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  • 74w, 3d
    author replies?

    How do you feel about authors replying to the comments on their posts, even when they have nothing better to say than "thanks" or something like that?

    It's kinda silly but I started being really, really sporadic in my replies ever since many years ago someone on a Youtube video of mine went "lol you reply to evry comment you have no life"

    2 comments · 68 views
  • 92w, 4d
    Season 3 Finale and Fanfiction

    Yeah, as far as I am concerned, an era of fanfiction ended with season 3. All my fics will be set either prior to season 4 or in alternative realities. Maybe the season 4 era will also be interesting, but certainly in a different way. For the forseeable future, my stories will need the old background.

    1 comments · 97 views
  • 105w, 2d
    In-depth commentary "Too many Pinkie Pies"

    Yep, I did it again. Sometimes, there is an episode that so deeply disturbs me that I have to write a few lines about it.

    Check it out if you dare, starting here:


    In any case, if you know any good commentaries on the show, especially concerning this episode, feel free to share!

    2 comments · 98 views
  • 122w, 1d
    MLP-Laboratories clone has appeared?

    Greetings one and all,

    I have just stumbled upon this: At first glance, the premise looks a lot like the one of my 'Laboratories'. We'll see how similar it actually is. It looks really cool so far. When I wrote my 'Laboratories', it was because I wanted to see this idea explored, and since no one was doing it, I had to do it myself. Had this been made a year earlier I might not have written 'MLP Laboratories' at all.

    Here's the thing, though. Call me a self-righetous prick but I'm going to watch this one really closely.

    1-If it's very similar to mine, I'll be like 'Congratulations, you started with the same idea but made more of it than I did. Good for you, good for the community'.

    2-If the similarities start getting suspicious, I might ask him whether he has ever read my fic by any chance. He'll say no, and I will believe him.

    3-If the similarities are getting too much to bear and he still insists he doesn't know me and won't reference me in any way, I will get pissed. And then I might get really, really childish. You see, I wouldn't mind anyone doing better than me or actually copying my ideas and build on them, but if that's the case, they really shouldn't hog the credit.

    We'll see. Until then, watch his show, it looks quite promising.

    4 comments · 133 views
  • 127w, 2d
    Introducing my very own analysis of the show (political and psychological)

    'My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic' has to be one of my favorite cartoons, and, indeed, TV-shows of all times. I won't go into any detail as to why and how I have become a brony and how much I love the brony community as well as the abundance of art and fiction it has produced. At this point I'd just like to say that it is the first time I'm happy to be a part of something this big and that I have a very strong desire to contribute to this rapidly expanding mythology.

    I have created a lot of fanfiction myself already. Which is rather strange since I have never written any fanfiction before. Something about this show leaves me strangely... unsatisfied in a very intriguing way. I feel the need to reflect on what I have seen, ponder on the different hints hidden inside and the conflicting signals it seems to be radiating occasionally - okay, constantly.

    People who are new to the series might not believe it, but MLP FiM is more than meets your awareness when you first watch it. I have a very strong feeling that what we have seen so far is merely the tip of the iceberg. In a sense, my fiction is an attempt to explore this mysterious world, to dig deeper into its secrets, to discover the things they are not showing us but that they are hinting at in a not-so-subtle way. I bet many bronies feel the same.

    To use a term widely used in psychology, MLP FiM belongs to the realm of the 'uncanny'. Something is always slightly off in a very fascinating and sometimes disturbing way. Maybe that's just the natural consequence of very talented and creative people producing a children's cartoon about little ponies.

    For the moment I am certainly not capable to deliver something like a complete analysis, far from it. These essays are supposed to give you a quick overview of some things I have been speculating about so far.

    Before we go any further, let me tell you something about the way I'm planning to go about this. Much of what I'm doing here is inspired by the work of Rob Ager, a brilliant movie analyst who would be ashamed to be referenced by someone like me. Since I don't see Ager doing an analysis of MLP FiM anytime soon (other than "...Gwrglwrgl psychedelic pony fascism brainwashing waste of time gwrglwrgl..."), I'll have to give it a go myself.

