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  • 114w, 4d

    Surprise, surprise, eh? I won't pretend to my readers that they did not see this coming, or already drew this conclusion. For this blog post, I am just simply making it official and enumerating my reasons for the hiatus.

    As some of you may already know, I have a job with full time hours. Two weeks ago, I was officially given a promotion and raise. This position locks me into a 40 hour work week until I quit, or get fired. Secondly, I am currently taking two college classes for the fall semester. As you may imagine, this reduces my free time even further. I do not intend to make anything less than A's in college, so I have to put in the hours to study, and complete work on time within the gaps of my packed schedule.

    Griffon a Hard Time will not die. But I will admit that for a long time now, I have contemplated on giving up the story. I have general ideas about where I want the story to go, but I haven't taken the time to work out an outline with discrete events for the rest of the story. In the past, I have found it very hard to work on the story because of the limitations I put myself in with first-person narrative and shaky character development. With these writing issues, and the quality I strive for - compounded with time limitations - I won't be updating any time soon.

    I know that a hiatus will most likely reduce my future audience, but it needs to be done. This decision is a courtesy to my readers, and an honest evaluation to myself about the status of Griffon a Hard Time.  I'll find some way to finish this damn thing, somehow in sometime. I am sorry to say that it won't be this fall season.

    Thanks to all that have supported and enjoyed the story thus far. I think about my version of Gilda and the audience often.

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  • 129w, 1d
    Griffon a Hard Time: Chapter 4

    It finally updated!

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  • 143w, 3d
    EqD Post!

    Yay for me~

    I'll have to get chapter four out much quicker than chapter three!

    Thanks to all the people tracking, favoriting, and just leaving nice comments on the story.


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  • 145w, 1d
    Close, yet not quite there.

    I'm staring at roughly 2,100 words that seem ready to go, but its still not a completed chapter. Yet I feel compelled to get it out because of the exorbitant delay for a new update. I think my problem stems from my slapdash beginning, and the somewhat fickle vision I had first conceived for this story. My direction has now turned to a serious plot that goes through layers of conflict. The hardest part for me is trying to set a precise feeling for the relationship between Gilda and Rainbow Dash. I feel like I'm walking a very narrow path that could have some major problems if I'm not careful with my words.

    The style of the story had me concerned as well. It's more austere, yet vivid, due to the nature of Gilda and the conflict I have in mind for her. Some parts have me questioning if I went a tad too far (it might need a dark tag), but I'll let the readers decide that when I publish it - I'm dying from the number of edits I already made to these 2,100 words.

    I'll attempt to have the rest of the chapter fleshed out soon, but lets put it this way: it took me one whole day to come up with four sentences for a particular emotion for Gilda.

    This is definitely a challenge for me.

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  • 148w, 1d
    Griffon story

    Instead of using the comment system, I figure this would be a more appropriate way to inform readers about progress with the story. This entry is to say that I'm not dead and I haven't stopped working it. I made some progress into chapter three and have a goal in mind where I want to take the story. The climax is set, the story seems really good in my mind, but I'm not sure if I'm experienced enough to portray it on a high level. Regardless, I'm going to work and finish this even if it drains all my extra time. Progress is slow, it takes me a long time to think and edit, but at least I'm getting somewhere.

    I don't want to set an exact date of the next chapter, but it won't take another month that's for sure >_>

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  • ...

Gilda is on a mission of desperation to find Rainbow Dash to become best friends again. However, her pride and conflicted feelings causes her to act impetuously, posing confusion and dilemmas. As she finally reaches Rainbow Dash, she soon finds herself staring down a magical concoction she will never forget. When she wakes up, she will being seeing the world in a different way, literally. New emotions arise, along with old and new conflicts with Rainbow Dash and her friends.

Can Gilda use this new opportunity to make things right and forge new relationships? Or will she sabotage herself against her unyielding pride.

First Published
4th Dec 2011
Last Modified
8th Jun 2012

Poor poor, Gilda. She's an antisue in a less then forgiving environment.

I love your story, you have your portrayal of her spot on.

I caught a few issues with the flow of the chapter, but looking back I can;t tell where they were.

Keep writing?


this is good :)

im always in for some gilda make up time ^^

one word. Awesome!

This is epic :rainbowkiss:

It's good. Some passages could use a little bit more description, but not too much more.

Another gilda redemption fic, gee this is like what, the forty one i read today, get new material HACK!

Other than the fact that the chapter is misnamed, I'm liking this.

I love your interpretation of Gilda :pinkiesmile:

This is looking pretty awesome so far :raritywink:

You know, I was suspecting her to be transformed by Celestia in order to be taught a lesson, but accidental spell misfire from Twilight works just as well. Great job.

nice way to combine twilight messing up a spell and gilda attempting to be less nasty :twilightblush:. hope to see more from this story in a little while.

Thanks all for the supportive comments. I'm glad people could enjoy it from a personal first person view of Gilda :twilightsmile:

I'm hoping this story can stay entertaining while balancing sympathy and tough character development for Gilda. I'll have a few curve balls thrown in coming up. I'm hoping to pleasantly surprise you all!

I was curious when I read the description, but that pic makes me want to read this! Here goes.

wow, nice story, keep it up

(sorry for the lame-o response, I'm pressed for time)


Before I knew it, I accidentally let out my eagle screech.

