

    - Do no one notice Photo Finish and Snips and Snails sabotaging the Rainbooms? Seriously, were Celestia and Luna asleep?

    Okay, now that that's over, my guess for the inevitable EqG series: The introduction of Equestrian magic has caused several other beings that were banished to the human world to regain their magic. Twilight can't be in the human world to round them up, so she leaves the job to the human Twilight and her friends. Boom: adventure and slice of life, just like the main show. If they don't do that... future fanfic.

    Next time, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #23.

    14 comments · 262 views
  • 4w, 2d
    Friends Forever #8 review!

    Well, in order to wash the bad taste of My Little Phony out, let us read one of the better Friends Forever issues, shall we?

    This issue works on the time honored principle that, if your characters are good enough, you only have to put them in a situation and watch the story write itself. A lot of this story’s charm won’t come out in my synopsis, because it’s all Applejack and Rarity’s chemistry. Well, let’s get to it.

    Our story opens with _____ delivering a letter to the Apples. It’s from the West Coast Oranges, saying they’re interested in selling their apples closer to their home. This leads to a good gag of the barn getting destroyed... again.

    Anyway, since the juvenile delinquents Cutie Mark Crusaders wrecked Applejack's saddlebag, she goes to borrow one from Rarity. However, upon hearing Applewood, Rarity insists on coming along, wanting to see the sights, despite Applejack insisting that it’s only a short business trip.

    On the train, Applejack announces a stopover in Salt Lick City, and Rarity insists on seeing the Largest Ball of Cashmere Yarn. Applejack foreshadows that what I’ve been doing with her in Direction is accurate by announcing she’ll be working on her business plan. Once they get to the ball, there’s a gag with a goat eating a season five script, but mostly Applejack gets bored and falls asleep.

    Naturally, she woken by Rarity saying the train is leaving soon. They race back and jump on the train that’s leaving. They then find out their train was delayed, and this one is heading to Seaddle. Rarity is unconcerned and offers to help Applejack with her business plan, but she refuses and storms out.

    The next morning they apparently have time to see a show, even though their train leaves in the morning. The show ends up destroying their cab, and since it’s apparently the only one in the city, they are forced to walk. They get caught up in the rain, and decide that breaking and entering is the best solution.

    After the rain stops, Rarity suggests that, instead of walking, that they commit a felony and steal a biplane. As they fly, Rarity asks when the meeting is. When Applejack says it’s whenever they show up, Rarity chews her out for being so irresponsible, and being in a hurry when there’s no deadline. This leads to her, of course, crashing into the most easily avoidable obstacle: Mount Monument, a mountain with the four princesses’s faces carved in. BTW, notice there’s a petition to add Chrysalis to it, with only Chrysalis’s signature?

    Applejack gets mad that they were going the wrong way. Despite losing all their bits, they manage to hitch a ride on a carriage... one that gets hijacked by bull bandits.

    This leads to a great two page scene where the two fight them off while arguing. Applejack calls Rarity a poor business planner, but when Rarity finally sees Applejack’s business plan, it’s simply “sell apples” and blows up on her for having poor business sense. Even so, she still wants to help fix it, because even with the little tiff the two are still friends.

    Also, Rarity mentions social media. What does that entail in Equestria?

    Later, after the two work out a real business plan and somehow get money from nowhere, it’s Applejack who suggests a detour... to a Disneyland rip-off. One made by someone who actually went to Disneyland.

    By the way, Applejack and Rarity getting excited about it is too funny.

    Afterward, they head to the Orange house. They’re surprised to see Applejack, since they never sent a letter. Back home, Granny Smith notices that she might have meant East Coast. Ha! She’s suffering the depressing ravages of old age!

    There’s a “Where Are they Now?” Epilogue. Applejack, Big Mac, and the Stranger have the best.

    A sub comic shows that Winona is every bit as evil as Angel Bunny.

    Well, there you go. Rainbow Rocks is out Saturday, expect some initial thoughts on that, then My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #23.

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  • ...

This story is a sequel to Post Nuptials

In the aftermath of the wedding, Spike is bitter and avoiding everyone. Twilight's determined to find out what's bothering her charge, but she walks a very fine line when dealing with an emotionally distraught child.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash suspects something's wrong with Scootaloo, so she starts spending more time with her in hopes of picking the secret from her brain. As she begins to truly mentor the young filly for the first time ever, she begins to see the advantages to having a little sister.

And while all this is going on, Pinkie is struggling with some old family issues that have been brought to the surface, meaning she might have to confront her past at last.

Art by Conicer

First Published
23rd Jul 2012
Last Modified
30th Aug 2013
#1 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Well, here it is, the sequel is up. Let me know what you think of it please, any advice would do wonders.

#2 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

First? And first viewer! Sweet!

#3 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

I'll  be sure to read this later.

