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  • 96w, 13h
    Delays and Requests

    Ohai there fellows. Good to see you again.

    To cut a long story short: due to life being life, the second act of P&P will be ever so slightly delayed. Maybe 2 weeks to start coming out or something. Sorry about that!

    Part of that delay is also due to the fact that I shipped P&P off to EQD last week, and today they responded to tell me that I need to work on the pacing and the grammar (namely overusing commas, em dashes, semicolons, saidisms... Basically, I just throw too much stuff in). I'd like to get the first chapters all re-polished before I go any further with the story, so that'll be taking up a fair amount of my writing time.

    I'm a bit surprised, since I can't help but feel that I've come a heck of a lot further than my last story (Everypony Loves Rainbow), which was accepted, but I suppose I'm just more comfortable writing in first person or something. Still, if I want to have a hope of pursuing a career in fiction, I want these stories to reach as many people as possible; that way I can get as much feedback and personal opinions on what and how I write as I can, which with inevitably lead to improvement. That almost always means getting it on EQD.

    With that in mind, I'd like to come to the 'requests' part of that title up there. If any of you reading this have any of your own opinions you want to hurl at me, please do. If you're feeling generous enough to actually help me out, maybe suggesting how I can edit these (and future) chapters down and stop throwing grammar around like it's a damn beach ball, even better! I promise to pay you with your choice of either a bag of peanut M&M's, or an equivalent monetary donation to a charity of your choice.

    ...That's fair payment for hours of wading through my prose for review purposes, right?

    And for everybody else who came here and can't help out, no worries. I appreciate your support anyway. Here, have some Neon Pegasus.

    You're welcome.

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  • 96w, 3d

    2 comments · 97 views
  • 97w, 1d
    All queued up!

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  • 97w, 6d
    It's coming.

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  • 99w, 3d
    What a Christmas present for me: Live Reading of 'Endure'

    This was a nice thing to find waiting for me on Christmas Eve morning!

    The Living Library Player Society looks to have done a bumper crop of live readings of fics, and that old 'Endure' story of mine that I'd pretty much forgotten about by this point was one of them!

    I'm pretty surprised and a little honoured that anybody would want to do anything with any of the stuff I've written so far. It really is a wonderful gift, and a big thank-you to The Living Library for doing it!

    Personally, I like how a story about a meteor smashing into Equestria was given this treatment on the supposed doomsday.

    If you like it too, send them some love! C'mon, it's Christmas.

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  • ...

Future Wonderbolt, coolness incarnate, and all-around awesome. Is it any surprise that everypony wants a piece of Rainbow Dash?

Not that she wants anypony to take a piece, mind you. All she wants to do is live her life. That's something she finds pretty hard to do when everypony she meets falls in love with her on sight, though...

A day-in-the-life story about an awesome pony in a crazy world.

Artwork by

First Published
22nd Jul 2012
Last Modified
21st Oct 2012

Well-written and funny :pinkiehappy:

Here's a watch

He thew a sink at her :rainbowlaugh:

Very amusing. Will there be more of this fic?:trollestia::rainbowwild:

Alright who cast the want-it, need-it spell on Rainbow Dash!:ajbemused:

And who is faster, Rainbow Dash or Celestia?:rainbowlaugh:

>>950474 Thanks! I appreciate that.

>>950536 There will indeed! Not entirely sure where it's going to go, so I hope you'll enjoy the ride as much as me!

>>950718 That's something i've been wondering myself... maybe we'll find out soon? :trollestia:

She said "Oh for the love of Celestia..."

Maybe whatever she says happens.

Must have MOAR!!!! :flutterrage:

Twilust wants to feel the rainbow, taste the rainbow... :rainbowwild:

>>952110 Don't worry, more coming (work schedule permitting)!

Also: :rainbowderp:

Hilarious. Tracked.

So much potential here.  I must see more.

Rainbow...what does Applejack think of her I wonder?

>>967382 I appreciate both those comments! :pinkiesmile:

>>967563 More to come, don't you worry.

>>967765 I wonder that too...hmm...

The first time I read this, I was just expecting complete randomness. But there's really something in this story! I'm excited to find out why everypony loves Rainbow! So, keep at it!

I know I sound like an idiot but I completely forgot what to press to track. DX

>>969842 I believe it's the star up at the top, and then ticking the email update box. At least, that's what i've been doing, and I'd be quite embarrased if i've been wrong all this time. :twilightsheepish:

>>969960 Yeah, that's what I thought, too. XD

"Roughly the speed of pain."  I love that line.

>>1000617 one of my favourites :twilightsheepish: Got to admit, I had some real fun writing the end of that chapter.

"Light idiot showers. Better stay inside."

Story of my summer.

LOL. Rainbow Dash has such a struggle just to keep fed.

I am so looking forward to Rainbow finding out how this happened.  And the chaos being inspired while she deals with life.