Little error there. Eagles do not screech. They are physically incapable of doing so.

They make sounds like this, so the quote should say:

"Huuuuueweh! Huuuuuueweh!”

Before I knew it, I accidentally let out my eagle screech.

Alternatively, a lion's roar would also work.

i have to ask how that cover art was made, as it looks like it was made using the pony creator, but i didn't think it had that head design

Intriguing. Aside from the wrong homophone*, this is an excellent introductory chapter. Even someone who's never seen her episode should have a firm grasp on Gilda's nature by reading this. I look forward to seeing the soon to be ex-griffon adjust to the change in species.

Aside from the nitpicking footnote, my only complaint is that the chapter title rather spoils what's going to happen. Yes, the title and summary do as well, but I can't help but feel that there could be a better choice for the chapter itself. Not sure what it is, though...:twilightblush:

*"You're" is a contraction of you are. The word you were looking for is "your".

>>51660 The sound effect was taken from directly from the Gilda episode.

Right after she closes the door, the screech can be heard. Being technically incorrect on this small issue is fine by me as long as I stay with cannon elements. The lion's roar will definitely come into play later on, so no worries there.

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very very good beginning i will watch this

how often will you add chapters?

...Go on... :moustache:

I am intrigued.  :moustache:

Gilda is dead, the end!

Great story, five stars. :moustache:


Im sorry bot/sir, i am not at all interested in jerseys offers.

Btw, good story. Nice characterization.

and a spike:moustache:

OK, this Idea I really like, a lot, I can tell this is going to be a fun read,

The only thing I don't care for is the first person. I find it rather irritating to read. But I am going to read this ether way.

Good work!

I wonder what Twilight spell was "meant" to do.  and if She will be happy that she made a new spell, even  if it was by mistake LOL.

I wonder if Pony Gilda will want to join the Wonderbolts Now LOL.



I always enjoy a story with Gilda, or Spike, or AJ, or Mac, or any number of other ponies/non-ponies in it.

More Gilda, if you would, my dear Author.

Plan Redemption is a go!

Cue next chapter....soon?

To be honest, I forgot the title of the chapter while I was reading, so when I got to the end, I was honestly thinking that Twilight was trying to hurt Gilda...but, apparently, I know what's gonna happen. Anyway, this was pretty nice. Again, I hate first person stories, but again I find myself not being able to hate this one. Gilda stories where she tries to apologize and make amends are always cute, and I can't wait to see where this one goes. There were errors scattered about, but nothing glaring. Keep it up!

I find that pic of Gilda as a pony... very sexy...

>>52524 I think that she looks like a Chibi:rainbowlaugh:


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btw this is cool as far as i know, some grammar errors here and there

you typed apart instead of a part

and some others i forgot

:twilightsheepish:"She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me, She's gunna kill me."

What Twilight is thinking.

>>52580 ¿Lo siento? That is Marine Marksman you're talking to... He can what ever he f:yay:ing wants! :pinkiehappy:

'Sides Gilda is hawt... :rainbowlaugh:

Gilda, was she that tank in the second platoon, first battalion of the US recon rangers? If so she's dead, a Javelin missle destroyed everything inside.

Lol just joking.

One word.


Intersting idea for a storyline. I must say you did a great job capturing Gilda's emotions over the ordeal.

Please I do wish encourage you to keep up the good work upon such a great idea like this one. :rainbowkiss:

Well, considering the picture, I'm going to have to guess the spell was probably going to be used on Spike, seeing as he'd be the only other recipient of a species change spell.

Hey all, I'm going to rename the first chapter. It was to be a pull for readers, but I realized that it doesn't capture the message of the story thus far. And besides that, its redundant since the image gives it away :derpytongue2:

I'm working to make the second chapter longer than the first, so I don't expect to have it up until tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm also attempting to increase the quality of the story, so keep that feedback coming in. I really appreciate it :twilightsmile:


People make a lot of them because it's a concept people enjoy. Prick.

>>52803 Ha HA ha :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: >>52524 How do you always beat me to the good ones ive read 30 chapters to day and wow if you weren't in a bunch of them


That's actually a stock sound used by many things. I think it's a red-tailed hawk, though I'd have to re-check.

Guess who to blame for the whole "hawk sounds for all raptors" thing? Fuggin' Disney. Is there anything they won't muck up?

Love Gilda fics, looking forwards to more!

I've got, like, six alerts about update and no new chapter. WAT :twilightoops:

Same problem as gapaot

good story though

What's with the site sayuing it updated? I can't  find any differences....or maybe I'm unobservant.

Chapter got a new title, is all.

Second chapter is up, but I stopped it a bit shorter than I first intended. When I wrote and edited up to this point, I thought it would be more appropriate to leave off here. The next part will contain a lot of dialogue, and I don't consider myself too good at that :twilightblush:

So I'm going to need some time to plan it out and make sure it sounds genuine to each character. As always, I hope you guys enjoy the story thus far.

New chapter = EPIC!!! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, I can't wait for more. I want to see how Gilda reacts to her new body.

Also, pinkiepie....:pinkiehappy:



I voted five stars, and the over all rating went down by .1 point. I'm serious, by the way (Or maybe I'm not)

Great story, by the way...


And I'm with you with dialogue. I wish you luck, and inspiration, and, well, skill. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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