    First of all, I am basing my reading on a somewhat shaky premise: That most of what I am seeing on screen is deliberate, rather than the consequence of lazy writing. I love this show, and I tend to assume these guys knew what they were doing. I realize that it does have its imperfections, but I also like to think of it as the product of several highly creative, thinking minds coming together to deliver a unique experience. The creators themselves might laugh at the things I'm saying here and claim that any hidden "message" was completely unintentional. However, as someone who is trying to create art myself, I have come to think that when you create something, there is an underlying reason to present it one way and not another, even when you aren't aware of it. To a certain point, the boundaries between deciphering a creator's agenda and amateur-psychoanalyzing them in a patronizing way can be fluctuating, and I apologize in advance for that.

    It is important to keep in mind at all times that this show is a story. It is not reality, but a tale about reality. Thus it does not necessarily follow the usual rules of causality, but has instead an inner coherence that might be difficult to decipher at times. In other words, a story works like a dream, the ends pretty much justify the means- if you need to have a giant monster pop out of nowhere to represent a character's inner fears, or make someone act completely out of character, go for it. The important part is that you deliver the message in the most efficient way. To understand a show like this, you can't take everything literally, or else you get stuck in the most superficial contradictions and apparent plot-holes. Ask yourself not only what you are shown, but what it means.

    -The setting

    There are different layers of the uncanny in this show. Some things are more easy to spot than others, but they all find their way into our brains and contribute to our perception of this work.

    There are the ponies themselves, for instance. They have a very unique anatomy and seem to have even less in common with actual horses than the 'little ponies' of previous generations.

    That's because they aren't actual horses. Maybe I'll discuss this in depth another time, but it is my strong perception that the little ponies are not just anthropomorphic animals, but a species of four-legged humanoids. In a slightly uncomfortable way, they are very, very human. They still have equine attributes, but less than humans have primate attributes.

    To use drastic terms, this is basically a show about naked people who are walking on all fours. Their intelligence and spirit, compared to their incarnations in previous generations of this show, also adds to that impression. They are, for all intends and purposes, people. Weird people... but that's like saying "a square with four corners".

    Thus we have the first piece of the puzzle. What makes MLP FiM so fascinating is its somewhat brutal and unconventional way of portraying the human condition. Despite all the cute colors and fluffiness, this show is not pretty in the conventional sense. It is monstrous, and in that, it is also shockingly honest. To get back to something I said a little earlier, it is the *naked* truth.

    The ponies are us. They are grotesque and disturbing, a blend of biology and civilization, dreams and ideas radiated by twisted bags of meat - just as we are. We are lifeforms who have emerged from the bogs of this world, loving and thinking, singing and dancing, constructing and destroying, laughing and crying, but just as organic and vulnerable  as all the other animals. Most shows simply don't bother to be quite as in-your-face about it as MLP FiM.

    This observation triggers a lot of questions. What exactly is the magical land of Equestria? How does magic work? Why are there three major "tribes" of ponies with vastly different attributes, and how do they coexist? What is their relationship with other intelligent lifeforms such as griffins and donkeys? How come cows are held in captivity while buffalos roam free and have their own civilization? How did Princess Celestia, the god-queen of Equestria, get to be in charge of raising the sun, and what does that even mean? Could it really be that all life on this planet is resting in the hooves of one powerful pony - does that prove that ponies really are the pinnacle of creation and all other lifeforms and nations are reduced to the rank of background-characters? And how come no one seems to be worried even the slightest about the very concept of having a god-queen?

    On the more individual level, how are the different characters interacting with one another? What is with this constant use of the concept of 'insanity' throughout the show? All major characters have proven to be somewhat mentally unstable at some point, indicating a general theme of exploration of the self and overcoming hidden traumas, but presented in such a brutal way that it looks eerily out of place in a little kid's show.

    There are so many contradictions, underlying conflicts and mysteries here that I'm getting all dizzy even introducing the subject. But the show is addressing all of this. It doesn't necessarily provide satisfying answers - how could it possibly do that? - but it is certainly exploring some very fascinating questions.