#4 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

I dunno, conspiring against Twi like that... doesn't seem like the best way to handle her problem. BTW, loved the first part and I can tell this is going to be just as good or maybe even better!

#5 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Interesting start, and well written. I just saw this one little thing;

“Well, is Twilight okay? I mean, you seemed worry about it last night?”

I'm looking forward to the next chapter :yay:

#6 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Oooh, goodie.  Finally here...and well worth the wait.  You're off to an excellent start setting things up and building on the loose ends that you left hanging in Post Nuptuals.  This is gonna be a good read.  I still love your characterizations of the cast--true to form, while at the same time expanding on it in ways that make sense.

Found a typo for ya!

"Still, Big Macintosh was there, ready to help her sister haul home the leftovers from the wedding. " <--should be his?

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

#7 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

OH god yes

#8 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

This is looking really good, I look forward to more.

Also did you mean The two bakers gave each other a glance before turning back to their foster daughter. Instead of The two bakers glanced at each other a glance before turning back to their foster daughter.

#9 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

This sequel is off to a great start. I like the tiny details you have added to each scene, it really adds to the level of immersion this story has. By picking up almost immediately after Post Nuptials you were able to segue nicely into this story and were able to bring immediate attention to the major plot points.

While bringing attention to them in the first chapter would likely be a mistake in most stories it works well in others, especially ones like this. If one were to pull that sort of stunt in an epic length story it would be a big mistake as most would likely forget about them  quickly, but in a smaller story like this, and assuming that it is likely to stick at least somewhat close to PN in terms of formatting and chapter pacing, it should work out rather well.

Another point in this story's favor is that pretty much every plot point is character based, which adds a great deal of depth to the characters themselves and makes them feel more ... natural for lack of a better term. Furthermore at least two of the plot points, Pinkie and Scootaloo respectively, are very good opportunities for further world building.

I eagerly await the next chapter.


#10 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Woohoo! It's here! Been looking forward to this, was a bit concerned when I noticed that Soarin's tag wasn't there, but at least he was mentioned.

#11 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

A great start! I look forward to seeing what happens next.

#12 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Inb4 featured.

Now lets delve into the goodness.....:pinkiecrazy:

#14 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

This is a sequel to something? O.o

That explains a bit. I just caught one thing-

Shaking at the fact that

I think you mean shaking her head, but you may be right.

#15 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

>>958989 We all would. :heart:

And of courser we all can't to see Pinkie Pie and Scootaloo deal with their personal demons. :pinkiehappy: :scootangel:

#17 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

>>959086 Scootabuse? Well let's hope not! :fluttercry:

#18 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

I am grinning so hard right now. Can't wait for next chapter!

#19 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

So happy right now that the sequel has finally arrived.

First chapter was great. It set the tone and the different story-lines.

I eagerly await the next update.

#20 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

The sequel is off to a great start. What will happen? Will they have to deal with the Changelings and Discord?

#21 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

i saw this in the feature box and didn't even realize that it was a sequal to post nuptuals until i started reading. which by the way makes this 20% cooler

>>959086 if this does happen to be the case it will probably take :ajbemused::fluttershysad::pinkiesad2::duck: and:twilightangry2: to keep :rainbowdetermined2: from beating which ever pony is abusing :scootangel: to within an inch of their lives. and that is only if they dont know why RD is suddenly so violent

#22 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Awesome! I loved Post Nuptials and I'm really eager to see just where this story will go. I especially like the Rainbow Dash angle with Scootaloo and Soarin' from Post Nuptials. The Spike one is pretty deep.

Hm. I don't know why but something about Rarity's conversation with Applejack just doesn't sit right with me. Aside from going behind Twilight's back, it's RARITY commenting about how Twilight can overreact. Yeaaah. Wish I had an icon of a teapot and a kettle, both pitch black. Not that Twilight's...zealousness can't be a problem, it is. But that's not something you can fix short of time and effort. Therapy maybe...not that I think Twi is mentally unwell or anything, but talking about your problems really can do wonders for them. As it stands I feel like Rarity and AJ are looking for some quick fix, like--I don't know--deciding that they're going to try to hide or sugarcoat things in front of her to prevent a future freak out instead of just talking with her like mature, rational individuals. I love this story and I am really eager to see what you have in mind for this.

#23 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

I like this so far. I'll be keeping an eye on it. :trollestia:

#24 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

I liked this a lot.  but why would Dash bring up her date next week so out of the blue?

#25 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

The long awaited sequel to 'Post Nuptials.'  I was so looking forward to this.  BTW:

"Um, I better get home and make sure Derpy has taken good care of Angel and the others,” Fluttershy said.

Wasn't Derpy at the wedding?

#26 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

I hope there is some Soarin' in this story. I love it so far.

