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An ancient evil older than Equestria itself has emerged from its eons old prison, set on returning the land to a state of endless destruction and suffering. Twilight and her friends will have their bonds tested and friendship lessons learned in ways they never thought possible as they come together to combat the last remaining crafter of worlds, Ruinate, and his heralds of hatred.

First Published
19th Jul 2012
Last Modified
27th Jan 2013

Looks pretty good other then the few small grammar mistakes here and there.

shined should be shone.

Can't wait to see where this goes!



Much obliged, feel free to list any other edits needed.

Only one little gramar mistake. Whole should be hole.

Great work! you've earned a like from me!


Ok, and also, if you know any editors, artists, or groups this could fit in with, I'd appreciate it. For some reason I feel I could make the second episode's ending a little stronger....and am still looking for coverart.

in your disription, you spelled "An anicent evil older" as i assume you meant "order." i have poor word placement problems too, but i just wanted you to be aware.

>>1250756 uh, no I didn't. I implied it existed before Equestria's creation...

Capitalize the title and chapter names, that's about the only gripe I've got at the moment.

And no, I didn't hit the dislike button on this fic. I dislike bad stories.

I haven't read your story, so it goes against my principle.

I like this fic! Please write more!

I volunteer to preread your chapters to this story and help out with editing. I'm loving this fanfic so far.

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