    So we have obtained the general 'grille de lecture' for the show. It's a show about creatures like us, and it's presented in a way that does not hesitate to ask very uncomfortable questions in very uncomfortable ways. In fact, it would probably be downright unbearable to watch if it wouldn't insist on other things as well- love and beauty, for instance. Adventure. Exploration. Humor, of course. Lots of it, some of it very dark, much of it light-hearted and kind. That does not contradict the original premise, but instead reinforces it. The ponies are weird and uncanny, but we love them, just as we love our own world and the people and creatures in it - because that IS the reality of our world. MLP FiM is simply replacing the more arbitrary elements of our world- geography, human anatomy, technology and historical timeline - while focussing on something more essential, revealing to us the abstract, underlying principles that are making it complex, mysterious... and beautiful.

    First up: The Fascism of the Foal-Free Press ( )

    Second: Conformity and Racism in Ponyville

    4 comments · 216 views
  • ...

Supposed to be read in addition with 'MLP Laboratories- The Outbreak'. Not in chronological order. The 'MLP Laboratories: the Outbreak' -Level at the beginning of each 'Freak Show' episode indicates between which two episodes of the main storyline it taking place.


Twilight and her friends struggle to escape the treacherous world created to exploit them. But what is real, and what is merely a nightmare? Who are these ponies, where are they, and when? But most importantly: Will they be able to fight for their freedom- and to survive their horrible adventures?

First Published
4th Dec 2011
Last Modified
25th May 2013
#1 · 155w, 4d ago · · · The patient ·

Ok, just looking at the preview image . . . what the hell? I just want to Kill the Twitubed monstrosity and put it out of it's misery

#2 · 155w, 4d ago · · · The patient ·

Um... after reading this I have noticed a few things.

First: Just slow down a bit. I (the general read) am getting hit with a lot of info. Take your time with the story. No rush at all.

Second: I supose that there will be more right? Because there are A LOT of plot holes right now that could use some explaining.

That's it really. Pretty good. I give you a Mustache Spike::moustache:.

#3 · 155w, 4d ago · · · The patient ·

You know... this has some potential.

It's pretty bucked up, and I'm saying both what happens to everypony and how the plot is playing out.

Again this has great potential to become a pretty good fic! And I agree with Killer, there are so many plot holes... SO MANY!!!

So just please instead of trying to hook us with more of what you've written (And believe me what you've written is very hooking!) Try to shed some light on the topic more! Although job well done on the latest chapter (Ch4) It did make sense, after a read or 2! :derpytongue2:

#4 · 155w, 4d ago · · · The patient ·

i think i read this somewhere else...

and it gets insane...

#5 · 155w, 4d ago · · · The head ·


Fallout New Vegas Time.

#6 · 155w, 4d ago · · · pony melt ·


#7 · 155w, 4d ago · · · The patient ·

What. The. Fucking. Shit. Fuck. Did. I. Just. Read?

#8 · 155w, 4d ago · · · The patient ·

Alright, I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish here, but all I know is that I am not impressed. I'm sorry, but I simply have to dismiss this as a troll fic, it's the only way I can make any sense of the existence of this fic.

Simply taking something that's cute like MLP and putting the characters in a setting that's more disturbing than Orion's Arm and 1984 combined DOESN'T make the fic thought-provoking or engaging in any way - it just makes it annoying and unpleasant to sit through.

This is the equivalent of someone writing a fic about how Blue's Clues was actually set inside the mind of a dying cancer patient - it's pointlessly contrived, gratuitous, and serves no purpose other than to disturb and/or annoy the reader. Furthermore, the entire idea of it all simply has no rhyme or reason to it; the the willing suspension of disbelief has to be set next-to-none at the beginning of a story, so you can't immediately expect the audience to accept the idea within the first few sentences that "Oh, alright, MLP is all just a dreamworld in Twilight's head, and then the Flying Spaghetti monster appeared out of nowhere and started preaching the will of the Jeebus, and Tom was God all along."

Ergo, no matter what way I look at it, this fic simply has no redeeming qualities whatsoever - it's nothing more than grimdark shit for the sake of grimdark shit, and what's worse is that nothing is paced at all, unlike other grimdark fics. Spend your writing skills on something that's actually worthwhile, would you?