#27 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·


I discovered Post Nupitals today and finished it in the same day. I checked your other stories, and was disappointed to see that there was no sequel. And what do I see in the featured box a few hours later? THE SEQUEL!!! Do you read my mind???

*Deep breaths* *Dies of joy*

#28 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·


#29 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

A few typos, but overall an intriguing start that brings over several key points from the first story.

#30 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

I'm liking where this story is going so far.   The part with Pinkie kinda brings up a question that is a reference to PONY.MOV series:  DID Pinkie Pie's father make her put glass in her vajay-jay?

#31 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Excellent. Just a few grammatical errors and such but I think everyone else got them covered already.

I'm excited to see how the situation(s) develops.

#32 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Favourited before I even read the first chapter.

Was not disappointed, I'm looking forward to the next chapter with large amounts of enthusiasm.

#33 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Sequal!:rainbowkiss:  Awesome!:twilightblush:

#34 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

This is a good start!

However, while I can imagine that Rarity might be a bit self-blind and not saying something like "I have a tendency to overreact myself, but...", it feels weird that Applejack doesn't at least call out Rarity for being the bot that calls the kettle black, even if that would simply mean that Rarity explains how she feels her behaviour is different than Twilight's.

#35 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Yes! The sequel is up! :yay:

By the way, there's a missing word here:

Rainbow Dash sighed. She knew the younger pegasus was looking for an excuse to say no. “Look, think about will you?”

#36 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Featured already huh? That was appropriately quick for this story.

#37 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Seems good, I will read this later.

#38 · 117w, 4d ago · 1 · · Home Sweet Home ·

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

As I see it, Twilight's problem is that she's compelled to solve problems that come to her attention, and cannot quit on them.  (the only instances where she has quit actually reinforce this...  The first was the "doozy" that Pinkie predicted, i.e. Something that she never would expect in a million years, and the second was the moment when Twilight betrayed her true nature as a result of Discord and turned grey, giving up on her friends.)  When her every effort to solve a problem is inexplicably thwarted, then her frustration levels rise but she doesn't truly go crazy (see her efforts with Pinkie Sense and Parasprites).  However, when her problem solving instinct is triggered and yet she cannot find the problem to act upon, that is when she becomes unhinged (Lesson Zero and It's About Time.)  

She needs to plan out a course of action and act upon it, otherwise she can't cope.  That's why she's awesome in a real crisis... She's hardwired to deal with them, and won't stop until it's dealt with.  If she gets wound up without a problem to solve, however, then she has no release and meltdown occurs.  

#39 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Seemingly up to the high standards you've set for yourself. I'll be interested in seeing where you take it... especially Twi/Spike's situation. My guess is that Spike saw how happy Cadenza and Shiny were, and now he wants Twilight to feel the same... to have the same in her life... something that she can't accomplish if she has a baby dragon draped over her all the time, so he's starting to distance himself.

Just my guess. Looking forward to where you go with it.:twilightblush:

#40 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

Soooo happy the sequel is up!:pinkiehappy:

#42 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·


Great job so far, loved PN, excited for this!

#43 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

At the moment I sadly don't know what advise to give you on your writing. I just know I love your characterizations, and form. I'll eagerly await the next chapter! Good start! :pinkiehappy:

#45 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

LOVED post nuptials, and loving this so far too!

Please update soon!:twilightsheepish:

#46 · 117w, 4d ago · · · Home Sweet Home ·

>>958781, >>959443

They're not conspiring. They will be upfront with her about it, they're just discussing possibilities right now. They didn't let Twilight in on it at the moment because she's preoccupied with Spike and they're expecting that matter to be resolved by tomorrow.

>>958837, >>958800,  >>958900, >>960134

Thanks for catching that.


Thanks for your thoughts.


Yeah, I really should have had that in the description from the start.


Your criticisms are noted on the hypocracy. However, they aren't looking for a quick fix. They're looking for a way to help Twilight control herself when she freaks out. The expressly avoid what would be a quick fix. I need to rewrite that scene.


Because she knows Scoots would want to see him again.


If she was, she was a background pony and it can really be ignored.


No. This is an E rated story.


Interesting analysis...I'll keep that in mind.


Actually, Spike's reasons for feeling guilty were explained in my last story, Post Nuptials. He feels like mud because he betrayed someone he loved like a mother, and now he's afraid of telling Twilight he sees her as a mother. This is a sequel...probably should have made that clearer in the description.

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Please sir, May I have some moar?

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Oh yeah, been waiting eagerly for this and I was not disappointed. :rainbowdetermined2:

Looking forward to chapter two!

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And we're off to a good start.  Foundations laid, and mysteries have begun...

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Extremely happy to see that the promised (or alluded to?) sequel has made it up here, this is fantastic and it has been instantly favorited and tracked.  Based on what I've seen thus far, I can say without fair certainty that this is going to be another fantastic piece of fanfiction.  :scootangel:

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