And the light idiot showers?  :rainbowlaugh:

This is now my favorite fic haha so funny the last line was killing plz write more!!!!!

>>1000788 Sounds like a fun summer you've had. All I got was plain old regular rain. :fluttercry:

>>1001318 Chaos, you say? Hmm... Nah, probably not Discord. Still, one of the idea book...

>>1002808 Don't worry, I'm confident I can crank out at least a couple more chapters!

Five stars! :trollestia:

This is the first story I have ever seen with zero dislikes. Congratulations my good sir, you have brought many a lol.

Grats on EQD, and nice job on the hilarious story. Can't wait for the next chapter.

oh lordy this is to funnyXD

imagening my oc somwhere in that mess is halarius cause first off he is rainbow body guard and two cause he is scared by large crowds XD

Oh man, I haven't even started reading and I can already tell this story is awesome! ^.^

Come on Rainbow. you simply must find out what this is. you know, besides the idiot-showers.:rainbowlaugh: good luck :rainbowderp:

So is this going to be just Rainbow Dash's shenanigans, or is there some focus to the story here?

I mean, it's great either way, but I'm just curious.

DUN DUN DUN i bet its a shipper causeing all these problems, like every ship fic with dash suddenly came true/ish

Yep, tracking.:rainbowlaugh:

It's like the opposite of Background Pony, not that it isn't awesome it's just awesome in an opposi:ajsmug::coolphoto::derpytongue2::yay::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::scootangel::trixieshiftright::twilightblush::twistnerd::unsuresweetie::trollestia::moustache::eeyup::heart::rainbowhuh:

this story is funny as hell but...really really creepy and sinister i like it:pinkiehappy:

Oh dear... Molestia incoming...

I would absolutely hate being in rainbows horseshoes...seriously I think I'd go postal on all of them if it got this out of hand...or become a hermit

I.....ok, I'll be honest, I feel SO sorry for Rainbow Dash here.

I'm tracking this because I hope beyond hope that it is discovered WHY this is happening, and HOW it'll be fixed. PLEASE. She doesn't deserve this.

I'm really feeling that somehow this is all just a prank 'cuz she's always talking about herself.

It's hard to pull off humor-shipping and light-meta-awareness without it turning into a mess, but this author does it pretty well.  It's got the right amount of goofy while still sticking to a storyline.  Looking forward

...Yeah, that's about right.

This is more frightening and sad than funny, at least to me. The only way I can see it ending is, in order to save Equestria from crumbling into financial and social ruin, Rainbow Dash has to find a hideout in the most remote corner of the globe and spend the rest of her days a hermit, eventually dying alone. :fluttercry:

Don't get me wrong, this is still brilliant. I just have a hard time laughing over all the fridge horror.

>>1120507 I kinda have to agree. It was funny at first but hopefully this story goes somewhere. Because the way its heading seems to look like Rainbow Dash will find herself VERY alone for the rest of her life! or having to disappear into some unknown location. I think a Dark tag is honestly needed atm.

I may come back to it later but atm unlike the rest of the ponies in the story I am not very interested in seeing where this is currently leading.

too funny, can't wait for more.

>>1118943 I'm glad you think so! that's all I really wanted, a bit of fun for people to enjoy.

>>1119084 I appreciate your pre-emptive enthusiasm! I can only hope it doesn't disappear after reading!

>>1119170 Don't worry, i'm committed to getting a story in here somehow. I just wanted to get a proper feel for her life in this... "universe"?... first. Now I just have to force some semblance of a plot in... :unsuresweetie:

>>1119251 ...I never thought of it that way, but now that you mention it, I can see what you mean. :rainbowlaugh:

>>1119776 Thanks for that, I'm glad you're enjoying my writing.

>>1120507 >>1120857 Good heavens, I don't want it to end like that! Please, rest assured that it won't go anywhere near that sort of area. At least, I really hope not.

I find myself strangely fascinated by your story. I do love a good "Rainbow Dash gets shipped by EVERYBODY" joke, and this may be the ne phus ultra.


Yup. Definitely like the opposite of Background Pony. Everyone Knows Her!

Great Story! Keep updating!

>>1003545 Hmmmm....Discord broke out of his prison once. He could break out again. And we already know that immortal beings are not immune to the effect....

A white object, the source of the light in fact, came racing through the gap, hurtling towards me with increasing speed.

No no no.

It was a lot larger than the others who were chasing me, it was using magic, and it looked an awful like a certain princess.


I turned and flew away as fast as I could, the cold jaws of terror snapping at my hooves.

Even Rainbow knows... No brakes on the rape train.

this has been done before, but for once on FIMfiction, a comedy fic has made me smile. pretty good writing, i must say.

Looks like Discord's found out about shipping bronies and replaced everypony with them.

Also, 'speed of pain' and 'light idiot showers' made my day. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Good job on including the metajokes while keeping them inobtrusive, too.

I approve of this fic.

You get a derpy :derpytongue2:

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