#9 · 155w, 4d ago · · · The patient ·

I thought it was an interesting if confusing concept

I think I read this on once.

#11 · 155w, 4d ago · · 1 · The patient ·

Could be a fascinating read if you demonstrated any idea of whatever manner of fuck you're doing. Proper, mind-raping Grimdark requires excellent writing skills with excruciating descriptiveness.

Sorry, buck-o, but you don't have either. What am I reading. Tell me, because the fic won't. :facehoof:



Well, I'm certainly glad I wasn't the only one.

>>50378  "nothing more than grimdark shit for the sake of grimdark shit"

That is certainly not my intention.True, I like to play out different outrageous scenarios, trying to discover the true potentials of the basic idea (I believed I had that element covered by the category "random"). The overall picture has nothing to do with cheap gore and mind-bucking.

"Simply taking something that's cute like MLP and putting the characters in a setting that's more disturbing..."

Just a tiny hint: In the first story, Twilight Sparkle is reduced to a head in a jar. But she turns the situation around. She WINS. Because she is stronger than that. This is a pattern you will discover in many of these stories, and if anything matters here, this is it. If you think I'm one of these trolls who simply like to break their sister's dolls, you probably didn't grasp the concept.

Now you'll say "Well if you have to explain anything, your story fails on so many levels". You are entiteled to your opinion, and many people share it, but many others don't. A lot of people seem to grasp this without any explaining other than the stories themselves, or at least they are sensing there will be more ahead, knowing the meaning of the word "ongoing". The reason I'm replying to you is that you have taken your time to write a lenghty and sophisticated comment that deserves a reaction. You have explained what you think about this and why, and your reasons are good, though they come from completely different interpretations and preferences than my own.

"I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish here, but all I know is that I am not impressed"

This sums it up pretty nicely.

>>50749 Buck them I like it. Write some more:yay:


This thing was mildly insane, very fast paced and a great deal disturbing. What I could make sense of so far is that "Outbreak" is an ongoing tale that follows a single story line, while here you post more or less one-shots that stick to the overall concept established in "Outbreak", right? I am not certain what to make of this, since it is at least as far away from the usual structure of fics as it can be without getting entirely unreadable.

I like the concept, and though some might argue you are going for cheap shock value (and you certainly are sometimes) it all fits together nicely in the end. Somehow the uncertainty what to believe and what to firmly tuck away to "the be crazy, yo" territory is what keeps me interested here.

I wish to read more, but I also wish for some clarification where to place those "short stories" in the context of "Outbreak" since I am, if nothing else, a sucker for epic tales and love hunting for background information.


Don't listen to this guy, he's a hater. Look at his avatar! He's even part of the Loner faction for goodness sake! How horrid!

The way I see it, Chapter 4 has two interpretations that seem to be equally valid:

1.)  Twilight Sparkle has been drugged/hypnotized into believing that she is actually a mentally ill human. At the end, she manages to break away from the effects of the drugs/hypnosis.

2.)  Tara (severely mentally ill human in a mental hospital) with delusions that she is Twilight Sparkle experiences a lucid period but she becomes combative and is sedated, returning her to Equestria. "Normal" Equestria and the whole "High Octane Nightmare Fuel" Equestria were all products of her delusional mind. At the end, she is slipping back into the delusions of her own mind.


But either way, this is a seriously creepy story. I like the minimalistic descriptions and the slightly erratic writing style - it gives the fic a dreamlike quality that is eerily reminiscent of a psychotic episode.

#18 · 154w, 5d ago · · · genesis ·

First! Also, to tell the Truth Freeman's plan is what I am planning for the future but... A bit different. Who knows what will be possible in the future? Kinda wondering about which university should

I go to and how much would sOmething like this cost... Pretty sure that much!

Anyway! Great chapter! Waiting for more!

No matter how horrible the rest of the story gets, I'll love Fluttershy and the troopers.


Okay, that was profoundly disturbing and an utter mindfuck. Seriously, I barely made heads or tails of this chapter.

And the last time I heard/read something so nightmarish and bizarre was from a friend of mine describing a bad trip.

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